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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Scenarios at RoNH

First we have several Multiplayer scenarios to report on. VegardH contributes "WW1 Battlefield". This is his first attempt so give him some feedback. Next, Berlin9487 is back with "Crowns of Europe 1882 Diplomacy". Another master work from the RON MP Scenario design veteran. Finally we have Scottc32020 with "2007 American-Iranian Nuclear Facility War". It is late 2007, and the United States feels that the Islamic state of Iran must be stopped in its nuclear ambitions.

On the single player scenario scene. We have a couple from TheBlackAdmiral. He continues his history of the world series with "History of the Entire World - River Hwang Ho" and "History of the Entire World - Settlers of Crete". Next is Zjorghammer with "Japan's Asia; 1870-1940". This scenario is loosely based around the history of Japan's development from a backwards feudal political system to a modern empire in the years between 1870 and 1940. Next we have 4 scenarios from Turkish_General. The first is "Turkish+Chinese vs. Greeks". This is he first scenario so give him some guidance and feedback. He also contributes another "Turkish counterattack on Greece". In the same theme he also contributes "Intervening Greece". Finally ends his run with "China vs. Turkey". Finally veteran forum member Carcf2002 returns to the RoNH Scenario community with "300 - The Battle of Thermopylae". Inspired by the movie, check out this take on the famous battle!

Mods from the RoNH Community

First up is StapleFun with "Mirage Symbol" mod. This one adds the French markings to the Mirage fighter. He also contributes a nations name mod with more Cities and Presidents for America. Next is Anno1503 with his first modding attempt doing a "Modern airfield" mod or better yet grab Version 2. Next we have pvt_jenkins117 with "Barracks skin". Finally we have Turkish_General with well as one would expect, a "More Accurate Turkish Stuff" mod, mainly changing the names of Cities and leaders.