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Topic Subject:Finally Uploaded Scenario/ Mod, Few Years in Making
posted 09-26-15 09:36 AM EDT (US)         
Hey all.

It's been awhile. If any of you remember, I was working on a scenario for which I won the "Otter's Pic" prize in Otter's Scenario Design Contest, which now took place several years ago (scary!).

Anyway, if you go onto Mod DB (since we can no longer upload here), you will find a download called 'The Royal Hunt'.

It's easiest to just play it to see how it works, but if I have to be a bit of a salesman I'll give it a shot.

All players have 2-3 unique generals. If you are human, you lose if they all die. For computer players, there is a re-spawning script to take account of the fact that computers tend to not try to save themselves.

There is no diplomacy, but teams shift throughout the game via scripted revolutions.

There are several other events in there; certain units gain better stats depending on how well the nation has done. For example, the French Revolutionary Army starts out with pretty standard stats, but depending on their K/D ratio they may actually advance into members of the imperial guard.

Also, given that computers tend to be easy to beat because they never use the milita 'to arms' power, I have both included a script so that they use this, and given every nation a custom milita unit.

Also, when the leading generals die, for the computer they respawn with special units that cannot be built elsewhere. Napoleon reappears with a regiment of his Old Guards; Charles Stuart reappears with his Cavaliers, etc.

For the human player, you have stronger versions of these units, but can only call upon them once in the game, after the revolutions have come (there is a key-press option).

Anyway, I've spend years thinking about and working on this, mostly for myself, but also for a few friends I occasionally play multiplayer with. I hope at least a few of you out there choose to play it and enjoy it too.

posted 10-13-15 02:36 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
This is so exciting to hear from you again, I'll definitely have to give this one a go when I get a bit of free time! Was this the original version of this scenario?

Also any there more future projects that you are planning or working on?

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 10-17-15 07:37 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
Hey Super7700,

It's nice to be back. The scenario was always something I wanted to finish. Unfortunately we can no longer upload things here, and I forget how to make something a mod, so one has to overwrite one's rise of nations folder to play it. My friend actually discovered digital versions of the disks, so it is now really easy to uninstall/reinstall if I need to fix this, but I get the sense this limits the audience somewhat.

Anyway. I don't have any immediate plans to work on something new; I just want to continuously embellish this one scenario so it more and more resembles motter's Napoleon scenario, within the bounds of what is possible in a multiplayer game.

If you can't get moddb to work, let me know and I'll add you to a dropbox folder that contains everything.

I'd honestly love for someone here to let me know if they like it, and to let me know if they have any ideas for events and stuff that I could add.

HG Angel
posted 10-17-15 11:01 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
I don't get much time to check stuff out but if I do I'll leave a note about your mod...

Here is the link to jimmybda2's scenario on Moddb.

Motter's scenario mentioned above is here, he has also worked on 3 mods for Rise of Legends in recent times and may be coming back in the future to mod some more.
I can forward an email to him you if you need to get in touch, check my profile.

I've emailed staff to find out why the RON downloads page has been down for so long, hopefully there will be an answer and fix.

Also there are a lot of ideas for mods posted here and here (long read), some of which have yet to be done which may be a source for more events that you can use.

Some notes on limits in modding RON here.
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