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Rise of Nations Heaven » Forums » Game Modifications » Disable nukes for ai only, can't figure out.
Topic Subject:Disable nukes for ai only, can't figure out.
posted 02-26-17 04:52 PM EDT (US)         
My friends and I can't figure out how to disable nukes for ai only (I know how to disable nukes for everyone, but don't want that) I've already read the scripting documents but it doesn't go into enough detail.

For everyone it's:
//disable nukes for all players
scenario {
run_once {
disable_type("Nuclear ICBM");
disable_type("Nuclear Missile");

So I tried adding "_ai" but RoN rejects the script. I tried placing it after "type" and at the end as shown but both get rejected.

disable_type_ai("Nuclear ICBM");
disable_type("Nuclear ICBM")_ai;

How can I do it? Is there another resource I can learn more from somewhere?
posted 12-02-18 05:51 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
If there is a specific nations you guys always like to play with you can use the tribe flags of 1110010011100101 looking ones and only add 1s to the specific nation you like to play with which could be multiple nations in unitrules.xml, if you wanna find what sequence is for your nation, just figure out a unique unit for that nation and copy the sequence into notepad then if there is one more nation copy that nation too and make one sequence with 1s in right places and paste that to unitrules.zml for nukes block.

so nation one unique unit is lets say
and nation two is

you make
paste and replace nukes block, you can use the find under edit in notepad and search for nuke, you might have to save it to desktop before putting it back in data folder.

There are 2 nuke blocks in unitrules.xml it would look like
I would replace both, it should be 3/4 down the page closer to bottom
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