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Sunday, June 25, 2006

This Week in RoN Heaven

First up, our own Probed1969 has created a spreadsheet with the full unit data. So if you like your data excel 5.0 flavoured. Go check it out here. On the modding front, we have three up for this week. First timer, tarmo_flake comes up with a P-40 fighter skin mod called "Pilatus PC-7". Axel of sweden continues his modding streak with a double doze this week starting with "Leopard 2 A5 Bundeswehr". This mod reskins the Leopard tank to look like the Leopard 2 A5 in Bundeswehr camoflage and German markings. His second creation is a mod called "Woodland", which reskins the Bradley and Abrams in Woodland camo. Lastly, something for the scenario fans. TheTankman has created a napoleonic scenario naturally called "Battle of Waterloo. This is his first attempt at scenario design and he wants comments, so give him some good advice.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This week in RoNTP Mods & Scenarios

The latest mods from Axel of sweden gives you this classic British tank, in green and black camo and even a UK flag on the turret. He also made another version of his mod for Sweden, "Swedish Modern skins .Version.2". Nemeis000 also contributes to the modding scene with a "Military Camp" mod that adds ctw units and camps that produce citizens. nice dictator contributes with "screaming eagles skins", a mod that replaces American marine infantry with a cool new skin. Finally, wakain contributes a mod called "Rule Brittania v.2". This mod changes the Northern and Western European infantry to look more British then American.

On the scenarios front. flyers has created a scenario called "Cuban Missile Crisis". You play as the Americans and must destroy all the Soviet missile silos in Cuba.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Mods and Scenarios from the RoN Community.

New in the downloads section...

In the new Scenarios category:
"Six Day War" by carcf2002 covers the Arab/Israeli conflict of 1967. "Hamburger Hill" by the crayfish reenacts the 10 day battle of the 101st Airborne division against NVA regulars in 1969. "Indian Wars (conquest)" Gauchori returns after a short absence with a scenario that covers the 4 major native populations of the American continent from about 600 to 1200 A.D. "Operation Castor" by probed1969 concerns the French defeat by the Viet Minh in 1954.

In the Mods category:
"Vietnam Marines" by thecrayfish is a new skin for the modern age Marine Infantry. "Armored Caribineer" by edilberto includes a new skin and the model for the European unit of the XVII-XVIII century. "Mexican Jet Fighter" by tarmo_flake is a reskin of the Info Age fighter in camo with Mexican national insignia. "Realism" by Axel_of_Sweden contains both original work and borrows from other designer's previous work to try and achieve some semblance of realism of unit distribution in the modern part of the game. Of special interest is his use of ODA and Unit 35's tank units. Finally, "Czech Republic", a nation mod by nemesis000.

Check these out in the downloads section and don't forget to leave constructive comments or a review so the designers know their work is appreciated and can improve their efforts for future submissions.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brian Reynolds Elected Chairperson of IGDA

Big Huge Games' head honcho, Brian Reynolds has been elected chairperson of the IGDA. You can check out the announcement and full list of board members at the IGDA site.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Net Neutrality - don't let them take it away!

Some of you may have heard about the Net Neutrality issue. Essentially net neutrality is being threatened by greedy corporations who want to implement a pay per use system. This will of course price out the little man and the smaller company as well as make a mockery of the concept of free and available information for all.

You can bring yourself up to speed on this issue by checking out this article, then do what you can to voice your objections. Write to your local and state politicians and protest this travesty now.

You can also discuss the issue in this thread at AoE3H.

Please Welcome our New Cherub, Probed1969

After being a really helpful and productive forumer with his mods and stuff. We decided we needed another cherub in our midst, especially since some of our old staff have moved on to other games. So please give Probed1969 a warm welcome. He will be helping us our with forum and download moderation.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

This Week in RoN Heaven

This week we keep the creativity rolling at Rise of Nations Heaven. The scenario design and modding community has another batch of goodies. First is a scenario is two parts called "China Dolls" by marce61. He revives his fictional Brigadier General Winston Collins (Bushwacker) now promoted to Major General to take on China. There is actually 4 scenarios in this two part download. Be sure to get both part 1 and part 2.

On the modding front. We have a bunch of contributers this week. nice dictator comes out with "Wehrmacht", a mod the reskins the German infantry units. edilberto also comes up with a new set of unit skins for modern assault infantry units to continue his skinning series, called " alternative skins modern 2". Alexandre Jerome contributes with a mod that replaces a lot of the English names with its "native names. Finally, Thecrayfish comes up with a "Vietnam Marines" mod. Simple changes to the uniform for the American's Marine Infantry into Vietnam War style uniforms.