News Archives: June 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Scenarios at RoNH

We also have some new scenarios at Rise of Nations Heaven to report on. First is a single player campaign called "Blitzkrieg- German Campain part1" by Garant. This include 4 Scenarios about the most important German military operations in the beginning of the 2nd World War. Next is "Crusades Diplomacy 1135" by veteran scenario designer, Berlin9487. This is a multiplayer scenario that takes place in the year 1135 A.D., forty years since the First Crusade when the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos pleaded with Pope Urban II to help regain its previously held territory in the Holy Land. Right over the Holy Lands amongst the Christians and Muslim nations! Finally we have "Battle for Iraq" by DA_DON_32. Play as Iraq against the Americans.

New Mods at RoNH

We have a few mods to report on this round. First is "Super Flamer" by piepieonline. This mod as the same creates a super flame thrower unit. Next is master_general with an updated version of his "Modern Skin Pack". This skin pack contains two skins: one for assault marine and one for volksgrenadiers. Next is a CTW mod by comojerm with "CTW: New World Extended". This mod adds two new nations (Russia and Apache) to the New World CTW and locks governnments. Next is an update of "Rise of Nations: Empires & Vassals" by KE_eKr3i6n. This mod takes elements from Civ 3 and adds in some new rare resources. Finally veteran modder uthum876, creates a revamped version of his popular WW2 mod with "Blood Red Dawn Battlefield 1943". This mod is a World War 2 realism mod and it is a successor to his previous battlefield 1943 series of mods.