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Sunday, November 30, 2003

*** BHS Victor - El_Capitan! ***

Congratulations to all the winners and participants in
the Big Huge Smackdown hosted/sponsored by MFO and
#1 El_Capitan - $500 + a signed copy of Rise of Nations
#2 PCA_frogman - $250, a Rise of Nations T-shirt and a 12 month
MFO Gold Star subscription
You can find the 3rd - 8th place winners and more
information at

thanks to Morrigu and Tann for this marathon of tourny

my thanks to Rohag for his newsletter for without it i'd be a lost puppy :)

Modeling & Texturing for Rise of Nations - Part 2

In our series on Modeling & Texturing for Rise of Nations, we continue with Part 2 "Unwrapping". This article takes your 3D Model and from there shows you how to create a texture mapped model and an associated texture skin template file.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The Passing of Mr. Ed

This past Monday the gaming community in general and MFO in particular lost a stalwart to a heart attack - Mr. Ed.

RCF_Morrigu is dedicating the upcoming BHG/MFO Big Huge Smackdown Tournament to the memory of Mr. Ed, the one who taught him how to host tourneys. Players are requested to observe a moment of silence in the GameSpy lobbies before the tournament begins.

Our condolences from everyone at Rise of Nations Heaven.

Modeling & Texturing for Rise of Nations - Part 1

In our series on Modeling & Texturing for Rise of Nations, we commence with Part 1 "Modeling". This article takes you from concept to 3D Model, using a Tiger I Tank as our subject.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Microsoft's RoN: T&P Site

Microsoft Game Studios™ has launched its own site for the "Rise of Nations: Throne & Patriots" expansion. Check it out here.

Landsknecht Mod by ODA

More skin texture mods from the diabolical mind of One_Dead_Angel. I've finally decided to release my version of the Landsknecht. You can grab it from the download section or the mod gallery. Chick on the picture below to jump to it.

Monday, November 24, 2003

RoN Heaven Strategy Library

Rise of Nations Heaven is proud to announce to opening of our Strategy Library, featuring links to some popular Rise of Nations strategy sites, and our first original strategy article submission, entitled 40 Strategy Tips for the Beginner. I encourage anyone else interested in contributing their thoughts on Rise of Nations Strategy to send it on to me to include into our Strategy library.

Modeling & Texturing for Rise of Nations

Starting this week, me and Unit35 will begin with a series of tutorials on Modeling and Texturing for Rise of Nations. This week's feature will introduce the novice modder to the tools, and topics that we will be covering. Check it out here!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

RoN Heaven's Throne & Patriots Info Page

Rise of Nations Heaven is proud to offer up its own "Throne & Patriots" expansion pack Info Page. This page includes a list of known features, links to our own discussion forum as well as to other official info and Press sites. However, we also included a special analysis of what we know or can guess from each of the known features, or units and buildings that can be identified from the screenshots.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Official Press Release & Expansion Page

Big Huge Games and Miscrosoft has opened official press release pages for the new "Rise of Nations: Throne & Patriots". BHG's page can be found here and Microsoft Games' page dedicated to the expansion can be found here.

Two New T&P Screens at GameSpy

Microsoft sent two new "Rise of Nations: Throne and Patriots" screenshots to GameSpy. Check it out here.

Xpack Knowledge at Oracle

Mithras of Rise of Nations Oracle has opened a site section entirely dedicated to the newly announced "Rise of Nations: Throne & Patriots" expansion. Rise of Nations Oracle will update the "Known Game Features" page as BHG continues to release more information. Check out their "Known Features Page" here.

RoN Revolution X-Pack Ideas Contest

From TheBlackKnight: "Rise of Nations Revolution in conjunction with BHG is proud to bring you our X-Pack Ideas contest. Over the next three weeks you can post your ideas for the Rise of Nations x-pack on a thread in our forum. During this time some of the BHG staff will drop by to read and check out some of your ideas. Each week someone will be randomly chosen from the topic and that person will receive a Rise of Nations item from BHG."

Visit either their English or French Suggestions Thread.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

RoN : Throne & Patriots Expansion Announced

It's official Big Huge Games and Rise of Nations is hard at work on a new expansion pack for Rise of Nations, titled "Throne and Patriots". The expansion pack will feature 6 New playable nations in addition to the 18 already present, 20 new units and additional features like governments. Plus New campaigns and scenarios. Here's the article on gamespot featuring 4 screenshots.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

RoN Expansion Pack Maybe?

War, a forumer at RON Heaven discovered an interesting picture at the Big Huge Games site with the date Nov 21, 2003 on it. On the picture are three figures which if I had to guess looked like someone representing India in some ancient costume, a Native American wearing an eagle feather war bonnet and carrying a rifle, and finally a modern soldier carrying what looks to be like a 5.56 Colt Commando (a version of M16 rifle) used commonly by U.S. special forces, representing the U.S.A purhaps. Could this be the announcement or even release date of a Rise of Nations' Expansion Pack. If so it is truly an exciting development. Check out the picture yourself at the BHG front page, oh and dont forget to check out this screenshot.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Cash Tourny!!!

(New Providence, New Jersey) November 18, 2003 -- MrFixItOnline COM LLC is proud to announce a new cash tournament with free entry. The event, Big Huge Smackdown, is sponsored by Big Huge Games for their critically-acclaimed Real Time Strategy game, Rise of Nations.

The tournament, BHS, will begin on Saturday, November 29 and will draw to a conclusion, at the very latest, by Sunday, November 30. The format is single elimination and the total cash given out will be $850, distributed amongst the top 4 players, with $500 going to the first-place finisher. There will also be other miscellaneous prizes given to top finishers, including a copy of Rise of Nations signed by Brian Reynolds and official T-shirts. Another autographed copy of the game will also be given out to a randomly-selected winner.

Sign ups have already started and will last until November, 28 at 12:00 PM EST. For detailed settings and rules information, please visit the event details page.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

***No Nukes & Auto-Pause Scripts***

No Nukes and Auto-Pause scripts for Rise of Nations are available
at the BHG Downloads page: downloads

Welcome to niDe, our Newest Cherub at RONH

In my quest to bring the site up to speed, and with the recommendation of TheGoodEvil, forumer and ardent Rise of Nations fan, niDe has joined the ranks of Cherubs at Rise of Nations Heaven. Please give him a warm welcome.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

RoN Rankings

Gamespy has opened a ranking site for Rise of Nations. It lists the top 25 players, and as well the popularity of each civilization and game play modes in rank order. There is also a player search of course to check out your own rank should you not be in the top 25. Check it out here.

Stand-alone-Patch and 3 MP Scenarios

For those that need to get the Stand-alone Patch 3, you can get it
at the microsoft download site. There are also 3, yes, THREE multiplayer scenarios they used to test the patch, which you can also download and play !

  • Italy_mp - The Italian Renaissance: Players must be the first to reach the Enlightenment Age to win. But there are only three libraries on the map and the players are not able to build libraries, universities, or cities.
  • Europe - 5 NATO nations fight against the USSR. NATO must defend against the threats to Europe.
  • Capture - Four nations have been stranded on an island far from home. Only a scholar who lives on the island can direct them home. Be the first player to capture the scholar for 3 minutes and he will tell you how to get home. Do not take the scholar out of his territory or you will lose time. Your units will upgrade the more kills you get.


IT'S OUT RIGHT NOW!! download it now and play like you were meant to!

From Big Huge Games:
Patch 3 is available via the auto update process when you log on to our in-game matchmaking. It will update your game to version A stand alone version of the patch should be available for download later today, so if you have had trouble with the auto updating process before, this alternative is on its way.

We suggest Win98 and WinME users use the stand alone version of Patch 3 to install. The patch will likely not install the first time on systems using those operating systems and need to be run a second time for a successful install. This was an issue with the game code and not something wrong with the patch itself.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Gamespy Down for Maintenance Nov 12th

GameSpy is planning to perform maintenance on their matchmaking infrastructure from 3-6am EST on November 12th. (12-3am PST) This will result in the inability to login and connect to their chat servers for this time. Please plan your games and events around this window to avoid any disruptions.

Downloads Section Now Online

At long last Rise of Nations Heaven has a download section for file upload/downloads. You can now share your genius be it scenarios, mods, recorded games or utilities for Rise of Nations with the rest of the community. I've started us off with a no nukes mod, and Obsidian's old unit editor. To start uploading your creations, click here!

Monday, November 10, 2003

Patch 3 news!

BHG cares enough to keep us posted on the ultra-awaited Patch 3,

"Patch 3 has been given the green light by the Microsoft testing team and is being packaged for release. This includes a localization pass and the creation of a stand-alone version of the patch. This means that Patch 3 will be available for download in a matter of days."

i think i speak for all when i say, YAY!

for the official page click here
thanks to half_lotus for the heads up

Sunday, November 9, 2003

Seraph Phillistine Graces RoN Heaven

Thank the Gods, we now have an additional Seraph to help make this site the best Rise of Nations site out there. Long time Heaven Games Staffer Seraph Phillistine has also joined the Rise of Nations Heaven Staff. A veteren Scenario and campaign designer for AOE. We are very lucky to add such experience and dedication to the Rise of Nations Staff. Please give Phillistine a warm welcome.

Unit 35 - Expert Modder, now a Cherub of RoN Heaven

I am please to announce the addition of Unit 35 to the Rise of Nations Heaven staff. A long time forumer, mod contributer, and developer of the Rise of Terror : Warhammer 40K mod will now also take on the challenge of helping us Rise of Nation fans with our modding concerns and projects. Everyone please welcome our latest addition to the team.

Saturday, November 8, 2003

BLuT Clan Tourney Challenge

The BLuT Clan is organizing a 1v1 "Saturday Gangbang" Rise of Nations tournament for 15 Nov 03.

Find the details at the BLut Clan tourney site.

RoN Newsletter - 1 Year Anniversary

As Rohag pointed out in the Rise of Nations newsletter. This began as a private email list one year ago. Thanks to Obsidian and Zen to see the vision of this great way to spread info about Rise of Nations, but mostly thanks to Rohag for doing such a great job day in day out to collect the news and tell us all about it.

Wanna Play Games for a Living?

Here's your chance, at least temporarily. Big Huge Games has two paid onsite playtest positions available:
Balance Test Intern and a Quality Assurance Intern.

The BHG offices are located in Timonium, Maryland USA near Baltimore. Great way to make connections in the gaming industry or play computer games till your eyes and fingers bleed.

Friday, November 7, 2003

One Dead No Longer Red But Orange!

Well folks, the foolishness of the Gods have decided that I should run this joint and make me a Seraph. Obsidian is stepping down to a support/advisory role due to real life commitments. On behalf of the other Rise of Nations Heaven staff, I like to thank him for all his hard work on this site and best wishes on his real life endeavors.

Monday, November 3, 2003

Leclerc Mk2 MBT - Original Unit Mod

If you've ever wanted a Leclerc main battle tank in your army, now its possible! A totally original unit mod is now available for download at Rise of Nations Heaven. Thanks to the efforts of Unit35 for the 3D model, I have provided a couple of texture skins to his model to help you get your French freak on.

Check out the mod gallery to download this newest creation.

Saturday, November 1, 2003

Rise of Terror

Unit35 aka Ian Ritson, a Rise of Nations Heaven forumer has set out on an ambitious project. He is working on what is probably the first total conversion mod for Rise of Nations. It will be based on the popular table-top miniatures wargame, Warhammer 40K by Games Workshop.

The mod is set in the Warhammer 40K Universe "Rise of Terror", it will add all the races of the 40K Universe (he hopes) in the first release it will have the Space Marines and the Orks. He has alot of the Space Marine forces units done, and one Ork unit. You can check out his dedicated website for the project here!