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Topic Subject:RISE OF THE MODERNS: mod concept, Rise of Empires rebranded
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posted 12-26-10 09:55 PM EDT (US)         

After much consideration, I realised that Rise of Nations is a rather poor platform. Don't get me wrong, I do love the game still, and it excels in many areas. Yet, there are several things which make me miffed, in particular the inability to add proper barbarian factions in CtW without causing problems.

I have decided to discontinue all development on Rise of the Moderns, and have chosen to port them over to the Spring engine. In place of Rise of the Moderns, we now have a trilogy of games named the "Time of War" series:

Time of War: Rise of the Moderns - this covers the original concept, with five new nations: the Zulu, the Poles, the Lakota, and the Ashanti
Time of War: 1800 - a mod which concentrates exclusively on the 19th century, and contains over 50 factions, and is envisioned to be the basis of all Time of War games.
Time of War: Rise of Kings 2 - a rehash of Rise of Kings by Super7700, now dropping the Dark Ages and including the Early Modern Era.

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posted 12-27-10 02:55 AM EDT (US)     1 / 78       
I am using Modernity's wiki to hold rough drafts for this mod. So far:

Art notes on national projects
Building styles
Industrial Age unit uniforms
Wiki structure
To-do list
Wonders and happiness

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posted 12-27-10 03:45 AM EDT (US)     2 / 78       
Some questions

The units of the Kobaung/Bamar are meant to be strong against elephants, in that they deal damage to elephants. Is it possible to simulate this through a script?
I am also trying to get in roughly 16 unique technologies into the game. Has anyone figured out how it might be possible?
Previously, Wadis10 created a script for Rise of Peace. Would it be possible to modify this script so as to make this mod to be science-driven, economics-driven, and city-driven as possible? I am looking for a "happiness" script that even allows for riots and strikes, if possible.

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Hoar Wolf
posted 12-27-10 01:45 PM EDT (US)     3 / 78       
Light cavalry unique units for Austria and Russia? Well, that's a nice question. I was redirected here from another topic (I guess you know which).

For Russia, though, I think, it shouldn't be that hard with the Cossacks, Don Cossacks, Black Sea Cossacks. That line could be taken as well. Also, the Horse Chasseurs look a reasonable choice for me.

For Austria... I don't know. Regarding that Austria was an empire consisting of other nations in its vicinity (and thus its army contained some regiments of the unique soldiers of these nations), I guess the Hungarian Hussar could be one (I'm sorry for coming up with these Hungarian Hussars all the time, but I think that they were an integral part of the Austrian army - besides the fact that I'm Hungarian). Also, I've heard that the Austrians used the Uhlans intensively as well. I found that Dragoons played a very important role in the Austrian army (I don't know, though, if they count as Light or Heavy cavalry, since from what I know I could say that they were approximately halfways between this two), and the chevaulegeres (I wonder, that simply means "light cavalrymen"), who were effective, often in charges. I don't know exactly how they were armed, though.

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posted 12-27-10 08:47 PM EDT (US)     4 / 78       
Coldwar Warrior's Rise of Options:

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posted 12-28-10 00:53 AM EDT (US)     5 / 78       
I am cribbing the "happiness" concept from Rise of Peace as a vital component in Rise of the Moderns, and must necessarily be maintained in order to keep your infrastructure producing resources and your borders secure.

Effects: Better than a warm gun
¡Wealth output - a slump in happiness may result in as much as 90% of your nation's tax sapped during a game.
¡Attrition - a slump in happiness results in a reduced ability to cause attrition damage: attrition upgrades can only keep your attrition levels slightly above zero if this happens.
¡High-quality mercenaries - national guard units deal damage equal to how high your rating is. The higher your happiness rating, the harder they will hit your opponent.

Actions that boost happiness
¡Having the highest score in the game: if this is achieved, it immediately replenishes your happiness score to full so long as there are 3 or more players in the game.
¡building national projects. National projects give a substantial boost to happiness.
¡building dreadnoughts. Each dreadnought built adds to your score.
¡doing Civics research. Each level of Civics research adds to your score.
¡founding new cities. Each level of Civics research adds to your score.
¡wonder points held - each wonder generates happiness proportionate with their wonder point score.
¡building taverns (and their Imperial Era counterparts, the speakeasy): these slightly increase your commerce cap for food by 2.5% per tavern/speakeasy constructed. They also allow the gathering of happiness from peacocks, wine and tobacco - each one grants 2% happiness, so long as you control at least 1 instance of that resource.
The French control a unique building that replaces the tavern line, called a salon. The salon has the same abilities as the tavern, except that it gathers 1% happiness on each instance of peacocks, wine or tobacco that you control.

The difference can be illustrated via the following:

If you control a speakeasy, and have 2 peacock patches, 1 wine and 2 tobacco, you will only get +3% happiness per speakeasy controlled. However, a French player can expect to have +5% happiness per salon built.

Actions that hurt happiness
¡going to war against someone with airships (I guess our citizenry doesn't like the idea of being potentially carpet-bombed, and you will be hit with a penalty commeasurate with the number of airships your opponent held prior to war.
¡the number of smelters in your nation - metal may be a vital resource, but it seems that it affects people's health and so the more smelters you build, the less happy people become.
¡losing or demolishing wonders. If a wonder is destroyed in your territory, you suffer a happiness penalty commeasurate with how many wonder points you lose when it is destroyed or lost.
¡losing cities. Each city lost results in a penalty.
¡knowledge research. Each level of knowledge research results in a penalty.
¡red government techs. Each level of totalitarian government research results in a penalty.
¡alliances with nations whose governments aren't the same as yours. Each time you form an alliance with a nation which chose a different set of government technologies, your happiness rating goes down.
¡the number of mercenary units you control. Each auxiliary unit has a potential "happiness cost" of -1 when created.
The only unit not capable of doing this are the national guards auxiliaries.
¡Letting your opponent successfully build an airship - each airship that you build results in a happiness penalty to your opponents.

Notes on happiness
1.You can "terrorise" a populace at war with you by building airships. Not only will they face the potential of devastation, you can also produce airships as negative propaganda, hurting your enemy's ability to fight even if you don't bomb them. This means that you could sometimes build a number of airships to act as a deterrent against potential opponents - couple this with a massive land army, and your opponent may think twice about attacking as you could dent his attrition fields and attack with impunity.
2.Mansabdars allow you to inflict happiness damage on your enemy by destroying battleships (including dreadnoughts), and to increase your own happiness by destroying opponents' aircraft. This is only possible for some factions.

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posted 12-28-10 02:05 AM EDT (US)     6 / 78       

Rise of the Moderns features 3 tank units. These are powerful mech units which are created when you research a series of technologies, culminating in one at the MIC. This means that for some factions which can't build MICs, they must capture the city of one faction which has such a building.

F17 Renault: the fastest tank ever, with a production speed to boot. Accessible to: America, France, Italy, and Netherlands; but buildable by Japan, Vietnam and Spain if they do capture a MIC.

Mark V: the original tank, the Mark V features a better gun and armour to boot. Available to Britain and Russia, but buildable once an MIC is captured to Portugal; Peru; Burma; Thailand; Malaya; India and the Arab States.

A7V: While Wotan is neither as powerful nor as speedy as the other 2, it makes up for it by having a substantial number of hitpoints. Available to Germany, Austria and Sweden, but can be built by Mexico, colombia, China, Korea, and Turkey if they do capture the MIC.

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posted 12-29-10 09:22 PM EDT (US)     7 / 78       

Of all these wonders, only the Grand Exchange may be built by any one side, and is available from [1]. Wonders are buildable from [1] all the way until [5].

This time, wonders are no longer divided by race, but rather each of them has a political requirement: civic wonders require a green upgrade to be built; Military ones require a red government upgrade. So,

- Civic wonders in [2]-[3] require Liberalism researched to be built, along with their age;
- Civic wonder in [4]-[5] require Republic researched to be built; along with their age;
- Military wonders in [2]-[3] require Monarchy researched to be built, along with their age;
- Military wonder in [4]-[5] require Absolutism researched to be built; along with their age.

Civic wonders are special wonders with unique game-changing technologies. These wonders require the following in order for you to access their technologies.

[1] wonders do not require anything;
[2] wonders require 1 economic research;
[3] wonders require 2 economic research;
[4] wonders require 3 economic research and 1 science;
[5] wonders require 5 economic research and 2 science

AGE 1:

Great Bazaar (No requirements. Decreases cost for researching [2]. Places price floors and cost ceilings at your markets, just as how the supercollider works, and spawns an armed caravan)
I have decided that the Bazaar must be based on the artwork for the Egyptian buildings dropped out from this mod)

AGE 2:

Temple of Tikal (red 1 - normal bonuses. Spawns Chichimeca.)
Forbidden City (red 1 - normal bonuses. Also +2 borders. Spawns 3 mercenary elephants.

Punta de' Dogana (green 1 - Trains auxiliaries. Raises wealth cap. Unique technology: Fondaco)
Kanei-ji (green 1 - Unique technology: Tea Ceremony. Kanei-ji speeds up the construction of farms and fishing boats.)

AGE 3:

Versailles (red 1 - Creates a second capital whereso built. Your Supply Wagons can heal your troops (and Austrian Supply Wagons heal at double normal rate. Spawns French horse grenadiers of )
Brass Elephant (red 1 - Raises commerce cap for Food. Castles will spawn generals. Factories will spawn supply wagons. Cost of Barracks, Stable, and Dock units reduced by 25%. Spawns 2 elephants of Imperial quality.)

La Scala (green 1 - Moderate pop cap and knowledge boost; massive wonder point bonus. Unique technology: Impresario)
Porcelain Tower (green 1 - You create ships 50% faster, and increases pop cap. Unique technology: Chartered Merchant Company)

Age 4:

Arc de Triomphe (red 2 - Reduces the cost of your musket/rifle units. Gives an armour boost to nearby units. Spawns 4 Republican Guards.)
Suleymani Jami (red 2 - Attrition, coastal cannon bonuses. Spawns 4 circassian cavalry.)

Taj Mahal (green 2 - normal bonuses. Unique technology: Orientalism)
Statue of Liberty (green 2 - Increases pop cap; non-naval unit upgrades free. Unique technology: Constitution)

AGE 5:

Walhalla Monument (red 2 - Raises wood commerce cap. Hunleys, Toros Submarinos and U-boats now 25% cheaper; -33% build time. Spawns Needle Gunners.)
Kremlin (red 2 - Raises commerce cap of oil. Doubles attrition damage. National Border recieve +1 bonus per Civic Research. Spies are 50% cheaper. Spawns spies over time.)

Crystal Palace (green 2 - A good wonder point boost. 25% higher commerce cap. Double tax income. Ships built 33% faster. Unique tech: Workshop of the World)
Eiffel Tower (green 2 - Increases your Oil income by 100%
Raises your Commerce Limit for Oil by 200. Increases your borders per Economy research. Unique technology: Telegraphy)

This is the Brass Elephant:

For La Scala, I intend it to be the Piazza del Duomo of Milan.

Wonder-based technologies:

Tea Ceremony: Improves the effects temples have on your borders.
Fondaco: merchants are faster, unpack faster, and are produced faster. Additionally, your armed merchants have +3 attack.

Chartered Merchant Company: Receive the bonus ability of all unique resources in your territory, even if you don't have a Merchant there.
Impresario: Earn +10 wealth per large city and major city controlled.

Orientalism: The number of caravans available to you is increased by the number of rare resources in the game.
Constitution: Patriot respawn quickened. Reduces attrition to your units by 100%

Workshop of the World: Arsenals and Docks work faster, just as if you had researched Socialism.
Telegraphy: Merchants, caravans and airship units have greater LOS, and can detect hidden units.

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posted 12-29-10 10:03 PM EDT (US)     8 / 78       

National projects are a sort of "wonder", but unlike wonders they can be built by anyone and are not exclusive. Different national projects occur differently, but every nation - all except 1 - may only build one national project at a time. Look after them well, as having them fall in the hands of the enemy can have devastating consequences.

The Ottomans are special in that they can build 2 instead of one.

Nobles' Palace: (requires no tech, available from [1])

- +5 wood gather to your stockpile.

NOTE: if a Nobles' Palace is captured by an American or European civilisation, it immediately is destroyed and grants a boost in knowledge.

Mansabdar: (requires Construction; available from [2])
- Spawns 1 war elephant.
- Cavalry have no ramp cost.
- Has a +5 food bonus (once 1st Green researched))
Reduces the knowledge costs of civics research and the research time for commerce research.

Presidium: (requires Civics 3; available from [3])
Spawns 2 Maxims when built
- Recruits auxiliaries (auxiliaries are normally recruitable from your temple)
- Attacks enemies
- Light infantry fire faster
- Has a +5 wealth bonus (once 2nd Green researched)
reduces the knowledge costs of military research and the research time for civics research.

Military-industrial complex: (requires War 6; available from [4])
- Units heal within your borders
- Reduces the build time of ships, foundry units and aircraft
- Has a +10 oil and +10 metal bonus (once 3rd Green researched).
- Reduces the knowledge costs of science research and the research time for military research.
- Grants access to upgrades that allow for the creation of dreadnoughts, howitzers and heavy machine guns in [5].
- Has a facility for building recoilless gun infantry and tanks (different non-European sides build different tanks in [5] - Tanks are powerful mechanised units that destroy all other units, but have their own weaknesses - recoilless guns destroy them; they are vulnerable from aircraft attack; a direct hit from a cannon could potentially destroy them; and they are slower than tankettes, although they are much powerful in a shot-for-shot battle.)

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posted 12-30-10 00:37 AM EDT (US)     9 / 78       

While I haven't explained the concept of buildings yet, I think I need to clarify who gets what when.


Fortress - trains your spies and officers, and upgrades to a Redoubt in the Industrial Era. Also handles research for the following.
Conscript centre - Trains conscripts, skirmishers and commandos. Upgrades to a barracks in the 20th Century. Barracks are better than conscript centres because they have a lower ramp.
Officers' Quarters - Trains pikemen, grenadiers and cavalry. Upgrades to a National Academy in the Imperial Era, which can be garrisoned with infantry to fight back.
The Officers' Quarters is always required for the production of any UUs in [5], and provides some special upgrades for your defensive buildings.
Arsenal - builds artillery, supply and special weapons. Required for the creation of airships. Artillery in the 20th century can be upgraded at your Military-Industrial Complex.
Airfield - constructs aircraft. Biplanes can be built here in the 20th Century; airships can be built here but must be upgraded at the Military-Industrial Complex before they can converted into zeppelin bombers.
Shipyard - builds ships. Save for Japan heavy ships can be upgraded via the Military-Industrial Complex into dreadnoughts.


Observation posts - spots hidden units and has extensive LOS. Upgrades to flak guns in the Industrial Era.
Towers - towers are cheap static structures that can be built anywhere within your territory. These soon are upgraded to stockades in [2], and then blockhouses in [4].
Martello Towers - these are towers available from [3] with a very powerful attack, and are mini-castles of sorts. While Martello Towers (and their successor in [5], the coastle defence battery) do quite a number on infantry, they actually have a minimum range and have a low rate of fire, making them more effective against enemy ships, in particular heavy ships.


Senate: Recruits your patriots and some armed merchants with correct political research, +1 border and creates a capital where built. Each player has two different sorts of senate; the building being accessible in [3].
Major city: Is created out of a small city if there are 10 different buildings within the vicinity. Has an enhanced radius for economic buildings. You will have access to Major Cities from the Imperial Era onwards. I have decided that we need an Imperial era skin for these cities.
Temple: Increases border push, improves your cities' offensive and defensive capabilities, and recruits auxiliaries to fight for you. Auxiliaries are special units that cost immense sums of wealth - some are trained faster than normal but are substantially weak, while others are extremely powerful, such as the Grenzer cavalry or the Republican Guard. Save for Russia, the Netherlands and America, other players need only 1 temple skin.

Technologies at National Academy:

Naturalisation - auxiliaries are created faster
Trace italienne - grants to your castles and towers the ability of obsidian (it stacks).
Minefields - coastal defence batteries have a border push capability. Enemy takes +100% attrition damage moving through your territory.
Manoeuvre warfare - Generals entrench units faster, and regenerate craft faster.

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posted 01-04-11 05:50 AM EDT (US)     10 / 78       

The Nobles' Palace national project has some special research. Like governments, Asian and Muslims may choose between 2 different policies to pursue. These options are available to Asians only during the Mercantile era.
WARNING: you may only choose only one policy, and one policy alone. If your nobles' palace is destroyed or captured, its effects will be lost until you rebuild or capture another nobles' palace.

Multiethnic society
- Grants an increased commerce cap.
- Cuts costs of green govt research.
- Grants the ability to build large cities instead of starting from small cities like the Chinese.

Ketuanan Melayu
- Ghazi units now have enhanced hitpoints and attack, making them slightly more effective.
- Grants access to Ottoman artillery at your arsenal.

Foreign concessions
- Cuts costs of green govt research
- Increased commerce cap
- Recruit royal rifle regiments at Nobles' Palace

Heavenly Mandate
- Sacrifices ability to upgrade units to beyond [4] in exchange for fort range.
- Increases border push, attrition increased by 100%

Capitulation agreements
- Cuts costs of green govt research.
- Gain wealth from farms like Egyptians
- Each national academy built spawns 1 Ever-Victorious Army (only possible in the Imperial era)

Millet Islamlı
- Auxiliary cavalry have better attack
- Citizens are created cheaper

East India Company
- Cuts costs of green govt research
- Nobles' Palace can recruit Hessians
- Can gather resources from rares located in your territory even without a merchant.

Indigenous rule
- National academies work faster
- Villagers move faster

Meiji reforms
- Cuts costs of green govt research
- Age research is faster and cheaper
- Grants ability to build and research battleship Mikasa

- Allows access to ashigaru instead of rifle infantry. Ashigaru have the same rate and fire of Imperial bushi but are created cheaper and faster.
- Upgrades your heavy cavalry to hatamoto in [4], instead of lancer cavalry. Hatamoto are heavy cavalry units that while have stats equal to a [3] heavy cavalryman, but hit harder and have no ramp in metal.

- Cuts costs of green govt research
- Age research is faster and cheaper
- Farms don't have a ramp cost

Heavenly Mandate
- Sacrifices ability to upgrade units to beyond [4] in exchange for fort range.
- Increases border push, attrition increased by 100%

Multiethnic society
- Grants an increased commerce cap.
- Cuts costs of green govt research.
- Grants the ability to build large cities instead of starting from small cities like the Chinese.

Military governatorate
- Attrition and militia research made faster
- Elephant brigade moves faster

Foreign concessions
- Cuts costs of green govt research
- Increased commerce cap
- Recruit royal rifle regiments at Nobles' Palace

Military governatorate
- Attrition and militia research made faster
- Elephant brigade moves faster

Capitulation agreements
- Cuts costs of green govt research.
- Gain wealth from farms like Egyptians
- Each national academy built spawns 1 Ever-Victorious Army

Heavenly Mandate
- Sacrifices ability to upgrade units to beyond [4] in exchange for fort range.
- Increases border push, attrition increased by 100%

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posted 01-06-11 11:46 AM EDT (US)     11 / 78       
I will try to recycle the Rise of Napoleon mod for this new mod, but I will also be adding extra skins and units: Koroviev1991 has created some interesting skins which I think deserve to be added to this mod here:
posted 01-16-11 10:18 PM EDT (US)     12 / 78       
If we could create units that could switch between fighting stances, should we give that ability to the grenadiers? think of what a world of difference that would would make.

Also, what do you think about the Asian policies available at the Palace Complex?
posted 01-17-11 00:01 AM EDT (US)     13 / 78       
If you can get all of that to work it is a good idea.

The greatest issue with ranged/melee is that this ability only works for one unit unless you scrap militia for this mod which would allow two units. Musketeers would be cool if they could go into melee combat due to the fact they have a minimum range. Remember the ability makes the musketeer switch to another unit with the same texture but is perhaps armed with a sword.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 01-17-11 00:11 AM EDT (US)     14 / 78       
Ah, in that case those grenadiers will have to continue destroying buildings via their trusty musket balls. And in the case of Rise of Kings, I realised that what UTHUM did was just make plumes look darker - he never made a new model

Also, what if we created a War of the Worlds scenario, if this mod got going? We could have:

British vs Martians (Aztec), takes place during Industrial to Machiner era.

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posted 01-17-11 08:43 PM EDT (US)     15 / 78       
I'm gonna let this mod take a back seat first, if you guys don't mind...I just realised that we have plenty of stuff to go around, so we needn't worry too much - once Rise of Kings, Rise of the Ancients and Rise of the Covenant are finished, I figure that we would have plenty of skins (my number 1 problem) to go by...

Since FredLed is doing a Halo mod, and I might create a Martian mod for this one, I'd like to see what he and I can do together.
posted 01-20-11 11:55 PM EDT (US)     16 / 78       
Okay, some auxiliary powers:

- Stuart exile: high attack and speed for this one.
- merchant cavalryman: cheap fast-training cavalry, not as powerful as the hussar line however.
- renegade knight: not as powerful as your daily knight, but cheap enough to be amassed in the face of wood and food shortages with an abundance of wealth.
- Tuareg rifleman: a camel mounted Saharan with the ability to withstand attrition.
- Ethiopian jinete: an African armed with a dragon who moves faster than others.
- Red Turbans: the dreaded Qizilbash of Iran.
- Sich cossack
- Hessian cavalry: heavier than most heavy cavalry
- Mercenary elephant (China; Japan; Korea; Portugal)
- Native horse (Inca; Peru; Maya; USA)
- Afghan mercenary (c) (India; China; England)
- Bajau mercenary (c) (Japan; Korea; Portugal; Siam; Malaya; Peru; Netherlands; Vietnam; Myanmar)
- stradiot (c) (Austria; Italy; France)
- Siberian cossack (c) (Russia; Germany; Spain)
- Circassian cavalry (c) (France; Turkey)
- Apache lancer (c) (Mexico; Colombia; USA)
- Repeating horse rifle (USA; Mexico)
- Booi: a cavalry archer that can switch from spears to bows
- Terek Cossack (Turkey; Austria; Germany; Italy; India)
- Confederados (Portugal; Peru; Maya)
- Mercenary sowar
- Algerian (France; Spain)
- Uyghur cavalry (c) (China; Russia; Turkey)
- Gauchos (c) (Peru; Colombia; Portugal)
- Manchu rider (c) (Vietnam; Korea)?

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posted 01-27-11 00:15 AM EDT (US)     17 / 78       
Found materials, regarding the Industrial and Machine ages:
posted 02-06-11 08:51 PM EDT (US)     18 / 78       

I have an important announcement to make. Please see the following link:
posted 03-03-11 02:30 AM EDT (US)     19 / 78       
A fine example of Chinese Art Nouveau, used for Asian and Hispanic architecture, can be found here:
posted 04-26-11 10:09 AM EDT (US)     20 / 78       
Just to let ya know, guys, this product is still running, but is dependent on Rise of Kings and A Wrong Turn. I've finally created a series of Latin/Asian-styled colonial buildings, and am looking for brick wall textures. Anyone got any to spare?

- World War veterans : mostly french and germans. Tough, long-range, defensive unit. Maybe base it upon the Marine Infantry, so that they entrench automatically, that would give a good WW1 feeling. Regarding their appearance, I suggest a mix of disparate WW1 uniforms.
- Vorwärts Sturmbatallion : The paramilitary force organized by the Vorwärts movement, they are well-armed and utterly fanatic, but lack professionalism, so they should be a punchy short-ranged unit, that would die like flies to enemy gunfire. They should look like civilians wearing a red armband.

Vidalia :
- Red Guard : The political elite of the vidalist forces, they lead the less motivated soldiers into the battle. If this proves possible through scripting, adding them the ability to shoot some allies to buff the others would be cool ! Esthetically speaking, they would be wearing sailors and soldiers uniforms along with a red armband as well.

- Vidalist Commissar : a individual unit, he has good fighting abilities, and is able to bribe enemy units, to represent his very effective vidalo-communist propaganda. Leather jacket and the compulsory, usual red armband. Shame that everybody was using red as their reference colour at this time... there must have been a lot of friendly-fire.

- Recruits : The Red Army of Vidalists Workers was established really quickly under the iron fist of Trotsky. Although the real enthusiasm that followed the Vidalist victory in the civil war did draw a lot of volunteers, this was never enough for the red human juggernaut, and drafting was not uncommon. Wether enthusiast voluntaries or terrified conscripts, they are a cheap, spammable and lousy infantry, that should look as pathetic as its statistics would suggest.

So here it is, hope it helps. Oh, by the way, the CFNE also fielded the dreaded "Aces Squadron", formed by French and Germans former enemy pilots, uniting against the "communist threat". The four founders were Mannfred Von Richthofen, Ernst Udet (Germany), René Fonck and Georges Guynemer (France), and they gathered an elite squadron that ruled the european skies during the entire war. There started the terrible reputation of the Vidalian air forces. Strategically speaking, they weren't decisive, but the symbol they represented inspired european troops all over the front. Plus, that would be a cool addition to a scenario.

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posted 05-21-11 09:05 PM EDT (US)     21 / 78       
I really think this mod should still be called Rise of Empires. Anyway I thought that perhaps you could change it so the colonial age is the late 16th and the 17th centuries, the mercentile era is the 18th century, the Imperial era is the late 18th century and early 19th century and the rest is as normal.

Light foot: Arquebusiers [1] => Musketeers [2] => Fusiliers [3] => Rifle infantry [4] => Riflemen [5]
Skirmishers: Crossbowmen [1] => Marksmen [2] => Skirmishers [3] => Sharpshooter [4] => Sniper [5]

Officers' Quarters:
Infantry: Pikemen [1] => Grenadiers (or Pike Sergeants) [2] => Grenadier guards [3] => Chosen men [4] => Assault Infantry [5]

Light Cavalry [1] => Hussars [2] => Royal Hussars [3] => Light Cavalry [4]
Cuirassiers [2] => Cuirassier Guard [3] => Lancers [4]
Dragoons [2] => Carabineers [3] => Mounted riflemen [4]

Light Ships: Brig [1] => Sloop [2] => Corvette [4] => Patrol Boat [5]
Medium Ships: Galleon (or a galley for some nations) [1] => Frigate [3] => Armoured Frigate [4] => Cruiser [5]
Heavy Ships: man-o-war [1] => ship of the line [2] => Ironclad [4] => Dreadnought [5]
Bombardment ships: Ketch [2] => bomb ketch [3] => Gunboat [4] => Monitor [5
Fire ships: Fire ship [1] => Toro [4]

Siege weapons:
Culverin [1] => Cannon [2] => Breech-loading Gun [4] => Howitzer [5]
Mortar [3] => Trench mortar [5]
Volley Gun [2, available to only some nations] Gatling [4] => Maxim [5]
AA Maxim [5]
Supply wagons

Since all the age 5 units require Military Industrial Complex and not all age 4 units have an age 5 upgrade (eg mounted troops), all nations will be stuck with at least some of the age 4 units. Therefore, what should happen is that in [4], most units still have colourful uniforms like the vanilla Enlightenment age troops, but then on the onset of [5], their uniforms change to a dull, khaki colour like the vanilla riflemen but they are still the same unit and therefore have the same model and stats (this is possible by the way). This should be done as it looks more realistic and fitting. It is still quite easy to tell the difference between these age 4 troops with age 5 recolouring and the age 5 troops because the age 5 troops requiring MIC have helmets and better stats.

I like where this mod is heading so I decided to make some skins for this mod to help you out. Shown are some age 5 units including two new skins:

So I made two textures. The first one, the guy in the top left corner, is for your sniper unit. The guys next to the riflemen with darker uniforms and armed with early machine guns, are your assault infantry with their very own texture.

I have also made a skin for the chosen men and I am working on the other normal age 4 textures. The age 4 guys will as I mentioned earlier have textures for when they are in the machine age and I shall also make desert skins for some of them which in some cases use a different model though these men will still have colourful uniforms. For example the chosen men will have a uniform similar to that of the typical 19th century (British) colonial soldiers.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 05-22-11 06:07 PM EDT (US)     22 / 78       
Thank you very much for your support, but for now please concentrate on Rise of Kings, since some of the stuff from Rise of Kings is being used for this mod. I haven't really had time to think this over; but I have been trying to compile everything at

Not all uniforms in the Industrial Era are colourful; I can only confirm that American Civil War-era uniforms are being given out as the default set (so we got one which is black and "blue"; the other grey (with maybe epaulettes and sashes indicating who owns that unit), although I do note that some factions such as Peru and England have unique units with special uniforms. For instance, the French get to recruit chassepots, which have that "colourful" look which you so want. Their upgrade, the poilu, however, is dressed in grim steel grey and wears an Adrian.

Meanwhile, alternate European factions:

I wasn't too happy having to change the setup of 22 civs to 24 civs, because I was hoping that anyone who wanted, say, the Lakota and the Iroquois back, could easily use the 22 free slots available, or even add HG Wells-style Martians if they so wanted :P
I was thinking of a Renaissance-era CtW. That said, some of the following have no armies, while others start off as vassal states.

European Age of Kings campaign: (Colonial-Mercantile)
In addition to other European factions, we have:

Knights of St John/Papal States - Innovation, no army
Brandenburg-Prussia - Sacrifice
Scotland - Gold, no army
Bavaria - Persistence (Architecture)
Savoy - Renaissance (Nile)
Saxony - Industry, no army
United Provinces - Trade
Tuscany - Majesty, no army
Poland - Hierarchy (Ceremony), no army
Naples - Privillege (Discovery - no unique units, is a vassal faction to Spain)
Hungary - Order (Horde - no unique units, is a vassal faction to Austria)
Swiss Confederacy - Nation
Venice - Tradition (Empire)
Denmark - Honour
Greece - Culture (no unique units, is a vassal faction to Turkey)
Barbary Pirates - Desert (Plains), no army

Spice Wars (Mercantile-Imperial)
In addition to Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan we have:

Iran - Hierarchy
Mughals - Order
Marathas - Prestige
Mysore - Majesty
Nepal - Gold
Afghanistan - Desert
British East India Company - Tradition
Dutch VOC - Empire
French East India Company - North
Acheh - Sacrifice
Brunei - Privillege
Johor - Persistence

Turtledove Civil War (Imperial-Industrial-Machine)
In addition to the USA, we have:

CSA - Honour
Republic of Quebec - North
Republic of Ontario - Nation

Finally, we have the Wrong Turn campaign:

CFNE: Industry
Vidalist Russia: Revolution
Vidalist Ukraine: Motherland

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posted 05-23-11 02:48 AM EDT (US)     23 / 78       
I just felt like doing a few textures for a slightly more modern era for a bit of a change. I also made a texture for the chosen men and the rifle infantry if you want to see them too. Pretty much I might make a few skins for mainstream units to help you out while I work on ROK, just for some variety. For much of the industrial age of this mod, uniforms still were rather colourful - just check out some of the pictures of late 19th century soldiers from that diggerhistory website.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 05-23-11 03:04 AM EDT (US)     24 / 78       
True that, but Brits aside, most factions will be mostly in kepis, and armed with bayonet-tipped muskets. I got a question though: is it possible to get the Industrial Era vanilla rifleman's body to act like a musketeer? he's got a backpack I'd like to see the Imperial and Industrial units using.

Southeast Asian infantry are easiest: they are based on the African musketeer, but are made to be wearing traditional shirts, followed by sarongs or "bermudas" and wear pith helmets....most of them. I am trying NOT to prescribe too many heavy infantry units, however.

Found this, it should do well as our [2] Mercenary infantryman, once we get all others done:

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posted 05-24-11 11:36 PM EDT (US)     25 / 78       
We also need these ships too:

- Portuguese ships from Rise of Kings, to be distributed evenly amongst all factions.
- Corsair from Rise of Kings - this is the xebec
- Lantern galley model - this is the Swedish frigate galley
- Galleass - reappearing as itself.
- Asian warships.

Also another thing: is it advisable to create temple buildings (now renamed as "religious centres") larger than they normally are? I am thinking of creating a very huge building, almost as large as a city, as the temple building.

What happens is the following:

All religious sites start off as a small shrine. For instance, the American and Russian temple is based on the current gunpowder age temple - a white clapboard structure, and is situated in the middle of a graveyard. When you reach the Imperial era, however, this changes into an awesome catheral complex. I am planning on using the Kazan cathedral of Petrograd as the church for the Russians, Dutch, Swedes and Americans.

So what I have in store is the following:

- North Europe/America: Wooden chapel with cemetery evolves into a huge sprawling neoclassical complex with a pergola and a garden.
- Western Europe: a Gothic church with a cemetery evolves into a large St Paul's of London.
- Latin America and Iberia: an old mission or an Aztec temple, with appropriate decor. Evolves into a sprawling Compostela-like complex (see below)
- South Europe and the Balkans: I might try the Basillica di Superga.

- North Asia: a small temple with several smaller shrines evolves into one huge temple complex, sitting over a pool of water.
- Southeast Asia: a classic age Asian temple evolves into Masjid Tranquerah, a Pyramid-shaped building with a single tower or pagoda.
- Muslims: I would probably use Kolkata's Dakshineswar temple. Or something like that. And then maybe add a garden. That should ensure that both Hindu and Muslim parties alike are satisfied!

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