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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Queues & Bribes

Inspired by a tip in I_War's strategy article on order queues. You can check this out at the Infidels clan website. Thingol has also been practicing using spies in his games. His record is 28 enemy units bribed in a 1v1 rated game can be found at Rise of Nations Planet.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

TWC_LoKaTziS' Games

You can download several of top-rated player TWC_LoKaTziS' recorded games against various opponents. These are high-quality matches. Find them at Rise of Nations Universe.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kemetians Nation Mod

Lamar01, has created a mod that models the Kemetians. This mod replaces the Greek Egyptians of the Ptolemaic dynasty (after Alexander the Great) with the native Kemetians of Kemet (the Black Lands). You can grab it from this link.

Population and Technology Mod

Draxsath as meny others prefer a longer game with greater populations limit. So he has created a mod to accomodate this type of play. There is one version for T&P and one for the original Rise of Nations. You can grab both from our download section.

Is Rushing Dead?

Thingol ponders, 'Is rushing dead in T&P?' El_Capitan replies, "A rush may work if the units that are rushing are unseen," then he goes on to list the nations that shouldn't be rushed and those that may be. You can follow the discussion at Rise of Nations Planet.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Global Conquest Forum

A full forum is available at Rise of Nations Planet to fans of DonTheDime's Conquer the World mod for Thrones & Patriots including several threads for errata and feedback. You can check that out from this link.

Ruin Finding Effectiveness

El_Capitan writes about the "Cost Effectiveness of Ruin Finding with 2 LI" (light infantry). This may seem a minor consideration, but, as El_Capitan notes, "Remember, in vanilla Rise of Nations, Spanish was the #2 Nation behind the impenetrable Maya. In T&P, Iroquois is regarded as the #1 Nation in a recent poll. The only thing these two Nations have in common are their Scouting abilities for Ruins." You can check it out at El_Capitan's stratgey blog,(September 27th entry).

Anarchy Unleashed Victorious!

The Anarchy Unleashed Clan brought home the Team World Championships #1 honour! Congratulations to those eight teams that battled on the final day of the tournament and to all the participants in the month-long contest! Special thanks to the Army of Isengard folks, who were instrumental in organizing and running the Unholy Alliance Team World Championships. You can check out theAnarchy Unleashed's Victory Splash screen at the AU Clan website and check out the Tournament recorded games from this link.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Arabians v. 1.4 Nation Mod

_NSF_The_Qonqueror's latest version of the Arabians is available for download - You can also grab that at Rise of Nations Oracle.

WWII Plus Scenario

Kirkspuppet has prepared a single-player scenario of WWII in Europe. You play as the western powers with the USSR as your ally...if or until Germany falls. You can grab it at Rise of Nations Oracle.

Iroquois Leading

The Iroquois are firmly in first place with the Americans a distant but strong second in {DHA}_demoneyekyo's poll, 'What's your strongest nation on a typical land map?' You can follow that discussion at Rise of Nations Universe.

8 Teams Fight Today

The eight finalists move forward today, Sunday, September 26th, in the Unholy Alliance's Team World Championships hosted by the AoI Clan. The banners for all Top 16 participants can be found from this link. Top 16 recorded games download can be found in from this link.

Also, congratulations to [AoI]Cinderella, whose "Kerokero's Abduction" won the accompanying Story Competition! You can read that from this link. All the submitted stories are accessible from the main Team World Championships Page.

Some of you may also notice the website address change for the AoI clan, which is now:

Friday, September 24, 2004

RON Script Maker Version 0.8

Version 0.8 of Snake_1501's script writing tool has just been completed. This is mainly a bug fix release, but then also some changes to reflect that the app will find the paths of RON and T&P automatically.

Changed in 0.8:
-errorlog.txt created for keeping log of all errors.
-gui changed around again because the script directory text boxes weren't needed anymore. tabstrip and script list are now taller.
-reading of registry to find out if ron and rontp are installed and to where. overriding these is possible via editing of ronscript.ini.
-removed code module for "browse for folder" dialog, because it isn't needed anymore.
-compiler will remove any comments or commented lines in scrippets.
-compiler will skip empty tags in scrippets.
-removed includes
-changes to the help display; less CPU usage now.
You can keep up with the developments of this great piece of software and find the download link from our forum thread.

Formations: Do You Use Them?

Rise of Nations offers a number of different formations (line, envelop, refused, etc.) for troops, but how often do players actually use them? You can follow the discussion on our forum thread.

Americans vs. Americans

PCA_Frogman and Loka battle it out in an exemplary high-level rated game. You can check that out at Rise of Nations Universe.

DonTheDime's Global Conquest Live!

DonTheDime's long-awaited Global Conquest Campaign v. 1.00 is now available for download from Rise of Nations Planet courtesy of DevlshOne! This is a full modification of the standard Conquer the World Campaign from Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots featuring 236 territories, 10 turns per age, new scenario scripting, governments selectable on the strategic map, territory income and number of armies based on territories held, etc. You can grab it at Rise of Nations Planet.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Taking Away Nation Bonuses

El_Capitan ponders the question and strategizes on how to deprive your enemies of their nation powers. A lot people favoured the Iroquois as being the strongest Nation, cause of their nation powers. He however, remain adamant that it's the French or Romans. You can check out what he had to say on this on his strategy blog, (September 23, 2004 entry).

RoN #7 to September 11th

HomeLan Fed, among other sites, reports the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations was the seventh best-selling PC game in the US for the week ending September 11th, 2004. You can check the full list at HomeLand's website.

Russian Cossack Raiding

El_Capitan suggests Russian Gunpowder raiding with Cossacks. You can check it out at his strategy blog,(September 23rd entry).

Discovering a Frogman Technique

SilentFlamE catches on to one of Frogman's counter-raiding measures. (PCA_Frogman is consistently among the very top-rated Rise of Nations players.) You can check it out at the Anarchy Unleashed clan website.

Team World Championships this Saturday

The Unholy Alliance Team World Championships take place this coming Saturday, September 25th, beginning at 20.00 GMT+1. You can check out the details from this link.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Eyecare on Original RoN

While traveling recently, Eyecare loaded the original Rise of Nations onto his laptop for online play. Among other observations he notes: "The competition is not as intense, the play style lends towards more infrastructure development and less initial aggression...." You can read the full contents of his observations at Rise of Nations Planet.

New Strats Eclipsing America?

RoNTP's America has long been considered the most powerful nation in the game. Has the development of new play styles and strategies among experienced players led to the rise of other nations, particularly the Iroquois and French, at the expense of America? You can check out the discussion at Rise of Nations Universe.

Vikings: Power of Pillage Mod

NSF_The_Qonqueror_ transforms the Germans into the Vikings. You can grab Version 1.0 of this mod at Rise of Nations Oracle.

Modders Lays Eggs

Nokkio82 reveals some of the Easter Eggs they put into his mods. Did you find them? Find out what some of them are on our forum thread

AI Weaknesses

Warpig lists many of the typical weaknesses in AI gameplay. You can follow the discussion on our forum . This is part of the noobie to experts thread.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Unit Upgrading

2Biaz polls players: "When [in what age] and how often do you upgrade your units?" You can give him your opinions at Rise of Nations Universe.

Countering the French Rush

Silentflame asks, ~'Which nation do you think would be best to ... counter the French FA+HC strategy?' You can follow the discussion and add your opinions in our forum thread.

Greek Despot Rush Game

Zwerg_Orca successfully accomplishes a dangerous Greek Despot Rush against an opponent on his side of a 2v2 match. Recorded game - You can check this out at Rise of Nations Universe's download.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

ZoneAlarm 5 Problems for RoN

War and Cataphracto address problems associated with attempting to join online games while running the ZoneAlarm 5 firewall. You can follow the discussion and what you can possibly do about it in our forum thread.

Single-Player Variety

Warspite enjoys trying out different combinations of AI opponents, allies, and difficulties, some of which produce very satisfying gameplay results. You can join in the discussion on what he has to say about it at RoN Oracle.

Unusual General Uses

The Anarchy Unleashed folks relate and debate some uncommon uses for generals. You can follow the dicussion at the AU clan website.

ESGL Summercup Tourney Postponed

{BLuT}KrebS has announced the postponement of the European Strategy Gamers League RoNTP 1v1 and 2v2 Summercup Tournament to Saturday, September 25th. There are a handful of rules changes. You can check out the actual Announcement at Rise of Nations Universe, and read the rules for the 1v1 tourney from this link and the 2v2 tourney details from this link.

TWC, Caesar, AU & WH2 Advance

The TWC, Caesar, AU & WH2 teams qualified in the Groups D and E Preliminaries of the Unholy Alliance Team World Championships this past weekend. Congratulations! The Team World Championship Finals take place Saturday, September 25th. You can check it out on the AoI Matches page.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Codename: Panzers Goes Tactical Tanks

Of Possible Interest: MFO's Zhou recently got to participate in the Tactical Tanks team-building program as part of a promotional for the upcoming game "Codename: Panzers Phase 1.", and got a chance to ride around in a tank. He even has pictures to prove it. You can read his report at MFO, and visit the Tactical Tanks home page here, in case you wanna go cruise around on a tank yourself!

Unholy Alliance Group D & E Preliminaries

The Unholy Alliance Team World Championships Group D and E Preliminaries take place today, September 18th at 20:00 GMT+1. You can check the contest details out at the AoI clan website and review the Preliminary summaries & recorded games, from this link.

Inca, Greeks, and Lakota

Here's a wide-ranging discussion on the strengths, weaknesses, and possibilities of these three nations. You can check out the discussion at Rise of Nations Universe.

KRG's on Rare Resources

KRG_4Stars analyses the number and placement of rare resources on RoNTP map types, this week including Amazon Rainforest and Old World. You can check out the analysis at the KRG clan website.

RoNP's Perfect Government Contest

Describe your perfect government, Rise of Nations or real, in 60 words or less by Monday, September 20th, and you could win a Rise of Nations poster! You can check that out at Rise of Nations Planet.

Anarchy Unleashed

The clan formerly known as "Anarchy Unlimited" is now "Anarchy Unleashed." AU_niDe: "Same tag, same members, better name." You can check out the revamped clan website here.

Web Programmer Intern Needed at BHG

"The latest addition to the Big Huge Jobs page is an internship for a web programmer. Applicants must be prepared to work on-site here at the Big Huge offices, located in Timonium, Maryland." Sounds like a great opportunity for all the younger staff members at the various game sites! You can check this job posting out in detail at the BHG website.

RoN #4 for August

HomeLan Fed and other sites report the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations was the fourth best-selling PC game in the US for the month of August 2004. You can check out the full list at HomeLan.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


WarPig wonders which of the above unit combos players tend to use in the Classical and Medieval ages (Heavy Infantry, Heavy Cavalry, Foot Archers). You can follow the discussion in our forum.

Bantu Fast Gunpowder

El_Capitan's latest strategy essay, "Bantu Fast Gunpowder," is available at his Rise of Nations Strategy blog, (14 Sep 04 entry).

Rise of Heroes v0.1 RPG Mod/Scenario

Verdacy has released a Mod/Scenario combo called "Rise of Heroes". The Package includes the Rise of Heroes mod (v1.0) which is needed for the MP scenario portion. Rise of Heroes allows you to choose your hero from 4 different character classes. These classes are: The Warrior, The Archer, The Knight and The Cleric. You can grab it from our download section.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Interview with BHG's Pranas Pauliukonis

In the continuation of our interviews series of the folks at Big Huge Games, which was conducted during our visit to their office back in March 2004. We managed to talked to one of the Programmers at Big Hige Game in order to dig into the innards of the game. With Rise of Nations's big, strong single-player community, the AI plays a huge role in the game. So we put our focus this round on Pranas "Pancake" Pauliukonis, programmer in charge of AI (artificial intelligence) at Big Huge Games. You can read all about Pranas and how he dealt with the Game's Brain here.

4v4 World Battle V3

_NSF_The_Qonqueror has created a 4v4 Multiplayer Enlightenment Battle Scenario. In this scenario with every nation starting with an army. All players have one city, but no citizens can be created. Each team must capture the enemy cities to eliminate them. No reinforcements. You can grab it at Rise of Nations Oracle's download.

RoNTP Case's Ladder

Dont-Tread-On-Me, administrator of the RoNTP Case's Ladder, seeks input on types of tournaments desired by fans. You can join in the discussion from this link.

No Nukes Script MP Cheat Still Alive

Recently encountered by AgentPsycho and reported on this thread and previously encountered by Lex2004 in July 2004 as reported on this link. This is a modified form of the legitimate no_nukes.bhs script available from BHG, which you can get from their Download Section.

Anarchical Intro

AU_nide has made a little intro movie for theior clan website, you can check it out here from this link, you need to turn your sound up for the full effect.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Campaign Freeze

Forumer, Madmanmaxson finds himself in a technical dilemma involving Conquer the World; BHG's Thunder (Graham@BHG) offers advice to solve the immediate problem. If you are having similar problems, you can see if what Thunder said in our forum helps.

Bird on Air

Anarchy Unlimited's AU_bird writes up many excellent tips on the proper use of air forces in Rise of Nations/RoNTP. You can check that out at the the Anarchy Unlimited Clan website.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Battle of Eastern Japan Scenario

dustman123 has created a single player scenario for Thrones & Patriots. This scenario is about america attacking eastern japan during 1945. After they droped the nukes on japan. The japanese didnt surrender. So an invasion was planed to attack japan. This scenario only lets you attack eastern japan. You can grab it from our download section.

German RoN Funny Pages

Rise of Nations-Germany features a "Fun Screens" section, which currently has two shots describing a sticky battlefield situation in English. You can check them out at this link.

SL1 & AzN Advance

The PCA and PLA clans qualified in the Unholy Alliance Clan World Championships Group C Preliminaries. Congratulations! You can check out the preliminary summaries & recorded games at the AoI clan Tourney page. Group D Preliminaries will be held next Saturday, September 18th at 20:00 GMT+1.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

PLA Battle Drill

The PLA Clan is preparing a "battle drill" for this week, September 10th through 17th, 'All allied and friendly clans are invited.' You can follow the details at the KRS clan website.

Fighting the AI for Newcomers

Community stalwart Eyecare authored an extensive and well-written guide to battling the AI. Newcomers to the game will find it valuable. You can find that at Rise of Nations Universe.

Republic: What Is It Good For?

Silentflame rarely chooses Republic, and among the expert players he has noticed only Nuuk using that government. Is Republic useful in its current form, or does it need a boost? You can check out the discussion in our forum thread.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Greeks: Aggressive & Competitive

TWC_ShaDowZ takes on conventional wisdom about the Greeks, considers their bonuses, and devises an aggressive strategy for them. You can check out what he has to say about them at the TWC clan website and grab the Eight-game zip pack here.

AoI's Group C Preliminaries Tomorrow

Reminder: the Unholy Alliance (UA) Team World Championships Group C Preliminaries take place tomorrow. You can check out the UA Team World Championships Home page from this link and view the Detailed schedule here.

RoN T&P in the GameSpot Strategy Roundup

GameSpot Staff: "With so much attention placed on the shooter genre, it's relatively easy to forget about the great strategy games that are on the way or have already come out for the PC. Games like Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots and Ground Control II: Operation Exodus...." You can check out the article from this link and includes the T&P page with a one-minute in-game video, which you can find here.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

RoN: #7 to August 28th

HomeLan Fed and other sites report the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations was the seventh best-selling PC game in the US for the week ending August 28th. You can check out the full list here.

GameInformer Gives RoN: 9 and 8.5

Reviewer Adam: "Deepening the strategic possibilities is key to making a strategy title more fun, and T&P goes the extra mile to make sure that it delivers a more engaging experience than is possible without the
expansion installed." Reviewer Joe: "It seems that these days a RTS is harder to get into than a fistfight in a monastery...Last year's Rise of Nations was an exception to that trend...." You can check out the full review here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

City #3: Build or Take?

El_Capitan evaluates the strategy for the 3rd City. He asks "Ultimately, the decision is, do you want to build your own 3rd City, or take your enemy's 3rd City?" You can check out what he has to say at his strategy Blog (September 7th entry).

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Elephants: What Are They Good For?

Forumer at RoN Planet, Thingol says "I cannot remember any game where an opponent has used them [elephants] to any effect against me." You can check the discussion at Rise of Nations Planet, where you can air your pro- and anti-Elephant views.

Monday, September 6, 2004

Battlepoint Waterloo TP Scenario

Coins has created a napoleonic era Thrones and Patriots scenario for 1-6 players called Battlepoint Waterloo TP. This scenario encompasses Emperor Napoleon's final battle against the British under General Arthur Wellesley and the Prussians under Field-Marshal Blucher. The map was specifically designed to protect the economies of both sides to provide a steady income for war. Victory is decided by destroying the opposing side's exposed wonder. You can grab it from our download section.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Tourney

The Professional cases ladder is hosting a tournament Saturday ,you guessed it 9/11. It will be Random 1v1 single elimination. Persons must join cases ladder "Which is free" from this link and get activated prior to this Friday. In order to sign up go to this link. Check in will be 30min before noon 12:00 eastern time at the above link. Get to know your way around the site. 8 Rounds are 45min long subject to change,depending on amount of players. You can get more details from our forum also.

ESGL RoN:T&P Tourney

The European Strategy Gamers League (ESGL) is soon to set up Thrones & Patriots 1v1 and 2v2 leagues. As a kind of gala opening, ESGL has scheduled T&P 1v1 and 2v2 tourneys to begin September 18th. You can get more details at the ESGL League Portal, in particular 1v1 Tourney Settings, here and 2v2 Tourney Settings at this link. There is also a thread in our forums for you to discuss the action and follow the league.

Sunday, September 5, 2004

PCA & PLA Advance

The PCA and PLA clans qualified in the Unholy Alliance Clan World Championships Group B Preliminaries. PLA narrowly edged out ROSA 2 for the second-place slot, the decision resting on a cumulative points-per-second average of 7.24 for PLA vs. 6.14 for ROSA 2. Congratulations! You can follow the action in detail at the AoI clan website.

RonToon Contest Winners

The winners of the RoNToon Contest has been picked, and the random draw for the top prize of an autographed Rise of Nations:TP is Hitmeandilltellu. The others including the top prize winner will receive a Heaven Games T-shirt. The T-shirt winners include: Reckless, Roganrepublic, and Roughneck91. You can check out all of the entries from this link. Congratulations and thanks to all who entered the contest. However, don't stop contributing! We now have a RoNToon gallery, and any new creations will be featured there.

The Influence of Good Players

Crashtest asks, "Through personal contact, or even recorded games, good players can have a significant influence on the gameplay of others. Which Rise of Nations players have significantly influenced or enlightened your gameplay?" You can participate in that discussion at Rise of Nations Universe.

What are Forts Good For?

The ever controversial Forumer, Furher asks "...Fortifications: Who Uses Them?" This subject has grown into quite a thread in our forum. You can participate in the discussion here.

Saturday, September 4, 2004

RoN #5 in Sales Again

HomeLan Fed reports the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations remained the fifth best-selling PC game in the US for the week ending August 21st. You can check out the full list at HomeLan's website.

DonTheDime's CtW Render Map V2

While DonTheDime progresses toward his Conquer the World v. 2, you can preview the render map at Rise of Nations Planet. (Yes, Antarctica will be conquerable!)

I_Claudius: Player of the Fortnight

The Unholy Alliance's latest Player of the Fortnight is the Infidels' I_Claudius. You can read the interview through this link and check out the past Player of the Fortnight Page at AoI Interview page.

Labor Day Sea Tourney Canceled

Regrettably, lack of participation has forced the cancellation of The Obliteration Committee's Rise of Nations:TaP Sea Map Tourney scheduled for this weekend.

KRG World Map Challenge: Southern Unrest

KRG's Rise of Nations Clans World Map is updated to reflect recent challenges. You can check out their world map challenge at the KRG clan website, and get the details on the Southern Unrest from this link.

Beating the Americans

Drew24 has a few ideas on how to defeat the Americans. You can see what he has to say and add your own comments in our forum thread.

Roman Fast Castles

AU_Humble returns with a set of Roman Castle strategies. You can check that out at the Anarchy Unlimited Clan website.

UA World Championships Group B

The Unholy Alliance Rise of Nations:T&P World Championships continue this weekend with the Group B preliminaries. You can check that out at the AoI Clan website.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

TAZ Gets Into RoN:TP

The Francophone clan TAZ is recruiting Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots players. If you're interested you can get over to their clan website.

CTW Extension Mod

Forumer, Baryonyx has created a mod to extend the "Entire World" Conquer the World Campaign for Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots.
-- 29 new territories, including all new ones Carribean, Hispaniola, New Zealand, Indonesia, and New Guinea
-- Modified render map that reflects new sea links, and adds parts of Antarctica at the bottom.
-- Modified rare resource, wonder, tribute, and card allocations.
-- Vassal diplomacy options
-- Territory income
-- New card deck
-- All of the non-custom scenarios, like Liberation, Airlift, and Skirmish from the historical CtW campaigns.
-- Colonies, including a custom script handling their allocation.
You can grab it from our download section.

Pacific War Scenario

Kirkspuppet's scenario "Invasion of Japan" begins with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - "You must now take control of the islands surrounding mainland Japan to stage your invasion. Or use your newly developed secret weapon on their cities." You can grab it at Rise of Nations Oracle. RoN TP 4.5/5

Reviewer Justin Kranzl on Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots: "...while the new solo campaign modes are much more than mere icing on the cake, it's still the multiplayer crowd who will derive the most value from this." You can check out the full review at APCMag's website.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

BHG Hiring Artist & Animator

BHG is advertising the following positions: First is for an FX Artist ,which u can find the details about from this link and the second job is for a Character Animator. The detail of which you can find from this link.

Extreme Gamplay for Original RoN

Deathmage has made his popular Extreme gameplay Mod available for original no-expack RON player. You can grab it from our download section.

Revolution at the Revolution

Nox welcomes Babou as the new Webmistress of the French Rise of Nations Revolution site and announces a transition to PHP5-compatible forums. You can go over to Rise of Nations Revolution to wish her well on her new position.

Heavy Infantry with a Raiding Force

KRG_Redfish and others find it valuable to add Heavy Infantry to their raiding forces. You can check out the discussion at the KRG clansite.

TOC Labor Day 3v3 Sea Tournament

TOC_ElectricSheepDream is hosting the clan's Labor Day(US) 3v3 Sea Tournament September 4th and 5th. Tournament games will take place on six-player sized random sea maps; America is excluded. Full details
and registration at the TPC clansite.

Goodbye, RoN Tactics

Sadly, one of the Rise of Nations fan community's spiffier little sites, Rise of Nations Tactics, has closed. All the best to Legion and staff in future undertakings!