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Friday, July 30, 2004

American Revolution 1776 MP Scenario

Berlin9487 has come up with another nice scenario. This time it allow you to play the American Revolution during 1776. You can take on the British and overthrow their tyrannical King, or put down the Rebel Rebellion. You can also play as the French, or Shawnee & Huron. Relive, America's most important war, the war for independence. You can check it out in our download section.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Modding Rares

Baryonyx has made initial progress modding some aspects of rare resources. You can check out his investigations in our forum thread. He summarizes these findings and put them all in a nice article at his site with a downloadable word version also available.

The Nations: Defensive, Offensive, Economic

Ncarbtpmo ran tests to determine the general AI character of the nations as they are now in Thrones & Patriots (Michael Rymaszewski listed them for the original Rise of Nations on page 13 of his Sybex Rise of Nations Strategy Guide). As with original Rise of Nations, a nation may belong to more than one category. You can check out this informative thread in our forums.

Expanded Hostilities Tourney Reports

You can now check out the Expanded Hostilities Tourney Rank 9-16 Winners at MFO as well as the Used Nations. El_Capitan Sums up Day 1 of the Tourney at his blog, (July 24th entry). Another RON blogger ny the name of Pete joins the ranks and gives his perspectives at hos site. Recorded Games from the tourney can be found at various Rise of Nations Fan sites: MFO,Rise of Nations Universe,Anarchy Unlimited and Pete's blog.
You can also review the Brackets at the PCA clan site as well as at MFO.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Final Deadline for RoN T&P Olympics

Just a reminder that tonight is the last deadline for submissions for the Rise of Nations T&P Olympics. There is still time to get in on the prizes. You can check out the contest details on the contest page.

RoN Gold Edition

Rise of Nations in Gold Edition, which includes both the original Rise of Nations, plus Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots! Is now available for Pre-order, Shipping on 09/28/2004. You can check out the package at EB Games, which has it listed available at $29.99 on their website.

Thanks to Cataphracto for the headsup.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Expanded Hostilities Tourney Arrives

The T&P Expanded Hostilities Tourney sponsored by Big Huge Games and hosted by MFO Rise of Nations takes place this weekend, 24-25 July. "Prove to the world your skill at Rise of Nations by winning the tournament through choices of different nations. With cash prizes going out to the top 16 [$1000 in total], there is no excuse to miss this great tournament!" You can check out the full contest details at MFO.

KRG_Redfish's "Sacrifice" Tourney

Reminder: this Aztec-only tournament is scheduled for 1700 GMT Sunday 1 August 2004. You can check out the current sign-up list, from this link and the tourney details, from Rise of Nations Universe.

Syracuse Post-Std: "Welcome Addition"

Syracuse Post-Standard Staff Reviewer Rick Moriarty clearly likes Rise of Nations and T&P, and he even offers some strategy advice: "Patience helps in this game. My soldiers kept losing battles. So after I built farms and markets, I let the game run by itself while I ate dinner. When I came back in 30 minutes, my society had collected enough wealth and food for me to create a huge army. It overwhelmed a neighboring nation in short order." You can check out the review from this link.

Risen to #2

The Wargamer among other sites reports the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations rose to the second best-selling PC game in the US for the week ending July 10th. You can check out the news item here.

Mac RoN Looking Fantastic

Inside Mac Games' Tuncer Deniz spoke recently with MacSoft's Al Schilling about several games making their transition to the Mac: "Rise of Nations is looking fantastic. The team at Westlake has done their typical A-1 job with this game." You can check out the story from this link.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Two MP Scenarios from BHG

Big Huge design team members John Hawkins and Mark Sobota are pleased to offer for download two multiplayer scenarios (in Thrones & Patriots, scenarios auto-transfer to other players!):

Skirmish - "a 2v2 modern age battle, players create all units from Redoubts and can't build cities."

Missile - "a four player free for all game of tactical strikes. Players can only train Elite Special Forces and Spies, which are capable of calling in cruise missile strikes. Destroy all of player's buildings, and he's defeated!"

You can grab them from the BHG Downloads page.

CtW's Nuts & Bolts

DonTheDime has already modded the standard Conquer the World Campaign found in T&P, and he's on his way to a version 2.0. The process has meant digging through the various attributes contained in CtW's xml files, and a lengthening discussion has formed at our downloads section.

Game Start Strategies for RoN T&P

A serious-minded discussion of opening strategies and techniques is ongoing among some of the luminaries of the Francophone Rise of Nations community, including CeltikX_Pretorian, ne0pheniXXX, Nox, LocoKhan, and TuF_Revenger. You can check that out at Rise of Nations Revolution's French site.

Player of the Fortnight: I_cosmique

The Army of Isengard's "Player of the Fortnight" is I_cosmique (membership in the AoI Clan is not required for the honour). Find the interview at this link and visit the AoI clan site from here.

Gaming Media: 91% Gold Medal

Reviewer Paul Nunes: "[T&P's] WORST FEATURE - Just makes you want the next full Rise of Nations more." You can check out the full review from this link.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mobile AA: Why To Use

SeraphLeviathan in "Mobile Anti-Aircraft: A Treatise On Why To Use Them:" "In Rise of Nations, the AAV is depicted by most players of the game as a waste of resources better spent on other forms of ground troops. However one has to sit back and think about what the AAV represents..." You can check out the discussion in our forum thread.

Rise of Melkar Mod Project Announced

Our own HistoryGuy is pleased to announce this new modification for Rise of Nations:T&P based on his book "The Diamond of Power." You can check out the official thread in our forums.

Treasure of the West Indies

Coins, a forumer at Rise of Nations Oracle has created an MP diplomacy or cooperative scenario dominated by naval action set in the days of the Spanish Main. You can find it in our download section or at Rise of Nations Oracle.

Nokkio82 Updated Iraq,Cuba and Israel Mods

Nokkio82 has updated 3 of his nation mods (Israel, Cuba and Iraq) to its 2nd iteration. You can grab them from our download section, they completely replace the old versions, so this is the version 2 that is available only. Also screenshots for the new Israel and Hittite Nations mods are now up in the Mod Gallery.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

RoN T&P Olympics Extended

Ok folx the Olympian Gods were merciful and decided that they should extend the deadline for the Rise of Nations T&P Olympics by 1 week. So the new deadline is July 25th midnite EST (before the monday). So folks get your entries in! You have nothing to loose at this point, and nothing to gain if you don't enter. So enter and win!

Kill the Fat Man Ver 2

DarthVeda offers a fast, 15-20 minute musical chairs scenario where you need to kill more units than the others while avoiding "suicide." You can grab it at our download section.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Reminder for the RoN T&P Olympics

Just another reminder that the deadline for the Rise of Nations T&P Olympics. The deadline for submissions is of course this weekend, midnight EST July 18th (just before the 19th Monday). So get your entries in, its still time to enter right now if you haven't started on your submissions. Plus you get a chance for some cool prizes, including an autographed version of Rise of Nations T&P! You can review the contest rules here.

Friday, July 16, 2004

RoN Regicide

DarthVeda has created a set of scripts (one for nukes allowed and one without) that allows any game to setup a regicide victory condition to their games. You can find it in our download section.

Israel and Hittites Nations Mod

Nokkio82 gives us a double shot of nations Mods this time with the Israel and Hittites. He uses the Japanese to create Israel with the Power of Zion while he uses the Germans to create the Hittites with Hittites have the Power of Anatolia. You can find them in our download section from this link for the Israel Mod and here for the Hittite Mod.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

BlackWater Domain Transfer

Our own HistoryGuy's now in the works, has a new website for his venture. You can check it out from this link. BWG is a gaming company that produces freeware, and commercial games. We hope to make excellent and affordable freeware or commercial games to the public.

HC-MWU Strategy

El_Capitan presents the "Inca Heavy Cavalry Metal Workers United Strategy." You can check out the discussion at Out4Blood's Blog,(July 14th entry). He has also put some recorded games examples at Rise of Nations download.

Friendly Aztec Tourney, Anyone?

Fresh from a few highly entertaining Aztec games, KRG_RedFish is interested in organizing an Aztec-only tournament, "a night of Aztec v Aztec fun" (not KRG clan associated). You can check out the details at Rise of Nations Universe.

Victory Through Air Power

I_Roll writes extensively on using Airbases, Fighters, and Bombers to best effect. You can check it out at the Infidels clan site.

CGW: 4/5 Stars

The review of Thrones & Patriots that originally appeared in Computer Gaming World's July print edition is now available online. "There's almost enough gameplay packed in here for a full-fledged sequel, so it's definitely worth the price of an expansion pack." You can check out the review at 1up.

RoME Mod Preview Pictures

Jedianakinsolo drops by to show off some preview pictures of an Orc unit that the RoME Mod team has been working on. Unfortunately RoME Mod site itself is down. But you can check out the preview in our forum thread.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Rise of Mythology: The Titans Expack?

Just kidding, but forumer Arcanjo TM created a Atlantean Nation Mod based on the Dutch. Unique units includes: Nereid - replaces the Medieval Age Caravel; Cannon Nereid - replaces the Gunpowder Age Corvette; Argus - replaces the Enlightment Age Sloop; Carcinos - replaces the Modern Age Cruiser; Kraken - replaces the Info Age Attack Submarine. He also incorporates XenonDDR's civilian buildings mod to spice things up further. You can check out the mod in our download section.

Grouping & Position Reminder

Thunder (BHG's Graham Somers) reminds fans that not only can they use the number and function keys for unit control groups, but also for saving camera positions. You can see what he had to say in our forum thread.

Medieval Age Underused?

KRG_RedFish and others discuss the perceived weakness of Rise of Nations's Medieval Age as a good time to launch an attack. You can follow the discussion at Rise of Nations Universe.

RoN #4 to July 3rd

IGN reports the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations was the fourth best-selling PC game in the US for the week ending July 3rd (though the article says "June 3rd," past reporting indicates they mean July 3rd). You can check out the full report at IGN.

Blow Stuff Up Strategy

AU_Humble presented a micro-intensive Iroquois strategy that he used successfully against various top-tier nations. You can check that out at the Anarchy Unlimited Clan site.

The Battle of Liege 1914 V5

Jimmy_pat1403's WWI scenario has likewise reached its fifth iteration. You can grab it at our download section.

Diplomacy Europe 1800 Ver 5

Berlin9487 has put a bit more polish and troubleshooting into his massive multiplayer scenario set in Napoleonic Europe. You can grab it from our download section or at Rise of Nations Oracle.

Monday, July 12, 2004

GameAxis Give RoN T&P 8.5/10

Reviewer Cai Jiahui: "The number of campaigns in the game can qualify it as an entirely new game, a sequel perhaps, and it's good value for money." You can check out the Review at GameAxis.

Arrays/Structs in RoN T&P Scripting

With the advent of Thrones & Patriots, Big Huge Script(the language of .bhs files) now supports arrays and structs. Gigi's well-illustrated discussion can be found at Rise of Nations Oracle.

WWII CtW Renders

Abundant interest in a Conquer the World campaign for WWII is reflected in a thread at Rise of Nations Heaven. Unit35 has produced some excellent AFV models appropriate to such a mod and seeks texturers for them. You can check out the discussion on our forum thread.

Reminder: 1 Week Left in RoN T&P Olympics

Just as the title says there is approximately 1 week left to submit your entries for the Rise of Nations T&P Olympics. The due date is July 18th. You can check out the contest details at the Rise of Nations T&P Olympics Contest page.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Winning Without a Barracks?

El_Capitan wondered if he could lead the French to victory without ever building a barracks. You can check out his musings on this possible new strategy at Rise of Nations Universe.

Uninstall Problems?

War offers advice on a non-functioning uninstall. You can check that out in our forum thread.

Indian Pros & Cons

Do the Indian economic bonuses really help them in the game? Join the discussion at our forum thread.

Maybe in Texas

Coins uses some clever devices to create an Alamo multiplayer scenario. Play Santa Ana or cooperate against him. You can grab this at Rise of Nations Oracle.

The Early Attack

KRG_RedFish distinguishes between the "rush" and the "early attack," and goes on to detail his version of an early attack. You can check that out at Rise of Nations Universe.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

WWI - The Battle of Liege V4

Hot on the heels of V3, jimmy_pat1403 comes out immediately with Version 4. Major Error fixed. (Some people may have noticed that after 10 seconds, they were greeted by some reinforcements) New objective added. New division of German Troops appear at the start. Citizens cannot be created. You can grab it here.

Friday, July 9, 2004

Liege 1914 Scenario V3

Jimmy_pat1403 has released version 3 of his Liege 1914 scenario. This release is to address script problems from the previous version and changes "Mortars [to] appear in the first Wave, not the last." You can grab it from our download section.

A Matter of Inches

Rise of Nations Planet's Eyecare muses on the host of "little things" that can mean victory rather than defeat. You can check out what he is talking about at Rise of Nations Planet.

Russian Passive-Aggressive Boom

El_Capitan presents another of his signature strategies, this one involving sideways city building. You can check out the details of this strategy at Out4Blood's blog, (July 9th entry). Four-game download of this stratgey can be found at Rise of Nations Universe.

RoN #5 to June 26th

The Wargamer reports the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations was the fifth best-selling PC game in the US for the week ending June 26th. You can check their report from this link.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Brazilian Nation Mod

Forumer, Arcanjo TM has created a Brazilian nation mod. He uses the Indians to create his mod, which gives the Power of Miscegenation. These means in game terms that their Buildings do not rise in cost except for Wonders, Towers, Lookouts, and Forts, which rise at half the normal rate, and Cities, which rise normally. +6 City economic radius and +15% Caravan income.

Brazilian's unique units:

  • Tupiniquins - replaces the Ancient Age bowmen;
  • Guaranis - replaces the Classical Age archer
  • Bandeirantes - replaces the Gunpowder Age arquebusier
  • Voluntarios da Patria - replaces the Enlightment Age musketeers
  • Pracinha - replaces the Modern Age infantry.
You can grab it from our download section

DonTheDime CTW Map Mod (TaP) v1.02

Though the full second version of the mod is still in preparation, DonTheDime's CTW Map Mod (TaP) v1.02 is ready and addresses several of the problems encountered in the earlier versions. This is a mod of a standard Conquer the World campaign that adds 23 new territories and increases the number of turns per age to seven, among other changes. You can grab it from out download section.

To Blitz or Not to Blitz

Debate: "What is your strategy on taking towns while one is assimilating? Do you defend the thing and lock down your advantage or continue to press forward?" You can follow the discussion at our forum thread.

Germans Still Viable?

KRG_RedFish: "So, what do people think, Governments and Hanging Gardens have left Germany dead? Or can they still be one of the best?" You can add your two cents at Rise of Nations Universe.

ROSA_SHIMAKO thinks Germany can still be a winner, and has uploaded a set of four games to prove it. You can check out those games at Rise of Nations Universe's download.

A New Holy UnHoly Alliance

"Infidels join in an alliance with AoI [Army of Isengard], and soon other clans, to promote community values, decency and fair play." Details. You can read about their plans at this link.

T&P Demo on CG CD

The 'Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots' trial version is one of the featured demos on the CD accompanying the August 2004 print version of Computer Games magazine (the cover features Timegate's upcoming "Axis & Allies"), which went on sale July 6th. You can check out the details at the CG site.

Houston Chronicle: RoN T&P is Essential

Reviewer Dwight N. Odelius: "For gamers who enjoyed Rise of Nations, Thrones & Patriots is essential. And those who overlooked it have a good reason to pick it up." You can check out the full review from this link.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Liege 1914 Scenario V2

Jimmy_pat1403 has released version 2 of his Liege 1914 scenario. He notes in this version: "Belgian Forts are weaker. Belgians get MG units. Neutral Farms spread out about the map. The last wave of German Reinforcements contains Mortar Units." You can grab it at Rise of Nations Oracle. He promises to release version 3 soon (after some initial feedback on version 2) on both Rise of Nations Heaven and Rise of Nations Oracle.

TeeStainStudio: Rise of Terror Forums Back

Our own Unit35, who is working on the "Rise of Terror 40k" mod for Rise of Nations - based on Games-Workshop's Warhammer 40k universe, has restarted a discussion forum at his TeeStainStudio site. So go check it out!

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

DaveDash: The Warrior and War Correspond

Forumer, DaveDash wrote up a detailed war story with screenshots of a 1v1v1 (Americans, Russians and Egyptians) battle between him and a couple of his friends. Its a good read, you can check it out at our War stories forum.

Rise of Middle Earth Poll

The people behind the ongoing Rise of Middle Earth (ROME) mod for Rise of Nations have posted a new poll: "Should we finish the ROME mod?" So why don't you get on over their and answer their poll.

Types of Management in RoN

In a discussion on the subject of micromanagement in Rise of Nations, DaveDash ramifies management into "micro," "tactical," and "strategic." You can follow the discussion in our forum thread.

Preview of the Mac RoN

InsideMacGames previewer Michael Phillips: "Barring a disastrous port by the competent pros at Westlake Interactive, this game will rock. There are dozens of awards under the PC versionís belt to back my statement. Iím only here to give a taste of how hard this game will rock our one-button mice." You can check out the latest developments of the Mac version from this link, and be sure to check out the Nine screenshots in their gallery.

Daily Game on RoNTP: 9/10

Reviewer Durward Holt: "Empire building done right...Hang the Do Not Disturb sign; RON is complete." Three screenshots are included in the review.

Monday, July 5, 2004

Viking Nation Mod

Forumer jesus123 has made another nation mod available. This time he creates the Vikings by replacing the Bantu civ, giving the Vikings have the Power of The Barbarian. Unique units include: Thrall, Barbarian, Berserker, Jom Viking and of course the Longboat. You can grab it from our download section.

RoN Scripting : disable_type_by_tribe function

Salamander, Berlin9487, and other scenario builders discuss the use of the "disable_type()" and "disable_type_by_tribe()" functions in Rise of Nations scripts. You can check that out at Rise of Nations Oracle.

TWC_ShaDowZ' Game Collection

TWC_ShaDowZ has uploaded a collection of expert-level recorded games from Thrones & Patriots featuring his play as Nubians, Egyptians, Iroquois, Aztecs, Turks, and Spanish against Americans and several other foes. You can check them out at Rise of Nations Universe.

WWI Action: Battle of Liege 1914

Lead the German army into Belgium and against the fortifications guarding Liege. The Big Bertha, Mauser Riflemen, and other historical units are available. You can grab it from out download section.

New Strategy Articles

Two new strategy articles are up at the Infidels' Clan site: The "Ending a Long Game," Strat by I_War, which you can find from this link and the "Rise of Nations Order Queues" Strat also by I_War, from this link.

CtW Wonder Powers Activation

DonTheDime shares a simple mod that should allow the earlier activation of Wonder powers in Conquer the World scenarios. You can read about it on our forum thread.

EHT Nation Picking Strategies

El_Capitan weighs in with nation-picking strategies for the upcoming MFO/BHG Expanded Hostilities Tournament: "...each player who plans on getting to the Final games will need to plan ahead in choosing 12 Nations. The order for choosing those Nations will play a VERY IMPORTANT factor in this tournament!" You can check it out at Out4Blood's blog, (July 1st entry)

Black Water Games

Our own HistoryGuy is starting a independent game producing unit and have founded "Black Water Games," dedicated to creating freeware and commercial PC games. The group is already hard at work discussing a historical RTS and needs 3d modelers and musicians. You can check out what he has in mind at his home site.

Sunday, July 4, 2004

Happy US Independence Day!

Happy July 4th to all the Americans out there.

RoN Still Strong at #4

HomeLan Fed reports the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations was again the fourth best-selling PC game in the US for the week ending June 19th. You can check out the full list at their site.

Battlepoint Peking 1900

Coins' latest scenario lets you play either side of the Boxer Rebellion. "The scenario is playable as a 3v3 or equivalent number with CPUs added." You can grab it at Rise of Nations Oracle.

KRG_Hasufel Interview

The Army of Isengard Clan publishes interviews with their "Player of the Fortnight," and most recently that honour belongs to KRG_Hasufel (one needn't be an AoI member to be eligible). "Any skill I do have comes from playing with Darkside and Redfish. We no each other in real life and starting playing RON at the same time (like so many other games), our skills have grown together...." You can check out the interview at this link.

Earlier interviews include (VI_Zhu_Rongji, TuF_Raider_, KRG_Redfish, _FSF_Godfather), which you can find at their main interview page.

Expanded Hostilities Tourney Seedings

RCF_Morrigu is seeking input on seedings for the upcoming tournament. You can give your 2 cents at MFO.

Gamers with Jobs Says RoN:T&P is Fantastic!

Reviewer Elysium: "...this expansion would be easy enough to recommend just for the fantastic single player additions in the new Conquer the World scenarios, but it becomes a must have as it uncovers a new depth to gameplay without breaking perilous balance of the original." Nine new screenshots is included in the review.

Saturday, July 3, 2004

RoN :T&P Racks Up Solid Japanese Sales

Business Computer News / Yahoo Japan reports Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots was the thirteenth best-selling PC game in Japan for the week ending June 29th (June 11th was the official release date for the localized version). You can check out the story at yahoo computer news.

A Challenging Sweden Scenario

Lutzen 1632 by Kant22: You are Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus leading his Protestant troops against the forces of the Holy Roman Empire - no reinforcements and no building new units! You can grab it at our download section.

More RoN: T&P Reviews

***GameSpot Australia: 8.5/10***
Reviewer Christian Ivers: "Fans of the original game should definitively give Thrones and Patriots a look; unlike many expansion packs it offers a solid amount of additional content that enhances the overall game without breaking anything in the process -- a rare feat indeed." You can check out the full review at Gamespot.

***Australian IT: 3.5/5***
Reviewer Steve Polak: "This expansion pack is a top effort that fans of the game will appreciate." You can check out the full review at Australian IT.

$1000 Expanded Hostilities RoN: T&PTournament!

"MrFixItOnline COM LLC and Big Huge Games announces the "Expanded Hostilities" Tournement, a new 1vs1 Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots Expansion contest with a total prize package of $1,000 in addition to miscellaneous prizes.

"The event will take place on the weekend of July 24, with players battling it out for a first place prize of $250. Sign ups begin immediately and will last until July 23 at 2:00 PM EDT." You can find out the full details at MFO.

Butch Cleaning Up with the French

El_Capitan has uploaded a .zip containing five T&P recorded games illustrating the prowess of "Butch," who leads the French to victory over a variety of foes. You can check them out at Rise of Nations Universe.