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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Desert Camo Mods

ArchmageMX has come up with a pair of skin mods for you Desert rats. One for a Desert Camo Assault Marine and another for a Desert US Abrams Unique Unit. You can grab them from our download section.

TWC Smurfs Tourney Reminder

This is a reminder that The Tactical Warfare Collective clan is sponsoring a 1v1 Survival of the Fittest tournament December 4th - 5th. Details and rules can be found at MFO.

Prizes, including several games, go to the top eight players, with the 1st place prize being a NZXT Guardian modded PC case.

Next FastTourney: Assassin

The Army of Isengard is organizing the next FastTourney for November 6th: "Type will be Assassin! All players will be randomly divided into groups of min. 6 and max. 8 players." You can find the Full details from this link.

Play Your Country

Inspired by a thread at the King's Royal Guard, Batman will run a "Rise of Nations Olympics" tournament where the members of all 16 teams must be residents of the real-world country they play in the game. As of this time, November 27th is the date for the tournament. Announcement and Rules can be found at Rise of Nations Universe, as well as Signups and Rules can be viewed from this link. If you have any questions, you can check post them at this link.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

TWK_BlueTheSaint's Flood of Scenarios

TWK_BlueTheSaint seeks feedback and possible scripting support for a batch of single-player scenarios, each with an out-of-the-ordinary historical backdrop: Japan's Rebel Problem, African Invasion, Medieval Killing Fields, and Killing Fields in our download section.

But thats not all! TWK_BlueTheSaint has also produced a batch of Multi-player scenarios, based on his single player versions: WWII Eastside, Vietnam, Turkish Rebellion, Roman Conquest, Killing Fields, Japan's Rebel Problem and African Invasion.

Patch 1 for T&P Still Pending

The latest from BHG: "The release of patch 1 for Thrones & Patriots is still pending, despite the accidental posting of the download instructions on our site. ... A beta balance patch is in our near future...." You can get the full story at the BHG website and preview the T&P Patch 1 Change List from this link.

Scheduled Server Upgrade at HeavenGames

On Friday 10/29/2004 our database server will be taken offline briefly in order to do some needed Upgrades to the Servers. The upgrade will take place between 6am and 4pm EDT and requires up to an hour to complete. So for Rise of Nations Heaven this will mean we will loose access temporarily to the GameInfo and Downloads Pages during the procedure.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

How to Define "Rush"

An old topic resurfaces at the King's Royal Guard. You can follow the discussion at the KRG clan website.

When to Upgrade Units

Rise of Nations veterans Thingol and Eyecare discuss optimal timings for upgrading units and adding certain buildings. You can check this out at Rise of Nations Planet.

Trio Team Tips

Anarchy Unleashed's AU_tl summarizes the lessons of his many recent 3v3 games. The advice is not only general but also tailored for those who play pocket and wing positions. You can check this out at the AU clan website.

RoN Hits One Million Sales!

Leading off the Rise of Nations Gold press release is this happy announcement: "Critically Acclaimed Franchise Reaches 1 Million Sales Milestone" - Congratulations, BHG! You can read the full story at BHG.

RoN Gold Edition Arrives!

Microsoft Game Studios announces the arrival of Rise of Nations Gold Edition on store shelves in the US with an estimated retail price of $29.99. Rise of Nations Gold contains both the original Rise of Nations and the Thrones & Patriots expansion. You can see the announcement at the BHG website and at Microsoft's Rise of Nations Gold Edition page.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Light Infantry Before Gunpowder

Thingol seeks players' ideas on the value of Light Infantry units (e.g. Slingers) prior to the Gunpowder Age. You can add your ideas at Rise of Nations Planet.

Rax & Stable at 5

KRG_Redfish discusses his recent experiments with building a Barracks and Stable by five minutes in order to gain an early, decisive raiding advantage. You can check out the details at the KRG clan website.

What Do Competitive Gamers Want?

El_Capitan and other competitive online gamers lay out what they want and what they believe is necessary for the survival of an online gaming community. You can follow the discussion at RON Universe.

First FastTourney Results

Congratulations to Gigi & St_Pauli_Fan! Expect the next FastTourney in two weeks. You can follow the tourney at the AOI clans FastTourneys page.

Groovalicious Games: RoN - 9.1; T&P - 9.5

J.M. Diller, Groovalicious Games' reviewer of Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots believes it "...adds something so important that the expansion becomes essential. wouldn't dream of playing the original game anymore, you'd have to play with the expansion because it makes everything so much better." You can check out the full review from this link.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

RoN #11 in September

IGN reports the NPD Group's finding that Rise of Nations was the eleventh top-selling PC game in the US for September 2004. You can check out the full list at the IGN website.

Thingol - RoNP Site Manager

Congratulations to Thingol, who takes on the job of Rise of Nations Planet Site Manager! You can give him your congrats at RON Planet.

TWC Smurfs Tourney in December

The Tactical Warfare Collective clan is sponsoring a 1v1 Survival of the Fittest tournament December 4th - 5th. Prizes, including several games, go to the top eight players, with the 1st place prize being a NZXT Guardian modded PC case. Full details and rules at MFO.

T&P Patch Update

From BHG: "The majority of the testing [on the patch] has now been completed, and it should be ready to go live at some point next week. At that time we will also be announcing our future patch plans." You can check out the details at BHG's website.

Friday, October 22, 2004

T&P Bargain

Best Buy is offering a super cheap deal on the T&P expack. Only $9.99 USD. You can check out the details at the Best Buy website.

Beginners' Resource

In answering a beginner's questions, veterans of the game cover much territory of general value to those just getting into Rise of Nations/RoN:T&P. You can check out the discussion in our forum thread.

Turk HI/Militia Assault

El_Capitan: "This game isn't dead as far as strategy goes... not while I'm still around. I came up with a new strategy featuring the Turks and tested them against WH_LordAOF." Check it out at his Strategy blog, (October 19th entry). You can also check out recorded game examples at Rise of Nations Universe.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Nations' Golden Ages

KRG_Redfish: "Add to the discussion about the golden age of nations - who is best where? Why are they so?" You can follow the discussion at the KRG clan website. A summary table may be forthcoming from the KRG clan depending on the success of this thread.

Bet You Didn't Know That...

KRG_Redfish has prepared a summary of the hints and tricks from the Kings Royal Guard forums. You can check this out at the KRG clan website.

When Not to Delete

Humble: "Out4Bloods blog has recent article on using delete key. Good stuff but!... How about when not to delete." You can check out the flipside at the AU clan website.

Selecting Ships Tips

LionTheTerrible describes his preferred techniques for selecting naval units. You can follow the discussion in our own forum thread.

Beginners' Guide to Shortcut Keys

I_Lion publishes lists of Rise of Nations/RoN:T&P's shortcut keys along with helpful comments. You can check this out at the Infidels Clan website.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What Do the Lakota Need?

{DHA}_demoneyekyo would like to hear opinions on Lakota resource requirements on a typical land map. You can follow the discussion at Rise of Nations Universe.

Warhawkz' RoN RTS League

WH_Valkyrie: "The Warhawkz clan is starting a Rise of Nations RTS league. The first season begins in January of 2005. We would like to have a staff made up of members of multiple clans." You can get more information on this at the Warhawkz clan website and also at our own forum thread.

Prepping for a Wilderness Tourney

The King's Royal Guard clan is preparing a "Wilderness" tournament where both sides will play on a small map as Lakota. KRG_Redfish invites gamers to help playtest the rules and maps in advance. You can check this out at the KRG clan website.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Poor Playing Habits

Blitzer_231 noticed patterns in the play of those gamers whom he thoroughly "owned." Read his summary of those bad habits in our forum thread.

Nubian Strats

KRG_Redfish experiments with the Nubians. His version of the Nubian Fast Three City Strategy, a signature Gigi approach. You can check that out at the KRG clan website. But there's more! KRG_Redfish also has a Nubian Quick Raid Strategy. You can check that out from this link.

Aztec Sci2 Example

Humble has prepared a recorded game illustrating his early Sci2 strategy using the Aztecs. You can check this out at the AU clan website and get in on the discussion from this link.

RoN Gold for the Mac

MacSoft has announced that its port of Rise of Nations to the Mac will include the Thrones & Patriots expansion in a Gold Edition scheduled to ship in November. You can check that out at Inside MacGames.

Introducing Fast Tourneys

From the Army of Isengard (AoI): 'Did it ever happen to you that there were no good games when you came Online? Did it ever happen that you left the lobby without a single good game? You feel like everybody is
sleeping? 'Let us introduce AoI FastTourneys which will liven up our small community with offering all sorts of competition every 2 weeks. So they are holding their next FastTourney: Saturday, 23rd of October at 21.00 England Time [16.00 US Eastern Daylight Time] You can go to the AoI Clan website for details.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Strategy of Neutrality

Forumer mappychris started a discussion on the question of Neutrality, and wants to hear your opinions about remaining neutral in times of war in the game. You can follow the discussion in our forum thread.

If you could totally overhaul RoN

A discussion has began at Rise of Nations Oracle on what possible features one would like if one could totally overhaul Rise of Nations. Feel free to add your ideas at their discussion forum.

Online Reputation Threat

War, a member of the Infidels Clan, notes the proliferation of malicious user-name spoofing on GameSpy. This is causing damage to the reputations of respectable players from across the Rise of Nations community. You can follow the discussion at our forum thread.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Global Conquest 1.03 Available

DonTheDime's complete Conquer the World mod for T&P, Global Conquest, has reached version 1.03 and is available for download at Rise of Nations Planet. You can grab it from this link.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Microsoft Games Jumps from #9 to #2

Game Developer magazine has rated Microsoft Game Studios, Rise of Nations/RoNTP's publisher, the second-best PC game publisher (behind Electronic Arts) for 2004. In 2003 Microsoft Games was rated #9. You can check this out at the Game Daily website.

Early Science 2

Humble opens a thread for the discussion of the merits and demerits of researching the second Science upgrade early. You can check this out at the AU clan website.

Using "Delete"

El_Capitan suggests carefully timed deletions of units and buildings in Rise of Nations. You can check this technique out at his strategy blog,(October 11th entry).

GC Campaign AI Strategy Recommendations

DonTheDime is continuing to develop his special World Conquest CtW mod. This new forum is the place to suggest new diplomatic and military strategies AIs could use. You can check this out at Rise of Nations Planet.

Rotten Tomatoes Gives RoN 9/10

A previously undiscovered review of the original Rise of Nations has been found on The Rotten Tomatoes Rise of Nations Pages. You can check the full review out from this link.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Tim Train Speaks at WCG Conference

Tim Train, BHG's VP of Development & Operation, recently spoke on "Real-Time Strategy Games on Consoles" at the World Cyber Games Conference in San Francisco. "This talk will examine the issues that make it difficult to translate RTS to consoles--hardware limitations, audience expectations, and design constraints." You can check this out at the World Cyber Games website.

Unholy Alliance Player of the Fortnight

Hong Kong-based PLA_Martinet, leader of the PLA clan, is the Unholy Alliance's newest Player of the Fortnight! As one of PLA_Martinet's hobbies is photography, the interview includes some spectacular photos of his city. You can check this out at the AoI clan website.

AoI Taunt Pack

The AoI clan has created a taunt mod pack for Rise of Nations. This is without doubt the best taunt pack that Rise of Nations community has ever seen according to them and includes 100 new taunts. You can check it out on October 9th entry on their clan website.

Humble Essay on the Greeks

"The Greeks - A Knowledge Economy" is Humble's latest strategy article, the product of "...months in the sandbox trying, ...a most stubborn persistence, [a particular substance], ...too much spare time, and
zero knowledge." You can check this out at the AU clan website.

Web Wombat: Gives T&P 80%

Web Wombat's reviewer Martin Kingsley on Thrones & Patriots: "All in all, a nicely put together expansion pack from the cyborg assembler drones at Microsoft Games which gives all you strategy fans several good reasons to continue playing Rise of Nations...." You can check out the full review from this link.

Emperor Clash Scenario

TWK_BlueTheSaint has created a new single player scenario. In this scenario has you play as the Greeks and Romans, fighting off the French and British. Imagine if the Roman empire hadn't fallen, but the french one came sooner and united with Britain. You can grab it from our download section.

Saturday, October 9, 2004

WinXP Firewall and RoN

A new technical discussion thread on the WinXP firewall - original and Service Pack 2 and how it may affect Rise of Nations has been started on our forums. You can follow the discussion from this thread.

Lakota One-City Assault

El_Capitan describes this risky Lakota strategy designed for the African Watering Hole map. You can check it out at his strategy blog, (October 9th entry) and view Sample recorded games at Rise of Nations Universe.

Friday, October 8, 2004

Russia Communism Bonus?

Forumer Osson was combing through the rules.xml for Rise of Nations and discovered an apparent Nation bonus for the Russians that was turned off in the final version of the game, but apparently its still available if you turn it on again in the XML file. It apparently gives the Russians the ability to trade at the Market with prices to buy/sell always at 100/100 starting from Industrial age. You can checkout how he discovered it, and make it work for you on our forum thread. Sounds like a mod project for someone!

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Vietnamese Nation Mod

phuong has come up with his own Vietnamese Civilization Mod (For both the original Rise of Nations and the T & P expack). It is based on the Vietnam Nation Mod by nokkio82. This mod allows you to control the nation, Vietnam, of Southeast Asia. This replaces the Koreans with the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese have the Power of the Village. You can grab it from our download section, or the TaP version here.

Units Not Upgrading?

Veteran troubleshooter War explains why the graphics of special units may not upgrade with the ages and how to force upgraded graphics if that be your desire. You canc check that out in our forum thread.

Perfect Raiding Force

SilentFlame asks: 'What is the perfect raiding force?' - accounting for nation and government variations. You can give your opinions at Rise of Nations Universe.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Defending the Rush

Eyecare and Thingol field questions on defending against rushes and post links to more information on this strategy subject. You can check tat out at Rise of Nations Planet.

Clan World Map Updated

The Kings Royal Guard have updated their clan world map reflecting Anarchy Unleashed's victory in the Unholy Alliance's Team World Championships. You can check that out at the KRG web clansite.

British One-City Start

Humble's second essay in his series of one-city start strategies features the British. You can check that out at the AU Clan website.

Monday, October 4, 2004

Desert Digital Camo Skin

AmericanMarine87 has a desert digital camo BDU skin for Information Age Assault Infantry, but he may need a little extra help. You can check that out at Rise of Nations Oracle.

Not That Nation!

SilentFlame asks, 'When you go random which nation do you really not want to get?' Discuss your candidates for weak or undesirable civs at Rise of Nations Universe.

Saturday, October 2, 2004

Greeks Raid Germans to Death

Here are a few recent recorded games involving top-rated players; the Greeks put in an impressive showing. You can check that out at Rise of Nations Universe.

GCC Beta Testers Sought

DonTheDime of Conquer the World modding fame: "I am looking for individuals who are willing to beta-test the new and/or updated features for the Global Conquest Campaign!" You can check it out at Rise of Nations Planet.

RoN in a Window

War reminds how to modify the rise2.ini file to start and play Rise of Nations within a window rather than full-screen. You can check out how to do it from our forum thread.

Spanish One-City Starts

Humble describes a Spanish one-city start: "A favourite one city rush civilisation from Rise of Nations original, Spainís T&P Despot evens out their ruins nerf nicely with cheap military techs and troops." This may be the first of several strategy articles on one-city openings. You can check it out at the AU clan website.