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Monday, January 31, 2005

New Forums at Infidels Clans

The Infidels, home of the most extensive strategy catalogue in RoNdom, have launched their new forums. You can get to it from this link.

AoI Clan's RoN Olympics on the Horizon

The Army of Isengard is championing the idea of a nationality-based Rise of Nations Olympics, an idea originally from the KRG boards, and has scheduled the tournament for the 16th - 18th February. You can get the details from their clan website.

Announcing Age of Empires III Heaven

HeavenGames LLC announced today that it has launched Age of Empires III Heaven (, the latest in its series of special-interest sites for Real Time Strategy & Citybuilding games.

Age of Empires III Heaven will be dedicated to featuring extensive coverage of Age of Empires III as the game is being developed. It will bring you the latest news on the game, as well as chats with developers in the forums.

Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 Mod Released

Here it is folks, the long awaited Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 Mod for Rise of Nations Thrones & Patriots is officially released for your gaming pleasure. This mod is a total conversion mod that changes all of the nations (all 24 of them) to countries that took part in the Napoleonic Wars, plus others around the world during the period, so that you can play out scenarios like "War of 1812", "The Opium War", "The British Conquest of India", "The French-Indian Wars" and the "Barbary Wars" etc. It has a total of 123 objects (103 units, 8 buildings, 10 resources) are reskined, plus 2 new unit models. It is multiplayer compatible. You can download it from here.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

RoN Balkan Tournament

Lavk1n9: " We are organizing a Balkan Tourney, tournament which will be played only by Rise of Nations players from Balkan peninsula...." The 3v3 tournament is tentatively scheduled for mid-February. You can get the full details at their tourney site.

RoME Mod Contest

Riseofmiddlearth, who has taken up the reins of the Rise of Nations Rise of Middle Earth fantasy mod, is running a website design contest. The winner gets to be the first to play the BETA. You can get more info from our forum thread.

RoN RTS League to Start

WH_SSRider of the Warhawks clan is inviting your team/clan to check out and possibly participate in the inaugural Rise of Nations RTS League that is beginning in January 2005. If you would like more information, to sign up or even to offer your services as a member of staff then visit their clan website.

AoI's Next Fast Tourney January 30th

From the Army of Isengard: "Survival of the Fittest on Atlantic Sea Power map with Peace until Information age! Come and you'll never be afraid of sea maps again! ... It will happen this SUNDAY at 21.00 GMT in
Unrated 3." You can get the full details at the AoI clan website.

RoNTP Review by WackoJacko

A late review but it never hurts to see more praise and opinions on Rise of Nation's Thrones & Patriots Expact. Thread New Zealand's "Wacko Jacko" gives Rise of Nations:T&P high marks in all categories but "Moral Conscience," but adds "who cares." You can read the full review from this link.

Historical Uniform Skins

edilberto has put together a massive collection of historically accurate unit skins which he is putting out there for other modders to incorporate into their own mods. There are a total of 70 skins covering units from the Enlightenment Age mainly but also up to World War 2. A truly amazing feat for any modder. You can download this from here.

Mars attacks and more

Mars Attacks is Meat Puppet's latest while KingRoy1 give us another take on D-Day with The Invasion. Lord Of Legends on the other hand gives you a chance to take out your tribal rage with "African Anger Campaign - Tribal Attack". Il Legionario not to be left in the cold also contributes to the scenario rush with The Reconquista

On the Game Mods front dbanner2k3 gives us a souped up Nuke and the Xtreme Gameplay, for Rise of Nations only, ups the pop to a million, lets aircraft carriers hold 50 planes and airbases hold 200! Hope you have a nice fast machine. KingRoy1 also put in his turn in the Mod section with and update of his "Empires Rise Again" Mod version 3.

Friday, January 28, 2005

World War 2 Diplomacy 1939 Scenario

Veteran fan scenario designer, Berlin9487 comes up with another creation. This time its World War 2 Diplomacy 1939, which if you know your history aught to be quite an interesting period and topic to tackle. You can download from here.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Canada Nation Mod

Chromafly's new Canadian mod alters the Iroquois Nation. The download includes "Nation/Age Bar graphics mods, as well as infantry and rifleman mods for the modern age. Also included are all new Canadian city names as well as a collection of Prime Ministers and WW2 generals as leaders."

Find it here and check for updates to follow.

Meat Puppet turns Day into Night

Meat Puppet comes up with an innovative storyline for a Rise of Nations Scenario with "Night of the Living Dead". The situation in this scenario is as follows: "Around the world, strange meteorites have fallen and hit major cities, turning many of their inhabitants into the Living Dead. These zombies have overrun a large city in this scenario and eaten most of the living people. The scenario opens with a small band of soldiers being overrun in a city park by the undead--the last of the real human resistance against the undead." Start your Zombie slaying here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hannibal, Alma and Normandy Scenarios

What does Hannibal, The battle of Alma and the Normandy Invasion have in common? They all are now scenarios available for download for Rise of Nations: T&P!

You can grab "Hannibal Compaign part1-Battle for Trabia" by prabakaran, from this link. "The Battle of Alma" by KingRoy1 from this link. He mentions that his scenario is supposed to go with his Empires Rise Again Mod Version 2.0, so be sure to download that as well from our download section. Finally, Meat Puppet's "Normandy Invasion" can be downloaded from this link.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Scenario Rampage Continues

Meat Puppet has created another scenario called "The Battle of Kursk", that puts you in WW2 during the famous tank battle. You can grab this scenario from this link.

Il Legionario also contributes to the scenario rampage with "The Siege of Vienna". In this you go back to 1526 A.D. when the Ottoman army was at the door step of Europe with the Austrians holding the door closed. You can grab this scenario from this link.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Two New Scenarios and a Mod in Two Parts

Elrond89 officially releases his "The Last Samurai" scenario with version 1.0 after some beta testing. You can download the scenario from this link.

Lord Of Legends comes up with "Ambush in Korea". A whatif scenario involving U.S. President George W. Bush being ambushed by Al Qaeda while on a Diplomatic Mission in Korea! You have to Defeat the Terrorist Forces and survive! You can grab that from here.

Finally KingRoy1 releases version2 of his "Empires Rise Again" Mod. It is in two parts so be sure to download both files. You can grab it from our download section.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Scenario Triple Bill from terror1974

Forumer terror1974 joins the scenario thrown down and has created 3 scenarios. These include "Huns Invasion", "Siege of Constantinople city", and "Battle for Gwalior 1857" Version1.1. You can grab them from our download section.

Friday, January 21, 2005

A Bridge Too Far: Operation Market Garden Scenario

Meat Puppet goes a bridge too far this time, with a new scenario creation called "A Bridge Too Far: Operation Market Garden". Operation Market Garden was a desperate gamble to win the war in August of 1944. The concept was to land American and British paratroopers behind enemy lines to secure three bridges creating a link for the armored XXX Corps to leapfrog. The prize was Arnhem, with its bridge. You can download this new scenario from this link.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

RoN:T&P Patch 2 Official Release

The 2nd Patch for Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots expansion has been officially released, after its public beta test period. This new patch introduces many balance changes as well as updates the game's version checking to address out of sync issues caused by no-cd cracks. For complete download instructions head to BHG's Thrones & Patriots downloads page. The full list of changes can be viewed from this link.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Scenarios they Keep on Rising!

Lords of Legends, contributes three new scenarios. "Roman Competition Fight", "Berlin Sector" and "Mountain Fortress" version 1.2. You can grab all three from our downlod section.

Meat Puppet continues his Scenario throw down also with "The Spanish Civil War" scenario where you as the President of the Republic of Spain, which is a fractious alliance of workers' parties, communists, socialists and anarchists, have to battle the fascists. You can grab it from here.

Il Legionario follows up with his own called "The Battle of Suomussalmi". This one is about the 1939 Russian invasion of Finland. You can grab it from this link.

While Iamcanadian updates his warcraft 3 inspired scenario wth version 1.2. You can grab that from this link.

First timer, Wolfkaiser covers German East Africa during WW1 with his scenario contribution. You can grab it from here.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Corporate War and Samurai Scenarios

Elrond89 has created a beta test scenario based from the movie "The Last Samurai". He wants people to help him iron out the bugs. If you want to help, you can grab it from this link.

Meat Puppet also created a beta test scenario called "The Corporate Wars". In this scenario you are the CEO of General Motors, one of the 10 largest corporations in the country. Other players are IBM, Wal-Mart, General Electric and Exxon Mobil. Together, you have decided to take advantage of Asia opening its doors to capitalism by exploiting the country's population and resources. This puts you in direct competition with each other that starts with peace but will inevitably flare into war. You can grab this one from this link.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Scenario Fun Continues

Meat Puppet comes out with a double entry with "Gladiators!" part 1 and part 2. In these scenario, you are Maximus, once a leader of Roman legions but now a lowly gladiator due to the jealousy of Caesar. You lead a group of Spanish and German gladiators in a large arena under the watchful eyes of Rome's citizenry and Caesar himself!

Lord of Legends steps up with two of his own. "American Civil War Series: Richmond, Capital of Slavers" and "War of Troy". The 1st scenario is about the American Civil War obviously, where you control two Unionist (North) Armies marching through to the Southern Capital, Richmond! The 2nd scenario is about the ancient city of Troy, and one of the greatest sieges in History. Without the Trojan Horse, you must capture Troy and the Palace!

Il Legionario makes a contribution with "Italian City States". A scenario that takes you back to pre-unified Italy. You can grab it from this link.

superusa also chimes in with "USA vs USSR". A scenario taking inspiration from Command and Conquer series Red Alert expansion pack. You can grab it from this link.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Scenario Triple Bill

Anyone looking for something to play has been spoilt for choice lately, and the trend continues with more releases from superusa, prabakaran and Meat Puppet. Remember the Alamo?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Scenario Flood Continues

Prabakaran, comes out with "Operation Unceasing waves" Version 3. This scenario is related to ongoing civil war in Sri Lanka between Tamil tigers and Sri Lankan government. You can grab that from here.

Meat Puppet, cotinues with his wave of scenarios with "The French and Indian War". This scenario portrays the conflict between the French and their Indian allies against the British and their colonial subjects in America. It was an extension of the 7 Years War that raged on multiple continents. You can grab this scenario from this link.

superusa throws down a bundle of 4 scenarios including "war of nuke", "seawar", "Americans war of freedom" and "all out war". You can grab them from our download section.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Another Meat Puppet Scenario Plus Others

Meat Puppet brings down the Blackhawk helicopter with his version of the Blackhawk Down incident in Somolia with his latest scenario.

Superusa also throws his hat in the ring with a triple set of maps for your scenario enjoyment. You can grab them from our download section.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Rebellious Scenarios

You can say one thing for Meat Puppet, he doesn't just stick to one part of history. His latest for T&P concerns The Boxer Rebellion in Beijing.

Lord of Legends follows up with another scenario also, called Mountain Fortess. This one is about British Rebellion vs The Roman Legions in England set during 120 A.D. You can grab that from our download section.

Saturday, January 8, 2005

New Mod and Scenario Downloads

KingRoy1 releases a massive mod changing many aspects of gameplay. Empires Rise Again V 1.0 has "an early industrial age, where you are stuck with musketeers and early versions of riflemen longer once in the Industrial Age. Additionally, I changed numerous skins in the game to make them seem more authentic".

Just one of many unit and balance changes in this very comprehensive mod, with updates to come.

Berker submits War of Freedom, while Meat Puppet continues his efforts with not one but 4 new scenarios; After the Apocalypse, Hannibal Crosses the Alps, The Fall of the Aztecs and Pacific War.

Should keep players and reviewers busy for a while.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

New Scenarios by Meat Puppet

Meat Puppet continues his significant output from the editor with two new scenarios, a roughly historical version of the Crusades and Sino-Soviet War, a big battle scenario. In his own words "If you are a gamer who likes high speed, lots of destruction, and huge pressure against a ferocious opponent, you should like this scenario."

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Gamespy's Best Games of 2004

Thrones & Patriots the only expansion pack in the top 10 list tied for 6th place in Gamespy's "PC Strategy Gamers' Choice Awards 2004" catagory, getting 4% of 23,846 votes cast. Rome: Total War took the top honors. You can see the full list from this link. You can also checkout Gamespy's Gamer's choice homepage and the other catagories.

El_Capitan's Comments on T&P Patch2

El_Capitan comments on what he has experienced with the patch2 beta and hopes for when its finally released. He seemed to be positive on the over patch and comments that it seems to have fixed the OOS problems with the previous patch. He says "ast night and played two 3vs3 games. No out of sync's! Now, that's what the beta better be... stable, and it is....When the patch goes mainstream, expect a few new strategies from yours truly. Good job so far beta players! Keep it going" You can read his complete comments at his blog (December 27, 2004 entry).

Squad Leader Scenario

Meat Puppet leads the squad this time with another scenario involving a mission where you command your German Fallschimjagers, supported by some light armor and artillery pieces in German-occupied Holland. You can grab that from here.

Monday, January 3, 2005

New Years Submissions

A New Year and lots of new submissions. In game modifications we have PanamaCiv 01 by Bague. There are four new Single Player Scenarios, 2 by Meat Puppet and 2 by regular prabakaran, and some screenshots in the Miscellaneous section from prabakaran from his scenario "Sepoy uprising-Battle for Gwalior 1857".

Lots of good stuff to look through. Happy New Year.

PC Gamer Feature on AoE3

Of possible interest to historical RTS gamers. The feburary issue of PC Gamer has a 10 page feature on Ensemble Studio's next offering! Age of Empires 3, "The Age of Discovery"! It will cover historical periods from the 1400's, where the Age of Empires series left off with "The Conquerors", to the 1800's. The article has a lot of great screenshots of the game. So be sure to pick up a copy and check it out yourself.

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Conquer The World 10 Hour Timer Mod

Lord Of Legends has created a quick mod that alters the Conquer the World Campaign timer to 10 hours. You can grab that from our download section.

Diplomacy Middle East 2005 Scenario

Berlin9487 has created a new multiplayer scenario called "Diplomacy Middle East 2005". In this scenario the Middle East is on the brink of war, now you must defend your nation and your people. Choose from one of 19 nations each with a unqiue unit. Betray, and conquer your way to victory. The future of the Middle East is in your hands.