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Friday, October 28, 2005

Rise of Legends Designer Diary #3 & #4

Gamespot continues its series of Designer Diaries. The 4'th installment features Big Huge Games Designer, Doug Kaufman talking about game balance. He saids "with patch updates, we can take player feedback into account and make adjustments for everyone who owns the game. This ongoing process has preserved the balance for any number of great games, all of which were shipped with at least one hidden exploit or overwhelming strategy." This I think summarizes what we can expect from Big Huge Games, and that is post release support that will keep the game viable. While developer diary #3 features Dave Inscore, art director at Big Huge Games talking about the challenges of creating Artwork for Rise of Legends, and how that process spawned the "Vinci" civilization.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

RONH CTW NetCampaign Tourney!

Conquer the World, you've played it in single player, but now you can play it in multiplayer! Rise of Nations Heaven is proud to announce a prize tournament for Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots that lets you bring the strategic decisions and thrill of the Conquer the World campaign to the Multiplayer Online community. The format of the tourney is in the form of a Netcampaign based on the way the Conquer the World campaign works in single player, but now to conquer territory, you challenge people online to resolve territory gains. The people you can challenge will be determined by who you have adjacent territories with on the CTW map, so this is where strategy comes in. Rise of Nations Heaven has developed a fully interactive map for you to conduct your conquests, and see your territories expand as you crush your opponents. You battle until finally one person Conquers the World!

This will be a 1 vs 1 contest. The top 3 players will receive a beta copy of Big Huge Games' upcoming title: "Rise of Legends" as well as a cash Prize!
  • 1'st Place - $100 Cash & a Beta Copy of Rise of Legends
  • 2'nd Place - $50 Cash & a Beta Copy of Rise of Legends
  • 3'rd Place - $25 Cash & a Beta Copy of Rise of Legends
The top 4 will also receive Rise of Nations: Throne & Patriots T-shirts.

Registration and Territory picks will end on midnight EST Friday, November 11'th. You can making challenges and playing at noon EST Saturday, November 12'th. The tourney closes, and results tallied on Monday midnight, December 12'th (that's Sunday Night), EST. If any playoff's are required. They will occur the weekend of the December 17'th as we can schedule them for everyone convenience. You can read the full rules, here.

Register Now and Conquer the World!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Win a copy of Shatter Union

I know some of you Rise of Nations fans came from the TBS genre. Since Rise of Nations was one of the first to sucessfully mix of TBS and RTS elements. Some of you might enjoy playing a game called "Shatter Union" that also has a mix of these two elements. Adder, seraph of Rise & Fall Heaven and Rome Total War Heaven had a chance to review the game recently. He also got a few extra copies of the game left over. So he is giving them out as prizes! If you're interested in winning a copy of the game, and you live in the United States, email Adder with your mailing address, and you could win a copy of Shattered Union!

Rise of Nations Mods

We got some Rise of Nations Mods news this round. nicko6 just released an Australian Civ Mod and replaces the Iroquois nation for Rise of Nations:T&P. It includes 5 unique units (one of which uses my Anzac model), You can download that here.

Speaking of my mod, my Rise of Napoleon mod was published in the June 2005 issue of GameStar magazine out of Germany. They packaged the mod up with a nice installation file in the magazine version. Its on CD3 of the issue. So maybe if you've had trouble with the zip file installation on this site, you can pick up the CD version if you're around those parts.

Friday, October 21, 2005

IGN features Rise of Legend's Vinci Civ Units Part 2

IGN has just release part 2 of the Vinci Civ unit feature for Big Huge Game's upcoming Rise of Legends. They concentrate on the Heroe Units and the Steam Fortress Units this time round. That means these are the "big boys" in the game, which will undoubtedly be the most fun units in the game. You can check it out from this link.

New Cherub at RONH

Cassius Allanus has joined us at Rise of Nations Heaven as our latest staff. He has been active in the forums and in particular the modding community, and is working on a mod project with fellow RONH cherub KingRoy1. Please give him a warm welcome!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Snake's RoNTP Mod Merger

Snake_1501 has created an awesome tool for Mod lovers in the Rise of Nations community. Ever wanted to combine two or more of your favorite mods, but is a complete newb at modding? Now you can let the computer do the work for you!....mostly. Just download the 0.8 beta version of the Mod Merger from here.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Questions for Graham Somers at BHG

With the future release of Rise of Legends, I have started a thread in our forums to ask Graham "Thunder" Somers of Big Huge Games about the game. You can add your questions in this thread.

Finnish and Freies Legion Unit Mod for RoNTP

Edilberto continues with the WW2 theme with a mod for Finnish Units during WW2, plus the Axis Freies Legion, which were forces that joined with the Nazi's during WW2 from the German conquered territories.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rise of Legends Ultimate Fan Contest Finalists

Big Huge Games has narrowed their Rise of Legends Ultimate Fan Contest to 10 finalists. Now they need your help! Check out the 10 contest entries from this link. Give them a thorough reading, and then vote for the one you think has earned the Grand Prize of a trip to visit us here at Big Huge Games. Voting closes on October 19th!

Saturday, October 8, 2005

Mods and More

It's been a week for these, with two new ones up for download. Ranvier releases a T&P version of his Starwing Mod set in the "Andromeda Galaxy", it offers a futuristic alternative while PanzerX has released a WW2 mod in 2 parts, part 1 is here and part 2 is here. Edilberto also contributes to the WW2 theme with a package of images which he encourages people to make use of for anyone who wants source material for a mod with Italian Units during WW2.

Finally Snake_1501 has finally uploaded the full version of his Rise of Nations Script Maker 1.0F to RoN Heaven. You can download here now!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Army of One WW2 CTW Mod for RoNTP

Army of One has nearly completed his World War 2 CTW mod project for Rise of Nations T&P. You can follow its development here and offer the your suggestions at his project forum.