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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Apolyton's "Age of Nations" Episode 109

The ninth episode of "Age of Nations" (AoN), 'Aftermath', has been
released over at the Apolyton Civilization site. The episode runs for 15m41s and is available in both DivX and Windows Media formats. It can be accessed from this link. AoN is the first Real-Time Strategy (RTS) machinima series, and the
first "Rise of Nations" machinima endeavour that also blends some
`live-action` footage for good measure. AoN is produced and published by
Apolyton Civizization Site.

New Scenarios at RoNH

First we have CW Simmania with a couple of new multiplayer scenarios. First is "North American Colonial Diplo 1600's Ver 2.6". This scenario is about the European colonisation of North America. You can choose between 8 nations. He also releases "Vikings 1200's Diplo Ver 2.4". Based on his other scenario, this one is about the Vikings expansion during the 1000-1200 A.D. You can again choose between 8 nations. Next we have dpn1974 with "Crusaders holy war". This is a set of 3 scenarios. He also contributes "Battle for Trichy-British vs French". This scenario is based on failed French siege of Trichy in the year 1789 AD.

Back on the RoNH Modding Front

We go back to look at the recent mods from the Rise of Nations community. First we have Xenotron with a fictional HE-162 upgrade mod. This is based on the Ork bomber from unit35's Rise of Terror mod. Next we have StealthArcher with a new nation mod featuring the Celts. We also have a new comer to the modding community, LightInfa with an Alpini Infantry mod. This mod adds three new unique units to the Romans. Com_Trooper is next with a throw down of a mod, which he calls "Times of War unofficial expansion v2.1". This mod makes some major changes to the Conquer the World campaign. Finally, PlaidBaron also contriutes with a British Leaders Mod in two versions, one for Thrones & Patriots and the other for the original Game.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

New Scenario at RoNH

We just have one new scenario to report at Rise of Nations Heaven this week. It's Fox134 with "Israel Conflict". In this scenario he tackles that Israeli-Lebanon conflict that was in the news recently but extrapolates the situation to include all the regional neighbours with armies at the ready.

New Mods at RoNH

This week we have some new mods to report from the Rise of Nations Community. First up is Along_the_wall with version 2 of his "Invasion Time" mod. He adds research techs to wonders and new units to 5 nations in this iteration. Next we have Xenotron with a mod that makes Aircraft carriers for WW2 look more like those of that period rather then like the modern carriers. He also contributes two aircraft mods. The first changes the P40 to a Russian Yak fighter from WW2. The other is a Hawker Hurrican with RAF markings.