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Friday, May 30, 2003

Official Online Strategy Guide

Brian Reynolds and others have put together a rather substantive five-page Rise of Nations strategy guide divided into the following sections: Beginnings, Prosperity, Resources, Economies and Tricks. You can find this at the official Microsoft Rise of Nations site.

Patch 1.01 Available for Dowload

This Rise of Nations Downloads Page now offers downloads of the first patch for Rise of Nations, updating Big Huge Games' RTS game to version 1.01. Here's the word accompanying the patch: "The Rise of Nations Update v1.01 improves the multiplayer GameSpy user interface. This manual patch is only necessary if you are having trouble autopatching the game." Additionally, the scenario editor documentation now includes a new Script Manual.doc that "Covers essential and advanced topics used in the Big Huge Scripting language." You will only need to download it, if you have had problems with the automatic downloader from within the game.

Thanks to Cherub David for the headsup.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Special Deals on Rise of Nations

For anyone out there that might have been waiting for the price on Rise of Nations to dro pa little before buying it, is having their 48 hour madness sale which features Rise of Nations for just $34.90. Click here to get in on this deal before it is too late.

History Channel Weekly quiz

As some of you may know, the History Channel holds weekly quizes for fun and prizes. What you may not know however is that this week's prize is a free copy of Rise of Nations!

So all you people who've been trying to scrounge up enough cash to buy the game head on over to the History Channel Weekly Quiz to get your shot at a free copy. Good luck everyone.

Disabling Nukes and Wonders

Ever wondered how you could turn of Nukes and Wonders in Rise of Nations? Well, forummer Terminus did and he got an answer from none other than BHG president Brian Reynolds.
It's not supported as a game setting, obviously, but you could "mod" your game to do this-- in unitrules.xml find the two nuclear weapons, and in buildingrules.xml find the wonders. Change the "PREQ0" field for each to "disable" and you won't see any nukes or wonders in the game.

Further proof that this game supports the ability to change it to just about any way you like to play and that the developers are willing to help you get it that way. Thanks for the info Brian!

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Tom's Hardware reviews Rise of Nations

Tom's Hardware has done an in depth review of Rise of Nations. Here's a little bit of what they had to say
"It's been a long time since I was this impressed with an RTS game, and it's a nice change. I will warn you that it can be quite addictive if you're a fan of RTS games, but I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. If you've got some extra money, and are tired of playing the same games over and over, go out and pick this one up; you won't be disappointed.

Rise Of Nations is a "best in class" RTS title with exceptional graphics, sound, and game play. I highly recommend this title and award it a "THG Editors Choice" award. My hat is off to Brian Reynolds and the developers at Big Huge Games for delivering an excellent title. It will be very interesting to see what the team at Big Huge Games has up their sleeve for the future."

You can read the full article here. Many thanks to Draco for reminding me to post about this review.

ES_Swinger Vs. Brian Reynolds

ES_Swinger dropped by the forums earlier today to let everyone know that he now has several recorded games avialable for download over at Rise of Nations Universe. Two of those games feature one on one battles with Big Huge Games' president Brian Reynolds and can be downloaded from their Downloads forum. Enjoy.

Rise of Nations Scenario Editor Documents

Big Huge games has released a comprehensive set of documents that give detailed instructions on how to use the Scenario Editor in Rise of Nations as well as the syntax for the scripting language used in the game. You can download the complete set of Documents in Zip format here.

In the file you will find the following documents.
  • Rise of Nations Script Manual.doc
    Covers essential and advanced topics used in the Big Huge Scripting language.

  • Scenario Editor Walk.doc
    Does a complete walk through for creating your first scenario in the Rise of Nations Scenario editor.

  • Script Editor Commands.doc
    Additional information about the buttons found in the Script Editor's menus.

  • Script Functions Listing_2.doc
    Provides a complete listng of all the functions available in the scripting language including syntax and example code.

  • HelpTables.doc
    Proper names for technologies and units, as they need to be written in scripts.

  • rally.bhs
    A simple Script Example.

  • rally.sce
    A simple scenario based on the rally.bhs script.

Anonymous Matchmaking

Many people have been asking about the possibilty of anonymous matchmaking via GameSpy in the next patch for Rise of Nations. Brian Reynolds had this to say over at Rise of Nations Revolution.
If you mean "Anonymous Matchmaking" where you just say "put me in a game" and it finds you some opponents, that's high on our list of want-to-do's for an upcoming patch. At the time we were finalizing our net code Gamespy didn't support that yet, but now they do so we do hope to add it.

Let's hope they manage to put it into the game as well. For more information, check out this thread.

Of Silver and Gold

Brodie from Rise of Nations Pantheon has written a great article on exploiting the Inca powers in Rise of Nations. Outlining its strengths and weaknesses, as he sees them, and offers an overall strategies on how to get the most out of them as far as units go. Check it out here.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Rise of Nations Oracle returns

After a brief period of time offline, Rise of Nations Oracle has returned with a new look and feel. Head on over to the site and see what's new at Rise of Nations Oracle

Saturday, May 24, 2003

GameSpy Reviews Rise of Nations

GameSpy has added their voice to the chorus of praise for Rise of Nations giving the game a total score of 90 out of 100.
Rise of Nations has everything it takes to be a huge success: a historical setting, a big name publisher, an easy-and-effective multiplayer setup, and a highly tweaked version of a classic design model. Classic real-time gaming simply doesn't get much better than this.

Head on over to GameSpy to read the Full Article and if you're new to the game be sure to check out the extensive Nation Profiles that are linked at the end of the Review.

Performance by Paul

Paul "Gamegeek" Stephanouk has dropped by the forums to offer some advice for people wanting to tweak the performance of Rise of Nations.
When you run Rise for the first time it profiles your system and stores grades for several key performance areas in the rise2.ini file. These grades are rated from A (best) to F (worst). E isn't used. The settings I'm talking about are SYS_grade_override, MEM_grade_override, CPU_grade_override, and GPU_grade_override. SYS is an overall average of the other 3. GPU is your video card. In addition to storing a grade these settings accept AUTO as a value. When set to AUTO, the system will determine the profile each time the game is run.

When you set a user profile for the first time, RON takes the grades I just mentioned and sets the graphics settings in the options screen to the values that are appropriate for your grades for use as the initial setting. From this point you can change these options to whatever you wish. You can also edit your rise2.ini file to change the grades.

To find out more go here.

Patch Update

Jason Coleman has started a thread in the forums giving everyone an update on what is going on for the next patch.
The current agenda for patch 2 is:

* MP Lag fix.
* CtW crash fix.
* Fix to not being able to host behind NATs.
* Fix to ranking system.
* Fixes that allow us to robustly test patches before release.
* A separate "Check for Updates" button.
* Some small, misc fixes and tweaks to be announced.

The testing for patch 2 will probably take us through this Thursday (5-29-03). With luck, we'll have it up soon after.

You can check out his full post in this thread.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Avault reviews Rise of Nations

The Adrenaline Vault has done a very extensive review of Rise of Nations that goes into some very good detail about the game. They give the game an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Rise of Nations is a towering aggregation of everything that's good about strategy gaming. Framed upon an excellent tactical engine, a swathe of factions, technologies and historical ages, it all congeals into a solid block of fun. Moreover, the Civilization-esque complexities and novel turn-based strategy map add a depth that elevates Rise of Nations from the crowd. It's certainly as addictive as they come.

There are a few warnings: Though a lot of critics are calling Rise of Nations revolutionary, it's not. It's an expansion, a progression, that brings life back to an old model - you could call it "traditional RTS" - that might be nearing the end of its shelf-life. The turn-based map might feel gimmickry to some, the onscreen information can crowd out the main viewing areas, and the visuals are arguably old-fashioned.

Frankly, none of that's enough to matter. Rise of Nations is one of the best things since Westwood sliced the loaf with Dune II, and you'd be nuts to miss it.

It's a great article that really takes the time to delve into the depth this game has to offer. Check it out here.

Game over Gives Rise of Nations 92 %

The GameOver network has published their review of Rise of Nations giving the game an overall score of 92% The article gives a good overview of the game and even delves into the scenario editor for a little bit.
While Rise of Nations has no long lineage of titles to draw from, and certainly not the same amount of fans, it is, as I stated before, the rise of another real-time strategy franchise for Microsoft. No current strategy title can give you the clash between horseback cavalry and industrial age tanks and howitzers as compelling as what Rise of Nations brings to the table.

Check out the Full Article to learn more.

Rise of Nations Insider interviews Danan Davis

Rise of Nations Insider has managed to grab a few minutes of Project Manager Danan Davis' time and ask him a few questions about his role in the development of Rise of Nations.
Insider: What's it like working with the folks at Big Huge?

Danan: BHG is a fantastic developer to work with. They are very prototype-oriented which means we really got to play with the game early and get a feel for what it was all about. As time progressed it was awesome to be able to engage in conversations about actual gameplay and how it played out. One of their greatest strengths is a lack of ego surrounding their designs. If they see players struggling with something that they thought was cooler than sliced bread, they had no problem going back to the drawing board. They really concentrate on making games fun, and [they] put that first.

You can check out the rest of the article here.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

IFlim Interviews Graham "Thunder" Somers

Making his film debut, Community Relations Manager Graham Somers talks with the folks at about Rise of Nations while at E3 last week. In the interview, he describes a bit about the game and even talks about how he manged to land his job at Big Huge Games. Check out the video here. For all you Age of Mythology fans, be sure to watch the full video for some news about their upcoming expansion pack.

9.3 at Gamespot!

GameSpot has just released their review of Rise of Nations and given the game a 9.3 out of 10. Marking it as a "Superb" game.
In many ways, Rise of Nations is better than the strategy games that have come before it. It's smarter. It's more challenging. It gives you more to do. It also has a highly customizable multiplayer component, as well as good tutorials that will help new players get started quickly. The game even has fairly detailed graphics, especially for the different civilizations' architecture, as well as good sound effects and a dynamic music score that changes to reflect what's happening on the battlefield. But what really sets Rise of Nations apart are all the new concepts it introduces--cities, attrition damage, commerce caps, caravans, rare resources, a broader and more distinct technology element, national borders, and more make the game deeper and in many ways more enjoyable than any other real-time strategy game to date. - Elliott Chin

Head on over to Gamespot to check out the Full article.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Yin26 On Rise of Nation's AI

Yin26, the ever articulate and pervasive poster over at Apolyton has written an excellent post on his experience against the AI. It sheds insight into the superb AI that no doubt many players have experienced while playing the game. Brian Reynolds adds his comments to further elaborate on the AI's characteristics. Check out the thread!

Patch Problems

We've had a number of people report that they are having problems with the patch that was recently released for Rise of Nations. Big Huge Games President Brian Reynolds had this to say about the issue.
Here are several reasons that could cause the patch to fail for you:

(1) You have a foreign version (including a British version). We've discovered as I said above that the manufacturing process introduced some unexpected EXE differences (all versions in theory run the same EXE). We had tested the game and the patcher of course, but had not been able to test them -alongside- a full manufacturing run. Again, our apologies, and we hope to have the problem fixed within the next day or so. Our understanding was that we weren't shipping in Europe until the 23rd, so this particular issue caught us a little by surprise.

(2) You have "modded" some of the game files (for example rules.xml). If your patch is stopping somewhere OTHER than 37% complete this is to be strongly suspected. The solution is to fully reinstall the game (including recopying files) and then patch. We'll work on something to make the patching process more friendly to modders.

(3) You have a warez version.

(4) We haven't identified any definite cases of US versions with differing EXE's, so we suspect most US cases are (2) above.

If you HAVE the patch, your version number will be

Again, our apologies (except to the #3 people ) and we hope to have all of these problems resolved very soon.

Pay particular attention to #2. Since the game is so easy to modify there are probably a great number of people out there who have gone in and tinkered with the XML files not thinking it would cause problems with the patch. Forummer Death_Warri0r_ is one of the first to confirm that this was the case for him.

Ilya Kreymer answers questions on the Scenario Editor

Programmer Ilya Kreymer has stopped by the forums to answer a few questions about the Scenatio editor in Rise of Nations.
-triggers are indeed a special and very powerful construct for the scripting language. more information on how to use them will be provided in the upcoming doc.

-it will be possible to create script routines in seperate files and call them from main scripts, so creating reusable script libraries for download should not be a problem.

All in all, there are about 600 script-accessible functions allowing for extensive scripting and almost unlimited custom events in scenarios. Looking forward to seeing some amazing scenarios and scripts!

You can check out his full response over in this thread in our Scenario Design forum.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Rise of Nations out in Stores!

This just in from Microsoft...
Gamers can emerge from their trenches and prepare for battle, as Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Rise of Nations is appearing on store shelves throughout North America. Gamers can now get their hands on one of the most innovative and detailed real-time strategy (RTS) games for an estimated retail price of $49.95 (U.S.).

Although we've been seeing reports of people picking up copies of the game at their local retailer, this announcement makes it official. So if you haven't already, run out to the store and grab yourself a copy!

Rise of Nations Revolution Opens

TheBlackKnight is pleased to announce the opening of Rise of Nations Revolution. This is only a small part of a large upcoming Network, Revolution Gaming which is due to be released in early June. To kick off their grand opening they are giving away 5 copies of Rise of Nations through their affliated French and English language sites. All English entrants must live in North America, and all French entrants must live in France.

It looks like a really sharp looking website, so give them a visit and welcome a new member to Rise of Nations Fansite community!

Light Cavalry Insights at Rise of Nations Alliance

Flavius of Rise of Nations Alliance (French) has published an article on the Light Cavalry line of units and its uses in Rise of Nations. Check it out here.

All Game Guide Reviews Rise of Nations

T.J. Deci of All Game Guide briefly reviews Rise of Nations. Here's an excerpt:
Brian Reynolds, lead designer of Sid Meier's Civilization II and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri...applies his nearly peerless empire-building strategy expertise to this Age of Empires-style RTS.

Quboid Offers 2xPopCap Mod

Quboid, a forumer at Rise of Nations Heaven has offered a 2x Pop Cap mod. Not as mondo as the 10x or infinite one, but certainly a very playable mod. Check it out here.

Opening Hotkey Sequences

Brian Reynolds and Blue Myriddn offer their favorite hotkey-only game openers at Rise of Nations Pantheon. Check it out here.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Rise of Nations Patch

Paul "Gamegeek" Stephanouk took a moment to stop by the forums and let everyone know that a patch to Rise of Nations has just been released. Here's what he had to say.
Just run RON then connect to Gamespy from within RON. The game will auto-update. I think a direct-download version is also in the works. We'll update you when/where to get it. The patch makes improvements to the online experience.

A few people had reported problems with the patch earlier today and developer Jason Coleman had this to say
Sorry for the problems. With stores releasing the game a few days early, we weren't quite ready for prime-time on the patching system.

It's ok Jason. It's not your fault that people have been beating down the doors of their local retailers to get their hands on one of the greatest strategy games ever made. Oh wait...

Evil Avatar reviews Rise of Nations

Jetherik of Evil Avatar has released his own review of Rise of Nations. Here's a bit of what he had to say about the Nations in the game.
Each of the eighteen different countries have their strengths and weaknesses – aka Civilization and Total War. Big Huge worked very hard to make each country different and they did an excellent job. These strengths and weakness cover different areas – industrial, civic, and militarily. While each country will have their own unique military units, they come about at the appropriate age so are not always available. With the eighteen countries, this adds to the replayability of the game. I have already found out that some strategies for one country do not work for another. Nor have I found any huge imbalances with the countries.

He's got a numebr of good, and I must say fairly balanced things to say about the game. You can check out the full article over at Evil

Strategy Forum opens

With all the people running out to buy this game I thought it was about time we put up a strategy forum here at Rise of Nations Heaven. In the forum you'll find all sorts of discussions about the best ways to play the game. Head on over and check it out here.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Mod Support

Big Huge Games developer Jason Coleman has stopped by the forums to ask people what their thoughts are on mods and how best they can be supported by developers.
Obviously, we need to add real support for modding, particularly for multiplayer gaming.
As we develop a plan of attack, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what features within the game itself are essential for supporting an effective mod community.

This is some really great news to hear since it shows how much the developers are willing to support this game even after it has been released. Head on over to our Game Modifications forum and add your thoughts on this here.

Brian Reynolds on Skill Handicaps

Brian Reynolds, president of Big Huge Games, has stopped by our forums to add a litte more insight into a post I made recently regarding the use of Skill handicaps in Mulitplayer games.
Brian Reynolds : Well... it affects a couple other things too.
Handicaps provide the beneficiaries with:
* A resource collection bonus (you gather them faster)
* A unit production speed bonus
* A research speed bonus
* A border-push bonus in competitive border situations.

One system you can use between two opponents who play often is that whenever you win 2 (or 3) games in a row, you go up a level of handicap for the next game. So if we start at even and I win 2 games in a row, I go to +1... then I win 2 more and I go to +2. Then if you win the next 2 I go back to +1.

As I said in my original post, this is a feature that will really give this game longevity since new players will be able to get into the game while old players still get to play their best and have fun. You can check out the fulkl thread as well as post a few of your own thoughts here.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Rise of Nations Indews Forum Up and Running

On the Fansite forum front, Indews Rise of Nations have their forums up and running now also. Give them a visit also here.

Rise of Nations Empire Forum Returns

After being down for too long, the Rise of Nations Empire forums are back. Give them a visit here. Also site and design updates are pending.

Rise of Nations Strategy Guide Shipping

Michael Rymaszewski’s Rise of Nations Strategy Guide published by Sybex is now shipping. Prices given on the publishers site are US $19.99 (Sybex is currently offering it for US $13.99), Can $31.95 and UK £14.99. Check it out at the Sybex Site.

Maxim Reviews Rise of Nations

Ryan Boyce of Maxim offers a short but positive review of Rise of Nations: "...what truly sticks out about this real-time strategy game is that it never lets its engrossing depth create a dull moment."

Thunderbolt Reviews Rise of Nations

Matt Wadleigh of Thunderbolt reviews Rise of Nations and awards it 10/10: “If you asked me two weeks ago what my favorite RTS game was, I'd have said Age of Empires 2. You ask me now, and it's Rise of Nations. Quite simply put, this is the pinnacle of RTS excellence. I would be shocked and dismayed if any other RTS game released in the next two years, excluding a sequel to this one, was better than this. Seriously people, this is not only one of the best RTS games ever made, but quite possibly one of the best games ever made, period.” Enthusiastic, no? Check out the article here

Mod Gallery Updated with New TGA Format

The skin files in the final version of Rise of Nations apparently no longer uses the PNG format, but the TGA format. So I have uploaded an updated version of the Tiger Tank, and Stealth Bomber skin mods with the new format. Check out the mod gallery here for the new skins, and the Mod forum for ideas, suggestions and how to install them.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Rise of Nations out in stores?

We've been seeing several reports in the forums about Rise of Nations actually being in stores. It seems that many of the people who pre-ordered the game have been calling their local software retailer and getting their copies. So if you're one of the people out there who pre-ordered the game head on down to the store and see if your copy is in. It just might be!

Yin26 on Rise of Nations

Yin26, a poster at Apolyton has written a great article on Brian Reynolds, retelling of an Age of Kings game that showed the strategic mind that would go on to design Rise of Nations then goes in full force and in great detail why the game is a true product of genius. Check it out here!

E3 Video at GameSpot

GameSpot-produced Rise of Nations E3 Trailer in the same thread; in order to view it you’ll have to register for GameSpot Basic (free). Check out the video here.

Thanks to Bad Boy for the news!

Setup Screens at Rise of Nations Alliance

Waves of Rise of Nations Alliance (French) has posted a two-page illustrated guide to Rise of Nations’s game setup options (the explanatory text is in French, but the Rise of Nations menu images are English). Check it out here.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Shots from E3

We've managed to get our hands on a few of the official press release photos from Rise of Nations at E3. These screenshots show off a number of aspects of the game and can be found in our E3 2003 Gallery

RoN 1 01 : Refreshing the Genre

Our own Hemlock has written a review of Rise of Nations leading off with the account of his sudden transformation into a fan of the game. Check out his great article.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Population Mods

Downer, a poster at Apolyton has posted two Rise of Nations Mods that alters the population cap allowed in the game, one is the "Expanded Population Mod" and the other is the "Infinite Population Mod". The First ups each level of military track research so that by the end you can have a population of 3200 rather then the baseline 200 pop. The other actually sets the pop cap immediately to 99999 regardless of tech level. He warns however that this may drastically impact your system performance. But for those with killer machines, this mod is definitely a fun one to try out. Check it out the thread at Apolyton.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Rise of Nations Demo

A number of sites has now opened up a Free Rise of Nations Demo download in addition to the Official Microsoft Site. The Demo is is 194 MB, so hopefully you have a fast connection. Here's a list:, Fileplanet, and of course the Official MS Site.

Rise of Nations Alliance Goes to the Library

Rise of Nations Alliance (French) has put together a single page describing all the Rise of Nations Library upgrades and their associated costs – Ages, Military, Civics, Commerce, Science. Check it out here.

Rise of Nations Oracles Updated

Mithras of Rise of Nations Oracle has thoroughly overhauled the Rise of Nations Oracle Screenshot Gallery. Rise of Nations Oracle now has 99 screenshots in six albums plus “Random Pictures” and “Latest Additions”. You can also find an Ogre-updated and annotated compilation of Rise of Nations fansites and forums.

E3 Screenshots from GameSpy

GameSpy has a gallery of 15 new Rise of Nations screenshots most of which involve large battles. Check it out here!

Eden Network Under Renovations

The Eden network has temporarily closed its doors…until May 20th, at which time they promise to return with a new project involving Rise of Nations, Age of Mythology, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World and World of Warcraft. The forums are still up and so are the archives. Although their notice of renovations is worth checking out on its own right.

GameZone Reviews Rise of Nations

Michael Knutson of GameZone reviews Rise of Nations and awards it 9.5/10: “This game throws away a lot of things that have become the staple for RTS games, and really makes you feel that you are in more control of your mighty empire.” Check out the full article here.

Rise of Nation Trial Version

The Rise of Nations Trial Version is now available free to one and all as a 194 MB download from the official Microsoft Rise of Nations site. Go get it here!

Monday, May 12, 2003

Rise of Nations Oracle Updates TechTree

Rise of Nations Oracle has upgraded its impressive interactive Rise of Nations tech tree with counter-unit information.

Rise of Nations Indews Updated

Indews Strategy: Rise of Nations has added a number of new features including a strategy, resources, and articles section to their site. They already have a two-page compilation of general hints and tips.

Apolyton Invites Reviews

MarkG has opened a special directory for fan reviews of Rise of Nations’ betas and demo at the Apolyton Civilization Site. He adds that you should state the version(s) you have played, and you must register in order to add a review or rating. Add your reviews here.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Terranova on Modding Buildings

Ted Terranova, the building lead at Big Huge Games has posted a great summary at Apolyton on how the buildings are contructed in Rise of Nations, and give some insight into modding them. Check out the thread here. He also promises that he and Bill Podurgiel (the unit lead) will post some tutorials on their company site explaining how to mod the buildings and units. He also reminds us to take a look at a previous article written about the building art on their sight, that might offer some more information on the buildings in Rise of Nations.

Stephanouk on Player Matchmaking

Paul Stephanouk, producer at Big Huge Games recently sat down with Rise of Nations Eden (French) to discuss Rise of Nations's online Player Matchmaking. Here is the article. Previews Rise of Nations has posted their hands-on preview of the lastest beta build of Rise of Nations. The article comes with 18 screen shots and spans 3 pages.

Rise of Nations Demo

That's right folks, the demo is out! Fileplanet subscribers can download a copy of it here.

While this is currently a Fileplanet exclusive, the demo should be available to non subscribers in about a week.

Beat BHG's Developers at Their Own Game

Gamers who think they have what it takes to beat developers at their own game will have a chance to do so at E3, as Microsoft Game Studios and Big Huge Games present the Rise of Nations Challenge at E3. Gamers who attend E3, the annual video game convention in Los Angeles, May 14-16, will have a chance to play Brian Reynolds and his team from Big Huge Games in a four-player Rise of Nations tournament. Winners of each match will be among the first to receive a signed copy of Rise of Nations, days before the game starts to appear on store shelves in North America on May 20. With Rise of Nations, gamers can change the course of history on their lunch hour; and in keeping with that theme, Reynolds will be on hand to sign Rise of Nations collectable lunch boxes and posters.

Tournament and autograph sessions will take place at the Microsoft booth (#1246) at the following times (all PDT):

Wednesday and Thursday, May 14 and 15
10am - 11pm : Rise of Nations Challenge
11am - 12pm : Brian Reynolds Autograph Session
4pm - 5pm : Rise of Nations Challenge

Friday, May 16
10am - 11pm : Rise of Nations Challenge
11am - 12pm : Brian Reynolds Autograph Session

Friday, May 9, 2003

Gamer’s Depot Reviews Rise of Nations

Ryan Bohlman of Gamer’s Depot reviews Rise of Nations awarding it a “Five Drip Drool Award.” He was most impressed with Conquer the World and multiplayer. Oddly, he feels one of Rise of Nations’s minuses is its “2D game play.” Article includes six screenshots.

Rise of Nations Universe Screenshots

Cowboy of Rise of Nations Universe has posted five screenshots (each about 1 MB) of the Battle of Britain tutorial scenario from the Rise of Nations Gold version.

Rise of Nations Universe has also opened its Weblinks section. This is intended as a more comprehensive collection of links of gaming interest and Rise of Nations occupies one of the Strategy Links subsections.

Rise of Nations Eden Contest

To celebrate Rise of Nations’s May 23rd release in France, Rise of Nations Eden will organize a contest whereby several fans can win copies of the game. “Stay tuned!”!

IGN Adds New Videos

IGN has posted nine new videos of Rise of Nations gameplay in QuickTime format; some nicely display city captures and assimilations with border changes (IGN limits the daily number of media viewings for non-subscribers). Thanks to Pyros of Rise of Nations Xtreme for the info.

Rise of Nations Insider Taunts

Rise of Nations Insider posts a third installment of in-game taunts. Check it out here.

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Rise of Nations Planet Reopens Gallery

DevlshOne has fixed the Rise of Nations Planet screenshot galleries and posted 17 brand-new screens from the Marketing Gold version, including some from the Conquer the World Campaign (gif format). They've also added new gallery of 12 shots of the RoN game set-up user interface. Finally you can also view scans of the progression of Marketing Beta disks in the RoN Planet forums.

Updates and 2 new forums

As most of you know, the gold version of Rise of Nations has been officially released and is now in the hands of a number of fans. Many of the websites are making updates to their pages to reflect the new information and Rise of Nations Heaven is no exception. We've made updates to both our Resources and Wonders pages to reflect the new info.

Also today we are opening up two new forums. The Game Modifications forum will be a place to discuss modifying the game including how to change the Graphics that are used in the game. The Scenario Design forum will be the place to go to discuss your latest and greatest ideas for creating scenarios in Rise of Nations and to learn more about the powerful scripting language used in the game.

Tuesday, May 6, 2003 Updates Resources Page (German) has updated their Standard and Rare Resources pages. Check it out here.

Rise of Nations Insider Wonders Page

Rise of Nations Insider now officially opens its Medieval and Gunpowder Age Wonder galleries.

Rise of Nations Eden Multiplayer Screenshots

Nox of Rise of Nations Eden (French) has received the Gold version of Rise of Nations and offers two 1280x1024 screens of multiplayer lobbies, which have changed slightly from the Preview Betas; he particularly notes the friendlist is functional in contrast to that of ESO. Check it out here!

Rise of Nations Planets Updates Structures and Units Page

Continuing a series of site updates, DevlshOne redoes his Structures pages to reflect the art from Rise of Nations’s Gold version! Check out the new
structures page as well as his comprehensive units chart with the Gold stats here.

Monday, May 5, 2003 Release Interactive Screenshots releases new interactive screenshots of Rise of Nations featuring an Enlightenment Age battle between the French and Japanese, and another in modern age featuring Germans and British forces. Be sure to move the mouse over the picture to get the interactive info. Check it out here.

Rise of Nations Planet Updates Wonders Page

DevlshOne of Rise of Nations Planet has posted images of the finals of Rise of Nations’s 14 Wonders from the Gold version. Check it out here!

Saturday, May 3, 2003

Welcome Indews Rise of Nations

Another Rise of Nations's Fansite recently joined the online fansite community. The site is hosted by Indews Gaming Network, that hosts fansites on AOM, CnC, Civ3 as well as Rise of Nations. Give them a visit here.

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Rise of Nations Universe Back Online

Rise of Nations Universe has resolved its server issues and is back online. Here is their new location. Cowboy also has a preview of the soon-to-be-released PC Gaming Universe Site.

Rise of Nation Alliance Strategy Article

Rise of Nations Alliance (French) begins a series of Rise of Nations strategy articles with a piece on “The Rush with Horse Archers” by Cobra and Warrior_t_Nick.