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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New Downloads

Our modders and designers have been busy. M_180288's Real Army mod gives you the F16, Mig and more, here, while the realism theme continues with uthum876's Cold War, here.

Meanwhile, prabakaran submits his Indian invasion of North Sri Lanka in 990 to RoNH and another submission about India vs Pakistan. Rarely covered subjects, they are worth a look too.

Sri Lanka Conquest Scenario

D.Prabakaran over at Rise of Nations Uniberse has created a Sri Lanka Conquest scenario for you folks interested in the Sub-continents rich history. In this scenario you play as the Chola emperor Rajendra I in his 11th century expedition to Sri Lanka (Ceylon). You can grab it from this link.

MoR URL Change and "Transfer Market"

The Masters of Rise of Nations League Site currently at the FishStick Foundation Clan website will soon reside at its own special site at

Also the Masters of Rise of Nations site now features a board where clans can advertise for players and vice versa. You can check this out from the following link.

ActiveWin: T&P Rates a 91%

ActiveWin reviewer Randy Stein on Thrones & Patriots: "This review can't simply tell you all the aspects of this great game. You simply have to purchase the game and see for yourself." You can check out the full review at ActiveWin.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Iraq Campaign Series

KingRoy1 has just released a batch of maps on this subject all in one package. They are all here: Fallujah, his first urban warfare map and the anticipated Basra map and finally a quick skirmish game called Iran, where you have to kill off hordes of Iranian Terrorists. Find them here. This will be his last urban set for awhile, so enjoy these maps for now and Happy Terrorist Hunting!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Noob Clinic Canceled

Love.gun and Greatzilla's Rise of Nations newcomers' clinic has been canceled.

When to Do Econ Upgrades

After defeating a pair of ranked players whose economies were significantly more advanced than his, AU_Humble asks players when they concern themselves with economic upgrade buildings. You can follow the discussion at the AU clan website.

OOS Fix Possibly on the Way

Thunder is aware of BHG-Microsoft contacts regarding the online out-of-sync problems and believes a solution may be on the way. You can check out the actual posting at our forum thread.

Indian Independence War 1.0 Scenario

prabakaran has created a single player scenario for T&P expack that allows you to play during the sepoys rebellion, which was the first mass uprising against British Imperialist rule of India. You can grab it from our download section.

Soviet ERA Mod for Original RoN

uthum876 has created a mod for the original Rise of Nations that is based on giving the Communist powers (China, Russia and others) of the Soviet era some extra flavor. You can grab it from our download section.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Rohag Looks to the Future

With the 2nd Anniversary of Rise of Nations. Our newletter manager and news hound, Rohag reminds is reminded that he probably has spent far more time following Rise of Nations and Rise of Nations:T&P than actually playing the game. So he soon intend to redistribute his limited recreational energies, which will leave less time to devote to this newsletter. If you feel a Rise of Nations newsletter is still valuable and would be willing to contribute some effort to it, please contact him.

RoN 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago today, several months before original Rise of Nations's release, this newsletter began to circulate thanks to the technical expertise of Angel Zen. It had begun about three weeks earlier as a private e-mail list for webmasters and prominent pre-publication Rise of Nations fans. You can access the archives at Rise of Nations Heaven.

AoI Christmas Tourney Site

The Army of Isengard has established a site for its Christmas Tournament scheduled for December 18-19th. More information is expected next week. But in the mean time you can check out their X-mass Tourney site. Alongside the tourney, AoI is sponsoring a writing competition, "which includes Santa Claus and his adventures when visiting one or more Rise of Nations players."

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Tentative List of Balance Changes

Graham "Thunder" Somers from BHG drops by our forum to give us the tentative list of balance changes that are due out for the next patch. You can check out the list in our forum thread.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

New Global Conquest Render Map

MilleniuM2 provides the fans of DonTheDime's Global Conquest Conquer the World mod with a new strategic render map. You can check that out at RON Planet.

RoN RTS League still on Track

WH_SSRider assures us the planned Rise of Nations-RTS League is still on track for a January 2005 launch and needs one more non-WarHawkz Clan staff member. You can check out the situation in our forum thread or at the WH clan League Home page.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

KRG Wilderness Tourney

The King's Royal Guard has scheduled a Lakota-only 1v1 straight knockout tournament for December 4-5th. You can check out the details at the KRG Tourney Information page.

3rd FastTourney Completed

Congratulations to WH_LordAOF and SL_Maximinus_SR, the top team in the just completed Third FastTourney, "Fragile Alliances" (2v2 random teams)! You can check out what happened at the AoI clan website.

RoN-AoK (evolved) Total Conversion Mod

TheGoodEvil is actively seeking 3d and concept artists, 1-2 of each also as many programmers as are willing to join. He is planning AoK like mod for Rise of Nations which will have unique unit/building art for every civ in the Mod. The Mod will be based on the original Rise of Nations for the first version and the T&P Expansion pack as an expansion pack for the Mod if the project goes well. If you are at all interested and want to take Rise of Nations gameplay to a new level than please sign up on our forum thread thread or email him directly at

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Correction: UA Tournament

The Unholy Alliance 1v1 tournament scheduled for December 18-19th is not named "Weak & Strong," rather the intent is to run tournaments allowing players of all skill levels to participate. They regret any misunderstanding. Tourney thread at the Army of Isengard clan website.

RoN Noob Clinic

Batman announces the opening of "Love and Zilla's Noob Clinic," "a place for noobs to get help and experts to help." So if you think you need some help, you can go over to their forum.

Battle of the 3 Emperors

KingRoy1 has authored a "Battle of Austerlitz" (1805) Napoleonic scenario. Careful scripting is intended to reward using historically accurate tactical formations. You can grab it from our download section.

Friday, November 19, 2004

T&P Patch Beta Ends Today

Graham Somers drops by to say: "Thank you all for your feedback thus far, it has been a tremendous help! Later today, the patch files will be coming down from our server, so make sure that you have downloaded the uninstall patch. Instructions for that were included in the e-mail invite, but drop me a line if you need more info." So if you still have any questions or concerns you can send them to him directly at

Consensus on the Nubians?

Graham Somers from BHG says that looking into a further nerf to the Nubians for this patch. He is wondering what the consensus is on how to go about that. You can add in your two cents on this thread. Balance suggestions for the patch in general can be viewed here in the main change list thread more directly

"Weak & Strong" Unholy Alliance Tourney

[AoI]SarumanX announces a new Unholy Alliance tournament for the third weekend of December (18th - 19th): the "Weak & Strong" 1v1 tournament. This tourney will be for both "weak" and "strong," and offer "...awesome titles, great rewards, good games..." More details to follow. You can get that at the Tourney thread at the AoI clan website.

The Battle of Austerlitz

Historical accuracy is always nice to see and as popular as ever. Use your formations wisely to win KingRoy1's version of this famous battle here

Thursday, November 18, 2004

T&P Balance Patch Update

BHG thanks all participants in the patch testing, which is to conclude this coming Friday. Finalization begins soon thereafter. You can see the actual announcement at the BHG website.

_RU_Fragrance: Player of the Fortnight

_RU_Fragrance, one of the relatively few women Rise of Nations players, is the new Unholy Alliance "Player of the Fortnight." You can read the player Interview at the AoI clan website.

KBS Clan Regrouping

The old KBS Clan ("The Knights with Blazing Swords") is attempting to regroup itself. You can check out their Temporary message board, from this link. They made the Announcement at MFO, so if you want to find out what happened you can go there.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

T&P Beta Balance Patch List

BHG's Graham Somers has posted a beta change list for a balance patch for Thrones & Patriots at Rise of Nations Heaven: "...all of these balance changes are XML based. This is in an effort to not change code with this patch so that it will get through the testing process faster." You can check out the details on our forum thread.

RoN Clan World Map Update

Thanks to 4Stars, the Rise of Nations Clan World Map has been updated to reflect "The Elite Rebellion." You can check out the current standings at the KRG clan website.

FastTourney "Fragile Alliances

The next Army of Isengard organized FastTourney is scheduled for Saturday, 20th of November at 21.00 England time. "Type will be 2v2 with random teams each round! All signed up competitors will be randomly divided in groups of four people which will then play 2v2 battles with random teams, random map and random nations. The two winners advance to the next round where there will be another draw to make new groups of four people..." You can find out the details at the AoI clan website.

No Out-of-Sync Reproduction Progress Yet

Thunder/Graham Somers of BHG on the OOS problems encountered on the new patch: "We have not been able to reproduce an OOS with patch 1 in-house, unless we were using a cracked exe, so a fix isn't yet possible. We'd appreciate any help in tracking down the cause of any legitimate OOSes by having players who are encountering these problems turn on logging". You can find out more details on our forum thread.

Fishstickfoundation Starts "Masters of RoN"

After months of planning and hard work, ups and downs, sweat and tears we can proudly announce the latest and probably most ambitious clan-project ever: The "Masters of Rise of Nations" (MoR).

MoR is a league-based championship heavily inspired by popular sports
events such as American-football or Basketball. It's core feature is the installment of a league system with several divisions (including Promotions/Relegations between them) accompanied by regular "classical" tournaments and inter-league cups.

You can find out more at the FishStick Foundation Clan's MOR site or in our forum thread.

D Day

Ahh, the ever popular D Day scenarios. Love them or hate them, Namiator claims he has made his map more accurate than most. Find his submission here and decide for yourself.

Friday, November 12, 2004

New Ideas using RoN

TWC_Archibald lays out mature thoughts on a new RTS built on Rise of Nations's foundation. You can follow the discussion at MFO.

Turn on Logs for OOS Troubleshooting

Thunder (Graham Somers of BHG) reminds online players how to enable error logging within Rise of Nations:T&P in order to provide BHG with the information required to troubleshoot out-of-syncs. You can get more info on this in our forum thread.

RON T&P Beta Balance Patch Forum

Graham "Thunder" Somers drops by our site to initiate a new effort and a new forum to help resolve balance issues in a possible new patch. You can read all about it, and join the discussions at this link. Graham also invites some prominent clans and players to help participate in a playtest effort. See if you've made it on the invite list on our thread.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

TGE Mod Group

TheGoodEvil is forming a total conversion modification group for Rise of Nations. He hopes they can produce a mod that "will steal players from other games." Interested Rise of Nations fans should e-mail TGE.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Fallujah, Iraq (2004) Scenario

Tired of just hearing about it on the news? Well here is your chance to take control of US forces as you slowly take the city of Fallujah, Iraq block by city block to ultimately secure the city against Terrorists and remove them from their Strongholds! You can grab this single player scenario by KingRoy1 in our download section.

Rise of Nations Script Maker 0.8 beta

Snakely has updated his RON Script Maker tool to version 0.8 beta. This program is a tool for use with Rise of Nations and its expansion (Thrones and Patriots) that seeks to make implementing scripts in games of RON simple and intuitive.
It features...
-The ability to easily disable all units, buildings, and techs available in RON and RON:TP.
-Additionally, you can disable AI, plunder, attrition (TP only), costs, completion bonuses, etc.
-You can change amount of plunder (TP only) and Victory/Defeat Messages.
-'Scrippet' implementation. Easily allows you to load multiple dynamic script snippets. Scrippets follow a simple format that is friendly to other RON script developers.
-Changing from RON to RON:TP game mode takes only one click.
-Saves scripts in both Big Huge Script (bhs) format and a native file format that is easy to reload.
-Program can organize (delete, rename, save as) all scripts created by it.
-Compact and intuitive graphical user interface. Statusbar that displays essential information.
-The program will find your RON and RON:TP script path automatically.
-After saving a script, you only need to select it in the RON game setup to use. It's that simple!

It will feature...
-Editing of unit and building stats. (Most stats are only available in scripting with RON:TP.)
-Checking for newer versions of a scrippet, so two versions of the same scrippet aren't available to load. Also, checking for conflicting scrippets.
-Launching of RON on exit (user preference).
-Code parsing of scrippets for advanced functions such as value editing of code.
-Distribution of scripts to other players before a match?
-Internet checking of available scrippets for download?
-Much more!

You can grab it from our download section

Gold Edition in Japan December 3rd

The Microsoft Japan Rise of Nations Gold Edition Page is up and announcing the availability of the package from December 3rd in Japan at a price of 12.600 (roughly $120 U.S.D.) You can get the details from Microsoft Japan's website.

Ejecting Garrisoned Units

In the context of a discussion of selectively ejecting garrisoned units, El_Capitan and Kiwi_Sorcerer remind players of two quick ungarrisoning techniques. You can check that out at the AU clan wbesite.

Router & Firewall Configuration Links

Eyecare reviews some of the basics of router/firewall configuration for playing Rise of Nations multiplayer and collects key links on the subject. You can check that out at Rise of Nations Planet.

Smurfs Tourney Nerfed

TheGoodEvil has had to regrettably cancel the Smurfs Tournament that had been scheduled for December 4th, 5th. You can find out why at Rise of Nations Universe.

KiLLaHerTz Rulez!

Through a storm of out-of-syncs, KIWI_KiLLaHerTz emerged the winner by points of the second AoI-sponsored FastTourney! Next FastTourney - Saturday, 20th of November at 21.00 England Time. You can get visit the AoI clan website or their FastTourneys page for details.

Saturday, November 6, 2004

6th PCA Cup

The Japanese Promotion Committee of Armageddon Clan, which includes some of the best Rise of Nations players anywhere, is organizing its 6th PCA Cup. You can check out the details at the PCA clan website.

AoI FastTourney Today

The second AoI-organized FastTourney takes place today, Saturday, November 6th at 21.00 England time 16:00 New York/Ottawa, 22:00 Paris/Berlin, 05:00 Singapore, 08:00 Sydney) in GS Unrated Room 9. You can check out the details at the AoI clan website.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

BHG Tournament Round-Up List

BHG lists the three Rise of Nations:T&P tournaments on the horizon on their home page (right panel). You can check out their list from this link.
AoI FastTourney - November 6th
Rise of Nations Olympics - November 27th
Smurfs Tournament - December 4-5th

Chris Coleman on New Patch Problems

Chris Coleman, QA Manager at Big Huge Games asks that if you are experiencing Out of Sync issues please post letting me know the following information about the games:
1. Are the games going Out of Sync right away, or later in the game?
2. What type of Out of Sync: All, Units, Scripts, etc?
3. What game types are being played: Teams, Free for all etc?
4. How many players?
5. Gamespy or LAN games?
You can post and follow the findings at our forum thread.

Modern Russian Army Mod

ArchmageMX has come up with another mod! This mod provides the Russian Nation with the Nuclear Missile Sub as a unique unit with new stats, modifies the Shock Infantry appearance and gives them the AK47 attack sound, gives the russians a new RPG unit instead of the conventional Anti-Tank Missile, converts the T80 tanks to T90s which do more damage and have different art, and changes the Strategic Bombers to Backfire Bombers. You can grab it from our download section.

ArchmageMX has also released a "mod compatibility" file that will allow you to take advantage of both his Modern Russian Army mod and his Desert US Abrams Unique Unit Mod. You can grab this from this link.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

T&P Patch 1 Released!

Thrones & Patriots Patch 1, upgrading all language versions to, is now available as a 10.0 MB download. BHG encourages users to obtain the patch through the "Check for Updates" button, or by logging onto GameSpy through the "Multiplayer Game" menu. You can download the Patch from the BHG download site and read about the List of changes from this link.

Thunder Praises DonTheDime

Graham "Thunder" Somers (BHG's Community Relations Manager) conveys the BHG team's admiration of DonTheDime's Conquer the World "Global Conquest" mod. Congratulations! You can read all about this great mod and more at Rise of Nations Planet and download Global Conquest (v.1.03) from this link.

Chinese Instant Citizen Rush

El_Capitan: "With those 6 Citizens, as long as you're not rushing into Russian attrition, your plan is to find the enemy's forward 2nd City and kill the Citizen and any that follow from finishing it...." You can check that out at his Strategy blog, (November 1st entry).