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Monday, June 30, 2003

Eurogamer Reviews RoN

Eurogamer has reviewed Rise of Nations, giving it a 9 out of 10. Here's an excerpt from the review:

"Rise of Nations is another game which aims to combine two genres, in this case, high speed real-time strategy gameplay and hardcore turn-based strategy mechanics. It's an interesting concept, and the team behind it makes it all the more interesting - lead designer Brian Reynolds was one of the key figures behind Civilization II and Alpha Centauri, and hence this debut title from new studio Big Huge Games brings a certain weight of expectation with it."

Sunday, June 29, 2003

RoN Oracle Back Up Soon

Just a reminder to everyone that Rise of Nations Oracle is still going through its more reliable permanent server move, but should hopefully be back up tomorrow. Best of luck to Ogre in the move!

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Forum Party today 6/28

Our first official forum party starts at noon today in Unrated Room 6. The party will run from 12 - 2 and there will be a second one later on in the day from 5 - 8. Rise of Nations Heaven staff will be online and having fun right along with you for both events.

We've also decided on our forum party mascot, and as you can tell from the picture on the right, the Vandal won hands down. Thanks everyone for taking the time to vote. =)

Week In Review

Probably the biggest news this week was the addition of Rise of Nations Heaven’s new staff members and the creation of the official forum party. Cherub TheGoodEvil is going to be in charge of the site’s ladder. If things turn out anything like they did at AoMH, you guys are definitely for a fun ride of tons of games with some of the best players on the net. The second promotion went to Cherub Bridger who will focus on other community aspects of the site, the news and events such as the forum party. Our forum party will go on later in the day, and is sure to be a success. In other Rise of Nations Heaven news, we’re giving out two free signed copies of Rise of Nations for anyone that doesn’t have one or wants one for a friend. All you need to do is post in Obsidian’s forum thread and you might be selected to win one of them!

Reviewing Rise of Nations picked up this week, with The Stratos Group, Ferrago, PC Gamer, Bella Online, Total, netjak, and each giving out fairly high ratings for the game. MFO didn’t review anything, but they did interview ATLien_CP, one of the fine fellows that tested Rise of Nations. It’s a great interview to check out, covering being a MS playtester and the development of Rise of Nations. Okay, that wasn’t the best segue, but I didn’t have much to work with ;-)

What’s coming next week? Hey, I haven’t a clue. I seem to say that a lot. Some newsie I am ;-)

That’s it for this week!

Friday, June 27, 2003

Forum Party and MFO Collide!

This Saturday will be quite busy, we've got 2 forum parties plus MFO smackdown! Here's the lineup:

12:00pm EST(noon) - First Rise of Nations Heaven Forum Party, all welcome in Unrated room 6. Get together with your buds from the forums and have some laid back games of Rise of Nations!

5:00pm EST - 2nd Rise of Nations Heaven forum party, for people that won't be available for the first.

5:00pm EST - MFO Smackdown Tournament, see this thread for details.

So if you feel like being competitive and going for the gold, try your hand at smackdown, if you want a laid back, relaxing game of conquest and mayhem, join us in Rise of Nations Unrated room 6. Seems like we have had an unfortunate time collisions and will be taking measures to correct this in the future.

Win a signed copy of Rise of Nations!!!

That's right everyone, not only are we giving away a copy of Rise of Nations, we are giving away a copy of the game signed by the development team at Big Huge Games! All you have to do to enter is make a post in this thread before Midnight EST on June 30th (One entry per person please). We'll pick 2 winners at random and announce them on July 1st.

Good luck everyone and stay tuned for information about even more chances to win!

Thursday, June 26, 2003

A Duo of Reviews

The first site to review Rise of Nations today is It gave an overall 8.5; not too great, but bad either.

"I know what you’re thinking: "Rise of Nations has been out a while, and you’re just now getting to the review?" Well, truth be told, we’ve been so busy playing the game we haven’t had time to write about it. With 18 nations, eight Ages, 14 Wonders and more than 200 military units, it’s easy to lose days just taking in all the game has to offer. We also wanted to make sure we covered it in a way that goes beyond some of the other, sometimes clone-like, reviews out there..."

netjak wrote the next review, Rise of Nations got a 9.3. Pretty good, here's an excerpt:

"I like learning about history; I was a history major in college and I pursued an additional interdisciplinary program in Medieval and Renaissance studies. I have also been known to enjoy documentaries on a wide variety of subjects. I also enjoy video games, so when I found out about Rise of Nations, I was very excited. I am no stranger to real-time strategy (RTS) games and the hype for the game seemed to suggest that Rise of Nations would take the genre to the next level in gaming..."

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

RoN Reviews

Total has reviewed Rise of Nations, giving it a 90%.

"As you might expect from aptly named developer Big Huge Games, Rise Of Nations is no lightweight. In fact, as gaming concepts go, they don’t come much bigger or more epic than this. The latest brainchild of Civilization II designer Brian Reynolds, RON fuses the sizeable enough task of conquering the world with an epic journey of societal development through the ages."

Following up that review, Bella Online gave no score, but did give it high praise. However...there seems to be some confusion as to what series it's part of, the reviewer thinks that it's part of the Age series. Hm. Here's an excerpt from it:

"Microsoft has been making these games for a while now and really brought together the best of many of them. Much of it is based on the Age of Empires system - build up your civilization, work through ages, build and grow. But they threw in better people-management a la Pharaoh and Caesar. Instead of peasants standing around stupidly while farms wait for them, the workers actively seek out what needs to be done. They'll sign on at the lumber mill or farm where workers are needed."

RoN Drops a Spot on Best-Selling List

Rise of Nations has dropped to the 4th best-selling game of last week, due to the rising sales of Battlefield 1942 that took its 3rd spot. It's most interesting that Battlefield 1942 had such a rise in sales, though Rise of Nations is probably making more money due to its higher price. Here's the top 10 list:

1 The Sims: Superstar Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $30
2 The Sims Deluxe - Electronic Arts $43
3 Battlefield 1942 - Electronic Arts $39
4 Rise Of Nations - Microsoft $49
5 Finding Nemo: Nemo's Underwater World Of Fun - THQ Inc $20
6 Hoyle Casino 2003 - Vivendi Universal Publishing $17
7 The Sims: Unleashed Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $29
8 Diablo 2 - Vivendi Universal Publishing $19
9 Finding Nemo - THQ Inc $20
10 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Take 2 Interactive/Rockstar $48

Brian Reynolds Describes a Few Posible Balance Changes

Brian Reynolds dropped by the forums today in a thread that was discussing the usefulness of mobile AA guns and had this to say:

"The current thinking of the design & playtest teams is that we may want to extend the -range- of Mobile AA units and we may want to decrease slightly the bonus Helicopters have against Tanks."

You can find the thread Here.

New Strategy Being Developed at MFO

Ebony_Skene over at Rise of Nations Pantheon (AKA Mr Fixit Online Rise of Nations site) has developed what might be a better starting strategy for water maps. Instead of the classic Science/civic start we are all used to, he tested out a new Science/Commerce start to facilitate boat booms. Here's how he set it up:

"So anyway, here are the results, I played a couple games with each start and took the best of each, plus had to restart the game a few times, because conditions were not similar (ie. [cruddy] wood around my capital, or 2 many great rares, etc.) Also note, these are both 1 dock builds."

Head over here to check out the results (which look quite promising!).

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Pick our Official Forum Party Mascot!

That's right folks, it is official. Forum parties will be officially starting this Saturday and will run from 5 - 8 in Unrated room 6. I've been left with a dilema though. What to pick as our official mascot? Having found a number of cool animations I thought it would be best to leave it up to all of you to pick. Head on over to this page to view our list of entrants and be able to cast your vote. The winner will make their debut at the launch of next Saturday's forum party.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Ancient Arsenal on The Discovery Channel This Week

Carch has a bit of news in our forums on the Discovery Channel series Ancient Arsenal. The two episodes showing this week are entitled Fire Ships and Chariots of War. If you're interested in the weapons and means of fighting in history (which I assume so, since you're playing Rise of Nations), I'm sure you'll like these shows.

The schedule can be found here.

MFO Interview of ATLien_CP

ATLien_CP - a Microsoft playtester - was interviewed by MFO's Heavens_Myst. The interesting interview goes over being a MS playtester, as well as the development of Rise of Nations. Here's an excerpt:

"MFO Heavens_Myst
Wow, 8 months of testing! No wonder we haven’t found any imbalances! However, we all have a certain nation that we like and feel is strong, what is yours?

I prefer to play random. This allows for a greater variety of style, which is more fun =). I think it also is an advantage, as your opponent has to scout you to know what to expect."

New staff at RoNH

I'd like everyone to join me in welcoming two new staff members to Rise of Nations Heaven. Cherubs TheGoodEvil and Bridger.

TheGoodEvil has been helping out in the forum moderation department and will be charge of administering the Rise of Nations Heaven Ladder. I'll have more on this later, but I wanted to confirm what many people have been suspecting for a while. Yes, we will have a ladder here at Rise of Nations Heaven. =)

Bridger is already well known for his excellent insights into the game as well as providing us all with a wonderful audio interview with the staff at Big Huge Games. He'll be heading up a number of community related events as well as helping out with the news posting.

Congratulations to both of you!

PC Gamer reviews Rise of Nations. 93%

Looks like the folks at PC Gamer have done a very complete review of Rise of Nations for their August edition. Bridger gives us the highlights.
This month's PCG is filled with Rise of Nations goodness! It's got a great review (the single negative thing they found was bad pathfinding, which they attributed to almost all RTS games anyway) and they get it a 93%

Also included in this issue is the typical PCG CD with the Rise of Nations demo on it! For those of you that havn't been able to play the demo because you don't want to spend 2 days downloading a 200mb demo, go spend $3 on the August PCG (might not be in stores yet, i just got my subscription in the mail) and you'll get the demo along with it.

Also they have 3 and a half pages worth of strategies (almost all text, very few pictures, lots of content), plus they list all the cheats as well.

All and all I think this will bring a huge boost to the Rise of Nations community. PCG is the top selling PC Gaming magazine and lots of people are going to be seeing this game got PCG Editors choice, and try the demo on the CD, and then go out and buy it. GJ BHG!

Let's hope people do just that. This is a great game and more people need to start seeing just what it has to offer.

Two New RoN Reviews

Two sites have reviewed Rise of Nations today. The first site is Ferrago, which gave the game a 90%.

"Now, I am not saying that Rise of Nations (now and forever more referred to as Rise of Nations) is anything new, as far as RTS goes, most of the features and gameplay ideas will be very familiar to any RTS fan. Where Rise of Nations really knocks it out of the park is in terms of how well these existing ideas are sculpted on to a very solid engine. "

The second site is the Stratos Group, and they gave the game a 4.4 out of 5.

"The real-time strategy genre has swallowed the strategy world whole. [Ed note: Triumph Studios would beg to differ...] Worse, complaints about RTSs never end. Even religious RTS players complain about the lack of innovation in the genre since Age of Kings (a game that is still on the bestseller list) arrived. Now we have Big Huge Games' first foray into the crowded market. Is Rise of Nations the title that will finally shut the RTS naysayers up? I hope so."

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Forum Party Wrap Up...

Even though the staff of Rise of Nations Heaven wasn't able to attend the first unofficial forum party, the forumers still definitely had a fun time. xLpx has posted a thread about the party, talking about his games and such; they sound like they were pretty fun. Here's his account of the forum party, and you can check out the thread for others:

"Well, my first game was with 6 players, assasin, and random civs for all (we chose to do that, more fun )

Well, I got egyptians as my civ and I was leading the whole game, I killed my initial enemy, but after doing that.... my game crashed

Second game was a 4 player assasin, me, TGE, Toad Rush, and ADIL were in it (wow, 3 RoC members ).
I got Greeks as my random civ and.. wow... I hate them , I got ADIL for my target and killed him,I defended all of TGE's attacks and then since Toad Rush was winning so good, we decided to give up after 45 mins."

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Week In Review

More patch news came up this week, with the changelist for the Patch2. It fixes several multiplayer problems, including the rating and lag. For those that haven’t been able to use autopatching to download it, the standalone version was released with the changelist. However, some people were still having problems installing the patch, but not for long. My buddy Graham “Thunder” Somers gave us the low-down on what to do after much testing at BHG. Those that still aren’t able to install the patch need to reinstall the game and get a fresh version of the patch. BHG kept coming with assistance with the game, with gamegeek posting a guide to getting your router to play Rise of Nations. With all of these fixes and great help, there has been no report of any connectivity problems. Pretty dang good, methinks. As for the next patch, Brian Reynolds says that it will have additional features such as automatchmaking and interface improvements.

On the sales charts, Rise of Nations is still holding strong against its competition. It’s kept its weekly spot of #3 for the 3rd week in a row, only behind its indirect competitors of The Sims. For the month, it was rated 6th. However, next month’s Rise of Nations ranking will very likely be higher, due to the fact that the game was released halfway through last month and didn’t get as long a time to sell copies as did other games.

Community news was quite rampant this week as well, with MFO Rise of Nations’ Smackdown being started. Smackdowns started in MFO AoK and were quite popular tournaments that happened every week, I’m sure people will have fun with them in Rise of Nations. Rise of Nations Oracle finished up and announced the winners to their recent contest who won copies of Rise of Nations and Rise of Nations posters. And finally, our Rise of Nations Heaven’s first unofficial forum party will start later tonight at 8pm EST. Be there or be square! I’ve always wanted to say that ;-)

What’s coming next week? I seem to be quite the uninformed fellow for upcoming news, because I have no idea what kinds of things you see next week. I’ll keep you guys updated, though.

That’s it for this week!

Forum Party tonight

Forummer xLpX has taken it upon himself to launch an unofficial forum party this evening. Rules for tonight are as follows.
Time: 8pm EST
Day: Saturday, June 21, 2003
Rooms: Unrated room 6
Game Type: Assasin!

Not sure if any of the Rise of Nations Heaven staff will be able to make it tonight, but I wish everyone good luck and a fun time.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Smackdown rules released

The rules for tonight's smackdown have been released. Here is what Swinger had to say :
Games shall be played in Unrated room 5 tonight - signups start at 6:30 Eastern and the tourney starts at 7:30.( an hour and a half from now)

All settings will be standard EXCEPT FOR these:

Civ choice: Whatever you want

Teams and Allies: Teams of 2

Map Style: British Isles

Map size 4 player

Games rules: Custom

Start with: Nomad

Resrouces: X2

Start age: Classical

Victory: Time limit - 30 mins

Tournament play checked.

All other settings standard defaults.

Make sure to read my earlier news post that everyone HAS TO MAKE IT IN on the first try - you cant ip or else it will fubar the game. If all 4 dont make it in, go back and relaunch from gamespy till they do. Try different hosts if necessary.

Good luck everyone.

Workaround for Lockup and Delays on Start-Up

Brian Reynolds has stopped by our forums to notify the community that the team is working on a workaround for people who are getting lockups and delays on the game start-up. In the mean time, turning on ForceLowCPUBackgroundVid in rise2.ini should fix the problem. Here's the full scoop from the man himself:

A workaround from our programming department for people who experience lockups/delays when the game is starting (and for people who just don't like the movie that runs behind the menus):

Some people are experiencing lockups when entering multiplayer games. This usually occurs when leaving the setup screen to start the game. It could also happen when launching the scenario editor or Conquer the World. This is caused by a thread deadlock with the menu background video. It happens more on some machines than others and seems to be exacerbated by alt-tabbing. Turning on ForceLowCPUBackgroundVid in rise2.ini disables the movie entirely and fixes the problem.

Obviously we'll look at a more permanent fix for Patch 3.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Brian Reynolds' Plan for Next Patch

Brian Reynolds has graciously posted about their plans for improvements to the game that should be coming in the next patch release.
Now that we've dealt with some of the initial release issues, we'd like the next patch to include some of the additional features that have been requested (e.g. automatchmaking, interface improvements, etc).
There will be a public beta test of the patch 3, so stay tuned for that! Here is the full announcement.

RoN on Best-Selling Lists

Rise of Nations was on both the best-selling list for last month and last week. Last week it held its position of number three, only beaten by two Sims products; considering that they're both considerably cheaper than Rise of Nations, Rise of Nations could possibly be making more money than the two. Here's the top-10 list for last week:

1 The Sims: Superstar Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $30
2 The Sims Deluxe - Electronic Arts $43
3 Rise Of Nations - Microsoft $49
4 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Take 2 Interactive/Rockstar $47
5 The Sims: Unleashed Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $29
6 Finding Nemo: Nemo's Underwater World Of Fun - THQ Inc $19
7 Finding Nemo - THQ Inc $20
8 Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - Atari $29
9 Enter The Matrix - Atari $49
10 Command & Conquer: Generals - Electronic Arts $46
For last month, Rise of Nations got number 6 on the month's 20 best-selling games. Of course, this is likely due to the fact that the game was released later on in the month and wasn't able to sell as many copies as other games that had been out during the entire length of May. Here's that list:

1 The Sims: Superstar Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $29
2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Take 2 Interactive/Rockstar $45
3 Enter The Matrix - Atari $47
4 The Sims Deluxe - Electronic Arts $41
5 Planetside - Sony $48
6 Rise Of Nations - Microsoft $50
7 Command & Conquer: Generals Electronic Arts $46
8 The Sims: Unleashed Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $28
9 Delta Force Black Hawk Down - Nova Logic $38
10 Battlefield 1942 - Electronic Arts $47
11 Sim City 4 - Electronic Arts $41
12 MS Zoo Tycoon - Microsoft $26
13 Diablo 2 - Vivendi Universal Publishing $21
14 Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - Atari $28
15 Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos - Vivendi Universal Publishing $39
16 Roller Coaster Tycoon 2: Wacky Worlds Expansion Pack - Atari $25
17 Mall Tycoon - Take 2 Interactive $19
18 Battlefield 1942: Road To Rome Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $19
19 Backyard Baseball 2003 - Atari $19
20 Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault - Electronic Arts $33

Seven Hour Games?

It seems like it. A number of forumers have found themselves in amazing stalemates with games lasting 5, 6, even 7 hours. Once Missile Shield is researched, it's quite difficult to get a quick victory with Nukes; games just drag on and on after that, with enormous economies and instantly-producing units. It definitely seems like the range of time that Rise of Nations games last even larger than we previously thought, from under an hour to 7 hours. Here's an account of one of the long games:

"3 Hours 39 Minutes, ended in armagedon (multiplayer) I ended it, got tired of the stalemate and he wouldnt call it a draw...Good Game but what a yuck stalemate, I learned how to use my airforce though and I think he learned how to make a navy. He didnt research any of the end techs other than Missle Shield until about the 3 hour and change mark....bizarre.

RoN Review at Gamers Europe

Gamers Europe has reviewed Rise of Nations, giving it a 9.5 out of 10. Here's an excerpt:

When Rise of Nations was released, having heard little about it, I had mixed feelings. Initially, given my strategy game passion, I was quite pleased – the more the merrier, I thought. But then, thinking realistically, I felt pretty certain a game so bereft of the usual hype couldn’t make any significant impression on my favourite-four list, and I was almost glad that my dilemma shouldn’t become even more painful. Well, imagine my surprise then when I took it for a test run and discovered a game which rivals the very best available, combining the most popular elements in the genre and bringing it all together in one impeccable package. Yet, ironically, it hasn’t added to my dilemma at all - it’s actually removed it altogether. There is no competition any more – it’s Rise of Nations all the way!

Brian Reynolds on Gamespy and connectivity issues.

Looks like Brian Reynolds has stopped by the forums today with a wealth of new information for us all. In his first post Brian reports :
As far as connecting issues go, so far we haven't yet had a confirmed case where the problem wasn't either:

(a) The person got patch 2 in the first 2-3 days and needed to reinstall and repatch.

(b) The person's router was not configured properly (see Gamegeek's router thread or go to the technical support section on our website)

(c) The person was trying to connect w/ someone who had problem (a) or (b)

When asked "Even when rated is working where will be go to view the ladder and will we there be ladder stats?" he replied :
My understanding is there will be a site to go to view that kind of stuff.

You can read his full responses and post a few of your own over in this this thread. Additionally, Gamegeek's guide can also be found in HTML format in our Routers FAQ.

Rise of Nations Smackdown

Starting this Friday at 7:30 PM EST ES_Swinger and the team at MFO (Ron Pantheon) will be brining back their popular smackdown tournament format for Rise of Nations. Smackdown tournaments feature game rules that will not be revealed until this coming Friday and are sure to make for an interesting evening. All those interested in joining in on the tournament should start showing up in Unrated 5 starting at 6:30. For more information, head on over to this thread.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Official Strategy Guide Review by Rohag

Rise of Nations newshound Rohag has taken a moment from writing his daily newsletter to complete a thorough review of the of the Sybex Official Strategy Guide for Rise of Nations.
Chapters Three through Seven drill down to the bedrock of core game elements – economics, research, wonders, and military forces. Here’s where the guide translates the actual rules of the game into plain, non-binary language, all with an emphasis on their gameplay implications. Rise of Nations’s discontinuity from previous RTS designs is significant enough that even players experienced in the genre may not find any number of game concepts immediately intuitive, such as the "commerce cap." Mr. Rymaszewski shortens the path to gaming enlightenment.

The article is a good read for anyone who might be on the fence about buying the guide. I personally have a copy as well and can say that it is well worth it. So now go check out the full review to learn more. Also, if you're not keeping up to date on the latest Rise of Nations developments via Rohag's daily newsletter you can sign up for it here.

Rise of Nations Oracle announces contest winners

Rise of Nations Oracle has announced the list of winners for their recent contest.

Game and Poster Winners
  • halo
  • Wolfbrother
  • DigiRev

Poster winners
  • Semper_Fudge
  • ItsMy
  • YaleHadderity
  • Liszt

Congratulations everyone.

Flanking Thread by Benzoid

Rise of Nations has put flanking into battles extremely well, making for some very interesting and realistic tactics to be used on the battlefield. So Benzoid has posted a helpful thread detailing the main things you can do during flanking, and an analysis of how it works. I'd definitely check out this article if you're looking to give your game the edge that you want; to effectively manage your troops to land a crushing victory, rather than just throwing your army at the opponent. Here's a snippet of the article:

"Flanking should only be done when you have the surprise factor , when your enemy is distraught. You must somehow feel his sweating his whole head behind his com , IE he gets nervous . You must make sure your firepower is having a big impact. Why ? It is to draw fire , the more fire you draw , the more distracted he is. Flanking is to have the element of SURPRISE , to have the SHOCK . You want the SHOCK to attack your enemy. Shock troopers are best as cavalry. When you feel the time is right , when you think you got his army enveloped , when you are straining your lines too much , at that point of time , flank him. Send cav down his muskeeters at his back. Muskeeters have a longer range than fusiliers btw , so they stay furthur behind. Always remember - Envelope the enemy , so he cannot withdraw his troops. If he trys to , he will suffer alot of casaulties. A good player will try to minimise casaulties , and there withdraw his troops. But by that time , you want to make sure he has been flanked already. This battle might last only 2 - 3 minutes , but it can be the deciding factor of the game. Every battle counts."

Monday, June 16, 2003

Had troubles with Patch 2? Graham gives us the low down

We've been hearing a lot of people talking about having problems after patch 2 was released. These issues seemed to be a mystery to a lot of people including the esteemed ES_Swinger. Well thankfully Graham has come posted an explantion of this over at Rise of Nations Pantheon.
It looks like we have a solution to the connection/stability problems that some have been experiencing since installing patch 2. Here is what happened:

1) Late Thursday night patch 2 went live. It wasn't installing properly, giving an error at 63% or so for everyone. The workaround was to uninstall the game and then get the patch, which then installed ok.

2) Friday, here at Big Huge we created a new patch that would install correctly and sent it to Microsoft for testing. Into Friday night they tested it on all of the various versions of the game.

3) Saturday morning the new version of patch 2 was posted for download and it installed properly. This new version of patch 2 had some files that were slightly different than the first version of patch 2 that was released, and that is causing the problems that Swinger and others are having in connecting.

Solution: For those of you who installed patch 2 and are experiencing new multiplayer connection issues since you updated, an uninstall of the game and a fresh update with patch 2 resolves these issues.

If you installed patch 2 Saturday morning or after, you are in good shape and don't have to go through this process.

I wish we had a more elegant solution for you, but unfortunately this was the last option open to resolving these problems. Sorry for the inconvenience and wasted gaming hours.

Many thanks go out to the folks at MFO (Swinger, Microslave, Zhou, RCF_Player, Fustercluck) who managed to help BHG figure out what was going on. You can check out the rest of the thread and read what others have to say here.

Sydney Morning Herald Reviews RoN

Thanks to my friend Dr Lorenzo for this bit of news: The Sydney Morning Herald has given Rise of Nations a 5 out of 5 in their recent review of the game. Here's a snippet:

"On top of the already engrossing real-time strategy game, Rise of Nations offers a "Conquer the World" mode, where the globe is broken down into territories, and each civilisation takes turns sending their armies out to conquer new lands. This is simply a logical extension of the concept, turning a bunch of short 90-minute games into a more epic campaign. Rise of Nations is a worthy pick for any kind of strategy gamer."

Sunday, June 15, 2003

GamesFirst Reviews RoN

GamesFirst has reviewed Rise of Nations, and they gave it a decent Four Stars out of Five. Not bad, here's an excerpt:

"Rise of Nations is a huge experience that will take you quite some time to fully grasp and digest. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and solid gameplay you’ll no doubt come back to it long after you’ve beat it. Why not the fifth star then you ask? While Rise of Nations is an original and engrossing experience, it does borrow much from two established franchises. While you will no doubt enjoy yourself immensely, you probably will not feel that you have entered the "uncharted waters" of a trailblazing title. Still, even if you feel that this type of game has been done before in one way or another, few can claim to have done it better than Big Huge Games with Rise of Nations."

Nations Profile: Britain

At Long last I have finally completed another nations profile for Rise of Nations. This time featuring the indomitable British! A civilization that would sure to appeal to the boomer or defensive player, but don't let that fool you. They have a lot of tricks up their sleeves! Here's an excerpt:
Britain began as a mystical island on the Northern edge of Europe. Beyond the misty channel, it drew a host of peoples from mainland Europe who would form the nation we now call the British. From the prehistoric people who built the mysterious stonehenge, to the Celts and their druids, and the Romans who at first was afraid to land on shore believing the land was magical to the Nordic and Germanic tribes that flooded in after, and then the Norman overlords that brought this isolated part of Europe back into the fold, it is a land that is unique because of its fascinating mixture rather then in spite it. For most of its history it seemed that the Island nation was the stopping point for every invading peoples from the continent. But in the last half millenium it would prove to be the most successful and most expansive empire in the history of mankind. It was said at one point that "the sun never sets on the British Empire". Indeed the British possessed colonial holdings around the width of the Earth wherever one could find land to set foot on, even North to South along the length of Africa. Through their domination of the seas, mastery of navigation, and early adoption of industrialization, it was an Imperialist powerhouse for several centuries.

Check out the article here and if you missed any of the others check out the Nations page index.

Saturday, June 14, 2003

gamegeek Helps with Router Problems

gamegeek from BHG has been cool enough to write an excellent guide to getting your router to host/play Rise of Nations. For those that haven't been able to get your router to do it, this is definitely the article to check out. Awesome stuff, here's an excerpt:

"This is the unofficial gamegeek guide to getting your Router to host/play RON. There is clearly a lot of room for refinement here and I'll work on improving this document over the next little while. This guide is intended to help folks set up their port forwards and isn't intended to promote any particular router model or vendor. The routers I had in my possession at the time I wrote this are the ones I used. If this document could benefit from adding other routers please let me know and I'll certainly do my best to include other useful configs. The routers I used were a Linksys BEFVP41 ("Etherfast Cable/DSL VPN Router"), Netgear RP614 ("Web Safe Router Gateway"), and D-Link DI-604 ("4-port Ethernet Broadband Router"). To the best of my knowledge these are all very popular routers and should be very similar in configuration to other models in their respective product lines.

Patch 2 Changelist

Just got a note with the list of the changes that were included in Patch 2
The Rise of Nations Update v1.02 is primarily focused on multiplayer (MP) issues. This manual patch is only necessary if you are having trouble autopatching the game. If you encounter any errors installing the new patch, you should uninstall, install the game again and then apply the new patch.

Issues addressed with this update include:
  • MP Lag seems to be fixed even for severe clock drift. The major MP lag issue was not related to network bandwidth.

  • The major issues with hosting behind a NAT have been fixed.

  • MP ratings are fixed. Ratings will be reset as the current ones are not meaningful.
  • CtW crash related to 16-bit vs 32-bit color on battle loading has been fixed.
  • GameSpy Arcade and the in-game matchmaking services are now compatible.
  • You can now check for updates without going into GameSpy.
  • Chat message are now white with only the player name colored.
  • Armageddon does not happen in "Sandbox" mode (1-player).
  • Additional anti-cheat protection.
  • Much better support for pre-prelease patch testing.
  • Fixed ping-sorting for in-game matchmaking.
  • Added a semi-documented way of adjusting the colors as requested by some colorblind players. Thanks to Ike for putting it in and providing a sample set of colors.

If you haven't gotten the patch by logging into GameSpy already, you can download it here.

Week In Review

The second patch from Rise of Nations seems to have been on most people’s mind, and BHG has been taking great care to make sure we were is up-to-date on it and it got out quickly. The list of changes that the patch made is expected to be released soon and if you’re having trouble downloading it with the autopatcher, a manual download should be up soon as well. For those that could download the patch but not install it, BHG is working to fix the file so that it can be. And if you absolutely can’t wait to play some multiplayer games without the patch, go ahead and try to conquer the world, single-player style. It passes a lot of time, and I know I don’t have to tell you that it’s dang fun.

‘Round these parts, Obsidian posted all of his pictures from the Rise of Nations release party; it looked to be extremely fun. On a completely unrelated note, the announcement for the release of the Rise of Nations DVD soundtrack was earlier this week. Along with the regular music you hear in the game, you’ll also get bonus tracks and other features on the DVD. I enjoy the music in Rise of Nations and just might get the soundtrack myself; bonus stuff is nice.

Following the release of a major game, there is always tons of reviews for at least a month; Rise of Nations is no exception. Gamers with Jobs, 3D Gamers, Fragland,, Gameplanet, and 3D Avenue all wrote up reviews on the game, and most all of them gave Rise of Nations very high praise. And with Rise of Nations number 3 on the top 10 best-selling PC games for last week, there’s no doubt that it’ll be an amazing success in the long-run.

What’s coming next week? The list of changes the patch made should be out, and I’m sure we’ll still see Rise of Nations within the top 5 best-selling PC games.

That’s it for this week! Okay, it’s a bad name for a news post…I’ll think of a better one next time, or maybe I’ll fail with creativity and just use Battlefield Briefing ;-)

Friday, June 13, 2003

Update on Patch 2 situation

Paul @ BHG have stopped by the forums to give us an update on the situation involving Patch 2 and it not installing:
Update on the current patch situation:

It looks like there was a problem with the auto-patch patching some people's .exe files. We've identified the issue and are correcting the patch to resolve the issue. Last night we thought that the stand-alone patch would resolve these issues but want to be 100% sure and are making the fix for the standalone as well. This means that the standalone AND a fixed version of the auto-patch are still in the works. We're hoping to have them done by tomorrow. Note that we're not taking extra time just to take the time - it just takes that much time to test the 32+ version patch combination matrix (don't forget about international versions!) and then get the files online. We really are trying to get this done as fast as we can.

It also means that we've been so busy with identifying and resolving the patch issue that I've not had a chance to get you that changelist I promised (by about *now* I believe). I hope folks will understand that getting folks working is our top priority. I'll try to have that changelist for you shortly.

It's also worth mentioning that this patch makes several changes to our patching system. These changes should help us avoid any further similar issues. You'll also note that an "update game" button has been added to the menu so you'll no longer have to wonder "how do I get the new patch?"

Our most sincere apologies for any confusion or trouble you might have experienced. You should have a fix shortly *OR* you can just reinstall RON and then use the auto-patch (which reliably works on a clean install) if you don't want to wait.

Two New RoN Reviews

Three sites have written up reviews of Rise of Nations. The first one is from Gameplanet, giving Rise of Nations a 5 out of 5, a perfect.

WITH RISE OF NATIONS, Big Huge Games has with their first title established themselves as a rare game development company. They were willing to take risks to bring freshness to an otherwise stale genre, and along the way have created one of the best RTS games ever made. Where to start? Empire/City building, resource gathering, unit production, technology development, combat - it's all here. The thing is that Big Huge Games have taken each of these 'staples' of the RTS genre and given them a new coat of paint and a twist of lemon to taste.

The second one is 3D Avenue, with a score of 92 out of 100 for the game.

"Lets take a look at the MS RTS catalogue, shall we. First we have the Age of Empires series, consisting of two world wide acclaimed RTS titles, then we have Age of Mythology, a recent RTS released by MS that saw huge success, and now we have Rise Of Nations, a title that features all the strong elements of great RTS titles from the past, and new unique features yet to be seen. Combined, this makes for one hell of a good game, easily placing Rise Of Nations as the best RTS of 2003 so far, and certainly one of the best of all time. Simply put, you would be nuts to miss it, no PC gamer could call their game collection complete without Rise of Nations."

Patch2 Out

gamegeek has stopped by our forums to inform us on the release of the 2nd patch for Rise of Nations; the list of changes for the patch will probably be released tomorrow. As for those that have autopatching, he's recommended that you first try reinstalling RoN and the patch, and if all else fails wait for the standalone patch that's coming shortly. Here's a couple specifics gamegeek had on the patch:

1. The changelist for the patch will be posted shortly. Tomorrow morning at the latest.

2. There was a brief period where the auto-updater was handing up update patches for patch1->patch2 but not unpatched->patch2. This has been corrected.

3. There will be a standalone patch available for download. We have to get the website updated so I expect that to be available tomorrow given the hour.

4. As usual, if you've modified your .exe file for some reason (no-cd crack, warez, etc...) then the patch will not work.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Computer and Video Games Reviews RoN has recently reviewed Rise of Nations. They were quite impressed with the game, giving it a 90 out of 100.

"Like most games published by Microsoft, Rise of Nations seems to contain incredible amounts of post-battle statistics. OK, sometimes it's kind of interesting to look over the critical points of the conflict by analysing charts and graphs, but is it really necessary to count how many times the mouse was clicked, or how many times a hotkey was pressed? Why exactly would you want to know this information? Is it used as a kind of tie-break decider in the multiplayer game? No - it's there because the programmers are showing off. Well, just stop it please, there are more stats here than in a game of Championship Manager, and it's giving us a headache."

Gamespy Tip from MiCrOsLaVe

While looking around MFO, I came across a post by MiCrOsLaVe that shows players how to rejoin a game via IP if their original connection attempt fails. Here's how he explained it:

Found this while looking through my Rise.ini file:


If you change it to 1, it will give you the host's IP while it attempts a connection. Meaning that if it times out, or preforms a "Gamespy Screw Up", you can write down the IP & join the game via direct IP. No need to send a player from the game, back to the lobby to give the dropped player the IP.

Rise of Nations

Hey hey hey, it's Angel Soc all the way from AoMH. Typically, I stay in my little lair webmastering the site, posting news, etc; but I'll be covering the news 'round these parts occasionally while the Rise of Nations Heaven staff is asleep.

Anyway, NPD Techworld has released their list of last week's top-10 selling PC games. Of course, Rise of Nations is on the list at number three; it's sure to stay in at least the top 5 for quite a while, methinks. And when you think about it, it's ahead of any competition in its target audience. Enter The Matrix, Planetside, GTA...Rise of Nations is ahead of them all. So it's doing pretty dang good. And really, how often do you not see The Sims on the top slot for more than a couple weeks? ;-)

1) The Sims: Superstar Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $28
2) The Sims Deluxe - Electronic Arts $38
3) Rise Of Nations - Microsoft $49
4) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Take 2 Interactive/Rockstar $47
5) Scooby Doo Jinx At The Sphinx - Riverdeep Interactive $20
6) Enter The Matrix - Atari $49
7) Planetside - Sony $44
8) Finding Nemo - THQ Inc $17
9) The Sims: Unleashed Expansion Pack - Electronic Arts $29
10) Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - Atari $29

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Rise of Nations Release Party

On May 30th, I was lucky enough to be invited down to the release party of Rise of Nations at Big Huge Games' offices in Maryland. The party started with a meet and greet at the offices where I got to engage in some pretty interesting conversations with the BHG developers about what it took to put this whole game together. I even got to discuss Game design decisions with Paul Stephanouk and Rick Goodman (Age of Empires, Empire Earth) as well.

In the evening, the party shifted to the Baltimore Aquarium where Big Huge Games had set up several computers showing of the various iterations of the game. It was very interesting to see how the game had progressed from it's very early stages into the game we now know and love. What was especially interesting were the square borders, axe weilding barabarians, and elephants that were once in the game.

It was a great time and I had a ton of fun. Many thanks to all the folks at Big Huge Games and Microsoft for inviting me down. For all the people that would have liked to have been there, you can check out the photos here.

New Rise of Nations Reviews

3D Gamers and have posted their reviews of Rise of Nations:

3D Gamers Review - 9.4: " ... this is going to be THE RTS game of the year and will be the game that sets the new benchmark for all others to follow." Review - 94.2%: "I can be honest in saying the following: Rise of Nations has touched my soul. From the moment I installed it up until now, I’ve had sentimental feelings about the old days when I was playing the original Civilization games but Rise of Nations is not 'just' that. This game is all that's good in Sid Meier’s games and more."

Gamers with Jobs review RON Multiplayer

Gamers with Jobs have posted a review of Rise of Nations Multiplayer. While they agree the game is fantastic and fun to play, they experienced some multiplayer issues that - hopefully - the upcoming patch will fix.
Well, I'd hate to impede on your delicate sensibilities, but I'll take a stab at it. Actually, the wealth of multiplayer options is one of the strongest elements of Rise of Nations. Amid the standard game types and settings, the designers have put a great deal of thought into the different ways that players can and want to test their skills against one another. From the Assassin game type, where each player has one enemy they must eliminate, but must simultaneously defend against another player, to a musical chairs style game where every set amount of time the player with the lowest score is eliminated, the time Big Huge Games spent concocting their multiplayer options was time well spent.
"I guess it is a bit curious how often Certis ‘crashes' when he's ‘losing'." ... hehehehe

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Patch 2 News

Brian Reynolds dropped by our forums with news on Patch 2: "We're just waiting for the patch to be fully checked out, then we'll release it. Remember, extra testing is a good thing! Sorry for the delay; I'm hoping it will be up any day now."

Rise of Nations Soundstrack + featurettes DVD released

June 09, 2003

Sumthing Else Music Works, Inc., through their continuing game soundtrack partnership with Microsoft Game Studios, is pleased to announce their latest release: “Rise of NationsTM” Original Game Soundtrack, the first game soundtrack to be released on DVD in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS (Digital Theater Sound) 5.1 surround sound.

The soundtrack will be manufactured and released to stores in the U.S. through legendary producer and artist Nile Rodgers’ Sumthing Else Music Works record label on June 24, 2003, under their existing licensing agreement with Microsoft Game Studios. Sales, retail marketing and distribution of the soundtrack will be facilitated through Sumthing Distribution, another Nile Rodgers company.

Rise of Nations combines the epic scope of traditional turn-based strategy (TBS) games with the fast-paced action of RTS games. The game allows players to create new cities, improve their city infrastructure and expand national borders. Players have the option to win through military might using everything from slingshots to cannons to stealth bombers, corner the market on key commodities, and wheel and deal with a wide variety of Nations. Unlike other historical RTS games, Rise of Nations allows gamers to quickly play through eight historical epochs of time from the Ancient Age to the Information age, covering 6,000 years of history. Gamers can play a quick battle on any map as one of 18 nations, or play Conquer the World, the unique blending of TBS and RTS gameplay. This latest title from Big Huge Games Inc. founder Brian Reynolds (designer of Civilization 2 and Alpha Centauri) will be available for an estimated retail price of $49.95 U.S. For more information about Rise of Nations, visit the official site at

Veteran Composer and Producer Duane Decker describes the soundtrack as a combination of world music with unique cinematic music styles that will transport the listener to various locales around the world. It features some very expressive performances on rare, ethnic instruments and mixes in modern elements to form an intriguing musical world tour. Nile Rodgers, Executive Producer of the Rise of Nations soundtrack and CEO of Sumthing, adds that "Every time I hear this score in the 5.1 format I feel like a world traveler sensing cultural nuances panoramically. The 360 degree musical trip immediately transports me back to the game experience. However, as much as I love the game, just listening to the music through my home theater system is an experience unto itself."

The “Rise of Nations” Original Game Soundtrack DVD will, in addition to the Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 versions, also contain the original in-game stereo mix and the Rise of Nations opening cinema, and other features not available in the game including nine bonus music tracks and an interview with Duane Decker (Composer & Producer of the Rise of Nations score) and Nile Rodgers with photos of Nile and Duane. The “Rise of Nations” Original Game Soundtrack DVD can be played on any DVD player and on the Xbox with a DVD remote. The DTS version is preferred by audiophiles for its higher sonic fidelity but will only play back on DTS equipped systems.

Nile Rodgers is very excited about this first DVD release, particularly in light of their previous major soundtrack successes, “HaloTM: Combat Evolved” and “Age of MythologyTM.” Also, in keeping with the partnership’s commitment to excellence and consistently enhancing the overall gaming experience, Nile sees “Rise of Nations” as the first in an expanding line of game soundtracks that will be produced and manufactured in the Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 surround sound formats. “This will become the new standard for future XBoxTM video game system and PC game soundtrack releases.”

Award winning record producer Nile Rodgers is one of the most prolific music producers in history. Nile's production accomplishments include such diverse artists as Diana Ross, Madonna, David Bowie, Duran Duran, The B52's, David Lee Roth, Grace Jones, Mick Jagger and many more. Records produced by Nile Rodgers have sold well over 100 million worldwide. As a founding member of the perennial Rhythm & Blues dance band, Chic, Nile co-wrote many of its big hits including "Le Freak" and "Good Times", as well as "We Are Family" for Sister Sledge. In addition to records, he has also scored or produced music for numerous films, including "Coming to America," "Thelma and Louise," "The Flintstones," "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Rush Hour II" as well as a variety of television shows and commercials. Nile is a board member of several organizations including the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

Microsoft Game Studios is a leading worldwide publisher and developer of games for the PC, Xbox video game system and online platforms. Comprising a network of top developers, Microsoft Game Studios is committed to creating innovative and diverse game portfolios for the PC (, including such franchises as Age of Empires, Flight Simulator and Zoo Tycoon; Xbox (, including such franchises as Halo, Project Gotham Racing and NFL Fever; and (, the official games channel for the MSN network and home to such hits as Bejeweled and OutSmart.

Sunday, June 8, 2003

Still thinking about buying RoN?

Are you still thinking of buying Rise of Nations? What makes it different from other RTS games? Bridger has compiled a list of features that makes Rise of Nations unique:
In previous RTS games the TC simply acted as an economic center for gathering, nothing more. You'd build them anywhere you needed to gether resourses from (mostly locate them next to gold mines). That's all they were good for (or in AoK:TC, they were offencive weapons :P). In Rise of Nations, cities play a critical role in your empire. They are not resourse drop off points, they are much much more. Cities control your entire economy and how it develops. In order to get more food, you need more cities (only 5 per city). Lumber mill/smelter benifits only work in the city in which they are built, so you need a city at each major resourse location. They are also required for trade routes (which is how you collect wealth) and they are required to build universities (which collect knowledge). Most importantly, cities expand borders (which we'll get to later.
The article is definitely worth a read.

SharkyExtreme interviews Tim Train

Big Huge Games' VP of Operations and Development Tim Train has given a very interesting interview with
SE - What was the purpose of including a National Border in Rise of Nations?

Tim - Well, in one stroke, we've eliminated the whole I-Build-A-Secret-Base-Behind-My-Opponent's-Lines-Right-Behind-His-Mine-And-That-Means-I-Win-The-Game tactic. For us, that didn't feel very historical, didn't feel very fun and we wanted to get something in [Rise of Nations] that allowed things to have more of an ebb and flow. Fighting over key strategic points and those sorts of things.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Saturday, June 7, 2003

First Fan Submission to Mod Gallery.

NukeMX sent me an e-mail earlier today with his very own mod of the artwork for the advanced fighter. In his own words
I downloaded the Black Stealth Bomber from and I decided that it needed a cool fighter of the same color so they can match.

You can check it out and even download it in our Mod Gallery, and to learn more about customizing the game, be sure to check out our Game Modding Forum. Can't wait to see what other new art people out there are working on.

TSN Interview

In case you missed it earlier this evening, Bridger has uploaded his interview with BHG Developers. It's a 68MB MP3 File.

Friday, June 6, 2003

Team Sportscast Network Radio Interview with BHG

Just a reminder for everyone that Bridger will be running an interview with the folks from Big Huge Games later on tonight. Here's the details.
What: Interview with BHG about Rise of Nations LIVE On Air answering YOUR questions.

Jason Coleman VP Software
Paul Stephanouk Producer (aka GameGeek or BHG_Paul)
Pranas Pauliukonis Programmer (AI)
Michael Smith Artist
Graham Somers Community Relations

Where: The Team Sportscast Network, a shoutcast internet radio station for gamers!

When: Friday, June 6th @ 7pm EST

Why: Because we love Rise of Nations!

To find out more information, head on over to this thread.

Rise of Nations Empire redesign

I just surfed on over to Rise of Nations Empire and noticed that they have updated the design of their site. it looks very nice and I particularly like the logo across the top using the cards from the Conquer the World Campaign. Nice work Bonnie and John.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

FiringSquad reviews Rise of Nations

FiringSquad has posted a review of Rise of Nations:
That’s about it for the negatives. Rise of Nations may have a moniker that’s as pallid as day-old dishwater, but the gameplay is as vivid as an old Technicolor movie. Reynolds and the rest of the development team at Big Huge Games have done a fantastic job reviving the big-history RTS after the dreary snoozefest that was Empire Earth. While I love trebuchets as much as the next guy—probably more than the next guy, unless the next guy has also considered hacking together a real one out of pressure-treated wood scavenged from the crumbling deck in his backyard—it’s something of a minor miracle that any game could again get me interested in even the coolest of medieval siege weapons. I dove into this game hating even the thought of spending more hours researching the feudal system and assembling the arquebus… and surprisingly, I didn’t come up for air for many, many hours.

Confirmation of Multiplayer Mod support

As many of you may have seen weeks back, Big Huge Games' Developer Jason Coleman was solicting people's feedback for the possibility of mod support inside multiplayer games. Earlier today, I noticed what would appear to be confirmation on this feature from Stuart Jeff.
In a future patch we are adding in-game mod support that will allow you to keep all your game mods in their own directories. You will be able to select which mod you want to use during game setup and everyone will automatically get the required files to play with you.

This patch will also include code that will verify everyone's files before launching a game. This will help people avoid Out of Sync errors.

This is great and I am sure it will really get the mod community going. You can read the full post from Stuart here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Rise of Nations Release Party Report

TheVerbalAssasin of Rise of Nations Empire has posted a brief recap of the events at the Rise of Nations release party this past weekend. It was tons of fun and I was happy to be invited down for the celebration. You can read all about it over in this thread. While you're there, be sure to check out the pictures from the party including this one featuring TheVerbalAssasin, Rick Goodman, Paul Stephanouk and myself.

If you look closely you can also see Community Relations Manager and former Angel Graham "Thunder" Somers helping a woman learn to play.

World Wide Game Net reviews Rise of Nations

The World Wide Game Network has reviewed Rise of Nations and given the game a 95 out of 100.
The words “standard game” are a faux ami here in Rise of Nations. What with national borders, city assimilation, and so many other new features, Rise of Nations definitely blows the winds of change in the world of real-time-strategy games

You can read the full article here.

Team Sportscast Network Radio Interview with BHG

Forummer Bridger has taken a moment of his time to let everyone know about a very cool event coming up from the folks at the Team Sportcast Radio Network. Since he put it so elequently, I'll just quote the details here :-)
What: Interview with BHG about Rise of Nations LIVE On Air answering YOUR questions.

Jason Coleman VP Software
Paul Stephanouk Producer (aka GameGeek or BHG_Paul)
Pranas Pauliukonis Programmer (AI)
Michael Smith Artist
Graham Somers Community Relations

Where: The Team Sportscast Network, a shoutcast internet radio station for gamers!

When: Friday, June 6th @ 7pm EST

Why: Because we love Rise of Nations!

To find out more about the event, visit this thread. Sorry for taking so long on this Bridger. As you can probably tell from the lack of news posts I've been real busy.

Win a game and a poster from RoN Oracle

Looks like Rise of Nations Oracle is running a little contest to win a free copy of the game and a poster to boot. Here's what Mithras had to say
"If you are interested in winning one out of three copies of Rise of Nations from us, then you boys and girls are in luck. Not only will you win a copy of Rise of Nations, but we will also include a Rise of Nations poster along with it. The contest will run from June 1st - June 11th, 2003 until 12 PM EST time. Winners then will be announced the day after (June 12th, 2003). Sound interesting? Then continue on below to read the rules and on how to enter."

You can find the rules and entry page here:

Good luck to everyone who enters.