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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rise of Nations Extended Edition Steam Release in June!

Well this kind of just dropped out of no where unexpectedly and finally that Steam Database entry shall haunt me no more. Rise of Nations shall be receiving similar treatment to Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology with the release of Rise of Nations: Extended Edition on Steam sometime this year in the month of June.

Among the features are improved visuals with improvements to areas like textures and water quality, Steamworks intergration for multiplayer, and obviously TwitchTV intergration. With both the original base game and the Thrones and Patriots expansion included in the Extended Edition package. So pretty much the same sort of improvements that the last two 'Age of' re-releases have gotten.

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is currently 20% off, meaning you can grab it before release for $15.99 (USD) before the price reverts to the RRP of $20.00 (USD). Should you be inclined to do so the path to reliving yet another classic lies over here!