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Monday, March 31, 2003

Battlefield : RoN Fansite Gets a New Look

The clan gaming and tourney site gets a new look, and add RoN to their stable of featured games. Here's a link to their location. They are affiliated with the RoN World-of-Strategy site.

Pregaming Previews RoN

Charles Cimet of Pregaming previews RoN from Preview Beta #2; eight new screenshots. Here's a link to the article.

3D Avenue Opens RoN gallery

3D Avenue has opened a gallery of 28 RoN screenshots, some of which have been seen on other sites but with so many pictures in one place, it is definitely worth a look.

UK gaming magazine PC Zone previews RoN

UK gaming magazine PC Zone previews RoN in its April 2003 edition: “We’ve waited a long time for an RTS to truly push forward the boundaries of gamplay and in RoN we believe we have found what we’ve been looking for….” Quote featured at the Microsoft RoN site.

Adrenaline Vault Previews RoN

Adrenaline Vault has published another more up to date preview of Rise of Nations. The arctile goes on to described the game that not only is an RTS with Civ elements but for the first time Ive seen makes a comparison to the classic wargame Diplomacy. Informative, especially in regards to the CTW campaign but contains a some outdated information as well. Article is 4 pages in length and included 12 screenshots (6 within article and 6 at the gallery at the end). Here is an excerpt:
Here's something for jaded strategy gamers to contemplate: Imagine a complete RTS in the Age of Empires mold, except its technology tree covers 10,000 years of history and a planetful of civilizations. Begin with hundreds of configurable options, subtract as much micromanagement as possible, and then embrace the result with a shell of turn-based strategy. Heaven? Maybe.
Thanks to MOnkaMen of RON Pantheon for the heads up.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

RoN Alliance Continues In-Game Video Series

RoN Alliance (Alliance Francophone) presents a video of the starting minutes of the French civilization in RoN. This is the second of a series of videos RoN Alliance is planning for the coming weeks. Video is 3 minutes, 30 MB, avi and in divx format.

Gamesweb Previews RoN

In its second preview of RoN, Gamesweb (German) awards the game a “Sehr Gut,” a one-step improvement from the “Ausgezeichnet” of the first preview! Preview includes 18 total screenshots in the gallery.

Thanks to DejaVu for the info.

RoN Alliance Profiles Rome

Cobra and Warrior_t_Nick’s of RoN Alliance (French) has updated their nations profile. This installment features Rome. Other's they have covered in past installments include: Egypt, Japan, Germans, French, Chinese, Aztecs.

Reigning Strategy Interviews Paul Stephanouk

Robert Thomas and KnightRobby of Reigning Strategy interviews Paul
Stephanouk, RoN’s producer. Check out the interview here!

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Apolyton Updates Beta Screenshots

DanQ of Apolyton has updated their screenshots feature with the fouth and final installment for the beta2 version of RoN. There are eight images with a corresponding set of thumbnails for the entire set.

Friday, March 28, 2003

NY Times on Cheaters in Gaming

Peter Wayner of the New York Times interviews luminaries from the gaming industry, on cheaters in computer gaming. Big Huge Games' Brian Reynolds and Tim Train makes an appearance in the article, and describes how Rise of Nations will deal with cheaters. The article can be found here.

RoN Universe Fansite Opens

Rise of Nations Universe, launched late last week. It is the latest member of the Rise of Nations Fansite community. Welcome from RoN Heaven!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

14 new screenshots added

14 new Screenshots have been added to our Beta Screenshot Gallery. They depict a wide variety of combat situations throughout the ages. Many thanks to Kumar Shah for these shots.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

RoN Alliance Profiles Egyptians

Cobra and Warrior_t_Nick’s of RoN Alliance (French) has updated their nations profile. This installment features Egypt. Other's they have covered in past installments include: Japan, Germans, French, Chinese, Aztecs.

Gamecatcher Profiles Ron Wonders

Gamecatcher magazine publishes a profile of each of RoN’s wonders. Article is 4 webpages long, includes their picture, characteristics and costs, so be sure to click on the page flaps at the bottom to see all the pages.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003 Previews RoN (German) offers a brief preview of RoN online and a fuller article for a small fee; article include four screenshots.

GameSpot announces Their Winners

GameSpot announces the selection of 500 winners in their RoN Beta contest for subscribers to GameSpot Complete!

Monday, March 24, 2003

RoN Demo in the Future?

From Shack News: "Rise of Nations is getting pretty close to a release and we can expect to see a demo show up on Fileshack in the near future."

RoN Alliance Profiles Japan

Cobra and Warrior_t_Nick’s of RoN Alliance (French) has updated their nations profile. This installment features Japan. Other's they have covered in past installments include: Germans, French, Chinese, Aztecs.

Apolyton Updates Beta Screenshots

Apolyton CS has posted the third of four installments of screenshots from Preview Beta #2. This set is of installation screens, each featuring interesting background images from games.

ToTheGame previews RoN

Dag Petersen of ToTheGame previews RoN: “…I can without doubt say that this game combines the best of the RTS’s out there. So, if you like RTS games don’t let Rise of Nations slip by.” ToTheGame has a modest accompanying gallery of 15 screenshots.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Behind the Scenes : Rise of Nations Buildings

Big Huge Games has just released a very interesting behind the scenes article on the processes they used to create the incredible number of unique buildings that are included in the game.
Our final count was over two hundred individual buildings, each with its own unique function and flavor. Every unique "building set" presented its own challenges and sometimes it was difficult to decide on a style for a certain culture, but in the end we were always surprised and excited by what we had made. The building team hopes you enjoy discovering all the little details we have put into the buildings and that you will spot something new each time you play Rise of Nations. - Ted Terranova

You can read the full article here. Be sure to check out the second page for a few sketches and renders of the buildings including a new version of the Terra Cotta army seen below.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

More Screenshots for Your Enjoyment

Folks here's a bunch of Italians fansites with a bunch more screenshots. Couple of interesting ones I saw what looks like a WW2 style German staffcar, and another one has what looks like a Tornado Attack Jet. (Italian) posts Tenaka’s preview of RoN with ten screenshots

Fifteen RoN screenshots can now be found at (Italian) also it seems the same 15 are also at Next Game (also Italian).

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

RoN Center Reveals Tech Tree

Rise of Nation Center has posted an image of the techtree from the beta2. No numbers but you get a good idea of the levels of progression and the actual graphics used in the game.

RoN Alliance Presents RoN Video

RoN Alliance (Alliance Francophone) presents a video of a fierce Information Age battle ending in a nuclear explosion! This is the first of a series of videos RoN Alliance is planning for the coming weeks. Video is 1 minute 22 seconds, 16 MB, avi and in divx formats.

Firing Squad Previews RoN

Firing Squad’s Jakub Wojnarowicz previews RoN: “Depending on the difficulty level, a match in Rise of Nations can be a leisurely romp to see who can win by Wonders of the World, or a hair-loss inducing juggling act between military, economic and technological advancements.” Article is three pages and included 18 screenshots.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Nation of the Week: The Inca

The South American civilizations are some of the most enigmatic that ever existed in the history of the World. So continuing along the same line of long lost civilizations, that we had in the last Nations feature. This week we present the Inca.

Here's an excerpt:
The Inca began as a warlike tribe inhabiting the Andeas Mountains and forged an Empire that became the largest native American civilization that ever existed.... In Rise of Nations, the Inca is provided with a powerful melee type light infantry called the Inti clubmen starting from the classical age. The Inca was also called the People of the Sun. Not only because of their religion but also for the vaste amount of gold and silver that their land yielded. This inspires the Inca in Rise of Nations to gain the Power of Gold, which gives them the ability to accumulate wealth in addition to metal when mining.

Check out the article here, and if you missed the other Nations, you can check out the full list here!

Apolyton Feastures Screenshots of RoN Tutorials

Apolyton has posted the second of four batches of screenshots from Press Beta #2, freaturing screens from the Tutorials.

Alliance Francophone Features Units Through the Ages

Alliance Francophone has put together the first of a series of stunning graphic charts of nations’ units displayed by age and production building. The first two-page graphic is of the French units.

IGN RoN Unit Showcase on Esoteric Units

B.C. Milligan publishes the final IGN RoN Unit Showcase, “Esoteric Units” – the supply wagon, missiles, and the aircraft carrier.

GameSpot interviews Brian Reynolds

GameSpot interviews Brian Reynolds as the game approaches it's final stretch. Here's an excerpt:
Right now we're in 'final polish' mode--all that's left to do is fix all the bugs, be sure that the performance is good on all the systems we run on, and finish up any final gameplay balancing that we think is necessary.

Article includes five new screenshots!

Friday, March 14, 2003

IGN Adds Two Screenshots

IGN has also added a couple new screenshots – “Blood in the Snow” and “A Good Old-Fashioned Melee.” Check it out here.

Screenshots Galore

Fifteen new screenshots at ToTheGame. Twelve more at Gamespot. It seems they’ve also made it into the Gamer’s Hell RON gallery. If that isnt enough five more new screenshots and the delay announcement at Adrenalin Vault.


RoN Oracle Screenshots

RoN Oracle posts 11 new screenshots in their Beta Shots Gallery, including the player game options menu(the wide variety of player and game configuration options is one of the game’s strong points).

GameSpot Complete subscribers Beta Contest

GameSpot Complete subscribers “will be able to sign up for a chance to participate in the Rise of Nations beta test this Friday.” Check for details Friday at GameSpot. GameSpot Complete is available for $4.95 per month, though they are advertising a limited-time $19.95 year subscription option.

Thanks to DanQ of Apolyton for the info!

New region art unveiled

Graham "Thunder" Somers, Community Relations Manager for BHG, has dropped by a thread in our forums discussing the regional art that is available to each nation.
The image that Crazy Horse (hehe, great nick) posted is showing the European light cavalry line. If you're playing as an Asian nation, for example, you won't see any of those units because their light cavalry art is different...distinctly Asian.

To illustrate things a little more, the pic below shows the Knight (Medieval) and Heavy Knight (Gunpowder) for each region. (Red = Meso-American, Blue = African, Green = Asian, Orange = European)

The amount of detail the team at Big Huge Games has put into their units continues to amaze. You can head on over to the forums to discuss the latest picture in this thread and be sure to check out our Beta Units page to see regional art on other units.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Rise of Nations Unit editor

As many of you know, Big Huge games has made an amazing effort to make Rise of Nations Mod friendly by putting most of their data inside XML files. But what about all those folks who might not be very savvy with XML, or lack a full featured XML editor? for them I have created a tool that will allow people to quickly and easily modify the units in the game.

Key features :
  • Modify attributes for units. Change Health, Damage, Cost, etc;
  • Add or Remove Units for each Nation. Go ahead, give the British Vandals and Cossacks. You know you want to...

Known Issues :
  • All players must have the same unitrules.xml file prior to attempting to play a multiplayer game. Attempting to use different versions will casue an Out of Synch error.
  • Editing Units with the same name (Tanks for example) does not work properly.

You can download the editor by clicking here. Hope you all enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Rise of Nations Delayed

GameSpy has released some fairly sad news day. it seems that the release date for Rise of Nations has been officially pushed back to May 20th.
Big Huge Games has decided postpone the retail release of its epic real-time strategy game, Rise of Nations, until May 20th after some well though-out feedback from some 1100 players in the current Rise of Nations Beta Test.

Good to hear that the beta testers are providing them with some usefull feedback on the game and that the folks at BHG are listening to what they have to say. I'm sure they will all agree that Rise of Nations is a good game, but with this extra month it is sure to be a great game. Check out the full article along with a few new screenshots here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Computer & Video Interviews Brian Reynolds

Stuart Bishop of Computer and Video Games interviews Brian Reynolds, President of BHG: “We've tried to get away from just the classic RTS paradigm of 'bang some piles of stuff to get some resources, cash it in for an army and attack.'” C&VG has a gallery of 30 screenshots.

GameBiz Previews RoN

Ian Argaet of GameBiz previews RoN and says, “Rise of Nations has broken the mold of RTS games and combined all the great features of turned based and RTS strategies whilst getting rid of most of their annoying features.” Article Includes 8 screenshots.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Two new screenshots at GameSpot

Gamespot has added two more screenshots to their preview of RoN. One of an Information Age port and the other of a Gunpowder Age battle involving the Chinese and Turks and their special bombards.

RoN at Sarmis Clan Site

Hemlock from the Sarmis Clan has posted a very detailed description on their forum. Very Informative! Here's a link to the thread.

Sunday, March 9, 2003

Fortunes of War Contest is over

The Fortunes of War Contest is officially over now. yesterday's winner is Wok.
The winners of the contest are:

  • XdRZ
  • Kumar Shah
  • Wh1te_Kn1ght
  • U
  • monsunami
  • RoboPaul88
  • Homunculus
  • Wok

All of you will be getting emails concerning shipping the posters within the next
day or two. Congratulations to everyone who found the fortunes, as many people

Rohag Plays God with Nukes

Rohag has put together a a series of three low-resolution screenshots comparing the damage caused by Modern vs. Information Age nuclear weapons in RoN. Showing a nicely put together city, then proceeds to nuke it with various types of nuclear weapons from RoN. Very cool and very evil Rohag!

Saturday, March 8, 2003

Fortune Contest Extended

After putting up yesterday's fortune, I recieved only one entry. That means that yesterday's winner is Homunculus, and in order to give away the last poster, I will be hiding one more fortune today.

The last fortune has been hidden. Good luck!

Gamespy Announces Official Support of RoN

GameSpy Industries officially announces its support of RoN through in-game toolkits and online matchmaking. Here's the Press Release.

LoadedInc previews RoN

Paul Younger of LoadedInc previews RoN: “The game is taking all the best bits of top RTS titles such as Total War, Cossacks and Age of Empires, to name but a few, and placing them in a melting pot of strategy action. After playing this Beta for the last couple of weeks or so we think this is one game you should be watching out for.” Article include 9 screenshots.

RoN Planet Announces their Contest Winners

RoN Planet awards Preview Betas to five talented fans – the winners of the “Create a Nation” contest. Congrats to the Winners!

RoN Pantheon Updates their Look

Parad0x and company have given RoN Pantheon an impressive makeover! Go check it out.

Strategy News Features on RoN

Rohag has written a number of great articles on Rise of Nations for Strategy News. Great work Rohag! Go check it out folx!

Apolyton Posts Screens from Tutorial

DanQ of Apolyton has posted 12 new screenshots from the tutorial missions in the Preview Beta.

Game-Over previews RoN

Fwiffo of Game-Over previews RoN: “While we all wait for Rise of Nations to be completed, I know one thing for a fact after playing our preview copy: Microsoft is incubating the rise of another strategy gaming franchise.” Article includes 17 screenshots.

Thanks to Nox for the tidbit.

Friday, March 7, 2003

Fortunes of War Day 3: winners and LAST fortune

Yesterday's winners are monsunami and RoboPaul88. Congrats to both of you.

This next fortune is the last fortune of the contest, so this is your last chance to win a Rise of Nations poster in this contest. I want a lot of entries, so the hiding place isn't too difficult.

Good Luck!

Thursday, March 6, 2003

Fortunes of War Contest, day 2: winners and new fortune

Congratulations to yesterday's winners, Wh1te_Kn1ght and U. You will both be recieving confirmation emails soon after the contest is over.

The next fortune has been hidden. Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Fortunes of War Contest: winners and next fortune

Yesterday's winners are XdRZ and Kumar Shah. Congrats to both of you. You will be recieving confirmation emails shortly.
The next fortune has been hidden somewhere on the site. Remember, it can be ANYWHERE except the forums. Good luck!

Just a note, people may only win once, so for both of the people that won yesterday, go ahead and find today's fortune, but you can't win again.

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

First fortune has been hidden!

That's right, the first fortune in the Fortunes of War Contest has been hidden somewhere somewhere around Rise of Nations Heaven (but not on the forums). For more information go to the Fortunes of War Contest Page.
Good Luck!

Tomorrow around this time a new fortune will be hidden and the winners of today's fortune will be announced.

Entries for today's fortune will be accepted until I post about the next fortune tomorrow. Previews RoN (Japanese) has published a preview of RoN featuring 20 spectacular screenshots of massive land and sea battles!

Thanks to Stack-Style for the news!

Russell Frushtick of UGO Previews RoN

Russell Frushtick, contributing editor to UnderGroundOnline, previews RoN: “Well, it looks like Rise of Nations will have no trouble standing up against the big three [Blizzard, Ensemble and Westwood] come this April. Few strategy games are as in-depth, varied and all out fun as Rise of Nations is looking to be. Racing through history is done smoothly and easily, though the insane opportunity for micromanagement might even convince the most staunch turn-based fanatics to give this RTS a shot.”

RoN Beta Tournament Registration Opens

RoN Center has opened registration for a RoN Preview Beta tournament to take place March 10 - 29! Find all the details here. Interviews Brian Reynolds (German) interviews Brian Reynolds on BHG and RoN. In reference to the idea of governments not working out in their first attempts to incorporate them into the game, Brian Reynolds seems to confirm that, yes, there will be a RoN Add-On!

French Fansite RoN Alliance Opens

The Alliance Francophone’s RoN Website (French) is now open! It is a beautiful site already featuring excellent screenshots and articles based on Triphot’s December 2002 preview for the online French strategy games magazine Jeux-Strategie.

Thanks to Rohag for the info.

Monday, March 3, 2003

Fortunes of War Contest

I am pleased to announce the Rise of Nations Fortunes of War Contest. For this contest fortunes with tips about Rise of Nations will be hidden throughout pages of Rise of Nations Heaven. The object is to find the fortune.
There will be a new fortune hidden somewhere on Rise of Nations Heaven everyday between tomorrow, March 4th and Friday, March 7th. Two winners will be picked at random each day from all applicants. They will recieve official Rise of Nations posters, and will be announced the next day.
For more information on the contest go to the Fortunes of War Contest Page.
Good Luck!

RONH Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following people, who will soon be receiving a copy of the Rise of Nations Preview Beta!

Vladimir Urazov
Kumar Shah
Tak Li
Ingo van Thiel

C'ya on the battlefield!

Saturday, March 1, 2003

Dave Inscore Talks About Opening Sequence

Dave Inscore, a BHG founder and VP Graphics, presents a behind the scenes look at the Rise of Nations opening cinematic, featuring a discussion of the whole process, storyboards, sketches and renders, and links to download the trailer.

Project RTS Opens RoN Section

Colossus and Giant Talos have opened a new site, Project RTS, dedicated logically enough to RTS games,RoN and Warcraft III being its first sections.