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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rise of Legends Fan Site Kit Released

Big Huge Games has officially released for download their Fan Site Kit for Rise of Legends. You can grab it from their company website. Even if you don't start up your own site with it, there are some breath taking screenshots and art in it!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mod and MP Scenario for RoNTP

Ijtzoi has created a new skin mod for the MezoAmerican gunpower units. You can check out this mod here. Albino_75 contributes with a Multiplayer Scenario called "The Spanish Armada".

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rise of Legends Fan Site Kit Sneak Peek

We have a sneak peek at the first picture that Big Huge Games will include as part of their Rise of Legends fan site kit, which will be available very very soon! But for some of us it can't be soon enough! So get your first look at some appetizing pics from the game here!

Monday, August 22, 2005

TGE Visits BHG and Previews RoL

TheGoodEvil recently had a chance to visit the Big Huge Games office in Timonium, Maryland. He got a chance to see a demo version of the game and really got an eye full! One word he uses to describes the game? "WOW!" You can check out his write up here.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

MoR Interviews Tim Train of BHG

The Master of Rise of Nations league recently had a chance to visit the Big Huge Games office. They got an interview with Tim Train, VP of operations & dev at Big Huge Games. You can check out the interview and visit write up from this link.

Also Season 3 of the MoR league will soon start up with the usual collection of cash prize and game swag. It will use MoR 2.0 system which adds new tournament matching and chatting tools to help players get their game on. You can check that out from this link.

You'll have to register at the site to access the articles though.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Back to the Modern Age with Montero's Mod

Montero has updated his "Modern Civilization" mod to version 2. This one includes a LOT of new content, including over 95 skins, with climate-specific (mainly desert) changes. Hand the man a bottle of water, he's been in the desert for too long!

Friday, August 19, 2005

More Middle Earth

Hot on the heels of ODA's writeup on the upcoming Middle Earth game, Middle Earth itself remains a subject of fascination for designers everywhere. Feonor is our latest designer to use the world, find his interpretation here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Heaven Games Goes to Middle-Earth

As you may already know I was in Los Angeles for Electronic Art's Battle for Middle Earth 2 Community Summit from August 3 - 5, sponsored by Nvidia. Three of us from Heaven Games had the opportunity to go including myself, Adder and Socvazius. It was a truly memorable and that's even if I don't count winning the "Death Star" contest while I was there. Woohoo! or should I say "Argh-ooooh-errrgh"!

We wrote up a bunch of articles on the event. Socvazius discussed the gameplay itself, Adder covered the happenings during the summit, and of course you all know me, I covered the modding/design aspects.

VIP's Reply at RONH

We got a sudden rush of replies from a couple of folks from Big Huge Games. Graham Thunder Somers drops by to address a call for a No Nukes option, and Ike Ellis drops by to give the thumbs up to someone who discovered a way to continue a CTW campaign even after a uninstall/reinstall of the game.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Downloads at RONH

We got a couple of new downloads for those who can't wait for WW3, yes three! First uthum876 previews an alpha version of his WW3 mod for Rise of Nations T&P. You can download that from here. Next we have a campaign from Henry_V, which includes 3 scenarios that deal again with a hypothetical WW3, which you can grab from this link. This is volume 1 of the campaign, so I assume there will be additions! Going back to WW2 for a moment. Warspite2 has released "Wake Island Strike". Enter the WW2 Pacific Theater and take command of American forces on Wake Island, your country needs you! Finally, Shaw DA MAN go medieval on your behind, with "Knight scenario". This also is supposed to be the first in a series. So get ready for more swords strikes to the cranium!

Last but not least El_Capitan continues his tutelege with more expert recorded games! Again, just go check out our recorded games download section!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

New RoNTP Scenario and CTW Mod

Metallica_rocks contributes a new scenario called "Generals: Roman Empire" about the ancient world at the request of his fellow forumers. Isn't he a nice guy? Anyways, you can download the scenario here The second offering is a CTW mod by Lamar01 called "Culture Clash". It is based off of the CTW mod by DonTheDime and additions from Baronyx. But Lamar01 puts his own spin on it to create 16 "MegaCultures" which puts a whole new spin on the CTW campaign.

Meanwhile El_Capitan continues his flood of recorded games. Don't miss any of his expert play. You can learn a lot from his strategies. Just go check out our record games download section for the latest!

Monday, August 8, 2005

Rise of Legends Wins Wargamer's E3 Best of Show has awarded Rise of Legends, as one of their E3 2005 Best of Show award winners. You can check out their comments of Rise of Legends and other E3 2005 standouts here. Interviews Brian Reynolds

Gamerdad is a site dedicated to the parent-child relationship in video games recently caught up with Brian Reynolds, who is also a bit of a gamer, and also a dad. They talk about BHG's new title Rise of Legends, and about how Brian's kids influence Brian in his game designs. You can read the interview here

Rise of Panzer ODA 1.0 (TaP) Alpha

Well due to popular demand, I have decided to release my Rise of Panzers Mod in mid development, so consider this release to be an alpha version. There are two new models in this mod, the Panzer I and Tiger I (Thanks to Unit35 for the Tiger I model). They each come with multiple skins which changes according to the terrain type. You can download it here.

Saturday, August 6, 2005

GameSpot RoL Designer Diary #1 & #2

Gamespot has published a pair of Designer Diaries for Rise of Legends on their site. The first Designer's Diary is from Brian Reynolds describing the game in general, and why BHG decided on doing a fantasy/scifi oriented RTS. The second Designer's Diary is from Ike Ellis and Paul Stephanouk describing the Campaign game.

Thanks to Rohag for the news.