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Topic Subject:Adding unique generals & team powers
posted 10-02-16 01:41 AM EDT (US)         
Hey guys.

I'm was trying to add the unique generals (such as Napoleon) to use with my mod in skirmish and multiplayer. I've tried all the stuff proposed here in the topics to no avail. Eventually, I always get this when the map is loading:

and followed by a CTD.

Also, It would be cool if the special general was an upgrade to the senate general (The Despot, The Senator, etc.) and would upgrade to the next tier chosen automatically when that tier is researched (The CEO, The Comrade, etc.). If that can't be done, just tell me how to make it a unique unit in the Fort that can be built once.

The next question is more theoretical: is it possible to add 'team bonuses' to nations (similar to AoE2, where each nation gave a bonus to the entire team)? How would I accomplish this?
posted 06-17-18 07:41 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
as far i can see = a unit_graphics issue

did you launch/modded the patriots/base game

because you cant add any new units to the list only replace them."TYPENAME MUST B THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL TYPENAME"
TYPENAME= militia

but you wanna make a unit over that dont change the TYPENAME

or you get a ctd

, you could use 4 now just
idea 4 the senate part
make a tech only 4 france
that some how get the same result as a CEO
how i dont know but its a fun idea right?

team bonuses/tech like CEO
but if you wanna mod it i think you should ask
One_Dead_Angel he = good


found a way i think
go 2 unitrules.xml
you can see under ceo these things

if you want the french 2 have napoleon
do this "i hope"

make the 1 you want unavailble like the ceo

this = a replacement 4 the ceo "just look who you wanna make avialble "

2nd add this to napoleon


HOPE IT WORKS if it does send me a message

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