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Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Scenarios at RoN Heaven

First we have Blazia with "China, AD 1636". The year is AD 1636. The Manchus have just established the Qing Empire and Huang Taiji was made the new and first Emperor. The player controls the Manchus. In order to become the ultimate ruler of China and win the scenario, the player needs to eliminate all enemies or occupy 90% of the entire territory. Next is TheBlackAdmiral continuing his scenario series with "The History of the Entire World - Conquest of Peru". Next we have Britain5555 with a series of WW2 scenarios. First is "WW2 Big Map", second up is "WW2 Deluxe" or better yet get the update here. Finally he offers one on medieval Spain with "El Cid Spanish Reconquest". Next we have Skate Nick with a scenario called "Tribal Trouble", you are a tribe trying to defend your nation from the grasp of the Europeans. Finally we have Warsawpact with "Siege of Konstantinoypolis". In the year 1453 sultan Mohamed captured Constantinople from the Christias. You are Venetian Mercenaries hired by the Byzantines to defend Constantinople.

New Mods at RoN Heaven

We have a few new mods to report on this month. First is a Wheel of Time mod from Ijtzoi. This is a mod that makes a CTW map, renames the nations and changes the city/leader list and is only for the original Rise of Nations. Next we have gw01993 with "Total War: Rome mod. He continues to work on this mod now in beta version 0.6. We next go to the east with greathan's "New East Asia mod. In this mod, Asian nations skins were replaced. Not only that, some unique units were added to American, Chinese, France, Japanese, Russian and Spaniards. Finally master_general offers a "Assault Marines: Snow Camo". This is the American Assault Marine re-skinned in snow camo.

Fall of Turkeys

Its Rise of humans and the fall of turkeys this Thanksgiving for our American members. So Happy Thanksgiving!