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Sunday, July 30, 2006

RONH Community Scenarios

The Scenario designers keeps up with the modders. This time we have Axel_UK with "Israeli Offensive, a topical scenario for the time. Based on the Israeli Offensive in Lebanon thats filling the news these days, with some mix of fiction such as US and UK support, including Hezbollah. He also contributes "AK vs DS", a fictional battle, in north africa, made with the purpose of showing battles between the Africa Korps and the Desert Rats. ben89 also does a WW2 scenario with "D day", a popular subject for scenarios. Thecrayfish offers "The Battle of Goose Green", in this scenario the British 2nd Para division battles the Argentinian Task Force Mercedes for control of Goose Green. Finally carcf2002 returns with a scenario creation of his own called "Fire from the Sky: Persia reborn". This scenario occurs in the near future, the Old Persian Empire, now the modern Muslim nation of Iran, is ready to make its move!

RoNH Community Mods

Not to be left out, the rest of the Rise of Nations Heaven modding community keeps the dream alive with some more Mods for the week. We have nemesis000 with "Swiss", this is a nation mod that replaces the Lakota with the Swiss. Then we have tarmo_flake with "Mi-24D Hind-D". This is a mod that makes the Russian Hind to look like the Mi-24 used by the Polish Army and others. flanker_pilot imparts on a more ambitious multipart project for the modern age. Part 1 of his Modern War Mod. This one mainly deal with changes to Russia. Finally we have Meghan with a New Balance mod. In this mod, production of knowledge has been uniformly reduced to emphasize combat in each era and Wonders are more important.

Axel of Sweden's New RoN Mods

Axel of Sweden continues his prodigious number of mods that we feel he needs a news item of his own. This week he has 5 new mods (that's one each working day I guess). First is an Abrams mod with two schemes, Woodland and Desert. He continues the Tank mods with, Chinese MBT, reskins the T-80 to look like the Chinese TYPE98 MBT. If you're gonna have two tank mods why not more? Well another of his tank mods is Challenger 2, changes to the original Challenger with new camo schemes. Well finally he get bored of the tanks and offers a Soviet Rocket Artillery mod, reskins the Katysha to look like the Russian BM-21 Rocket Battery. But also takes to the air with an A-10 Warthog mod, Eagle fighter to have more historically accurate markings.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

New RONH Scenarios

Axel_UK contributes a pair of single player scenarios for the Rise of Nations Heaven community. First is "Fictional Battle-2ww,Eastern Front", a scenario between Soviet and German forces. Second he offers "Gladiatore-CIrcus Maximus", where you play as Justinianus, a Roman citizen sold as a slave, fighting his way to sucess as a gladiator.

RoNH Modding Season Continues

The modding season continues as tarmo_flake decides to revamp some South American civs, namely the Aztecs, Maya and Inca as he gives them his own personal makeover. Next we have redstenin10 with "Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut advanced fighter, a mod the replaces the original advanced fighter with the Russian Su-47 Berkut advanced fighter recognisable by it's forward-swept wings. Then Axel of Sweden contributes firstly, an Australian Abrams mod, that reskins the Abrams using Australian markings. He also offers a beta version of a Modern Mortar which changes the crew and ammonition from the original. Finally, he has yet another version of the Leopard 2HEL, a greek version of the Leopard. StealArcher adds a new version of the F-2A with help from probed1969.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Recent RONH Tank Mods

Y'all know I love tank mods. So since there's been a few of late and some criticisms. I've put in my own 2 cents and made some improvements on those namely from Axel_of_sweden and Edilberto. However, I left them in photoshop format with the layers preserved so people know what I did. You'll be amazed at what 1 minute of work will do when you know how to cheat with the original skins!

Lots of New RONH Mods

First we have "Camouflaged Barracks (regular, desert and snow)" from redstenin10. This as it sounds like is a mod of the industrial age barracks in 3 variations. edilberto follows suite with another barracks mod callec "new barracks-6" of his own with 6 variants. redstenin10 isn't done yet as he puts out another mod called "Russian Hussar", in which he changes the russian hussars based on a soviet film. StealthArcher returns with a more polished version of his JASDF F-2A mod. Just cause we need to house them troops, CorporalAris also has a barracks mod of his own called "Barracks Camo ". redstenin10 again in a fit of creativity also goes sky high with a "tu-160 and t-60s bombers" mod where he changes the stealth bomber to these two Russian bombers. Not to out done Axel of sweden continues to contribute with a "Modern_Howitzer_M109" mod, an Information age Self propelled gun. But that's not all, he has another one called "Leopard C2 .V3". Finally, he give us another improved version of his Swedish military skin mod, which you can grab here.

New RoNH Community Scenarios

First we have eXocet with "Indian Stronghold", in which you try to hold your Indian stronghold against the English intruders who set food on your islands. This is a first attempt for him, so give him some comments. Then we have Gauchori with "German WW2 Battle (What IF Scenario)", in which you will have to fight your way trough no-man's land, while experiensing some entertaining random events.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

New RoNTP Mods

On the Modding front. We have a bunch of new creations also! First we have a mod by nemesis000 called "Icelandic". This mod replaces the Maya with Icelandic Vikings. Next wakain contributes with "Zeppelin v.1". This mod has been made by the M.O.D. brotherhood consisting of (marce, probed and wakain) and adds the zeppelin to the industrial age arsenal. Williamiv comes up with a mod called "Vinci (Rise of Legends) Civilization for RON". Its really more like just some units named like Rise of Legends and strangely the hosts of X-play on G4TechTV. Next, Axel of sweden contributes a mod called "Modern_ArtilleryV:1". This mod reskins Artillery cannon to look like modern towed artillery. Then we have nicko6 with "Australians V2.0". This is a nation mod.

Finally Probed1969 makes a redux of Rise of Nations Thrones & Patriots with a mega mod that adds in the CTW units and buildings, plus adds in selected mods and scripts from other creators of the RONH community and other tweaks. You can grab this from here. You can even check out a preview screenshot of the mod in our mod gallery.

New Scenarios from the RoNH Community

First we have a creation from spitfire007, its a multi-player scenario in it 5 iteration. You can get "Absolute Madness" Version 5, from this link. Next we have Williamiv with "WWII Wartime". This scenario is a combination of WWI and WWII. You play as the Americans in the fight to reach the German death camps through the forest before it is too late! He also has another offering, "Battle of Eden". In that one you play as a man trying to fight the oppressive tyrants of the Axis. Flyers contributes with "Battle of Trenton". In this scenario, you are the Americans under George Washington during the American Revolution. He also contributes a second scenario this round, a scenario called "Without Remorse". This is a single player scenario based on the book Without Remorse by Tom Clancy. Then we have zenithian with "American Revolution". This is a package of 4 of 5 (planned) scenarios. Finally we have probed1969 with "The Seige of Hue". In this scenario you are the local MACV commander. You must survive the initial attack, then with reinforcements take back the city of Hue.