News Archives: April 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

New Scenarios at RoNH

We have a couple of new scenario to report on also this week at Rise of Nations Heaven. First is a single player scenario called "Game Bot 1 vs 1" by kingkartik. This is a simple 1 vs 1 game but the bot that controls the opponent has been designed using the in game scripting engine. Then we have a multi-player scenario called "War on Terror - Philippines" by Rangeley. The scene is January 2002. Abu Sayaff and Al Qaeda have seized Mindanao Island, prompting the United States to expand the War on Terrorism into the island nation. Fight as the United States, the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf, or Al Qaeda. It is in version 4 now.

New Mods at RoNH

This week we have some new mods for Rise of Nations to report on. First we edilberto returns with "marines in the world". This mod includes 6 camouflage patterns for Marines. Next we have "Assaults M_Gs return" by master_general. Includes 3 skins for Marine Sniper, MG Marine and Miscellaneous marine. Finally we have Along_the_wall with "Iraq mod". This is a Beta, version 0.9 including: America, Al quaida (nubians) and iraq (turk).

Strategy Articles at RoNH

Bretty returns with more strategy articles of Rise of Nations. He continues his nations focus with the following: the Russians, the Greeks, and finally the Bantu.