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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Rohag Passing the Torch

Rohag our stolward news hound and author of the Rise of Nations Newsletter has announced he is stepping down after doing a long and superb job at the post. He says "It has been a pleasure to follow the development of a magnificent game and its diverse fan community. I hope my attempt to crossflow information among all the sites was at least partly successful." But he adds that its not the last you will see of him, he ends with a hearty "See you in the forums!" From the staff at Rise of Nations Heaven, I thank him sincerely for his great efforts to serve the Rise of Nations community.

RoN OOS's on AI Replacements

Regarding multiplayer out-of-sync errors, TWC_Tascan advises, "you sometimes get OOSs when replacing dropped players with AI...." You can see what is going on with this at the AU clan website.

TGE's Initiative to Get N00bs Online

Community veteran and HeavenGames Angel TheGoodEvil is negotiating with expert players in an effort "to help 1st time players get into the swing of playing online." You can participate in this effort by starting at our forum.

Masters of RoN Season Two Prizes

BHG is financing league and cup awards for Masters of Rise of Nations Season Two; league first place takes a $300 prize! You can get the details at the MoR Leaque website.

AoI's RoN FastTourney #9

The Army of Isengard's next FastTourney is Sunday, 4th April at 20.00 GMT in the GameSpy Unrated 3 lobby. You can visit their FastTourneys page and check out the Tourney's Rules & Details, here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Middle East Conflict Campaign for RoNTP

Le_Grande_Puba has created not just a scenario but an 11 Scenario Campaign About Middle East Conflict. This Campaign is about a fictional War in the middle east in the year 2006, The earlier scenarios are a bit easy but as the story goes on the scenarios become harder and harder. You can downlod it from here.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Nubian Strategies for RoN

Rise of Nations Oracle's Anthony offers thoughts on playing the Nubians. You can follow the discussion on their site.

RoN RTS League Staff Positions Open

WH_SSRider: "...Rise of Nations RTS League is seeking to employ new staff members. There are both major and minor positions to be filled...." If you are interested, go visit their league homepage from this link.

KBS Clan Returns

The Knights with Blazing Swords Clan returns to activity with a thoroughly refurbished site, thanks to KBS_Gladiator and KBS_Petachoks. You can visit their clan site from this link.

RoN Among the "Best of All Time!"

Apolyton's Snoopy369 reports the April 2005 issue of PC Gamer Magazine contains a feature on the "50 Best Games of All Time." The original Rise of Nations is placed 36th, and Brian Reynolds' Civilization II (released under Sid Meier's name) placed third.

Bloody Vandals!

Alejandro_LP in a 1st attempt at modding decided to grace us with a version of the German Vandal Unique Unit with a bloody sword. Well if you want to satisfy your blood lust maybe you might want to check his mod out.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Masters of RON 2nd Season Starts

The Masters of Rise of Nations begins its second tournament season and is currently accepting team signups from this link. Signups end April 7th; games begin April 10th. _FSF_Godfather: "...MoR Staff requests that each team contains at least 5 (five) players. 4 (four) Players may be possible after discussing this with MoR Staff."

TWC_Jups Takes 8th RoN FastTourney

Congratulations also go to TWC_Jups, winner of the 8th Army of Isengard sponsored FastTourney! You can check out the tourney highlights at the AoI clan site. The Ninth FastTourney is currently scheduled for Sunday, April 3rd, at 2000 GMT in GameSpy Unrated 3.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Recorded Games from TWC_Ascalon

Our Recorded Game section was considered too restrictive so thanks to Pecunia we fixed it. Now we have, it's nice to see the rec games come in from clan members and other proficient multiplayers, the latest being some of the best from TWC_Ascalon.

Jesus Saves But Now He Needs Your Help

King Walker's latest has you travelling back in time to stop Jesus being assassinated before he can become a martyr, and thus change religious history as we know it. Interested? Give it a try here.

On a more accurate note, he also gives us Alexander: Battle of Gaugamela. Replay this historic battle and demoralise the Persians by killing Darius here.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

New RoN Scenarios and Campaigns

First time scenario designer, FloydRocks101 make a debut with a "Castle Siege" scenario. He hopes people will rate it and provide some constructive words of wisdom for him.

Another new designer going by the name, ShortyMunky joins him, with a double offering. One scenario called "Mud River" and a second called "CraterHook Desert".

Finally, Crushavill creates a CTW campaign around the "Colonial Age". There are three separate downloads for his entire creation to date. You can start with this link.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

RoN Oscars Results

The results from the AoI Clan's sponsored Rise of Nations Oscars are in. Congratulations to the winners. You can check out the result from this link.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Strategy Tips & Tricks from AU Clan

Anarchy Unleashed's strategy "Tips & Tricks" thread has grown to four pages and is well worth the read. You can check it out from this link.

New Forum Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct has been updated again, so please read it carefully. Thanks.

Next AoI's RoN FastTourney

20 March 2005, 20.00 GMT, GameSpy Unrated 3: "This FastTourney will feature the so called 'Stupid Settings' which are quite frequently played in the lobby. There is one twist though: Random resources." You can check out the details at the AoI Clan's Tourney site.

Masters of RoN Fame!

Visit the Masters of Rise of Nations Hall of Fame to see the First Season awards and stats. Special congratulations to Best Player TuF_Dux, Fair Players TWC, and League & Cup Champions Anarchy Unleashed! You can check out the Post-Tourney Interviews here: AU_tl, KRG_4Stars and [ElitE]_BearZ.

RoN Oscar Nominees

You can see the full list of the March 2004 - March 2005 Rise of Nations Oscar Nominees at the Rise of Nations Academy website. Nominations are closed, and the Academy will announce the winners "in a spectacular lobby show on March 19th (Saturday) at 21.00 GMT in main GameSpy lobby."

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Expert Recorded Games Pack

We all know how useful recorded games can be for learning how to improve your gameplay, and with this in mind TGE gives us a whole pack of expert games on a range of maps with different settings. Lots to learn right here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Horns of Hattin Scenario

Meat Puppet continues his Crusade of scenarios, and turns his creative genius to the "Holy Lands". The Crusaders have taken Jerusalem and carved out a kingdom in the Holy Land after Muslim invasions made that region dangerous for Christians. Sal al Din, the great Muslim leader (leader of the "Saracens"), has failed in one invasion, and is ready for peace. However, provocations by the Crusader kingdom has resulted in a second invasion. Your job is to defend the "True Cross", and defeat the Saracens. Start your quest with this download.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Next AoI's RON FastTourney March 20th

20 March 2005, 20.00 GMT, GameSpy Unrated 3: "This FastTourney will feature the so called 'Stupid Settings' which are quite frequently played in the lobby. There is one twist though: Random resources." You can get more details from the AoI Clan site.

Anarchy Victorious!

The Anarchy Unleashed Clan came in First in the Masters of Rise of Nations tournament! Congratulations! Don't miss the celebratory audio-visual display at the MoR home page. ElitE 2, KRG Mighty Ducks, and the Army of Isengard filled out the top four. Recorded games will be available soon.

Wishlist for Game Modders

Just wanted to throw this out there for you folks. If you had a wish list (not just for Rise of Nations) but any game. What kind of features would you like to see in games to support Modding and the modding community? In fact even the scenario design community, as these often go hand in hand? If you have any opinions on this, go to this forum thread.

RoN at Mac GameAddict

Mac GameAddict has started a section on Rise of Nations. You can go check out their site from this link.

Council of Clans

From Valkyrie of the Rise of Nations Academy: "There is a new section in the Rise of Nations Academy called the Council of Clans. This section is different from the present Academy because the members of the Council will be 2 delegates chosen by each clan." You can see whats going on with that from this link.

RoN RTS League Updates

March 5th marked the beginning of the Rise of Nations RTS League's first season; two leagues of 11 teams (with 1 bye) are in competition. You can visit their NEW League Home Page form this link. (Be sure to vote in the poll - guess the first season winner.) Tourney Schedules can be found here.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Character Animator Needed at BHG

"Big Huge Games is currently looking to fill a few positions in our Art department. The latest job posting is for a Character Animator to work on a currently unannounced RTS title." You can get the job details at their Character Animator jobs page.

Alexander the Great in India Scenario

Meat Puppet continues his scenario conquest much like Alexaner the Great, and pushes into India! You as Alexander the Great of Macedon has conquered Persia and now sets his eyes on India, a great prize. India is a land of many kingdoms. The first is ruled by Porus. At the River Hydaspes, war elephants prevent a crossing. You, Alexander, must win this battle to break open the doors of the riches of India. The battle of Hydaspes has begun!

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

LucKYonEUK Wins the Ancient Battles

Congratulations to AU_wolf (LucKYonEUK), TWC_Tascan, PCA_Frogman, and AU_sims, the top four winners of this past weekend's 100-participant ReV Tourney, Battles in Ancient Europe! You can check out what happened at the Revolution Gang website or the Anarchy Unleashed Clan site.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Alexander the Great at Issus Scenario

Meat Puppet also joins the fray in ancient Greece, with a new scenario called "Alexander the Great at Issus". Alexander the Great of Macedon has unified Greece and taken the fight to Persia. Darius III, the king of Persia, has joined his army to give them courage in the next battle. Your goal as, Alexander is to personally confront Darius in battle and kill him, ending the war. Can you do it? You can only find out if you download this!

wakain's Greek Units Mod

wakain seems to be on a quest to mod a series of units for the ancient greeks! He started with a reskin for a Greek Archer, and then followed up with a Greek Horse Archer. Both have gotten favourable ratings from downloaders.

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Back to the Future Scenarios

spiritflyer joins the scenario design rage, with his own "Back to the Future" scenario in two parts. Inspired by some of the non-traditional themes for a historical RTS, this scifi creation should be fun for those who want something a little different. You can find the 1st scenario from this link, and the 2nd part here.

World War I & II Mods

KingRoy1 has embarked on another mod project after his popular ERA mod. This time it will be on the 1st World War. Plans are to have 4 nations, and two ages. You can check out its development and give any suggestions you may have in this thread.

KurisuAenslan also has joined the modding craze with a redux of the WW2 theme that was started awhile back by another mod team which unfortunately gave up on the project. But lots of great ideas are flying around for this second attempt. You can offer your suggestions here!

Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 Patch 3

I noticed for some reason I had introduced a bug back into the Mod that I apparently missed. So here is a patch 3 that you should get to fix a unit bug for the British which gives them the wrong free unit from building barracks. You can download it from here.

Hannibal at Cannae Scenario

Meat Puppet continues with this scenario design mania with another creation. This time its "Hannibal at Cannae" that includes custom sounds and againt uses special command and control scripting pioneered in his other earlier scenarios. You can download this new one from our download section.

Rise of Caesar Mod

Cassius Allanus releases an alpha version of a what is to be a mod called "Rise of Caesar". Plans for other civs include Egyptians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Seleucids, Parthians, Germanics, Gauls, Iberians, Britons, and a combined Norse-Slavic civ. You can test drive this early version and give your suggestions starting with this download.

Friday, March 4, 2005

WW2 CtW Mod Project Forums

Army_Of_One has set up forums for those interested in discussing and contributing to his WW2 Conquer the World modification effort. You can check it out from this link.

New El_Capitan Strats

Despite some "rust," El_Capitan offers three new strats: Fast Classical Raid-Disrupt, American One-City HG, and Lakota Classical Blitzkrieg. Check it out at El Capitans Strategy blog, (February 28th entry).

RoN Oscars Nominations

Just a reminder for all fans to submit nominees in 15 categories for the 2004 Rise of Nations Oscars. Nominations are open till Sunday, March 13th. "The winners of this year's award will be revealed in a spectacular lobby show on March 19th (Saturday) at 21.00 GMT in main GameSpy lobby." You can post your nominations at the Rise of Nations Academy forum.

Revolution Gang's RoN Tourney Schedule

The Battles in Ancient Europe Tournament begins today and runs through Sunday, March 6th. You can check out the detail from this link.

Cityfight Scenario using ERA Mod

Metallica_rocks has designed a scenario around KingRoy1's Empires Rise Again mod. He is soliciting suggestions for improvements in his first attempt, and what an attempt too since it is a rare case still to design a scenario around a mod in the Rise of Nations community still. Kudos for taking this on! You can download this scenario from here.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Arthur: Battle of Hadon Hill Scenario

King Walker contributes to the scenario count this week with "Arthur: Battle of Hadon Hill". In this scenario you take the shape of Arthur, a roman general that leads a group of knights in defense of Britain in the name of Rome against invasion by the Saxons. The scenario counts you lots of triggers and historical characters!! You can download it from here.

Meat Puppet Does a Zulu Dance!

Meat Puppet puts his creative genius to the Anglo-Zulu War. In this scenario called "ZULU!", Meat Puppet combines custom scripting and custom sounds as you act in the role of Lord Chelmsford, on behalf of the Royal British government in launching an invasion of Zululand from Natal Province, South Africa. You can download this from here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Historical Uniforms Skins Mod

edilberto presents what he says will probably be his last Historical Skin mod pack. It features over 30 skins from around the late 1700's to the modern age. You can download it from this link.

Please Welcome KingRoy1, our newest Cherub!

KingRoy1 has been a solid contributor to the Rise of Nations community and in particular with his Mods and scenarios at Rise of Nations Heaven. So I decided to make it official and have him join our staff as Moderator for our Mods and Scenario Design forums. Please give him a warm welcome!

Empires Rise Again Mod Version 6

KingRoy1 has released version 6 of his highly popular Empires Rise Again mod. It features over 70 new skins and models. Thousands of lines of scripting that enables new units and changes gameplay, New larger population limit, Maps are now forty percent larger, New buildings for scenario editor and a New World Trade Center wonder. You can download it from here.