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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Age of Nations - Episode 14

The season one finale of "Age of Nations" (AoN), 'Loyalties Tested', was released this week by Apolyton Civizization Site. The fourteenth episode of this machinima and 'live action' blended series is available in both DivX and Windows Media formats; it can be accessed at the Apolyton Civ site AoN thread. AoN is the first Real-Time Strategy (RTS) machinima series, and the first "Rise of Nations" machinima endeavour. AoN is produced and published by Apolyton Civizization Site.

Friday, March 23, 2007

New Scenarios at RoNH

On the scenario front. We have a couple of new multiplayer scenarios to report on. Garant contributes "North America 2010- The Broken Union. In this scenario the oil producing nations and the middle east are all against U.S.A, you have to rebuild the U.S. economy or fight your way out of the situation by military force. Finally we have one for World War One fans, WWI 1917-18 by Danzzi.

We also have a few single player scenarios. First is TheBlackAdmiral with "History of the Entire World - Control of Mahrgerh". This is a A bloody battle for the soils around the Indus river. In the same region of the world, matroja contributes "India-Pakistan War". Moving a little to the east, he also contributes "East asia war. In that North china, South china, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, India and Russia fight in one battle.

New Mods at RoNH

We have three new Mods to report this week. First is "Chinese unique units", by greathan. The name is a somewhat misleading as the mod not only gives Chinese some different Unique units, but also American, Russian and Japanese also does as well. Next KE_eKr3i6n returns with a "Unlimited Population" mod. Finally comojerm contributes to Com_Trooper's Times of War mod with his own add-on which adds even more sub-nations for that mod. You can grab that from this link.

Monday, March 5, 2007

New Strategy Article and Mod on RoNH

Bretty continues his strategy basics series "Rise of Nations Strategy 101" with the Aztecs. You can grab that from this link

On the modding front, we only have one submission this week. KE_eKr3i6n offers a Conquer the World mod called "The Entire World Never Ending Mod, it is on it 2'nd version now. It features Mod Features: Nations do not kill other nations, Gold income depending on how much land you have, 100 turns per age, Nations play better against other nations plus a whole new bunch of Power Cards to play, and rare resources.

New Single Player Scenario Series at RoNH

On to single player scenarios we also have a bunch of new downloads from the Rise of Nations Heaven community. TheBlackAdmiral offers a grandiose series with "History of the Entire World - City-states of Sumer". This scenario is the first in a series of many scenarios. You begin with the City-states of Sumer. You start as the leader of the city-state of Eridu. Bring wealth to your city and watch the others flock to your brilliant rule. The next scenario in this series is "History of the Entire World - Settling the Nile Delta". In this second scenario you're settling the Nile Delta. You are placed in the role of Jakob, one of the key figures in Jewish religion. Use your Leadership skills to become the most dominant nation in the area. The third in the series, and last in the series so far is "The History of the Entire World - Pre-Columbian America Part 1". He takes a leap over the ocean and visit the new world in this part of his scenario series.

RoNH Multiplayer Scenario Downloads

We have 3 new multiplayer scenarios to report on this week. First up is "Rise of Greece by Raptor X2000. In this scenario you try to conquer the classical Greek World playing as one of 6 factions and using any method you choose, be it diplomacy, economics, or strength of arms! But once you've conquered Greece, there's always the Persian Empire to watch out for! Next is checoSC2 with two of his own contributions to the MP scenario scene. His first offering is an update of "Central america" now in version 5. His next offering is "usa vs mexico year 2030 battle scenario".