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Thursday, October 31, 2002


I've seen a few comments and questions about bombers and how powerfull they are in the game. If you head on over to the Beta screenshots gallery you can see the effects of a bombing run from a single airport. Pretty devastating. If you view the images through the gallery's slideshow capability you can sort of get a mini movie of what has happenned.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Fan Site Exlusives added

For anyone who didn't keep up with all 10 fan site exclusive screenshots that were released over the past few days, you can now view them all in our Official Screenshots Gallery.

PC Gameworld Preview Rise of Nations

Michael Askounes of PC Gameworld has released a preview of the Rise of Nations Beta. He has some pretty good things to say about the game including this quote.
The preview build of the game that I played takes one part Civilization and one part Empire Earth, throws them together with a dash of beautifully rendered graphics, and adds a sprinkle of solid tactical gameplay. It is then tossed gently with a ton of multiplayer options, and served over a steaming plate of addictive gameplay that is sure to delight the ravenous appetites of PC gamers everywhere.

Check out the full article to learn more about what he thinks of the game as well as get some interesting insights into the world of marketing Betas.

Updated GameSpot Preview

GameSpot has revised it's earlier preview of Rise of Nations with new information from the marketing beta as well as a number of new screenshots.
It will be instantly familiar to those who have played Civilization or Age of Empires, but with its larger scope and unique focus on expansion and research, Rise of Nations should have enough to set it apart from the rest.

It's a pretty good read, so be sure to check out the full article

Avault releases Beta Screenshots

Avault has weighed in on the screenshot mania with a dozen new pictures from the Rise of Nations Marketing Beta. Most look like they came from the tutorials that were available in the game and if you look close you can see some Roman soldiers in one of them. Very cool.

Check them all out here.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Resources Page Updated

It's taken me a little longer than I expected, but I have finally managed to get pictures and descriptions for all 32 of the Unique Resources in the Marketing Beta. I must say that the detail on these in the game is fantastic. Diamonds sparkle and Uranium even has a cow skeleton in it. There are a few that don't appear to be done so I did not publish their picture, but given the quality of the current ones I am sure the rest will be fantastic. Something to note before you take a look, these resources and their bonuses are subject to change and it is entirely possible that some might not even make it into the final version of the game. So hold off on planning those strategies for just a little bit.

Now you can go check them all out on our Resource Page. Enjoy!

Monday, October 28, 2002

Reynolds on Ron part 5 - Game Settings To Victory Conditions

Apolyton has released their fifth installment from an interview they had with Brian reynolds earlier this year.

The fifth edition of a detailed interview with Brian Reynolds, President of Big Huge Games, about his company`s upcoming debut title, Rise of Nations, has been posted on Apolyton CS. This edition hones in on the aspect's of customizing your in-game world, numerous victory conditions to strive for, and some odds and ends including just who in the world is "Hot Sauce Boy

Check out the full article to learn more.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Exclusive Screenshots and new Beta Gallery

Rise of Nations Heaven has received its pair of exclusive screenshots from Big Huge Games. Click on the images below to see the 1600x1200 Big Huge versions.

We've also added a brand new Beta Gallery to our Screenshots section. Within it you can find 14 new screenshots from the marketing beta. We'll be adding more as time goes on, so keep checking back to see what other new shots may have arrived.

Exclusive Screenshots at Planet RoN

The latest set of exclusive screenshots has shown up at Planet Rise of Nations. The first gives us a nice shot of some very interesting architecture. I believe it is Turkish, though I can't be sure. You can also see what looks like a revised version of a supply wagon. The second shows a battle between what I believe are some German Vandals and Roman Legionaires.

Check them both out here.


BHG has informed us that the soundtracks we posted yesterday from the Marketing Beta were no longer present in their current version of the game and were actually low-quality placeholders that they had been using. Most of them have already been cut from their production plans and as a result, we have removed them from our website. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Nation of the Week : Germany

Continuing his series of articles on the different factions in Rise of Nations, One_Dead_Angel takes a look this week at Germany.

The Germans originated from tribes that migrated from the Baltic towards present day Germany around 500 B.C. By 100 B.C. they came into contact and conflict with the Roman Empire as they continued south and the Romans North. They, unlike other barbarian tribes, managed to stay the Roman advance. In this spirit, the Germans in Rise of Nations possess a line of superior heavy infantry as their unique unit. Starting in the ancient age with the Solduri, and progressing to the Barbarian, to the Vandals and onto the Landsknecht in the Gunpowder Age. In the modern era Germany emerged as a military power. This inspires Rise of Nations to give the Germans a bonus in gold and wood collecting, submarine costs and air unit production. Using a strategy called Blitzkrieg, tank warfare came to the fore. German advances in Tank technology resulted in the development of one of the most powerful tanks produced during World War Two, the "Tiger". It should come as no surprise that this achievement is represented as a unique unit in Rise of Nations. In the Information Age their unique tank line continues with the Leopard main battle tank.

Be sure to check out the full article and take a look at previous Nations of the Week on our Nations Page.

Exclusive screenshots at Apolyton

The third pair of Big Huge Games' exclusive fan site screenshots has been released over at Apolyton. The first shows a naval battle where you can see one of Rise of Nations' really cool graphical features. Ships reflecting in the water. The second shows a battle between a number of British Churchill tanks and German Tiger tanks.

Check them both out here.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Exclusive Screenshots at Rise of Nations Fan-Page

Big Huge Games has released another pair of exclusive screenshots, this time over at Rise of Nations Fan-Page. One shot even includes some of the new tank art in the game. They look to be British Churchill tanks, but I will have to check my sources to be sure. Check the screenshots out here.

EDIT : I've managed to confirm that these are in fact Britsh Churchill Tanks thanks to World War II Vehicles.Com Check out the stats for the real Churchhill Tank and especially the additional photos in the gallery that show off a few of the tanks real life variants. - Obsidian

Beta Preview at HomeLAN Fed

HomeLAN Fed has released a preview of their copy of the marketing Beta. It should come as no surprise that they found the game fun and entertaining. Something that is great to hear especially about a very early build of a game. Read the full preview here.

Beta Screenshots at GameSpot

It seems the flood of information about the Marketing Beta has officially begun. GameSpot has 11 new screenshots from the game including a shot of one of the unique resources. Dye. You can check them all out at GameSpot's Rise of Nation gallery.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

XGR releases Rise of Nations Beta Shots

XGR is among the first sites to release screenshots from the recently released Marketing Beta of Rise of Nations. Some pretty cool stuff. Check them all out here.

Rise of Nations Planet Opens

A new Fan Site, Rise of Nations Planet, has just opened up. Looks like they have made extensive use of the recently released Fan Site Kit which is great to see. Check it out here.

Exclusive Screenshots at Rise of Nations Pantheon

Rise of Nations Pantheon has become first of a series of web sites to receive exclusive screenshots from Big Huge Games! Both of them are very high quality shots, representing the beauty of Rise of Nation's graphics and gameplay. - Jim
You can view the two exclusive shots here. As Jim says, a number of these will be released in the coming days, so be sure to check with your favorite fan site to see if you can be among the first to spot them.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Beta First impressions at Planet RoN

Looks like Planet RoN, one of the German fan sites has published thier first impressions of the Marketing Beta for Rise of Nations. There are a number of new screenshots showing off the game, including an amusing little bug where Supply Wagons and Supply trucks seem to be merged together. "Woah there Deisel. Down boy." ;)

This has been fixed in our current build, honest. - Graham

You can check out the full article here. As always, us non german speakers will need to use a translator like Alta Vista's Babelfish to help us understand it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Gaming Nexus: Rise of Nations Preview

Gaming Nexus has put out the first of the Rise of Nations previews since the marketing beta was shipped. They give some first impressions of Rise of Nation, and do a quick overveiew of what the gameplay is like.
Action is a key word of Rise of Nations – you aren’t spending your first two hours of the game harvesting wood and building farms...

Check out the rest of the preview here.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Marketing Beta Released

The marketing Beta for Rise of Nations has been released and the first person to report its arrival is Jim over at Rise of Nations Pantheon. With the release of this Beta we should see a ton of new previews as all the magazines and big name websites get a copy of it to review and report on. Can't wait to see what they all have to say about the game.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Rise of Nations Preview and Exclusive Screenshots at

A new preview of Rise of Nations has been posted over at The preview includes three brand new and exclusive screenshots from Rise of Nations. Unfortunately, for those of us that don't speak German we are going to have to go through a translation program like Alta Vista's BabelFish in order to get some understanding of what the article has to say.

Check out the full article and the new screenshots here.

Modern Infantry Sneak Peek at Apolyton

Dave Inscore, VP of Graphics at Big Huge Games, has given us all a sneak peek at the artwork for a number of the modern infantry Units in Rise of Nations.

I should mention that the Russian Red Guard with the puff of smoke obscuring his face is a result of one of our cigarette smoking idle animations. Be sure to keep an eye out for the gallery update, we`re confident you`ll find a number of new units, tank variations specifically, that will be to your liking! - Dave Inscore

You can view the full size image here and be sure to read the full discussion over at Apolyton to learn more about the amazing artwork that BHG is putting into this game.

Nation of the Week : The Maya

This week One_Dead_Angel takes a look at the history and culture of the Maya.

The Maya were a collection of independent states that settled the areas of the Yucatan Peninsula in Southern Mexico. They carried out warfare not only for sacrificial victims much like other Mezo-Americans, but also for economic dominance. Unlike the Aztec however, they were known to build defensive structures to protect these economic interests and hold the territory they had gained. In Rise of Nations, the Mayan defensive structures have the ability to attack without garrisoning. This highlights their use of such defenses. They also get the militia ability which allows them to transform their villagers into combat units and back again for free.

Be sure to check out the full article and take a look at previous Nations of the Week on our Nations Page.

Friday, October 18, 2002

"Reynolds on RoN" Feature -- Part 4

This just in from

The fourth edition of a detailed interview with Brian Reynolds, President of Big Huge Games, about his company`s upcoming debut title, Rise of Nations, has been posted on Apolyton CS. This edition shines the spotlight on the game's diplomacy system, espionage and the theory of veteran unit exclusion.

Entitled 'Diplomacy and Espionage', the complete, uncut audio from which the five-page article is based is available for listening live on-demand in RealAudio format. Accompanying the write-up is an exclusive screenshot from modern gameplay

You can check out the full article here. If you haven't been keeping track of all the interviews in this outstanding series, be sure to read them all while you are there. They give a lot of insight into the game and how it works "straight from the horse's mouth".

Monday, October 14, 2002

Wonders Section Added

The pinacle of acheivement for any Nation is the creation of something that is so amzaing, so awe inspiring that it can be considered a wonder of the world. Be it the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Roman Colosseum, or the Eiffel Tower these structures symbolize the dedication and perserverance of a Nation and its people.

Big Huge Games has included these symbols of acheivement in Rise of Nations and given them special powers to reflect the awe and pride they inspire in the people of the Nation that contructed them. No one knows for sure what they actually do in the game, but you can get a glimpse of them in our newly added Wonders Section.

Special thanks to our very own Dire_Wolf for his great work in researching these.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Nation of the Week : Egypt

This week One_Dead_Angel takes a look at one of the earth's oldest Nations. Egypt.

The egyptians were prodigious builders of megaliths which continue to inspire awe and mystery even today. So in Rise of Nations, the egyptians are given the unique ability to build two (rather then a single) wonder per city, and at a cheaper cost. The Egyptians were also one of the earliest superpowers in the world, and when Rameses the Great set out on his conquests, he did so in a war chariot, giving them their first unique unit.

Be sure to check out the full article and take a look at previous Nations of the Week on our Nations Page.

IGN Unit Showcase

IGN has released its latest installment in the unit showcase for Rise of Nations. This article features Horse Archers, Gunpowder Infantry and Bombers. Check out the full article here.

Friday, October 11, 2002

GameSpy Nation Profile: Germans and Maya

This month the folks over at GameSpy give us a look into two more Nations in Rise of Nations. The Germans and the Maya.

In Rise of Nations, a good German player certainly has the ability to attack his foes at any time during the game, as do all players. But, in Big Huge house games, at least, the Germans are perceived as being ideal for a player who wants to first build up his economy to a high level, and then launch his own blitzkrieg against his enemies, using his high-powered panzer units.

The Maya, when it comes to choosing a strategy in Rise of Nations, could almost be said to be the antithesis of the Germans. Whereas many German players will want to wait until one of the later of the game's eight Ages, a player might choose the Maya either because he finds some value in an early rush -- or at least some nuisance raiding -- or because he is expecting an opponent to do the same.

Looks like these Nations will appeal to two very different styles of play, and will be sure to add a bit of variety to the game. Check out the full article to learn more about these two great Nations.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Another Community Site

For all of you looking for other sources of great Rise of Nations information, Rohag's Rise of Nations Information Page has some great information about Rise of Nations.

Check it out here

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Unit Wishlist

Help add to our special units wishlist in the forums! Who would you like to see in the game? Cortez? Elizabeth? Ghengis Khan?

Vote for your favorite units here

Community News

In community news today, a new German Fan site has been released. Rise of Nations Germany. You can Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Attrition Clarified

In a thread in the Rise of Nations Pantheon community forums, Big Huge Games has oultined the ins and outs of attrition in Rise of Nations.
Here are some snippets from the thread:

"In Rise of Nations, generally speaking your units take attrition damage only if you are at peace with a nation and enter their territory -- with one exeption. Here it is: if you are at war with the ~Russian~ civilization, you still take attrition damage while in their territory vis-a-vis the Russian winter."

"It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that the way attrition works now has changed since the interview.

---I had imagined that troops suffer attrition whenever they're in enemy territory in wartime, and especially so while in Russia." - Rohag

"Rohag has the idea. This is more along the lines of the way it currently works, with enemy units in Russian territory suffering more damage because of the Russian winter bonus. This is all subject to change of course."

View the whole thread here

Monday, October 7, 2002

Community News

Well it has been 2 days since the new Rise of Nations Fan Site Kit was released and we have our first official site redesign. Stagemaster Adam has redone his site using many of the graphics that were recently released. Check it out here

Sunday, October 6, 2002

Time For Your Ideas!

Brian Reynolds of Big Huge Games has designated a thread at Apolyton for your ideas for Rise of Nations. If your ideas are good, they might just make it into the game.

"Okay, guys, go for it! Remember this IS a real time game, it's about human history, and our goal is to combine the best elements of real time with the best elements of turn-based gaming. We don't claim we can be everything to everyone but now that our game is announced we'd love to hear your ideas."

-Brian Reynolds

Check this out here

Saturday, October 5, 2002

Nation of the Week : The Aztecs

This week One_Dead_Angel takes a look at one of the many "what if" Nations presented in Rise of Nations. The Aztecs. The Aztecs were a very powerfull and warlike people whose whole lives revolved around the ritualistic sacrifices that insured the growth of their crops. To reflect this warlike nature, the Aztecs receive bonus resources whenever they manage to kill an enemy in combat. This makes them an ideal Nation for the player who likes to perform early raids and be rewarded for his audacity.

Be sure to check out the full article and take a look at previous Nations of the Week on our Nations Page.

Rise of Nations Help Updated

Our Rise of Nations Help thread has been updated, for all of you that want quick reference to general game information. This thread is the place to start for newcomers, as well as avid followers of Rise of Nations. Everyone should learn something new from the vast amount of information in this thread.

The thread can be found in our forums here

New Fan Site Kit released

Have you ever wanted to start a Rise of Nations fan site of your own but have been at a loss about where to begin? Well the folks over at Big Huge Games have given you a bit of help with the release of their latest Fan Site Kit. In the kit you can find Screenshots, unit animations, concept sketches and a whole bunch of other goodies to get you started.

Even if you don't plan on starting your own web site, it is worth the download just to see some of the spectacular artwork Big Huge Games is putting into this game.

Get it here

Friday, October 4, 2002

How Could We Possibly Stop Planes!?

Once again Thunder has visted our forums. This time he answered some questions about air combat in Rise of Nations. Many of us were wondering "How could Airplanes and helicopters possibly be stopped?". Nuclear warheads and missles seemed like unstoppable weapons. Well, Thunder let all of us know that;

"There are quite a few units that have an anti-air capability, not to worry. If you are prepared, you can make an enemy airforce very sad when they come at you."

You can find the thread here

Wednesday, October 2, 2002


Nuclear Missles are some of the most devastating weapons in Rise of Nations, they are scarce, expensive, and can destroy the world if used to much! Since Nuclear weaponry is so improtant in Rise of Nations, it has become a subject of one of the threads in our forums. In the thread, the types of nuclear weaponry, the history of nuclear warheads, and even possible game strategies that utilize the massive bombs are being discussed. Even Thunder stopped by to offer some information. This thread is a must read for all of you Rise of Nations fans.

Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Jeffersonian interviews Brian Reynolds

The Jeffersonian, a local Baltimore newspaper, has done an interview with Brian Reynolds. The interview talks about the risks involved in starting a game company, what it takes to put together a game like Rise of Nations, and his plans for the future.

Brian Reynolds : Really, I have absolutely no plans to not be doing this in my 60s

Check out the full article, and let's all hope he sticks by those words. :)

What Campaigns Do You Want?

In the forums here at Rise of Nations Heaven, the community has started and interesting discussion. Which campaigns would you like to see? Would you like to play as William Wallace and fight against the English, or Maybe play as Cortez and conquer the Aztec Empire? If you have a campaign in mind that you would like to play then come to our forums to voice your oppinion.

View the thread here

Another heavenly site: Emperor Heaven

October 1, 2002 - HeavenGames LLC announced today that it has launched Emperor Heaven ( ), the latest in its series of special-interest sites for Real Time Strategy & City Building games.

Currently available in stores everywhere, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom is a city-building game developed by Breakaway Games and Impression Games, and published by Sierra Studios. The game is the first in the city-building series to offer gamers their first opportunity to play a city building game with their friends, online via the Internet or LAN. A variety of both collaborative and competitive multiplayer games will be offered. Players may need to collaborate in building one of China's engineering marvels, or they may share a common goal to attain a certain level of affluence. In competitive multiplay, players take sides - or may be a side unto themselves - and fight for sole power over China.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom brings city builders inside the Great Wall of China. Leaving the Mediterranean behind, the city-building series makes its first foray into Asia and immerses the player in brand new surroundings. China has existed for over 4,000 years, but its 4,000 year history has been marked with new technologies and ideas replacing - or enhancing - the old. This is the world in which the player will take the reigns of leadership and take their cities through the twists and turns of Chinese history.

Emperor Heaven will be dedicated to featuring extensive coverage of the game and bring you the latest news, maps, strategies, walkthroughs, and history background to the game.