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Thursday, June 30, 2005

CTW Mod & a Combo Mod for RoNTP

RoNsuperfreak combines several mods from One_Dead_Angel, ArchmageMX, Benemesius, Levi "XenonDDR" Spade, and others. Sure to be a really cool mod for the information age with all the combined work of so many people. You can download it from here.

Lamar01 improves his CTW mod some more and calls the new creation "The End of the World". He adds Turkey (removed Australia) and added teams (Coalition, Axis, AU, EU) amongst other improvements. Check it out yall!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rise of Napoleon Mod Version 1.03

Just thought I release my old Rise of Napoleon mod with all the patches installed already so that folks don't have to do all the work with patches. So if you still haven't tried out the mod here is your chance. Just click on this link.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More New Mods and Scenarios for RoNTP

DonTheDime's and Baryonix CTW mod continues to be expanded and improved by those who have come to admire their work. This time Cassius Allanus extends the work done by Lamar01, to create yet another version of 21st Century CTW.

Then we have "Day of the Dead Redux. Hey can't hurt to kill more Zombies! Seems like a favorite pass time for RONH fan scenario designers, or maybe they just like creating Zombies rather!

We come back down to reality a bit with "Battle of the Bulge - 1944" by Guitar. This is a simple unscripted scenario, but hey everyone likes WW2 action right?

Montero makes his contribution with a beta version of his Modern Civilization". Includes 4 fully playable civs: Venezuela (Incas), Saudi Arabia (Dutch), Nicaragua (Mayas), México (Aztecs), also includes some changes derived from work by Archmagex and Uthum.

Finally, we have two new versions of the "Young Napoleon" scenario by Battleman. Version 1.5 adds some features to make winning a little easier then the first version, while 1.6 adds a alternate method to win, so see if which version you like best.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

New Scenarios and a CTW Mod for RoNT&P

We have a couple of scenarios for Rise of Nations Thrones & Patriots and a CTW mod this time round. volks_sturm has "Fall of Berlin 1945 v2". This scenario uses uthum976's Battlefield 1943 ver 1.9 mod, so you will need it also to play the scenario.

Second we have Battleman with "Young Napoleon". In this one you play Napoleon as he begins his military career.

Finally we have a CTW mod by Lamar01 called "CTW 21st Century". This mod is based Baronyx Extended World Map & Don_The_Dime's Global Conquest Map. After resolving some bugs in these older creations, Lamar01 changes the nations to reflect today's heavy weight nations.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

We Want More Explosions

Battleman has made a mod that he says makes naval combat more interesting with more graphic effects.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ODA Mods

How he finds the time I don't know, but our ever diligent, friendly neighbourhood Seraph has re-released two mods after fixing some problems with the files and scaling, both of which change the French Main Battle Tank in the Information Age. Models by Unit 35 and skins by ODA, they give you two new tri-colour camouflage looks, Forest and Desert.

You can also see pictures of both looks in our Gallery.

Scenario for RoNTP

We got a pair of scenarios this time round for the Rise of Nations expack. Kenny92 create "Terrorist Attack v.1" as his first attempt at an expack scenario. Steelrise brings it Napoleonic style with a scenario called "Napolean want wat?".

Thursday, June 16, 2005

E3-2005 Photolog

Ok folks in case y'all wondering what E3 was like in general, Heaven Games has a photolog of their experience. You can check it out here, and yes there are pictures of booth-babes!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More Download Goodies for RONTP

Two veteran scenario designers from our RONH community has come up with a pair of scenario I am sure people will enjoy if the past is any indication. Le_Grande_Puba offers up "World War 2: European Theatre", it was based on the MP version by Berlin9487 who is legendary for his great RON MP scenarios. King_Walker offers up a bit of fantasy fare with "Reign of Fire".

Just to keep you up to date but uthum876's "Battlefield 1943" mod is now in version 1.9, and it just keeps getting better. Don't miss the boat, download and invade now!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Meat Puppet Scenario "Dawn of the Dead: Joe Returns!"

Meat Puppet does it again with his ever creative use of the Rise of Nations T&P game engine to create another off the wall scenario. This one is a sequel to his previous SWARM scenario, in which you first met Joe the protagonist of the story. This time his mission is to battle Zombies! You can start your zombie slaughter with this download.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

One of Each for RoNTP

We got a triumverate of offerings from Rise of Nations T&P this week. Two verteran scenario from the fan RON community which has create some of the most popular downloads, Berlin9487 and Meat Puppet submitted scenarios for our enjoyment. Berlin9487 update his "Diplomacy Southeast Asia 1963" to Version 3. While Meat Puppet offers up a creature feature with "The Swarm" where you fight a killer ant colony. Last but not least, MooseMan1342 comes up with a skin mod based on an earlier work by Wakain of a classical age European archer.

Friday, June 10, 2005

AoI Smurf Tourney Last Minute Signups

A little more than 24 hours remains until we begin a new 1v1 tournament for our beloved Rise of Nations game and only about 6 hours are left so sign up fast. The twist of this tourney is that all players must use their smurf nicknames therefore you will never really know who you're fighting. You can find all other information, such as exact schedule and the rules on tourney's website. Just follow the link to the AoI website.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Heaven Games Previews Rise of Legends

Some of the staff at Heaven Games was lucky enough to attend this years E3. There they saw Rise of Legends, Big Huge Games upcoming title. They were duly impressed! Socvazius has written up a preview of the game based on what they saw at E3. You can check out the article here!

Saturday, June 4, 2005

A Mass of Media Coverage of RoL

First we got Gamespy E3 Editors Wrap up. Jamie Madigan of Gamespy describes Big Huge Games' coming title with these words "when I saw the graphics and the magic-and-steampunk art direction, I just kind of stood there and went "Guh," for a few minutes." You can read the rest of what the Gamespies observed at E3 from this link. also has a write up on Rise of Legends by Kenneth Shelton. He describes one feature of the game, "In Rise of Legends, your cities are INSANELY large. Your city will no longer be a single element, but will be a complex comprised of different districts such as a palace district, military district, merchant district". You can read the rest of his article here.

Digital Entertainment News has a previw of Rise of Legends by Bad Lyons. He quotes Brian Reynolds himself that describes Rise of Legends as "next generation of Rise of Nations, where magic and technology clash with cataclysmic results." You can read the full article from this link. also has a preview of the game by Tracy Erickson. He speculates that "Rise of Legends as one of the most promising PC titles slated for 2006". You can read his preview from here.

Finally in this round of media frenzy over Rise of Legends. takes a look at Rise of Legends as part of the E3 2005 writeup. You can read their E3 coverage here.

Battlefield 1943 Mod V 1.71

uthum876 has release version 1.7 of his Battlefield 1943 Total Conversion mod for Rise of Nations: T & P. In this version he has revamped the mod to fixed some bugs and to concentrate on 6 civs: United States, Germany, Waffen SS, England, Japan and Soviet Union. The Italians and Free French were removed and will be released with version 2.0 to follow. You can download this new version of his mod here.

More alternative WW2

What would have happened if Rommel had won at El Alamein. Maybe he would have overwhelmed Cairo and won the war. This, at least, is the alternative posed by Le Grande Puba, as he invites you to help Rommel take Cairo.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Stalingrad Scenario Part 3 for RoNTP

Meat Puppet has just released part 3 of his Stalingrad Series of scenarios for Rise of Nations: T&P. This one is subtitled "Red Army Rising"! So throw yourself into the meat grinder once again by downloading from this link.