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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recent RoNH Scenarios

It's time we present you the latest batch of Custom Scenarios thanks to the Holiday File Release organized by SargontheGreat.

Here are the newest uploads from the Holiday release (Nov 22, 2009 - Dec 16, 2009):

    Single Player:
  • Guerilla Operations: Stalin Line (12/10/09) by: tEhTea - My second scenario, this is a intro to a upcoming campaign.
  • Mexican War for Inpendens (12/05/09) by: TacoCow - Free the Mexicans From The Spainish(don't download need to fix it)
  • Jimmy's Scenario: Map & Nations & UU's (12/05/09) by: jimmybda - The preliminary map for my upcoming scenario. Already fairly scripted for UU's and stuff.
  • Rise of Nation: Europe (11/25/09) by: NapoleonB - Make your nation a power to fear by centralizing your country's government and defeating invaders.
  • Alexander the Great after 323 BCE (11/23/09) by: sargonthegreat - What if Alexander hadn't died in 323 BCE? What if he had continued past the Ganges? In this campaign of six scenarios, you will lead Alexander in the full conquest of the known world!
  • Short Scripted Scenario - Elite Snipers (11/23/09) by: jimmybda - "Since I didn't have time to finish my full scenario, I created a quick script ..." - jimmybda
  • Snowy Supplies (11/22/09) by: lordliam - Get those weapons through!
  • Siege of Sarajevo (11/22/09) by: lordliam - Defend the city and restrore hope to the people.

  • Tribal Wars (11/22/09) by: Elite Spartan - You and an enemy of equal strength face off in a battle of strategy and tactics

  • PzH 2000 (Broken) (12/03/09) by: KlauSpinnaker - Mod for German artillery units
  • Civil_innovation (11/29/09) by: greathan - The dominator consider civilian weakness always, the fact that really the case?
  • Rise Of Nations Tactical Power Mod 4.0 beta (11/22/09) by: RONmodEditor - Rise Of Nations Tactical Power Mod 4.0 beta

Once again, thanks to SargontheGreat for organizing the Holiday File Release and making these downloads a success.