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Topic Subject:Napoleon Mod is ready to play
posted 12-16-08 11:34 AM EDT (US)         
Hello all. Just wanted to let any who are interested know I have completed a massive Napoleon scenario and it is posted in the downloads section.

You will recognize the map from the Napoleon CTW campaign where you invade Britain but aside from that this is a completely different scenario, almost a mini-campaign. All 8 nations are utilized and all heroes are present with their respective armies, they also will respawn if they are killed after a rest just like the regular Patriots of the game(Senator, Despot, Monarch, etc) I have also grafted all Unique Units with their respective nations, ie Imperial Guard - French, Red Coats - British, Ship of the Line - British, many more, to many to list. So if you liked the Napoleon Campaign of the game and are looking to continue conquering with Napoleon here is your chance.


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