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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Years to all those who celebrate at this time of year. "Gung Hey Fat Choy" or wishing everyone a properous new years.

RoNH Mods and Strategy Downloads

On the modding scene, Axel of sweden is back with a vengence and a bunch of mods. First is "Swedish Winter skins + bonus STRV 122 skin", he also offer "Swedish Desert skins. Next he also takes Uthum's WW3 mod and adds his own bits to it with a mod called WW3 art. More WW3 fun continues with another mod appropriately called "WW3 addon mod. This is an upgrade to the previously mentioned world war 3 mod, so make sure you got that mod before you get this one. Next he offers a tank mod called "194th Brigade Task Force 1-70 M1A2 Abrams skin". He has more vehicles mods, try "Winter vehicles, this skin pack contains skins for most Info age AFV's. Finally he offers "Ariete Woodland", this an improvement of Uthum's Ariete skin, features woodland camo. Grab his latest and freshest creations!

Finally we have Bretty who offers a rare strategy articles download called "Rise of Nations Strategy 101: How to play the French" and another called "Rise of Nations Strategy 101: How to play the Indians".

RoNH Community Scenario Downloads

We have some new scenarios for Rise of Nations to report on. First is CW Simmania with a multiplayer scenario called "Maghreb Mediteranean 1050's Ver 2.1", this map is of southern europe and northern africa plus the middle east. It is in the Medieval times, between 1050 and 1150. Next we have Rangeley with another multiplayer scenario. "Iran War 2007 Ver 7". Tensions come to head in the Middle East between Iran and its neighbors. Make allies, make enemies; use diplomacy and war as tools to gain victory in the Middle East.

On the single player scenario front, we have MacHassey with a scenario called "Battle for Quina", You control the 233rd Rangers in an atempt to rid Quina and the surounding country side of the Rebel leader Hassad's men. This is his first scripted scenario, so he is looking for feedback. Ntext we have carcf2002 is back with "Fire from the Sky: Europe Burning". In this scenario, the Western Coalition (W.C) has suffered humiliating defeats all across Europe as the Arab League (A.L) advances towards its final goal: The total conquest of Europe. You can be either side of this conflict. Next we have TheBlackAdmiral with a scenario called "Classics", In this scenario use Diplomacy and strength in arms to make your city the most powerful. He also offers "World Wars I & II". This is a scenario about the Wolrd Wars in Europe, you can play as either Holland & Belgium, Russia or Germany, other Nations featured are NATO, Great-Britain, France, Austria-Hungary and Italy. He also offers a 3rd creation, "Missionaries". The Idea is that you use Missionaries to convert (bribe) warriors from the headhunter tribes and destroy those tribes. Your ultimate goal will be to take over Machu Pichu, but beware, it is well defended!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Apolyton Presents Paul Stephanouk - Part 5

During ApolyCon `06 held in Timonium, Maryland hosted by Apolyton Civ site, this past July, Big Huge Games (BHG) designer Paul Stephanouk gave a presentation to attendees on the development of the company`s premiere title, Rise of Nations.

In the fifth of five parts, Stephanouk answers an attendee`s question as to what his favourite videogame is and his view on digital distribution, gives away a copy of the original Rise of Nations beta to another attendee who correctly answers a trivia question -- and then beats him at a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" -- and working with publisher Microsoft Game Studios. Finally, Stephanouk is presented with something for him and the other members of the BHG staff to enjoy.

You can check that out at Apolyton Site.