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Topic Subject:Question About Scripting
Eusebo Ptolomeu
posted 07-03-19 09:00 AM EDT (US)         
So, I'm pretty new to all this coding and scripting stuff, but I'm playing around with the codes of RoN, trying to implement a Conquer the World campaign with new mechanics, inspired by the work of DonTheDime. The idea would be to add some simple mechanics for the world map, like you being asked to spend tribute in your provinces to appease them (otherwise they should revolt), and other concepts. I'm right now looking for 2 things that I don't know if it is possible with the codes the game provide:

-1st, could it be possible to make the age transtion being particular for each player? Right now, the world evolves trough the ages as a whole: after a set number of turns, every nation in the world evolves from the ancient age to the classical age, for example. My idea would be to "individualize" this in the world map: for example, Player 1 could reach the Medieval Age while the rest of players are still in the classical age (perharps there could be even some in ancient), etc. I thought this could be possible given that this system seems to work in the New World campaign, with the Native Americans being an age behind, but I don't know if it was a very specific situation there.

-2nd, is there a command to create new players in the middle of the campaign? There would be two ways this could happen with my idea: either a new player randomly appears in an empty territory (imagine this as if the local barbarians just discovered civilization), or it could be a province that revolts againsts it's owner and secedes from this player, creating an entire new player in the game (instead of simply switching to another nation like in the Cold War campaign).
HG Angel
posted 07-23-19 05:52 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
@Eusebo Ptolomeu

Also saw your question:
"Is it possible to have more than 24 players in a given CtW campaign?"

I don't know the answers to your questions but I am also curious as I would also like to learn to mod the game.

Some of the concepts you ask about were brought up here and here.

1 divergent ages

Good idea for real history and sci-fi scenarios - some nations are in a medieval age while others in an industrial age, or a mix of tech and infrastructure from various ages.
I wanted to create a post-industrial age with ruined/overgrown cityscapes and different technology.
This would also be good for rpg scenarios - a character or group travelling among many nations in varying states of existence.

2 new players during scenario

It might be possible to include all players in the beginning, but create triggers/script for a nomad civilian to build a city that will become a new player, later at a specific point in the game.
Invaders/migrants and succeeding/revolting cities/regions would definitely add more realism and replay value to the game.

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