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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HeavenGames' Staff System: A Revamp

The HG Blog

So now that things have been settled with HG's identity, it's time to go on to the fun stuff: the staff system! Woo!

It's been discussed in a previous blog post that HeavenGames doesn't operate as efficiently as it could from a staff perspective. A lot of issues have already been dealt with in the past several months, but there are two substantial problems that must be taken care of. First, there is no effective way to ensure quality and consistency of work across all of our sites. Second, we do not have dedicated jobs in a number of support capacities, including marketing, sales, and the like.

Revamped Staff System
The owners have thus discussed the issue with the HeavenGames staff and have come up with the following system:

As you can see, HeavenGames will still be run fundamentally the same: the Exco - chaired by the CEO - makes all of the network-wide administrative decisions and Seraphs work under the Exco as site administrators. What will be added to the system will be a Seraph Liaison and Support Departments. First, the Seraph Liaison... (Read more!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Scenarios from the RoNH Community

First is carbonpower with "Massive 18th century battle". A battle in Enlightenment Age between the French armies of the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and the armies of the British king George II. The Prussians also fight alongside the British. Next is TheBlackAdmiral with a pair of new scenarios. "The History of the Entire World - Dutch War of Independence" is a scenario about the Dutch rebellion against the Spanish King in their fight for independence. Next is "The History of the Entire World - Japan's Expansion", based on a map by Zjorghammer. In this scenario, he rebalanced the scenario where you control Japan as it fights its way to the domination of East Asia. Finally, Zjorghammer comes back with a Japan scenario called "Japan's Asia II, 1940-1943". This campaign, labelled the "Southern Campaign" by the Japanese navy, saw the Japanese use revolutionary tactics involving aircraft carriers and amphibious landings with impressive results. To achieve victory in this scenario you also must master these tactics.

New Mods from RoNH's Community

First up is CosmicJaguar with "Flaming Coyote Meso Skin". This mod is used for high ranking Aztec Warrior Priests. Next he also contributes "Elite Special Forces reskin". This mod makes a more realistic feel to the Elite Special Force. Finally in the meso-american theme again with "Aztec Warrior", this mod replaces the inti macemen with the aztec warrior skin since the misplacement of the macuahuitl with the Inca.

Next we have Joe_Tech with a mod called "Updated Space Program". This mod updates the Apollo Space Program to the Orion Space Program. I thought it was time to bring the Space Program to the 21st Century. Finally, Nhex01 with a conquer the World Mod, called "CTW units 1.1". In this mod all CTW units are now playable in multi player/single player scenarios, quick battles.

New Multiplayer Scenarios at RoNH

We have a bunch of new multiplayer scenarios from Skate Nick to report on at Rise of Nations Heaven this round. First is "Pangea Everlasting War". There are 7 nations in this scenario. You can be North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Euroasia, India and Africa. Its a berlin style map with standard resources and you can train wooly mammoths in barracks! Next he creates a variation on this Pangea scenario with "Pangea 2 The War Contineus". In Pangea 2, you again take control of one of 7 nations. This map has twice the number of cities, cavalry and siege. You to train teradactyls in airfields! Next he contributes version 2 of "Greece Rise And Fall", you take control of one of the Greek states in ancient times. Finally, he releases version 3 of "Siege of Troy". This scenario has 4 greek nations vs the Turks. Not to be left out jimmybda also contributes a scenario that can be used for single or multiplayer called "Greece at War, Diplomacy, Singleplayer, Multiplayer". In this scenario he uses Berlin's awsome map of greece but swapped up the nations and unique units etc.

New Scenarios at RoNH

First we have Lord Mitcharda with "World War 2, Liberation of Europe". This is his first attempt at scenario design. He also contributes another WW2 scenario with a narrower focus called "WWII, D-Day, Normandy. Next we have spyridon with "Saving Private Ryan -Like Movie Series". This scenario contains the Omaha beach landing and all the efforts of the men who tried to save PFC James Francis Ryan. Next veteran scenario designer carch2002 returns with "War of Atlantis". In this scenario, you are King Pericles of Athens and have forged an alliance with Pharaoh Ramses III of Egypt to conquered Atlantis. Next we have guan_yin with his first creation called "River Trebia", you fight against the roman cavalry with your elephants! You can grab version 2 of this scenario with music here. Finally we have Cann1bal with another contribution in the WW2 theme. His scenario is called "Realism WWII. In this scenario, you start with Berlin and 3 citizens, and the goal is to anihilate the dutch, french and british forces.

New Mods at RoNH

First we have "Total War: Rome 0.5 beta" by gw01993 with help from Turkish_General. This mod plays only the in Medieval age and seeks to bring the Rome: Total War game to the Rise of Nations platform. gw01993 also contibutes some sound tracks to his mod here, so dont forget to get the both files for the complete experience.

Next we have spohn with several creations. His first attempt is "NebelWerfer", this is a re-skinned and re-scaled the mortar unit to resemble a Nebelwerfer (WWII rocket artillery), or go for his version 2 here. He also contributes "Bomb Shockwave", which enables the shockwave effect for MLRS rockets and bomber bombs. Next we have Anno1503 with "Brandenburger Gate skin v1.0, which reskins the Versailles Wonder to resemble the Brandenburg Gate. Next we have Joe_Tech with "Dock Recolor", as the name implies he reskins the modern age dock.