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Topic Subject:Wealth and Caravans
posted 11-06-03 11:53 AM EDT (US)         
It seems that Caravans do not affect your Wealth level, but only bring in a fixed amount each time they ply their route? Is this correct? When is the Wealth added? At each city on the route, or only at one end? And if Caravans do not add to your Wealth limit, what affects this limit? How does it increase?

And do your allies Caravans gain wealth for you and count against your routes? I ask this because I had 2 cities and my ally had 2. The way I see it I should have been able to have 5 Caravans: each of my cities to each of his cities (4), plus one more between my 2 cities. However, even though I had a high enough Tech level to allow 5 Caravans, I could only put out 3. When I selected my 4th Caravan and tried to click a starting city, it wouldn't let me, and trade routes were showing in his color. So this makes me believe that if he already has a Trade Route between 2 cities, I cannot duplicate that Trade Route and, therefore, we should both be gaining Wealth from that Route. Is this correct?

One last question: the popup Help for Caravans states that you can create a Trade Route by right-clicking and dragging between the 2 cities. Has anyone been able to get this to work? I experimented with this with my first Caravan (without Allies). I selected the Caravan, right-clicked on city 1 and dragged to city 2. The Caravan moved to the first city and just sat there. How do I set up a specific Trade Route?

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posted 11-06-03 03:54 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Caravans gives a one-time bonus each time they reach a city for the first time (for a total of two bonuses-one for each city). Once it has traveled between the two cities the route is considered "set up" and will begin contributing to your Wealth rate.

When you click on a caravan right after making it, it will say "Setting up route" or something like that. Once it travels between the two cities it has a route for, you will see your Wealth rate increase on the top left.

I dont know much abotu allied trade routes except that the routes wealth is divided evenly between you and your ally.

Ive never manually set up a route, caravans automatically pick the best route when they are made. If your situation changes (ie-can now trade with allies, conquered a bunch of new cities) you can right click on any one city and it will reassign itself to the most lucrative route.

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posted 11-06-03 03:57 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Caravans are only effective when on a route, but they do bring in a continuous wealth flow when on a route. The extra resources when they reach a city are just bonus, much like building a farm initially gives you extra food, but still continuously brings in food as long as there is a citizen working at it.
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