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Thursday, August 31, 2006

RoNH Mods this Week

The modding community continues to be active in Rise of Nations Heaven. First we have Along_the_wall with "Alexander of greece". This mod contains 5 new skins and 4 new units. He also updates his Invasion Time mod to "version 1.2. He add news toys for the Spanish, Gauls, Romans and Byzantines plus changes to wonders in this update. In version 2 he adds new functions to wonders. Axel of sweden also contributes with "Realistic Assault marine". This mod contains a woodland camo skin for Assault Marines. Going back to his love of airplanes mods, he also contributes a CF-18 skin that changes the F18 to the Canadian version. Next we have tarmo_flake with "Aztec Eagles: Escuadrón 201". This mod gives to the Aztecs the P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter Bomber. They were used by the mighty Escuadrón 201, also known as "Aztec Eagles" during WW2. Next up is PlaidBaron with "American Presidency Mod". This mod includes all the Presidents of the United States the leaders list. Xenotron contributes a "Submarine Skin Edit", where he makes the Submarine a little darker with green bottom. We also have a nation mod from Romanlord who takes the dutch and turns them into the Phoenicians.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Apolyton's Age of Nations

Season 1 of the Apolyton's "Age of Nations" (AoN) machinima returns with its eighth episode "The Best of Plans" being released. The episode runs for about 15 minutes and is available in both DivX and Windows Media formats. It can be accessed from this link.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

RoNH Scenarios

Not to be forgotten. The Rise of Nations Heaven community scenario designers also contributes. We have first matthewholmes, with his first map called "Cambrai". He wants help and feedback to help him with his scenario designs. Next we have Penguin Nation with a scenario called "Out of Time II: Middle-Ages Meat Grinder". This scenario continues his time warp scenario series.

Lots of New RoN Mods

We've got a lot of new mods to report on at Rise of Nations Heaven. First we have Meghan with a "New Balence (8.4)" mod. The inspiration for this mod came from noting that there were many interesting troops and tactical options in the game that were largely not utilized. We also have pvt jenkins117, with a USMC skinpack which mods a variety of units for the U.S. Marines. nice dictator also contributes with Revolutionary Era Redcoat Skins, replaces the Highlander with a version of the British Red Coats.

Then we have Along_the_wall, with a new Mirage skin. This skin is of the "Mirage 3 E" of the stork squadron. He also made a skin mod for the F-16. This one is to make it have "Tiger stripe" pattern. You can grab that here. Not done with aircrafts yet, he has a Mig skin mod which includes a 6 skins for the Russian jet. Since he's already has made so many aircraft skins. He continues the same theme with "Total Air Warfare". This mod contains a skins and rule changes in most of the air and missile units in the game. Going from missiles to Nukes, he also made a mod that makes nuclear missiles much more lethal. You can grab that one here. That's not all, he offers another bonus Air skin mod that contains 6 new skins. He must loves aircrafts! Going a little off topic for him, Along_the_wall also made a "Assault marines and Abrams skins". This skin pack contain 4 skins for the americans Assault marines and 2 for the Abrams.

Not wanting him to feel lonely, papers also made a Mig skin mod. This one changes some of the colors only from green to blue. He also made a stealth bomber mod. You can grab that here. It's not just him but Xenotron also contributes to the air theme with Curtiss Hawk USAAF which changes the P-51 Mustang to look like the P-40 Curtiss Hawk. He also contributes two B-25 skin mods. One he removed all the nation markings, which you can grab here. The second version has U.S. markings.

Not to be left behind, Axel of sweden continues his modding madness with "Sweden WW2", which contains 4 skins. Romanlord follows with a nation mod for the Khmer empire. This replaces the Aztecs with this southeast asian culture. He also contribute a mod that changes when wonders are available to match their historical age.

Also veteran modder uthum876 is back with a huge mod that tackles a hypothetical World War 3. It is still in development, but he releases a preview that is so large its in 2 parts. Part one is here, and don't forget part 2 as well. You need both parts for the mod to work.

Montero is also back to offer a "Modern Era skin pack". This is a collection of skins he made that would be useful for anyone who wants to make a modern war mod.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Mods and Scenarios at RONH

This week we have siamesedream07 with a mod called "WWIII Bundle" in which he combines the 21st Century CTW mod, with Probed1969's TaP Redux Mod. You can grab the new mod from here. Axel of sweden also contributes with a new F16 skin for Israel. Not to forget his favorite subject, he also reskins the Abrams to look like the Iranian "Zolfhagar 3 MBT". He also revises his Swedish info age skin mod with a "Gold Edition". New to the scene, Romanlord adds some new units to the Romans include my old Ballista mod. You can grab that from here. Finally, we have Xenotron with a ME109 mod.

On the scenario front, Lana continues to refine his WW2 scenario, now into version 0.65. More on the war in Lebanon, Henry_V has a scenario where you're the Israeli's trying to defeat Hezbollah.

Monday, August 7, 2006

New RoNH Mods

Axel_of_Sweden continues to produce mods. First he offers "Russian Stuff", 3 skins for the Russians. He also gives us a M113 .V2 mod, by using a model from unit35's Warhammer 40K mod. Very imaginative! edilberto is not to be outdone, and also contributes with "ww2 new skins", contains 4 skins for different units during WW2 from around the world. Finally we have charles800 with "new effects". He combines the works of previous atmospheric effects mods with some of his own ideas.

More Scenarios from the RONH Community

First we have Axel_UK, with a scenario based on Thecrayfish's Goosegreen scenario. Try out "Honour Regained - The Battle of Goose Green, contains new innovation like paradrops. He also gives us another scenario called "H-Hour D-Day", the beach assault action we all know and love. thetankman is next with a scenario called "Yisraeli-Hezbollahi Conflict", about the current Israeli-Lebanon conflict. stokie_6 covers a popular WW2 subject with "Battle of Stalingrad". You join the action as the first Russian Troops are crossing the Volga into German occupied terrority. Finally, Lana revisits WW2 with version 0.5 of the previously release scenario from last week.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

New RoNH Downloads

Fresh in is a new mod from Edilberto. This time it's a mixture of different infantry from different countries. Containing 7 different skins. Find it here.

Also we have a couple of new single player scenarios. First by lana. It's a WW2 map that is still under contruction so be sure to try it and give the author some valuable feedback. Penguin Nation also contributes with "Out of Time". This one involoves a bit of time travel where a nuclear facility is transported back in time to face the Inquisition!

On that note we are still getting the odd shoddy review and comment with little or no effort put into them. Please note these are offences under the CoC and do have penalties for them.