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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rise of Nations on Steam Petition

So theres been a petition going around parts of the Rise of Nations community that want Rise of Nations supported by Steam, and I for one wholeheartedly support this idea, as not only does it strengthen the Rise of Nations community, but it also introduces the Rise of Nations audience to a new platform, while the platform introduces us to another audience. Besides, this petition may actually gain some ground (unlike many other Rise of Nations petitions which I have been very skeptical about in the past).

I Will make a Forum about this in the General Discussion Forums to give you guys the links for where to sign and where to voice your opinions on the steam forums

Now no one in forcing you to sign this, you all have your opinions.... But let it be known that whoever doesnt sign this indirectly says to the world about their inner hatred for puppies and freedom.... but please, do not feel forced to sign this.