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Monday, February 28, 2005

Anarchic RoN Tips & Tricks

A superior, information-dense thread on all aspects of Rise of Nations strategy has recently taken off in the Anarchy Unleashed Clan forums. You can check that out from this link.

Upcoming RoN Tournaments

ReV tournament, Battles in Ancient Europe: March 4-6, 20:00 GMT. You can check the details of that out at the Revolution gang website. Also the Masters of Rise of Nations playoffs is coming up! You can see the schedules for that from this link.

RoN Oscars Nominations Open

All fans may submit nominees in 15 categories till Sunday, March 13th. "The winners of this year's award will be revealed in a spectacular lobby show on March 19th (Saturday) at 21.00 GMT in main Gamespy lobby." You can check out what the Rise of Nations Oscars is all about from this link, then make your nominations in the Nominations forum.

RON FastTourney Results

Tl and Wolf - followed by WH_LordAOF, [ElitE]Sniper, _FSF_FourAces, Jups, _FSF_[PL]Yps and _TcN_Nemo_ -came out on top of the February 27th FastTourney, which had a record 38 participants! Congratulations! You can check the details of the tourney at the AoI Clan website.

Custer's Last Stance Scenario

Meat Puppet does it again! This time taking you to the Battle of Little Bighorn to see if you have any better like then your historical counterpart, in a scenario called "Custer's Last Stance". This scenario features sound mods and innovative scripting that enhances your command and control like never before! Including the ability to convert your troops between mounted cavalry and infantry modes! Take command of your troops now with this download!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Next AoI FastTourney for RoN

The Next AoI FastTourney will be organized on Sunday, 27h of Feb at 21.00 GMT (Unrated 3). It will be Diplomacy with min 5 and max 8 players on Small Random Land map with Sudden Death Capital enabled." You can check out the tourney details at their clan website.

RoN Academy

The Army of Isengard is spearheading the "Rise of Nations Academy" initiative - gathering a cadre of known Rise of Nations fans who can serve to strengthen the community, recognize deserving contributors to the game, and mediate disputes. You can get the details of this initiative at the AoI clan website.

Battles in Ancient Europe RoN Tourney

This is a reminder to signup for the Battles in Ancient Europe Tournament hosted by the ReVoLuTiOn GaNg end February 27 at 00:00 GMT. Tournament matches will take place March 4-6 at 8:00 pm GMT. "It will be an 1v1 Tournament and great prizes will be given to the winners: 1st place - Nokia 3660 Phone; 2nd place - Norton Internet Security 2005; 3rd place - Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0." You can check out the details at their clan website.

Metacritic Ranks RoN:T&P

Rise of Nations and Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots rank 73rd and 100th respectively in Metacritic's list of all-time top PC games. You can see the whole list an their website.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Option in RONH Downloads

There has been well documented confusion about submitted files, with no real way to specify whether they are for Rise of Nations or T&P unless the person decides to say so in the description. Now for scenarios, campaigns, mods and recorded games, whenever you submit a file you will see an option that says "Needs T&P". We hope it will go some way to clearing up the confusion.

If people wish to go and edit their past submissions to reflect this, please do so. If anyone feels like making a list of what is what, I'll sticky it and we will work through them as and when we can.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fight for Troy

King Walker's latest turns the tables on his last scenario creation and has you defending Troy from a massive siege. Can you change the tale and win for the city?

RoN Scenario: After the Apocalypse Part 2

Meat Puppet blows up again with another scenario for Rise of Nations: T&P. This one is called "After the Apocalypse Part 2". He described the scenario: "In 2007, the USA finally conducts a successful missile defense test. Before they can set it up nationwide, Russia and China launch a limited nuclear strike. One of the cities hit is LA. After the holocaust, you will lead a band of survivors to build a new nation among the ruins. However, other warlords are building their own nations, and will challenge you for the crown of LA." You can start rebuilding civilization with this download.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Germans win RoN Olympics

The Rise of Nations Olympics conclude with victories for the following teams: Grand Finals - Germany, Small Cup - Serbia & Montenegro. Congratulations to all and special thanks to SarumanX, the Army of Isengard, and the other organizers! You can view the results at the AoI Clan website.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

RoN:T&P Shares a Silver Medal

Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots ties for the RTS Silver Medal with Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth in The Wargamer's Readers' Choice 2004 awards! You can check out the full article about the award here.

RoN Olympics

The initial group stage of the Rise of Nations Olympics has begun in Unrated 9. You can get the Detailed schedule for the tourney from this link.

Friday, February 18, 2005

War of Troy Scenario

King Walker joins the fray in Troy, with his own rendition of a "War of Troy" scenario. You can see how this compared with previous efforts by others with this download.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Are you properly dressed?

Edilberto thinks you should be, especially in the American War of Independence, and his mod will hopefully be ongoing as he adds more historical uniforms.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

RoN Tourneys Deconflicted

Couple of tournies have no resolved their schedules to avoid conflicts. ReVoLuTiOn GaNg Battles in Ancient Europe is now on 4-6 March. Check their site for details. While the Masters of Rise of Nations (MoR) Day Of Decisions tourney is now on 11-13 March. You can check out the details at the MoR site.

Greece at War Diplomacy 431 BC Ver 3

Veteran fan scenario designer, Berlin9487 updates his Greece at War Multiplayer Scenario to version 3. When it comes to MP scenario designers in the Rise of Nations community, you'd be hard pressed to find better. So go and grab this download now and start your Peloponnesian conquest from here.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Empires Rise Again Version 5!

KingRoy1 has just released another update to his popular Empires Rise Again Mod, now in its 5th incarnation. With over 25 new skins, new scenario scripts plus a new Wonder. You can grab it from this link. Don't forget to also apply the patch for this release.

RoN Gold gets 8.7/10 from Gaming Excellence

Reviewer Shawn Snider on Rise of Nations Gold Edition: "The city model is a very innovative approach to the genre, and provides a very different gameplay style than [other] strategy titles." You can check out the review from this link.

American Revolution Meat Puppet Style

Meat Puppet goes back into the historical realm after a foray into scifi and horror to tackle the American Revolution with "Battle of Guilford Courthouse". It's a stand-alone scenario, but the beta for a gaming system he has designed for doing field battles in RON scenarios, which should be very interesting if his other creations are any indication. You can download this scenario from here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

BHG Playtest Interns Needed

Big Huge Games is in need of playtest interns to work out of their offices in Timonium, MD. You will be testing our as yet unannounced RTS game. For more information on the jobs and the requirements, please visit their company's job page.

Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 Patch2

Patch 2 for my Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 mod is now available after some additional field testing. This fixes a bug that causes the Big Huge Map size setting to crash the game. So I had to remove the bigger map mod, in order to make all maps work. You can grab the patch from this link.

Another Mod and Scenario for RoN

Lord Of Legends comes up with another scenario, this time in a speculative future where Global Warming has pushed the Planet into an Ice Age! You can download his new "Project Saviour" scenario from this link.

Montero, on the other hand decided to give the Venezuelan Fuerzas Armadas Nacionales (National Armed Forces) their dues and created a new skin mod for them. You can grab that from here.

Monday, February 7, 2005

Next AoI FastTourney 13 February

[AoI]Saruman: "The 6th FastTourney, organized this Sunday (13.2.) at 21.00 GMT in Unrated 3, will be a practice for upcoming Rise of Nations Olympics. It will be played on 2 rarely played maps: New World and Colonial Powers. Format will be 2v2v2(v2) in the first part and 4v4 in the final." You can get more details from the AoI clan site.

Battles in Ancient Europe Tourney

The Revolution Gang is organizing a 128-slot 1v1 tournament for March 4-6 at 8:00 pm GMT; the signup deadline is February 27 at 0:00 GMT. Prizes: 1st place - Nokia 3660 Phone; 2nd place - Norton Internet Security 2005; 3rd place - Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 Battles in Ancient Europe Tournament Forums & Details can be found from this link and view their Tournament Rules & Settings from here.

RoN RTS League Signups Begin

The Warhawkz clans's Rise of Nations RTS League signups are now open. Staff
positions may yet be available. You can check that out at their League Home page.

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Interview with Brian Reynolds

Some of you may remember our trip to Baltimore to visit Big Huge Games prior to the release of Thrones & Patriots expansion pack. Due to alot of reaons, we've finally got around to releasing the interview transcript...a little late but better then never. It might be interesting to some to compare the pre-release state of mind, compared to how the expack actually turned out. So for your reading pleasure, we present the final in our series of interviews with the Big Huge Games Staff. We present, none other then the main man himself, Brian Reynolds.

Catch the plague!

Meat Puppet come up with something a little different. Can you stop the outbreak in his latest offering before it spreads too much?

Historical Unit Skins 2

edilberto has continues his quest to make historically accurate unit skins. This time his release contains skins for over 30 units that mainly cover the American civil war to World War 2. You can download this from here.

How to Mod Units for RoN

Montero having seen this question asked too many times. Decides to take on the task to write a short guide on how to Mod units for Rise of Nations. You can download his guide from this link.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 Patch1

Patch 1 for my Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 mod is now available after some field testing. This fixes a graphics bug for the Americans and Canadian nations in the mod. You can download this patch from this link. Thanks to Puukko for the bug find.

Xtreme Reality Script Announcement

Lord of Legends gives us a teaser of his upcoming RON Script and Mod that he claims will make the game more realistic and introduce a lot more skins to the game. You can download his summary of this upcoming release here.

2 New Scenarios from Prabakaran

Prabakaran has just come up with two new scenarios for your playing pleasure. He again tackles the history of India with "The 1857 -Siege of Delhi" which you can download here. For his second scenario he goes west and casts his design skills on the "Crusades war - Defend the city of Tyre". You can start your crusade with this download.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Empires Rise Again Mod Version 4

KingRoy1 has just released version 4 of his popular Empires Rise Again Mod. This time spiced up with some of my model mods. You can download it from this link.

Results from RoN Tournies

***FastTourney 5 Ends in Armageddon***
Congratulations to all the doomed finalists: AU_bird, AU_sims, [Elite]_Bearz, SR_Aspirin_SL, [AoI]Smeagol, [AoI]Cinderella and [AoI]Saruman. You can check out the write up from this link. [AoI]Saruman also extends special recognition to KRG_Jups "for his fairplay since he has given his slot to [AoI]Oby because of the IP incompatibility." You can check out the Recorded Final from this link which also shows an excellent example of booming.

***Power to the People!***
The Masters of Rise of Nations Leaque has released a video clip (DivX codec) featuring Gigi besting three rushers using no military units! You can watch this fascinating display from this link.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

New Day means New Mods and Scenarios

Forumer, montero has created a Arab civ mod for the Conquer the World Campaign based on the Dutch. You can download that from our download section.

On the Scenario front, iamcanadian after a bit of a break from designing comes up with a scenario about Yugoslavia during WW2. You can download that from this link. Meanwhile Meat Puppet continues his string of creations with "The Battle of Agincourt". This is his 1st with scripting, so it should be quite interesting since his previous efforts were done without scripting but still managed to amaze many players with its playability and creativity. You can download this from here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Best Expansion Pack of 2004: Thrones & Patriots

The Thrones & Patriots expansion pack has received two more awards at the close of 2004. Both GameSpot and IGN voted the expansion pack for Rise of Nations as the best expansion released last year. Congratulations Big Huge Games!

LA Riots 1992 Scenario

Allizdog2000 has created a scenario to let you relive the chaos of the 1992 LA Riots. Your job; Restore order. Take back the cities of Long Beach, Lynwood and Lakewood. Protect the farmers in Tujunga Valley. You can grab this scenario from this link.