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Topic Subject:Greater States of America
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posted 04-24-10 00:47 AM EDT (US)         
When the USA and USSR started the Cold War, they were beginning the series of events that would lead to world unification.

The first major "move" was the Korean War. The USA pledged support to South Korea, sending in their marines. The fight for South Korea was hard, and America was almost purged from the battlefield when their fortress came under attack. However, those brave lads lasted and South Korea was secured.

From there on, President Harry Truman led the US into North Korea. He focused on bombing the coastal cities with the US Navy, and before the end of his first term Korea was unified. The Russians were horrified at the victory, and China sulked over their loss.

Truman stepped down from re-election, putting his faith in a young politician named Marcus Bellamy (of 39 years of age, the youngest president). He took the stand in 1949, ready to lead America against Russia.

Bellamy began the Arabian War, a war fought for control of the Levant, Palestine, Mesopotamia, and Arabian Peninsula. A new association called "OPEC" had been formed, and he wanted the oil fields for himself. He claimed that the Muslims were leaning towards Communism, and were unresponsive to US offers of diplomacy (a truth).

Stalin had shocked the world when he conquered China during the Sino-Russian War, but that changed when Bellamy wanted a rebellion started. He had the CIA organize a revolution, and within weeks the puppet government had been expelled, and China was a capitalism. They claimed independence, but in reality they were just America's factory.

Bellamy accomplished this all by 1952. Thinking of re-election, he then realized that Russia's gateway to Southern Asia was Afghanistan. Their navy was weak; if they cut off all land passes, Russia would be unable to do much more than sit within their confines. He then made up the ruse that was Afghanistan.

Claiming that the Shah needed to be replaced with a more friendly leader (even though he was friendly), the President had Afghanistan invaded. Within days, they fell. The Shah and his family was moved to an island where they could live like their former lives, but under government eyes.

Mongolia was captured by Russia, only strengthening Bellamy's resolve to stop them for good. He began planning the Afrikaner War.

Bellamy won re-election in 1953, and worked hard to have the limit on presidential terms lifted. He persuaded Congress to declare war on South Africa, due to the apartheid government, and led both a US force and a rebel force into the area. Bellamy won, providing a foothold in Africa and making amends with the United Kingdom for overthrowing the Shah.

Cuba revolted in 1956, leading to a responsive invasion, the Bay of Pigs. Air raids around the Guantanamo area, coupled with a land force, let eastern Cuba be captured while the west fell due to a marine force and the rebels. Cuba was then claimed direct American territory, to strengthen their loyalty.

Meanwhile, Europe enjoyed the benefits of the Marshall Plan, while Russia withered. Every nation in the American Sphere of Influence enjoyed great wealth. Bellamy was re-elected to his third term in 1957, and in 1960 he found himself with huge tax revenue from the newly-instituted Ally Tax on foreign nations and the Boom of 1958.

He spent this fortune making alliances. Mexico made amends with the US; all of the Southern American nations joined NATO. All of Africa except non-Egyptian Sahara joined up; America was rich and now controlled most of the world. The new territories were named the Greater States of America, and the GSA was taxed as a sort of well-fed, well-treated slave to the USA.

In 1961 the Central American War began, with the Central American nations turning to Communism to survive. Bellamy was re-elected in 1962, and the war went on in till 1963, resulting in the rest of North America becoming part of the GSA.

Bellamy bribed India, Pakistan, and Southeast Asia into joining the GSA. By 1966 (an election year), only the Greater States of America and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics existed.

The nuclear arms race was heating up. Bellamy was elected to his fifth term in 1966, and he had NASA formed. After an attempt on his life in 1969, he was shaken but continued to lead the GSA. At this point, the population of the GSA was huge, and there was enough natural resources available that the GSA was self-contained: Russia was now only a minor enemy that Bellamy was looking to get rid of.

The most popular president of all time, he had a 98% approval rating and 100% approval at joint meetings of the Greater States. Russia was unsettled, and was preparing the attack.

When Russia approached the USA to talk about disarming nuclear weapons, they seemed sincere. Bellamy agreed, and was humiliated when he discovered that the USSR had construct more weapons to replace some of the destroyed ones. Meanwhile, West Saharan Africa had gained independence and joined the USSR, and so had China. Bellamy wanted war, and in his seventh term in 1976 he got it.

The war was quick. The GSA launched their nuclear weapons before making land movements; at this point, the GSA had official "territories" drawn out. The Southern, Midwest, and Pacific Coast territories of the USA were bombed to near-ashes. In fury, the GSA responded by destroying much of Russia's territories.

The USSR territories of Western Germany and Central Asia were overrun; the GSA had too large an army to fight. Russia continued developing and using nuclear weapons, destroying Central Asia, though it was just recaptured. America took China in a War of Reclamation, one of the many wars they fought against rebels in the nuked regions.

In response to the threat, Bellamy was made President for life. By 1984, he was 74 years old. He ordered the invasion of the Russian homeland. At this point, Kamchatka and West Africa territories had been taken. The Southern and Midwest US were restored. Only Pacific Coast remained an anarchy.

The war was quick but decisive in Western Russia. The army moved into the area, established their military base, captured Smolensk, and then jabbed at the heart of Moscow. Having too much respect for Russia, the monuments were spared and, rather than being razed, the Soviet government was just held hostage in the Kremlin.

For the next three years America held out, holding Moscow while Russia withered and died. On October 2, 1987 the Soviet Red Army surrendered. The USSR became part of the GSA.

This was an amazing achievement: besides the Pacific Coast region, everything was held by one nation. Bellamy, as his penultimate act as President before retiring, had the Pacific Coast taken back into the GSA.

Bellamy rewrote the Constitution. Now, a monarchy would exist. The Bellamy Dynasty began as his son took the throne, Marcus Bellamy II.

By 2013 the New System was enacted. Now, the GSA was a capitalist society where people were assigned jobs in privately-owned government-managed institutions. Everything was run by the free government, even down to reproduction of humans: now, all children were manufactured in a farm, like Brave New World.

By 2085 the population was 48 billion, though Earth was somehow supporting them even then. Mars was terraformed, and was being colonized rapidly. Luna was being worked on, predicted to be habitable by 2150.

The Martian settlers revolted, not willing to live under the capitalist, freedom-loving society the Bellamys created. The GSA summoned itself, ready to defend capitalism once more. The American-Martian War was fought, ending in Martian Independence.

Over four centuries, Mars and Luna were carved up into many different nations, but the Independent Republic of Mars (IRM) and Greater States of America (GSA) stayed at war: Cold War II had begun.
posted 04-24-10 12:49 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Great story!
posted 04-24-10 07:14 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
did the GSA recapture the pacific coast? cuz i wanna live in an anarchism!

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posted 04-24-10 08:12 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
I believe they simply allowed it back into the union.
Random Username
posted 04-24-10 09:52 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Yeah, they sent troops back in to restore order, rebuild the nuked cities.
posted 04-25-10 08:22 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
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