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Monday, May 31, 2004

Voting for RoN on ESG

The ESGL (European Strategy Gamers League) is aware of the RON community and likes to start different leagues, for example 1vs1 or 2vs2. The leagues will only be hosted if there's enough support from RON players. So go and check out their site. They have set up voting threads on Rise of Nations Universe and Rise of Nations Oracle.

New French RoN League

Welcome to a new Francophone league for Rise of Nations and Rise of Nations:T&P, Ligue Fr Rise of Nation! You can check out their site from this link.

Another RoN Scripting Tutorial from 2Biaz

2Biaz adds a third tutorial, "Simple Math, ID, Variables, Descriptions and More Commands," to his series on Basic Scripting in Rise of Nations. You can check it out at Rise of Nations Tactics.

Japanese RoN TaP Demo

A 238 MB demo of the Japanese version of Thrones & Patriots is now available from the Microsoft Japan T&P site and also from's T&P Trial page also features 13 screenshots from the Japanese trial version.

Battle of Britain 1940 Scenario Version 2

Berlin9487 presents a new scenario on the historical struggle with a 500 population limit per side (4), several unique units, and a simplified economic system based on receiving taxes every three minutes. You can grab it at our download section.

PCA_Frogman Wins First MFO T&P Smackdown

Congratulations to PCA_Frogman, winner of the first MFO Smackdown for the Thrones & Patriots expansion! You can check out the recorded games and read about the tourney results at MFO.

Gameplanet NZ Gives RoN TaP 3.5/5 Fists

Reviewer Havoc of Gameplanet New Zealand: "...Big Huge has justified the expansion, bringing just enough changes to ensure once more several days of chronic sleep deprivation and dire malnutrition." Six new screenshots is included in the review.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

TheGoodEvil Interviews AU Clan Members

TheGoodEvil continues his interview series of Top Rise of Nations and now Top Thrones and Patriots players. This time he talks with members of the Anarchy Unlimited Clan, AU_NiDe and AU_tl, both at one point held the #1 and #2 spot on the TaP ratings. You can check out the interview on our forum thread.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

RoN Recorded Game Renamer/Viewer

AU_mold has authored his own recorded game renamer/viewer that works with the .rcx saved-game files of Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots. It requires the Java Runtime Environment. You can check out this renamer at the Anarchy Unlimited clan site.

MiCrOsLaVe's Rise of Nations:T&P Renamer can be found at MFO.

CGW Give RoN TaP: 4/5 Stars

Computer Gaming World Reviewer Di Luo: "...Thrones & Patriots honestly expands upon the original with four new campaigns that provide the absorbing single-player experience the original lacked. Unfortunately, some stability problems keep it from being perfect." You can check out the full review here.

Ages and Resources Page Updated

In our continuing updates of the Information pages on the game and the Thrones and Patriots Expansion pack. The Resources page has now gotten to rust removal treatment, and now features a drop down box to select between Basic, Rares and CTW Campaign Scenario rares, and what bonuses each has, including a mini-screenshot of each resource. You can check that out on our resource Page.

We've also updated the Ages Page to conform to the same overall style of the new revamped info pages, and rewritten the historical overviews for the Ages to be more accurate and hopefully more informative.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Maps and Nations Pages Updated

Our Maps and Nations Pages has been updated with the latest information finally. The Maps Page now shows the new icon representations along with their mini-map that is now present in the Thrones and Patriots Expansion. The Nations Page has also been updated with a drop down box which allows you to select between the original game's nations and the Thrones and Patriots Nations. The expack Nations Page also shows which Nations are new in the expack and which of the original Nations has been changed.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Graham Somers Interview on the Bridger and Harlock Show

Special Alert for RoNers! - Graham Somers will be on the Bridger and Harlock Show for a little interview about TaP on the 2nd hour of the show (where they will also included the topic of TaP, if anybody wants to call up and ask graham a question). You can check out the details here.

PC Gamer's Tip of the Day

PC Gamer's Tip of the Day for 27 May 04 touches on Rise of Nations's universities and scholars. You can visit PC Gamer from here and check out these tips.

Japanese RoN:TapTeaser

Microsoft Japan's T&P site has a super 5:28 minute movie of T&P gameplay highlighting the new CtW campaigns and the governments. The localized Japanese version of Thrones & Patriots is scheduled for a June 11th release. You can check that out at the Microsoft Japan site.

El_Capitan's Governments

El_Capitan judges T&P's governments according to their usefulness age by age. You can check out the analysis at Out4Blood's , 26 May 04 entry.

RoN Balance Issues Examined

TuF_Henwen, TWC_ShaDowZ, and other well-known Rise of Nations players are engaged in a thorough, nation-by-nation analysis of balance in the Thrones & Patriots expansion. You can follow that discussion at Rise of Nations Universe.

More RoN:TaP Reviews

***Fragland: 90.7%***
Reviewer bASh: "The new campaigns are by far the best surprises that will keep you clustered to your screen for hours and hours. The whole has become even more than before one hell of a game and a must for every
RTS lover!" You can check out the review at Fragland.

***Clubic: Very Good***
Reviewer Nerces: "An obviously indispensable expansion for all the fans of the original game, but which equally could convince/draw in a handful of other gamers even if the [game's] basic concept hasn't
budged a millimeter." You can check out this review at Clubic.

***JeuxVideo: 15/20***
Reviewer Romendil: "The content [of the expansion] seeks to be particularly clean and rich, without compromising the elements that made the original game successful." You can check out that review at JeuxVideo.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Modding Buildings Revisited

Graham@BHG directs modders to Ted Terranova's (BHG's building art lead) late 2003 post at Apolyton Civ Site regarding the intricacies of trying to mod Rise of Nations's buildings. You can check that out at Rise of Nations Oracle or Ted Terranova's post at Apolyton under the name BHG_TED.

Infidels Features Fast Horse Archer Raiding

The latest strategy article at the Infidels' site bears the above title, covering techniques both old and new. You can check it out at their Clan site.

RoN Sales Remain High

HomeLan Fed reports the NPD Group's listing of the top-selling PC games in the US for the week ending May 8th. Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots came in at #3 with original Rise of Nations at #6 (for the week ending May 1st they were #4 and #7). You can check out the list at Homelan.

First MFO T&P Smackdown Set

_RCF_Morrigu is setting up the first Smackdown Tournament for Thrones & Patriots. It's to be held this coming Saturday; You can check out the details at MFO.

The Bridger and Harlock Show launches

The Bridger and Harlock Show launches this Saturday, May 29th @ 8pm EST. Details as follows:

Who: Bridger, Harlock, and 1 other TsN guy (changes each week).
What: Bridger and Harlock Show - Gaming Radio Show for the Lay-Gamer. Check that link to see our major topics this week.
Where: The Team Sportscast Network
When: Saturdays @ 8pm-11pm EST

Why: Because we need a dedicated gaming talk show that doesn't revolve around clans and leagues. There's so many other people that want to just talk about games. Think of it as an audio message board, and you know how big gamers are into message boards :) This is not just console games either, it's for PC and console. LIsteners will be able to voice their opinions by calling in the toll-free TsN number.


They will have a 3 hour show and, appropriately, 3 sections:

Industry Board - An hour of Industry news that affects gamers. HL2 pushed back again? Release date for DNF? Activision bought out by Microsoft? New game announced? etc. We'll be taking calls on controversial topics for some good debates (this week we'll be talking Phantom console, Portable Gaming (PSP/DS), and of course HL2).

Rant Board - Casters have a list of topics before hand and use this hour to rant and rave and argue with each other over the topic. Topic might be a game (just played far cry, got to rant on how good it is!), or some other subject (cheaters suck, why do we have to pay so much for games? why aren't there any new ideas for games? etc.) We will also take listener calls throughout this section. (This week we have Rise of Nations: Expansion, why are FPS games on Console? Why don't people think GC is up to PS2/Xbox standards, and where are the new game ideas instead of rehashed old ones?).

Call Board - Last hour is for listener calls where the caller chooses the topic to rant about/discuss.

P.S. In order to listen, all you need to do is download winamp and go to on the 29th at 8pm EST. Click on the green link and your launched into the best gaming talk show in the internet!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Armchair Empire: 9.0/10

Reviewer Mark Leung: "...while the gameplay experience is now more varied and focused, it remains largely unchanged from the original game...." Four newscreenshots accompanies the review.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Infidels' Challenges

The Infidels Clan has run and is running several tournaments and special challenges. Currently, there are three: 150 Challenge, Fast Raid Challenge, and the Early Attack Challenge. Go check it out at their Tournaments/Challenges page.

Revamping the Download Section

With the increase in creativity in the Multi-player Scenarios Arena. We now have a separate section for multi-player scenarios to support them. You can check out the existing scenarios here. Feel free to add your own creations, let the world enjoy them and admire your great work!

Now also the main download page, has a "Featured Download". This is meant to highlight particularly popular or well down RoN creations, or brilliant recorded games or whatever we find in the downloads. The way we will generally pick the featured download will be a combination of judgement from the staff and ratings and reviews from the forumers each week.

This of course also goes along with a new look to the download section that better integrates the page to the overall site design.

Soliciting Expert Tips

El_Capitan has started a thread on our Thrones and Patriots forum to collect Expert Tips for the game. If you feel up to the challenge, go ahead an put in your 2 cents or $2 dollars worth if you're a real expert!

Gigi has opened a parallel thread at RoN Universe for contributions also. You can contribute to that from this link.

Friday, May 21, 2004

RoN+T&P replay renamer ready!

MiCrOsLaVe over at MFO has done it again, writing a program to rename Rise of Nations as well as T&P replays so they are easier to manage.

Check it out here.

Reynolds Elected to IGDA Board

From BHG: "Big Huge Games President and Founder, Brian Reynolds, has been elected to the board of directors of the IGDA [Independent Game Developers Association]. Brian hopes to grow the organization's role as an advocate for developers' interests in areas such as intellectual property rights, credit and recognition, and compensation." You can read about the details from BHG's site. Congratulations!

RoN: Tactical to Survival

History Guy has finally launched his Rise of Nations/RoN:T&P site! Various tutorials and projects are planned. You can visit his site here, it also has its own Forum Imperium Historia. He starts with a Tutorial on mIRC.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Math of Knowledge

KBS_Gladiator authored a thorough mathematical analysis of efficient knowledge gathering in Rise of Nations. "If you are trying to increase knowledge, building another university when you have unused slots is always wasteful." Check out the full article at KSB_Gladiator's site. Plenty of formulae and charts for the rocket scientists among us.

Living the Roman Life

Coins presents a unique scenario that puts you in the role of a powerful Roman patrician at the height of the Empire vying for mastery of the city of Rome and the Imperial Throne. You can download this scenario at Rise of Nations Oracle's download.

More RoN Oscar Speeches

Heaven's_Myst (Favorite Old School Player), Jedianakinsolo (Best Modification Designer), and I_War (Best Technical Support Helper) thank the community at Out4Blood's Blog (18 May 04 entry).

Reviews, they Keep on Rising!

***Gaming Nexus: 8.8/10***
Tyler Sager in a two-page review: "...Thrones and Patriots is just about everything I could have wanted in an expansion." Four new screenshots accompany this review.

***GGMania: 80%***
Reviewer hx: "There's no doubt the Thrones and Patriots will likely please fans of the original game with its boatload of new content and the 'government' gameplay feature." 43 screenshots accompanies this review.

***Daytrum: 5/5 - 2/5 - 3/5***
Daytrum's Editorial Staff: "As expansion packs go, Microsoft's Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots is a first rate addition that makes Rise of Nations, a fantastic strategy game, even better."
5/5 = General Rating (Outstanding)
2/5 = Family Value (Barely appropriate)
3/5 = Violence Rating (Moderate: Bloodless violence)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Steel Gray Eiffel Tower Mod

Your Eiffel tower looking a little worst for the wear? Bit on the rusty side, and want to restore it to its industrial age steel spanking newness? Well this is the mod for you. Its just a simple skin mod for the Eiffel Tower, that changes the redish tinged Eiffel tower in the game with a steel gray color. You can grab it in our download section.

Wonders Pages Revamped and Updated

In the lastest round of site updates, the new Wonders pages has just gone live. You can display a list wonders that are available in the Thrones and Patriots expack or from the original Rise of Nations, and divide them by age as well. You can also click on the min-screenshot to get a large scale view of the wonders. You can check it out here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Ilya Kreymer On Scenario Auto Transfer

Mainly due to a strange effect someone noticed that caused ALL of ones scenarios rather then just the selected scenario to be transferred. Ilya Kreymer, Programmer at BHG drops by to clear up some questions about the new scenario auto-transfer facility in Thrones and Patriots and explains how to set things up properly so only the selected scenario is transferred through auto-download. You can check out what he has to say on the matter on our forum thread.

"Ewe'r Baaad!" RoN Audio Taunts from AU Clan

Anarchy Unlimited offers a download of three new "essential sheep taunts" for Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots. You can check them out at the AU site.

Jedianakinsolo's Imperial Guardsman

Inspired by Rohag's comment in his Napoleon Campaign review. Modder Jedianakinsolo has prepared a more historical skin for the French Imperial Guard appearing in Thrones & Patriots' Napoleon campaign. He says: "The model for the Imperial Guardsman is entirely impressive, but it resembles an 18th century soldier far more than that of an early 19th century Imperial Guard Grenadier, which is what I would have expected." You can grab it from our download section or at Rise of Nations Universe. You can check out a screenshot of the modded unit (including before and after shots) in our Mod Gallery.

RoN & AoK Comparisons?

Though comparisons of these two RTS games are not rare, a particularly thoughtful discussion of their contrasts has started at MFO Rise of Nations. You can follow the discussion at here.

More Thrones and Patriots Reviews

***Gaming Illustrated: 94% Editor's Choice***
Reviewer Greg Gibson: "...this is a MUST HAVE game for 2004." Four new screenshots in included in the review.

***VideoGamesLife Pre-Review***
Previewer Martin Wharmby: "...the original Rise of Nations...swept us off our feet and treated us to vintage real time strategy that still manages to make whole days disappear into an isometric blur a year after its release. ... Considering the pedigree of the original game, we can't see Big Huge Games going far wrong with this add-on. We'll bring you a full review soon." Check out the review here.

Monday, May 17, 2004

New and Improved Units Section

We have just finished a revamping and a long overdo update of our units section! We now have all of the Nations and unit stats from the original game and the Thrones and Patriots expack, which you can select by Nation and Age, plus it also give you a nice mini-screenshot of what the unit looks like. But there's more! Yes, we also included the scenario units from the new Thrones and Patriots Conquer the World campaigns! You can click on the "Units" link from the navigation bar or click on this link!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

American Civil War 1861 Scenario Ver. 3

Berlin9487 continues his frenzy of troubleshooting and tweaking. Version 3 of American Civil War 1861 (a multiplayer scenario for Thrones & Patriots) fixes the following and more:
  • 1. Fixed a bug that caused the game to go out of sync.
  • 2. Weaken Forts.
  • 3. Every player receives one Ironclad every 3 minutes.
  • 4. All Players start with some ships.
  • 5. First few battles occur quicker
You can find the latest version at our download section or at Rise of Nations Oracle's download.

To Nuke or Not to Nuke

Many familiar names weigh in on the value and optimal use of Rise of Nations's Modern and Information Age nuclear weapons. You can follow the discussion on our forum thread.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

TheGoodEvil Goes gaga Over Gigi

Our TheGoodEvil continues his series of intervews of top Rise of Nations players. This time he interviews Gigi the human Rise of Nations encyclopedia. He knows just about everything about Rise of Nations from unit stats to research prices, he is also one of the trickiest and infamous people in the Rise of Nations community. You can check out the interview here.

TaP and Scenario Auto-Transfer

In case you didn't know. A long wished for feature was automatic transfer of multi-player scenarios. Well in fact this feature has been added to the Thrones and Patriots expack without much fanfare. So now feel free to start up scenario games online and let games begin!

Thanks to Berlin9487 for the info.

Expert Micromanagement at RoNU & RoNP

Some of the community's expert players reveal their unit-control techniques. You can check out the discussion on Rise of Nations Universe or at a parallel thread at Rise of Nations Planet.

Strategy Submission Requested at RONU

Rise of Nations Universe's Cowboy has launched an effort to compile a concise strategy/gameplay resource page. Submissions are welcome. "Our staff will aim to find and sort through a large amount of material and display it all in this post, in a way that allows people to find specific things or just to browse through. We will date items as best as I can so that you can see how old or new things are at a glance." You can see if you can participate at Rise of Nations Universe.

Friday, May 14, 2004

American Civil War MP Scenario

Berlin9487 has completed an ambitious multi-player scenario for Rise of Nations TaP that allows you to recreate the American Civil War. The scenario involves 50 historical battles, unique units, and a simplified economic system whereby players gain resources for cities under their control. You can check this out at our our download section or at Rise of Nations Oracle.

Circuit City Deal

Major retailer Circuit City is offering Rise of Nations and T&P for US $19.99 each including free shipping. The offer only applies in the US. You can visit the Circuit City website for details.

Thanks to Death_Warri0r_ for the bargain alert!

XenonDDR's Civilian Buildings Mod

Forumer, XenonDDR has created a TaP Mod that allows you to access some of the scenario editor buildings in solo or multiplayer quick battles. He says "This modification makes a certain set of civilian buildings that were previously only available through the scenario editor, now available through construction via Citizens!" You can grab it at our download section.

ZenGamer Gives RoN TaP: 9/10

Reviewer Troy Goodfellow: "The people at Big Huge Games made modest changes to the underlying game but focused on delivering more of the stuff that has earned Rise of Nations a permanent place on my hard drive." Article includes five new screenshots, you can check it out here.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

El_Capitan's Lakota Counter-Rush

El_Capitan has put together a download of seven recorded T&P games illustrating his methods of countering the rush when playing as the Lakota. You can check out them out at Rise of Nations Universe. He offers more strategy details in his post at Out4Blood's Rise of Nations Strategy Blog, 12 May 04 entry.

GamerDad: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Reviewer Andrew S. Bub on Thrones & Patriots: "Rise of Nations, the game that has everything, now has even more, and that's a good (if overwhelming) thing." check out the review here.

T&P at #4; RoN at #7

HomeLan Fed reports the NPD Group's listing of the top-selling PC games in the US for the week ending May 1st. Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots came in at #4 with original Rise of Nations at #7. You can check out the story at Homeland.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

ReadyMan Gets Set, Go, Lakota Style!

More great tips from RONH Forumers, ReadyMan offers some ready tips on playing the Lakota and how to survive past the initial food shortage hurdles and come out on the L-tip. You can you check out the article on another of our forum thread.

Iroquois vs Spanish Ruins Scouting

Forumer, jazzman_1 has posted an anaylsis comparing how the new Iroquois scouts do against the former champs of Ruins scouting the Spanish. After a round of tests, his initial conclusion is that the new world nation is most likely the new ruins scouting champ. You can read about it on our forum thread.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

T&P Oil Locator Function

A new feature little noticed? - Select citizen, press "b" for build then "z" for oil well -> the cursor jumps to the closest oil spot. Thanks to crazymaniac and Unthinking_Pain for posting! You can learn about the details of this tip on our forum thread.

GameOver Gives Ron TaP 88%

Reviewer Jeff 'Linkphreak' Haynes: "But what happens when you decide to release an expansion for a game that’s relatively flawless? Turns out you get...a solid foundation of accessible gameplay with a number
of new features that helps to invigorate the entire gaming experience." You can check out the reviee here.

RoN Tap Gallery at Big Huge Games

A new gallery has just gone live at Big Huge Games composed of screenshots, desktop wallpapers, and intricate rotating 3D scenes featuring many of the new units in the Thrones and Patriots expansion.

You can check it out here and visit the BHG Thrones and Patriots site while you're at it.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Age Series: 15 Million & Counting

Of Possible Interest: Microsoft Games Studios and Ensemble Studios announce the "Age of..." games franchise has sold more than 15 million units worldwide. You can check out the GameSpy's report here.

LordCirone's Roman Ballista Mod

LordCirone's Roman Ballista mod (the ballista donated by the Koreans) now sports a Roman-specific icon made by Daleran. You can check it out at Ron Oracle's download.

NetJak: 9.5

Rise of Nations: T&P -> "A must buy for anyone" (without reference to game genre); reviewer Maureen "BabyMo" Lubitz: "Thrones and Patriots manages to double the immense amount of replay in the original Rise of Nations...." You can check out the review here.

Sunday, May 9, 2004

RoN Oracle Gets a Facelift

Rise of Nations Oracle has completed a majority of its planned site redesign. Now updated with a TaP theme. You can check out the new look from their main front page.

RoN-Alliance Forums Return

The Rise of Nations-Alliance forums (French) are back up after a successful migration. You can visit the new forum site here.

RoN Universe has Recorded T&P Games

Fans at Rise of Nations Universe have uploaded 16 recorded T&P games in the past three days. You can check them out at Rise of Nations Universe.

El_Capitan's Balance Evaluation

Though still in the process of getting a feel for all the nations in Thrones & Patriots, El_Capitan offers well-founded impressions of their relative balance. "Nations are only overpowered because of a certain
strategy they are capable of. Get rid of their strategy, and they may not be overpowered." You can check out the analysis at Out4Blood's blog (9 May 04 entry).

Egyptian Fast Hanging Gardens Mil Boom

A humiliating defeat at the hands of PCA_Frogman. El_Capitan was motivated to work out a special T&P Egyptian strategy. You can check it out at Out4Blood's Blog.

Hail PCA_Frogman!

Hearty congratulations to PCA_Frogman, who has emerged the overall winner in Anarchy Unlimited's "Russian Roulette" Tournament! The tournament challenged players to use original-Rise of Nations nations generally considered weak. You can check out the results at the Anarchy Unlimited site and grab the tournament recorded games (all original Rise of Nations) here.

Also, AU has opened a new Thrones & Patriots Recorded Games forum and invites fans to upload good games. You can check that out here.

Saturday, May 8, 2004

GameSpy Gives RoN TaP 4/5

Reviewer Allen Rausch: "Granted, I'm quite sure that even now, dedicated players are busily looking for killer strategies and exploits, but after playing each of the new nations against players across the 'Net, I certainly couldn't find any major weaknesses. In fact, any elements I disliked about a particular nation could easily be attributed to that nation being incompatible with my own play style." Review includes 8 new screenshots.

Friday, May 7, 2004

Expert Games at RON Universe

Rise of Nations Universe's TaNgRa lists recent expert-level recorded games now available for download. You can grab it at Rise of Nations Universe's download sections.

RoN Planet Interactive Unit Module and IRC

Rise of Nations Planet has updated its main units module to include all the units from Thrones & Patriots. The module is an extensive database of units and their statistics, searchable by nation and type. You can check it out at Rise of Nations Planet, registration required.

Also, Gamezace has set up an IRC channel for RoN chat. server: channel: #RoNPlanet IRC technical discussion including links and a tutorial. You can check that out here.

TGE on the Nations

Our own TheGoodEvil ran a test series of games with players of roughly equal skill and has posted his initial, tentative impressions of all Rise of Nations:T&P's nations' balance. You can check out the discussion in our forum thread.

RoN:T&P for ESL Petition

Following recent reporting (5 May 04), sNooPy has begun a formal petition for creating a 'Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots' ladder at ClanBase. Registering support for Rise of Nations:T&P is done on a clan basis, so only one representative per clan is counted. Thirty supporting votes may be enough for inclusion. Join in the discussion and sign the petition here.

More Reviews of TaP

***AVault: 4/5 Stars***
Adrenaline Vault T&P reviewer Jim Richmond: "...all of the new groups [nations] are finely balanced to blend in smoothly with all of the existing favorites." The article is two pages in length with 14 new screenshots. You can check it out here.

***Macleans Canada: 4 Stars***
Reviewer Michael Snider: "An excellent addition to an already tremendous game." You can check out the review here

Thursday, May 6, 2004

"Games for Windows" at E3

Microsoft Games will be showcasing games from several publishers at E3 as part of its "Games for Windows" initiative. Microsoft will also present Microsoft® XNAT, the recently unveiled software development platform. You can check out the details here.

TaP to Arrives in Japan June 11th

Stack-Style reports June 11th has been set as the release date for the localized Japanese version of Thrones & Patriots. It is now available for pre-orders through Amazon Japan. You can visit Stack-style for detail.

Playing Napoleon

Industry insider marcoval offers tips on taking on the Napoleon CtW campaign. You can check it out in our forum thread.

Lakota-Spanish Tower Rush

El_Capitan teams up with TheGoodEvil to try out a variation of MaX_Dreadlock's Lakota Tower Rush strategy. You can check out the discussion at Out4Blood's blog, and download the Recorded game from Rise of Nations Universe.

The Prices of T&P

Over at Rise of Nations Oracle fans from various countries and locations are sharing what they paid or may have to pay for Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots. You can take a gander on their forums to see if you got the best price.

EntDepot: 8.5/Excellent

Reviewer Ryan Newman of Entertainment Depot: "Now, Thrones & Patriots takes the [Rise of Nations] formula, and while not fixing all the previous flaws, brings some much-needed diversity, as well as introducing some truly enjoyable campaigns." Four new screenshots, three of which are from the Napoleon campaign. You can check out the full review here.

2Biaz on RoN Scripting

2Biaz has written up a couple of articles on the basics of scripting for Rise of Nations. It assume no knowledge of programming, so anyone should be able to understand it and get you started on scripting. You can check it out at his Rise of Nations Tactics site, then click on the Tutorial link on the left to go to the articles on scripting plus other informative tutorials.

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Updated Gouvernements at RON Alliance

Flavius of Rise of Nations Alliance (French) outlines T&P's governments. You can check it out here.

Japanese T&P Resources

Japanese fans of Rise of Nations: T&P have access to superb summaries of the wider community's growing appreciation of the expansion at Stack-Style. You can check it out here.

Want RoN in ESL?

SNooPy is enlisting support for starting a Thrones & Patriots ladder in the European Electronic Sports League. If you're interested, post here.

MS Support for T&P

Microsoft Games now has a support site dedicated specifically to Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots. Click on this link for the dedicated support site. You can also access Microsoft Games General Games Support here. But if you want, you can still go to the Original Rise of Nations Support site.

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

TheGoodEvil Reviews TaP Expack

Our own, TheGoodEvil, gives us the good and the evil of the new expack and how the old and new versions of the Nations compare. You can check out his review of the Rise of Nations expack on our forum thread.

Spanish RoN Scenarios

Three historical scenarios by Edgar Perez are available for download from El Ágora: Rise of Nations - Britain to War, To Athens, and Landing at Normandy. You can check them out here.

New TaP Strategies Cropping Up

Thaomir presents his first T&P strategy, one based on aggressive early scouting by the Iroquois. He links to two sample recorded games. You can find out the details on Rise of Nations Universe.

El_Capitan in turn details a very specific kind of rush strategy using the Romans and the Despotic Government type. You can check it out at Out4Blood's blog (May 2, 2004 entry).

MP Stats Irregularities

Several people have complain of rated games stats irregularities, so Thunder stops by our forums to address multiplayer game statistics issue. You can read it on our forum thread.

Monday, May 3, 2004

Simple Unit Counter Chart

El_Capitan has compiled a simplified text-chart of the unit-v-unit counter relationships in RoNT&P, in "behalf of people out there getting started on Multiplayer." You can check it out at Out4Blood's blog 2 May 04 entry.

Expert Recorded Games Rolling In at RoNU

You can enjoy several expert-level 1v1 recorded games and a 2v2 from the new Expert Recorded Game Forum at Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots Universe. You can check them out at Rise of Nations Universe.

The RoNTPU Expert Staff currently consists of PCA_Frogman, TuF_Astator, TWC_Shadowz, TuF_Raider, EPiC_MoNTaNa, ROSA_shimako, TWC_Lokatzis, and Tuf_Richter.

Russian Roulette Tournament Finals

The best-of-three Russian Roulette Tournament Finals between PCA_Frogman and Gigi should soon yield a winner. You can visit the AU clan site for the details of the tournament, and watch the recorded games from the tourney using the original Rise of Nations, here.

Gamezilla Reviews TaP

Reviewer Bill Shefski of Gamezilla: "Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots is a welcome extension of Rise of Nations, a near-perfect mesh of the familiar oblique-overhead map 'real time' tactics and turn-based strategy." You can check it out here.

Sunday, May 2, 2004

RoNU Expert Recorded Games Forum

Rise of Nations Thrones & Patriots Universe has formed an Expert Staff composed of highly-accomplished Rise of Nations players and opened an Expert Recorded Games Forum. Though only Expert Staff may upload recorded games to that particular forum, all may post comments. You can check out the forum here.

The first game presented in the Expert forum is that of TuF_Richter (Iroquois) vs. TWC_Demon (AKA Shadowz; India). You can check out the game here.

El_Capitan Assesses the New Nations

Expert player and community strategist El_Capitan has posted his initial but well-considered assessments of the new nations in Thrones & Patriots. You can check it out at Out4Blood's Blog (1 May 04 entry).

Additionally, you can download El_Capitan's recent two "Funky" recorded games featuring some of the new nations. You can download it at Rise of Nations Universe.

RoN Oscar Speeches 4 of 10

More acceptance speeches now featured at Out4Blood's Rise of Nations Strategy Blog (1 May 04 entry): Best Team Player: {BLuT}1210MKII, Best Clan Site - Infidels, Best Clan Site - Roman Units and Best Scenario Designer: Daleran. Check them out here.

Saturday, May 1, 2004

AU Russian Roulette Tourney

Reminder: Anarchy Unlimited's Russian Roulette Invitational is soon to begin. AU_niDe: "Time has been set for: Saturday MIDNIGHT GMT, Saturday 6PM EST, Sunday 11AM NZ, Sunday 8AM Tokyo". You can verify the details and player's list here.

T&P Ratings Live

Thunder: "The ratings site for Thrones and Patriots is now live! Best of luck to those players who will be doing battle in the quickmatch lobby to try and take over first place [from] me." You can check out the rankings page here.

T&P: IGN Game of the Month

The IGN Games Channel editors name Thrones & Patriots "IGN Game of the Month" for April 2004! You can check out how and why they made their pick in this article.

Portuguese Independance ... from CTW that is!

The 1st TaP mod! Now you can play as the Portuguese and not just in the Conquer the World's New World Campaigns. I have essentually, "extracted" the Portuguese from CTW and made it usable in Solo and Multiplayer Quick Battles, with the two UU's (Bandeirantes and Elite Bandeirantes) accessible in the Barracks, and national bonuses like the Nubians as they do in CTW. You can grab it from our download section!