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Topic Subject:Axis of Benevolent Love
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posted 04-22-10 09:30 PM EDT (US)         
I recently decided to play Americans on Cold War again.

I decided I'd try to conquer all of Korea this time, as part of my usual starting move (Japan = South Korea). And, in a short while, I had the most impressive victory I've EVER had in a CTW!

I won North Korea thanks to my navy; I invested more in Aircraft Carriers, realizing that my Bombers couldn't go far into Choson territory but my ships could sail along all of their coastal cities.

I achieved victory, and went on about my business, capturing China through the "Countryside Revolt" mission. My strategy for dealing with Europe is to spend my leftover funds building it up, keep all of my non-attacking armies in Europe, and rotate them out between the not-fully built armies.

I knew that Russia would aim for the Middle East. I wanted diplomacy, but decided instead to save money (they were playing hardball) and invade them. I won easily; it's not a hard mission.

Afterwards, Mongolia fell to Russia. Then I had a revelation: Afghanistan!
Russia's last bordering nation was Afghanistan. It was their portal to the world. If I plugged it up, and made sure to conquer Cuba after they revolt, they wouldn't be able to expand AT ALL.

I did so.

But let's backtrack for a second.

I gained 100 Tribute from the Middle East, a generous sum I hadn't considered when trying diplomacy. This, I spent building Europe. By the time the Asian Theatre ended I had Europe built up, China built up, and Greenland built up. My empire was blessed with prosperity, and Russia was bottled up. I gained Industrial Victory the next turn, but wanted Military Victory.

So, I invade South Africa, and then Cuba revolts so I take them back.
I decide to go into Panama, to begin my conquest of North America.
But, I decide to FINALLY do the "Save the Hostages" mission. I hate it, I really do. It's so hard, and the first time I won it I had to sacrifice so many hostages to compliment my existing army that I gained not enough Tribute to pay off the debts of enacting the Espionage.

I win, spectacularly. I take every hostage home, and get FIVE HUNDRED Tribute! 500!

I spend it on bribes.
Mexico gives in, South America gets in on the love, I unify the rest of Africa besides West Africa. I now have no money, but am in a great situation.

I have Panama, India, and Vietnam to take. West Africa I can overrun with 3 of my 4 armies.

I will unite the world, and spend so much money on nukes that Russia won't dare dream of striking me even as I march on Moscow. The ENTIRE world will fall to America.
Random Username
posted 04-23-10 08:49 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       

I conquered Panama, spent a fortune bribing Southwest Asia, overran West Africa, and had enough money left to take India!

The USA and USSR are the ONLY nations of the world! And the only nation the USSR conquered was MONGOLIA!
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