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Friday, April 30, 2004

How to Install Scenarios

In light of some questions still on how to install scenarios, or "Why doesn't my scenario show up?" lately brought up by forumer, Finwe. I have posted a series of screenshot of the directory structure of what a working scenario should look like. Check out the forum thread for details. Also for those who have the TaP expack, a word of warning, the old scenarios do NOT show up in the expack. You have to run the original game to play them.

T&P For Sale Press Release

If other notices are insufficient proof, you can read the official press release announcing the arrival of Rise of Nations's expansion on store shelves at the BHG website.

Spanish RoN Tournament

Microsoft is sponsoring a Rise of Nations tourney through the TorneosOnline site. Thrones & Patriots, AoM, and figurines (based on games published by Microsoft) are the prizes up for grabs. Registration ends May 5th. You can check out the details of the contest here.

Conventional Wisdom

The "List of Conventions" discussion started by Arch Mage a week ago has grown to roughly 40 replies, with ideas flying thick and fast. You can follow the discuss on our forum thread.

Summary of National Changes in T&P

Forumer Dark posts a image of the Xpack's list of national changes from original Rise of Nations in the English.pdf manual, on Rise of Nations Oracle, and Brocklanders posts a summary on our forum thread.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

HG Invades BHG Interview with Doug Kaufman - Part 1

As some of you may recall Heaven Games had a chance to visit the Big Huge Games Office in March, besides having a load of fun we also got a load of interviews. To celebrate the release of the Rise of Nations Thrones and Patriots Expansion pack. We are starting a series of articles detailing the interviews HeavenGames conducted on our visit to Big Huge Games. To begin we start with our interview with Doug Kaufman, senior designer at Big Huge Games.

The 1st part of this interview we get a background bio on Doug Kaufman and how Big Huge Games was formed. Without further adue here is Part 1 of the 90 minute interview.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

E3 Games Lineup

If you're going to this year's E3, Fragland has a rather complete listing of games that various publishers will be showing at this year's show coming next month. You can check out the list here.

The Reviews are In!

*** IGN Give RoN TaP an 8.9 ***
Reviewer Steve Butts: "The new campaigns and the new government system actually change (or at least reorient) the gameplay in some interesting ways, allowing gamers to shift the focus of their society and take on meaningful challenges that offer a stronger sense of direction." Fifteen new screenshots accompanies the review.

*** Games Domain Gives RoN TaP a 9 out of 10 ***
Reviewer Andrew S. Bub: "Thrones and Patriots streamlines some of Rise of Nations' rougher concepts and fills in a few holes most players didn't realize needed filling." You can check out the review here.

*** GameZone: 9.1 Editor's Choice ***
Reviewer Michael Knutson: "Even after a year I still recommend that you purchase the original game, and really have to stress that if you want to get the full experience that you have to purchase this game, Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. You will not regret this purchase, because it is one of the best RTS experiences you can find!" You can read the full review here.

TGE Interviews Graham Somers

This time, TheGoodEvil brings his interview spotlight on Graham Somers, community relations Manager for Big Huge Games, and hangs him by the feet to ask him the who, what, when, where and how of being in the gaming industry from the developer's side of the fence. You can read the transcripts on our forum thread.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

GameSpot Give TaP 9/10

The first of the post release reviews for Thrones and Patriots has just been published by GameSpot. They say:
that the new expansion pack to Rise of Nations has a lot to live up to would be a huge understatement. After all, Rise of Nations was the best real-time strategy game of last year, not to mention GameSpot's 2003 PC Game of the Year. Yet the designers at Big Huge Games apparently recognized that there was some room for improvement in their masterpiece, so they went back to the drawing board to shore up the game's scarce weaknesses. The result is that Thrones and Patriots is an expansion pack that offers more than just new content; it also makes a superb game even better.
They gave the expack a 9/10 and the expansion pack's first award! A GameSpot Editor's Choice Award. You can check out the review with 21 new screenshots here.

Balance of the Patriots/Govornments

Bridger has started up a nice thread analyzing the uses and balance issues concerned with Governments and the Patriot Units on our TaP forum. You can check it out here.

RoN Revolution Plans to Review RoN TaP

Nox of Rise of Nations Revolution now has his gold copy of Thrones & Patriots and
will start preparing a review for the coming issue of PC4WAR (French strategy gaming magazine). Additionally, he's planning to give away a copy of the Xpack in a contest and promises a surprise on the French Rise of Nations Revolution site on the eve of T&P's arrival in France (20-21 May). You can check out the details here.

Russian Roulette Player List

AU_niDe has posted the list of officially invited players for the Russian Roulette tournament. The invitees have a couple of days to post in the following thread; AU_niDe will fill open slots with others who have shown interest. You can check out the list here. The contest time has been set for Saturday MIDNIGHT GMT, Saturday 6PM EST, Sunday 11AM NZ, Sunday 8AM Tokyo.

eToychest Gives Ron TaP 90%

Reviewer Chris Chester: "There seems to be some unspoken value threshold that an expansion to a popular retail game has to satisfy a purchase. In, the case of Thrones and Patriots, you hit the value mark right on the money. At a retail of $30 USD, Thrones and Patriots is a sweet deal for anybody that even remotely enjoyed the original game." You can check it out here.

Monday, April 26, 2004

El_Capitan's Last Weekend of RoN

Community strategist El_Capitan is not defecting to some other game! But this past weekend he got in what will probably be his last seven Rise of Nations matches before the expansion arrives. You can check out these games yourself at Rise of Nations Universe.

RoN Planet Updates UU's Section

DevlshOne has added the new T&P national unique units to the Civilizations Gallery, with wonders and main units to come. You can check it out here.

Wham! Gaming Reviews TaP

Tony "Zing" Tomas of Wham! Gaming website has published a review of the Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots Expack. He says:
Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots breaks the expansion mould and is successful in bringing this RTS back to the level of the original RON – at least in my books, and considering it got high praise from me the first time around, that is a good thing.
You can check out the full article here.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Screenshot "Caricatures" at RoN El Ágora

The Spanish site El Ágora: Rise of Nations has opened a gallery for "modified" screenshots of Rise of Nations. You can check out their screenshots and visit their site here.

Age Limits & Tech Requirements

Sea Biscuit encounters and War discusses the oft-overlooked nuance of Rise of Nations gameplay whereby age-limited games may stretch tech requirements. You can check out the discussion on our forum thread.

National Updates at RoN Alliance

Recently published information has allowed Rise of Nations Alliance to update all its pages on the new nations to appear in Thrones & Patriots. You can check out their site here.

RoN TaP Arrives in France: May 21st

French site Clubic states Thrones & Patriots will be available from May 21st in France. Clubic also includes a link to the English demo. You can check out their site here.

SR_Orion-Alpha Win Celtic Warriors Tournament

Congratulations to SR_Orion-Alpha , who edged out Néophénix to win the Celtic Warriors' Despérados Tournament! You can see the brackets that he went through to get to the win and read about his win at Rise of Nations Revolution.

New Hall of Fame Game

TWC_ShaDowZ presents the "fantastic" Sim0ne vs. ROSA_Shimako 1v1 at Rise of Nations Universe. You can check it out at Rise of Nations Universe's forums.

Arch Mage's Strategy Stew

Arch Mage has started a thread in our strategy forum, he asks: "I am interested in knowing all the conventions in rise of nations, by that I mean the actions that are (almost) always performed by experts in their games." At present the list consists of 14 points. You can check it out at our strategy forum thread.

El_Capitan on the Demo

El_Capitan has posted his first impressions of the demo and the gameplay implications of changes in nation powers at Out4Blood's Blog. Check out the April 24 entry.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

The Great Canadian Baycon

Of possible interest to Canadian Gamers, The Great Canadian Baycon Gaming convention (mostly board games and roleplaying games) will take place next week in Hamilton, Ontario, April 30 to May 2. There will also be a Settlers of Catan Tournament occuring during the weekend, with the tourny champion winning a trip to Germany and a chance to compete in the Settlers World Championship. You can check out the event details here.

Demo Bugs But Not Gold

A number of forumers who downloaded the T&P demo begins to gather complaints and bug reports. You can read the discussion at our forum thread or at . But Graham Somers of Big Huge Games notes that a couple bugs in the demo do NOT appear in the Gold version.

T&P Demo Mirrors

Besides the official Microsoft Games Thrones & Patriots site, you can now download the 244 MB T&P demo from several others: Action Trip, Worthplaying, GamersHell and of course at Microsoft.

AU Russian Roulette Tournament

The Anarchy Unlimited Clan announces a Rise of Nations (NOT the Xpack) 1v1 invitation-only "Russian Roulette" tourney for Saturday May 1st. This tournament is unique in that it will require players to use nations generally regarded as weak. You can sign up at the AU site.

Omaha Beach Scenario at RoNO

The Rise of Nations Oracle Design Group has completed its first project - a 3v3 multiplayer scenario based on the June 6th, 1944 battle for Omaha Beach. You can check it out at the Rise of Nations Oracle download.

GameSpy Editor Starts Playing T&P

In the most recent edition of GameSpy's "What We're Playing," Associate PC Editor Allen "Delsyn" Rausch reveals he's just started to play Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots. You can check out the article here.

No BHG Tourneys Till Europe Gets T&P

Thunder/Graham Somers of BHG: "If it's any consolation to you, the first Big Huge sponsored Xpack tournament won't be until the game is out where you are [Germany,Austria]." You can read the discussion at our forum thread.

RoN #15 for March in US

According to HomeLan Fed, the NPD Group is reporting Rise of Nations held the #15 spot in US sales of PC games during March 2004 with an average retail price of $33. You can see how Rise of Nations stacked up in the sale game here.

RoN: "Learning Principle" GotY

Throughout a Gamasutra feature article, "Learning by Design: Games as Learning Machines," James Paul Gee liberally scatters references to Rise
of Nations and other games he regards as complex yet compelling to learners. He believes "we can make school and workplace learning better if we pay attention to good computer and video games" and concludes, "What would I reward as Game of the Year for incorporating our learning principles at the highest level? The award goes to: Rise of Nations." You can check out the article here. (registration required)

Historical Conquerors Project

Our own, HistoryGuy is seeking to form a team of skilled individuals interested in designing a historical strategy game inspired by Rise of Nations and other classic titles. You can check out his site if you're interested in helping out.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Legion Opens "RoN Tactics" Site

Legion, a forumer at Rise of Nations Oracle has opened 'Rise of Nations Tactics,' arriving just in time for the Thrones & Patriots expansion! You can check out the site here.

Tweaking RoN Planet

DevlshOne and company have been working under the hood of Rise of Nations Planet - some new looks are the result. You can check out their site here.

RoN Revolutionary Affiliates Wanted

From the English Department of Rise of Nations Revolution: "Rise of Nations Revolution's Affiliate menu is rather barren. Any clans or other Rise of Nations related sites interested in link swapping please contact Cobra."

T&P Demo is out Now!!!

The Thrones and Patriots Demo is available for download! It's ready for you now! What are you waiting for! gogogogo!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Web Wombat: T&P - 80%

Martin Kingsley, a self-admitted hater of all strategy games not involving orcs, gives Thrones & Patriots an 80% "review" score in a humourous article: "All in all, a nicely put together expansion pack from the cyborg assembler drones at Microsoft Games....". You can read the reviews here.

T&P Trial Version Clarification & Availability

Graham Somers, BHG's Community Relations Manager) drops by Rise of Nations Oracle and gives his regrets at the confusion surrounding the GameStop Trial CD. Incidently Electronic Boutique is offering the same deal as GameStop. So if you still interested in that offer, you can go check it out at the EB site.

However the good news is that the real T&P demo will be available for download tomorrow (Friday, April 23rd) from the Microsoft Games Thrones & Patriots Site.

Rise of Nations Clan Listings

Thanks to the Infidels clan, Rise of Nations Heaven now has a Clan Listing. You can check it out here. If you find any errors or want your site listed, please post in the Clan Listings forum thread in the War Stories Forum and I will add them to the list periodically.

LordCirone's Guide to Nations Modding

LordCirone, a forumer on several Rise of Nations sites has written a great article detailing the steps on Nations Modding, a 1st in a series on creating and adding a new Unique Nation into the game, with its own Unique Units and integration into the Conquer the World campaign. You can check out this cool article here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

E3 on the Horizon

The tenth anniversary Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) will be held at the Los Angeles, California Convention Center May 12-14 with a parallel conference program running May 11-13. Brian Reynolds, President of Big Huge Games, will be a panelist in the "Toward an Artisan Model of Game Design" session on May 13th. "Hear how a development process based on intuition is valid in today's highly competitive, high risk game world, and how an artisan model can yield a top-selling game." You can read about the conference plans here.

GameStop Demo Confusion/Disappointment

Cerberus (and others?) reports the special demo offered by GameStop contains a demo and strategy guide for the original Rise of Nations and not for the Thrones & Patriots expansion. Nevertheless, the package did arrive with the advertised $10 rebate coupon good toward the purchase of Thrones & Patriots. You can read about it at Rise of Nations Oracle to make sure this offer is really for you or not.

In further developments, Ceberus, the forumer that initiated the thread after some exchanges with Gamestop, got them to agreed to offered to fix the description and refund his money. If you had signed up for the offer expecting the expack demo. You can see what sort of compensation you can get from GameStop.

Replacing a Default Unit

To explain how to replace a default unit for a nation in response to Imperator LT's query on giving the T-80 tank to nations besides Russia. I have posted on the following thread to hopefully help people with this kind of Modding.

Japan Pre-orders for English T&P

Kiyoman Games and Gamers-Inn are now taking pre-orders for the English version of Thrones & Patriots. The pre-order price at both sites
is ¥5,229 (roughly ?41, £27, $48).

RoN Révolution Under Attack

Recent slowdowns at Rise of Nations Revolution have been due to a denial-of-service attack on their server. Nox requests fans' forbearance as they deal with this. You can read about the incident from their here.

RoN Evolution Evolves

Rise of Nations Evolution now features forums! The Buildings and Nations sections are up as well. You can check their site out here.

RoN Oscar Speeches Part 3 of 10

There's more acceptance speeches for the Rise of Nations Oscars, this time _TWC_Morrigu's (aka RCF_Morrigu) - Most Active Rise of Nations Supporter - and Rohag's - Most Informative Supporter gives their "Oscar Speeches". You can check them out at Out4Blood's Rise of Nations Strategy Blog.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

MS Japan T&P Site

Microsoft Japan has launched their T&P site. The localized Japanese version of the expansion is scheduled for June. You can check out the site here.

Game Over T&P Preview

Jeff 'Linkphreak' Haynes of Game Over previews Thrones & Patriots: "...Thrones and Patriots should provide a significant amount of innovation to the Rise of Nations franchise when it hits shelves in a week." Article includes six older screenshots.

Pre-TP Smackdown, Anyone?

MFO's RCF_Morrigu wants to know if anyone would be interested in a Smackdown tourney before the expansion comes out. If you are interested, go to the MFO site for details.

Monday, April 19, 2004

TGE Interveiws TuF_Astator

TheGoodEvil continues his series of interviews of top Rise of Nations players. This time he discusses game strategies with TuF_Astator and solicits his advice on becoming a better player. You can check out the interview in our forum thread.

IGN Unit Showcase: Generals, patriots and ironclads

IGN has just published another unit showcase. This time they describe the Patriot Unit, and the special Generals that you get in the Alexander the Great CTW campaign as well as the other special campaign only units in the expack. You can check out the article here.

Thanks to crazymaniac for the headsup!

Backdrop Modding for Rise of Nations

For those who turned off the movie that plays in the background when you are inside the game setup screens. You have probably notice the beautiful rendering of an antique world map, that you may see during the days when mariners roamed the open seas, exploring the world for the first time. While it is a great piece of artwork, what about those Modders who want to have a background image that fits their Mod's theme?

Now, there is some help! I have written a short article on the basic guidelines and provided some helpful templates for you to get started on developing your own game backdrops. You can check out the article here and grab the templates from our download section.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

FYWKY Clan Challenge

FYWKY is hosting a tournament April 23rd at 6 pm EST, in game room 6. It's standard rules and 3v3 random land set up. They ask people to show up 1 hour before start so that's (5 pm EST). Rounds will depend on how many teams show up.

Rohag's Napoleon CTW Campaign Preview Relocated

Anticipating the imminent closure of Rise of Nations Empire, Rohag's preview of the Napoleon Campaign in 'Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots' has relocated to RoNTP Universe. You can check it out here.

RoN Evolution

Jimmy_pat1403 and Dark are pleased to announce the launch of Rise of Nations Evolution! You can check out the site here. Welcome to the Rise of Nations faniste community!

We Stand on Guard for Thee

Thronesandpatriots (a forumer at Rise of Nations Oracle) lets us trade out the British for the Canadians. You can check out the mod at the Rise of Nations Oracle download.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Chrisk19 Does Some Serious Troubleshooting

Chrisk19, a forumer at Rise of Nations Universe has taken the trouble to carefully record the steps he went through to stop the infamous "Rise of Nations 5-30 minute freeze" he and others have experienced. This method primarily applies to those with ATI video cards, but may be helpful to NVIDIA systems as well. You can check out the details at the Rise of Nations Universe forums.

More RoN:TaP News at Japanese Sites (Japanese) has its own preview of Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots, including 15 screenshots. You can check out the story here.

Impress Game Watch also has an article with some different screenshots on the upcoming expack. You can check it out here.

El Ágora Seeks Help at their RoN Site

El Ágora: Rise of Nations - a Spanish fansite - needs website help. If you want to help them out, you can apply at their website.

Defense Force Clan Recruiting for RoN

The "Elite PC Gamer Clan" known as Defense Force has opened a Rise of Nations division and is now recruiting. You can check out their site and see if you're interested.

Pulp Previews RoN:TaP

Computer Gaming World, GMR Magazine, and PC Gamer all should be featuring previews of Thrones & Patriots in their May issues. You can check out their website for gaming news.

More RoN Oscar Speeches

More Rise of Nations Oscar Speeches at Out4Blood's Blogspot. KBS, voted as "Best Contributing Clan", and TuF & TWC, voted for the "Best Clan Rivalry" gives their accemptance speeches on the 15 Apr 04 entry.

100 Gold Winners at Gamespot

GameSpot lists the 100 winners - from among its GameSpot Complete subscribers - of gold copies of Thrones & Patriots. You can see if you're a winner, here. Congratulations to all!

MS TaP Site Updates

Microsoft Games' T&P site has a couple of updates. There is now a showcase of the Dutch unique units. You can check it out here. They also continue their screenshot series, with a new one this week featuring an American attack on an Lakotan City, which you can view here.

ODA RoN Mod Util Version 1.02 beta

Just another update! I've just released version 1.02 beta of my ODA Rise of Nations Mod Utility. It fixes a bug that caused the utility not to recognize the game directory when it is installed in a non-default directory. You can download it here.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Graham@BHG at MFO for Beginners

Graham Somers/Thunder stops by MFO Rise of Nations to answer a few basic questions about Rise of Nations and its gameplay. You can get in on the the dicussion at the MFO forum.

RoN: TaP Arrives in Japan in June

A localized Japanese version of Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots will be available during June according Impress Game Watch. Eighteen screenshots and a brief preview of that version are currently available at the site. You can read about it here if you can understand Japanese.

Final GameSpy Showcase: Persians & Indians

The Rise of Nations Team presents the final, seven-page showcase of the new nations appearing in Thrones & Patriots. This time featuring the Persians and Indians and their cool elephants! You can check it out here.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

TaP Has Gone Gold!

BHG has officially announced that the Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots expansion pack has gone gold. You can read it at the BHG site and also at the MS Games site. Thunder/Graham@BHG also informs us that the European release of the expansion pack will be sometime in mid to late May. You can read about it on our forum.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Mideast Mod

Muffin Man offers us version 1.0 a mod transforming eight of Rise of Nations's original nations into Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iran. "Who will take control of the Middle East's valuable oil resources?" You can download this mod at our download section.

Planetary Developments at RONP

DevlshOne and his team at Rise of Nations Planet have been busy coding and organizing - you can now incorporate polls in forum threads, most of the navigation links are now drop-downs sitting at the top of the page, and Timeless_OMO has been promoted to Site Manager with Thingol and Eyecare as Moderators.

RoN Empire to Close

Rise of Nations Empire's Webmistress Bonnie has decided to close down the site, she saids:
"I regret to announce that RON Empire will be closing on April 20, 2004. We have had a successful two years of operation but due to lack of time and in part due to Empire Gaming Network’s closure I will be closing Rise of Nations Empire. ... Special thanks go to Big Huge Games and to Microsoft Games Studios for taking the site seriously and inviting us to visit at Fanstock and the release party
for Rise of Nations."
We bid Rise of Nations Empire a fond farewell.

RoN Oscar Gold

BHG announces that each of the individual winners of the Rise of Nations Oscars organized by El_Capitan will receive a Gold copy of Thrones & Patriots as an award!

Additionally, "Those sites that were singled out as top notch will be featured here on the Big Huge website over the coming weeks, beginning with the Infidels Clan site, which tied for the award of 'Best clan site.'"

El_Capitan has begun to publish the "acceptance speeches" submitted by the top-placed finishers in the Rise of Nations Oscars. Head over to Out4Blood's Rise of Nations Strategy Blog (13 Apr 04) for those of TWC_ShadowZ and El_Capitan.

T&P goes Gold!

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Rise of Nations®: Thrones and Patriots has gone gold and is scheduled to ship to stores on April 27 for an estimated retail price of $29.95 (U.S.).

Rise of Terror Units Added to Mod Gallery

A great mod deserves some extra attention, so in order to highlight this awesome creation I have taken some screenshots from the Rise of Terror Mod by our own Unit35. The Mod Gallery now has a pair of screenshots showing off the land and air units for the Orks and Ultramarines from the Rise of Terror Mod. You can check it out here.

Thrones & Patriots Expansion now Available on

The "Thrones and Patriots" expansion pack for Rise of Nation is now available on pre-order from It has a list price of $29.99 and will be shipped as soon as it become in-stock which should be on April 27, 2004. You can check out the deal here.

Thanks to General_Crespin for the news.

Monday, April 12, 2004

GameStop Offer TaP Pre-order

GameStop has put the Rise of Nations Thrones and Patriots Expack on their available shopping cart list which is due to hit the shelves April 27, 2004 at a list price of $29.99. You can check out the deal here.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

BC 3v3 Tournament Rules at RoN Universe

Dano the Mighty has posted updated rules for the BC Tournament scheduled for April 17 - 18. You can check it out at the Rise of Nations Universe site.

T&P Alexander Campaign at RoN Revolution

Rise of Nations Revolution's Néophe lays out the map and parameters for Thrones & Patriots' Alexander the Great Campaign (French). You can check it out here.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Interview with TWC_ShaDowZ!

TheGoodEvil interviews another top ranked Rise of Nations player! This time he quizes TWC_ShaDowZ on how he would deal with a variety of hypothetical situations in game play. How he feels being voted the top player in the community and invites others to ask more questions of a master of the game. You can read the interview on our forum thread.

ODA Mod Utility Beta v. 1.01

After some initial feedback. Ive made a small update and the upgraded the file to version 1.01 beta. No change as far as overall functionality. Here are the new changes:

1) if you have a file improperly named without a file extension, the program wont choke.

2) change the install mod to take the folder file verbatim (and not use the mod creator screen to determine if to append a version number).

3) changed the open mod option to be available in all tab screens except the xml viewer.

4) change the open mod option so that it will automatically load the original game files instead of retaining the currently loaded file when the newly opened mod does not have a unitrules or unitgraphics xml defined.

New Screen of the Week at Microsoft TaP Site

A new official Screenshot of the Week is up at the Microsoft Thrones & Patriots site. You can take a gander at the new screenshot here.

Armchair Empire Interviews Tim Train

AE's Omni and Mr. Nash conduct a Q&A with Rise of Nations's Executive Producer, Tim Train. "We've crammed all our cool ideas into this expansion and think this represents everything the Rise of Nations game system can be!" You can check out the article here.

GamerFeed T&P Preview

Previewer Steven Wong: "I was afraid that, as was sometimes the case, the new nations might tip the balance of power by either being too strong or too insignificant; or, just as bad, make no significant contribution at all. ... To my relief, it turned out that these additions made very strong contenders among the other nations." You can check out the article here.

Friday, April 9, 2004

Rise of Terror 40,000 Mod Public Beta Released!

"In The Grim Darkness Of The Far Future There Is Only War"

Warhammer 40,000 is set in a Universe where no one is safe and death awaits around every corner. The Imperium of man stuggles to hold its borders or protect its citizens from the Gods of Chaos.

Now you can experience the Warhammer world with Unit35's Magnum Opus of a Mod. "Rise of Terror 40,000"! As promised it is released today!

It is a 7 Meg download at his own teestainstudio site. It is also available for download at the RON Heaven download.

ODA RoN Mod Utility v1.0 beta Released!

Well folks, one might have been asking what I've been busy doing. Well in the last few months I started on a project to make modding for Rise of Nations easy, well at least easier! I have created a program that includes a wide variety of tools and facilities for Rise of Nations Modding.

It includes installers for Mods, Scenarios and Scripts. A patch 2 style Mod Manager, a Unitrules.xml and a Unit_graphics.xml specialized editor, and a generic XML viewer with error reporting capabilities. You can download this program, at the Rise of Nations Heaven download. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion you can ask them at my Project desk forum thread.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

Reynolds for IGDA Board

Brian Reynolds, President of BHG, is among the candidates for the Board of Directors of the Independent Game Developers' Association; voting is ongoing and will conclude towards the end of April. Among the other candidates is Jeff Briggs, President of Firaxis Games (Civ III). You can read each candidate's statement of candidacy at the IGDA election site.

GameSpot Complete RoNTP Contest Starts

In accordance with the Rise of Nations expansion pack approaching its gold release; GameSpot subscribers can now enter to win an early copy. You can check out the contest details here.

GameSpot also has a total of 51 screenshots of Thrones & Patriots in its gallery, the most recent 11 added March 24th.

Suleiman E. Lee: Strategy for the Turks

AU_nevermore details what he calls his "Turkish General Lee" strategy. He even includes an illustrative recorded game. You can take a look at this on the AU Clan site.

NZ Herald: T&P - 4/5

The New Zealand Herald's Peter Eley gives Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots four stars in a brief "review." You can check out the article here. You can also refresh your memory with his review of the original Rise of Nations where he gave it, 5/5.

Boomtown T&P Preview

Previewer Jakob Paulsen (Ventura) / (English version by Jonatan A. Allin (neonwolf):
"There will surely come as a bundle for new Rise of Nations customers later this year and because of the positive reception of the Rise of Nations demo last year, we will also see a demo of Thrones & Patriots before its release. As of now, Microsoft aims to have the demo ready for the third week of April. Weighing in at between 200 and 250 MB in size, the demo should have some nice treats for the community."
The article includes three screenshots.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Sparte Légion Tournament

The Sparte Légion Clan (French) is readying a 2v2 tournament for April 16th. You can check out the tournament details here.

Gulf War Version 4.0 at RoN Oracle

Jimmy_pat1403 presents the fourth revision of his scenario, which challenges players to lead Coalition forces in defense of Kuwait City and the invasion of Iraq. You can go to Rise of Nations Oracle's download section.

Infidels' RoN Strategy Catalogue

To their already superb strategy section the Infidels Clan has added a Strategy Catalogue, "The most extensive listing of Rise of Nations strategies to be found anywhere." Go check out this fantastic catalog and their entire strategy section here.

GamersPulse T&P Preview

Previewer TBoy: "If you didn't think that Rise of Nations could get any better, Big Huge Games is going big with this promising expansion set for this April." You can check out the article here.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Enlightened Contest Winners Revealed!

1st Place: DarthVeda
Prizes: $200 + RoN t-shirt
Peninsula War - The level of scripting in this scenario went far and above what was expected for this contest. On top of that, the scripting was not just there for show, it actually played an important part in many interesting game dynamics that were introduced to the game in this scenario, such as leveling your general to gain cool powers, or by triggering events based on the actual date, which is tied to the game clock. Add in an epic feel, along with a map that obviously took a lot of time to create, and you have the winner of the competition.
2nd Place: Kastor
Prizes: $100 + RoN t-shirt
Europe 1812 - This scenario was a good example of taking an epic conflict - Napoleon versus the Russians and British, and turning it into a tight scenario. It was quite different to see a map with dozens and dozens of cities placed on it. This scenario did a good job of keeping the objectives simple, and progressing from one objective to the next.
3rd Place: SeraphLeviathan
Prizes: $50 + RoN t-shirt
Napoleon in Paris - While Europe 1812 was refreshing for its epic scope, this scenario was good for the opposite reason - it took a small conflict and did a good job of putting you there. The fighting between the political factions in France during the time of Napoleon was a major part of his rise to power.
4th Place: MoGJeremiah
Prizes: RoN t-shirt
Chancellorsville - It was refreshing to see a scenario set on the other side of the Atlantic. The units were very well laid out, and it was neat to see the Union being the blue player and the Confederates being the white player.

Congratulations to the Winners!!

Monday, April 5, 2004

Rise of Terror Mod Almost Ready

Unit35's magnum Rise of Terror 40,000 Mod for Rise of Nations is almost ready for the public! It is due to be ready for download on Friday. Here is a sneak peek of this awesome mod!

RoN Planet Hacked but Its Back

Hackers recently brought down Rise of Nations Planet through "a popular mySQL injection hack." But things are back in order now. They also added some new help to administer the site and will be adding some new features, including a game server stats module. You can get the low-down from them at RON Planet.

RoNU T&P Downloads Section

In anticipation of the release of Rise of Nations's expansion Thrones & Patriots, RoNUTP has opened a section for the upload and download of X-Pack recorded games, scenarios, and modifications. Cowboy: "Although the final version has not yet been released, we invite beta testers to upload their recorded games." So if you have something to contibute, you can go here.

Pikeman to Crusader

Jimmy_pat1403 has answer Jedianikinsolo's challenge and prepared a new skin changing the appearance of Rise of Nations's European pikeman to that of a Crusader. You can check it out on Rise of Nations Oracle's download section.

PC Gameworld T&P Preview

Previewer Keith Garrett: "After playing with a preliminary version of the game, we're happy to report that the future looks bright for this franchise." You can check out the article here.

Sunday, April 4, 2004

Rush Age 2 Article at RON Revolution

LocoKhan from Rise of Nations Revolution (French) carefully describes how to rapidly take the enemy's second city with a Classical Age army. You can check it out here, but make sure you got the babelfish going!

Video Direct from MS

The video trailer for Thrones & Patriots is now available directly from the Microsoft site. You can download it here.

American UU Showcase

Microsoft adds a showcase of the American unique units to its Thrones & Patriots site. You can check out the Amerians here.

Gameplay Balance Designer's Diary hosts a substantive account of play-balancing the nations in Thrones & Patriots by Dennis Stone, lead member of the RoN Testing team at Microsoft. "Getting the Senate well balanced was one of our highest priorities from the start, as it was designed to impact the game in a much more global manner than any of the other additions that came with the expansion pack." Article includes 3 brand new screenshots. You can check it all out here.

Thanks to Apolyton's DanQ for the info.

Saturday, April 3, 2004

TGE Interveiws El_Capitan

Our own TheGoodEvil interviews expert Rise of Nations player, El_Capitan. The interview covers his opinions on some basic strategies and nations. El_Capitan will also continue to answer any additional questions you wish to ask him. You can check it out on our forum.

Celtic Warrior's Challenge

The Celtic Warriors Clans (french) issues a couple of challenges commensing in April to fellow Rise of Nations fans. A military challenge and an economic challenge You can check out the settings here and here.

RoNPlanet Updates Strategy Links

Eyecare of Rise of Nations Planet has posted some links to unofficial strategy resources in the Rise of Nations community. You can check them out here.

GameSpot T&P Gold Giveaway

fhertlein of GameSpot graces our forums to announce plans to give away 100 gold copies of Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots one week in advance of the general release. "The contest is open only to paying GameSpot Complete subscribers that reside in the US or Canada." More details are on the way.

MFO RoN Lakota Showcase

_RCF_Morrigu of MFO has posted an extensive Lakota showcase, including the unique units, architecture, and military units through the ages. You can check it out here.

New Screenshot of the Week

This week's Thrones & Patriots Screenshot of the Week is up at the Microsoft T&P site. It features a sea battle involving the Dutch's with the unique ships!

Friday, April 2, 2004

Battle Cry Tournament 17-18 April

Dano the Mighty: "Following the success of The Poseidon and BWC, Battle Cry will attempt a 2-Day Tournament." You can check out the details, here.

RoN Oscars Winners Announced

El_Capitan has posted the winners of the various Rise of Nations Oscars at Out4Blood's Rise of Nations Strategy Blog (April 1st entry). Congratulations to all the players, clans, sites and supporters! You can check it out here.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Territory Challenge 75% in 8:59

Congratulations to SR_Orion-alpha_Sl, winner of the Celtic Warrior Clan's (French) March Challenge - to attain 75% of a 2-3 players-sized map with the setting "no attacks before ten minutes" in order to prevent rushes and conquest victories. You can check it out here. If you want to give it a go, make sure to check out the full rules of the challenge!

Jedianakinsolo's Skinning Challenge

Jedianakinsolo has posted a picture of a medieval knight at Rise of Nations Oracle and challenges anyone interested to reskin Rise of Nations's pikeman.tga in accordance with the picture. You can check out the discussion at Rise of Nations Oracle.

GameSpy Showcase - Americans & Dutch

The Rise of Nations Team presents a second T&P preview showcase at GameSpy, this time featuring the Americans and Dutch - six pages! You can check it out here! There is also an image gallery.