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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:Flanking
posted 06-15-03 11:09 AM EDT (US)         

What is Flanking ?

Flanking is taking troops to attack a side while your main units fight the front. It can be a cavalry charge , it can be a musket blow , or it can be a " siege hammersledge " type of hit on your enemy ( Diverting another division for a double blow attack )

Now one of the most dangerous mistakes of flanking is it can go HORRIBLY wrong.

For example , team a vs team b. Team b is suffering casaulties due to those muskeeters firing at his fusiliers whos busy taking off cavalry units at his artillery. Team b general sends in cav division b1 to take out the muskeeters. Cav division moves in , team a withdraws his muskeeters , uses artillery as a cover , and uses his fusiliers from another line infront or at the back to destroy the flankage. Now take note : both armies are equally created , so there will be no exception to any type of army any person created. Both army are equal.

Flanking should only be done when you have the surprise factor , when your enemy is distraught. You must somehow feel his sweating his whole head behind his com , IE he gets nervous . You must make sure your firepower is having a big impact. Why ? It is to draw fire , the more fire you draw , the more distracted he is. Flanking is to have the element of SURPRISE , to have the SHOCK . You want the SHOCK to attack your enemy. Shock troopers are best as cavalry. When you feel the time is right , when you think you got his army enveloped , when you are straining your lines too much , at that point of time , flank him. Send cav down his muskeeters at his back. Muskeeters have a longer range than fusiliers btw , so they stay furthur behind. Always remember - Envelope the enemy , so he cannot withdraw his troops. If he trys to , he will suffer alot of casaulties. A good player will try to minimise casaulties , and there withdraw his troops. But by that time , you want to make sure he has been flanked already. This battle might last only 2 - 3 minutes , but it can be the deciding factor of the game. Every battle counts.

Next , double sided flanking.

Now , every body thinks double sided flanking is good , as this immediately envelopes the enemy , and focuses fire on his whole battalion as a group , you got him in the middle .

This is good , if you are fighting a real dumbo.

Now Im not saying you all are dumb Dun take offence.

Situation A) Team A vs Team B. Team A does a double sided flank on team B , coming from both sides with superior cavalry charges. Team B simply withdraws , and Team A , thinking he has won by sheer shock , runs in. Team B , meanwhile has reinforced his line with alittle more troops , maybe 1 or 2 , and has his artillery with him. Dont forget team A has his artillery already there , BUT , flanking element is no longer there. Team A rushes in , and gets torn to bits. Why am I saying this ? Any army will know. You DO NOT RUSH into an ENTIRE battalion. That is suicide , even when you think you won , you do NOT rush in your infantry and cav thinking they will be meat shields and by the time u reach there u will have the upper hand. That is entirely not true. I learned the hard way , the smart player pulled back his troops , I went in , and a whole volley of musket blows greeted my cav , deciminating them quickly in a moment or 2 , leaving the enemy's Cav to flank my defenceless artillery ( troops busy at front ) .

How do you do a double flank ? Its relatively easy from the way I will say it , but you need precise timing. Flanking is all about timing. First of all , set up two divisions , separate from your main army , and make sure they are properly hidden away from the battle. This time , send ONE division to flank ONE side of the player's army. In this situation , the player will either do 2 things.

1) Focus fire on flank
2) Withdraw

If he focuses fire on your flank , you are in luck. When your flank is reduced to about 3/4 of its formal strength , send in your other flank. He will be caught on both sides. That way , you surprise him with two flanks.

If the smart dude withdraws , you will withdraw your cav as well , pull in all your troops , reinforce the line , and use artillery as a cover for troops to get in place again.

Remember - Flanking is to add to the shock you want the enemy to feel. It is to demoralize the enemy. Flanking can be used to go for his general first if he has one , that will add a + to your army.

I hope you find this article useful , Im still quite new on things , but I learnt everything the hard way ( Suffered too much losing battles untill I start learning , then I start winning :P )

Watch out for enemy spies , they totally kill the army


posted 06-15-03 12:03 PM EDT (US)     1 / 7       
good post, thanks

Of course there is the ever popular flatulance defence that makes the rear attack less viable --ARF_MonteCristo

Every time a n00b posts something stupid Wizardosiris Kills a kitten.
Heinz Guderian
posted 06-15-03 06:27 PM EDT (US)     2 / 7       
An interesting take on it...I'll have to try it out!
posted 06-16-03 07:16 AM EDT (US)     3 / 7       
By the way , I found out another interesting tatic. Or rather another type of strategy.

This is for those who are having trouble with enemies holding a very tight line around their bases and are entrenched or are not entrenched.

First of all , if they are entrenched its all the better.

Use artillery and bombard their troops untill they weaken. Do not move any troops in , unless you are confident you can take out whatever is in front without damaging your troops. When they start to move , start a cav charge to break their lines.

2nd of all ,I want to mention something about breaking enemy lines.

Many people think sending cav down on the enemy line will rain chickenpox on them . That is slightly true. There will be 2 situations .

1) Cav is deciminated by gunfire 2) Cav manages to break line and wins for u

How do you avoid situation 1 ?

Well if you guys watch the movie the patriot , you will follow me alittle better. Except in the movie it shows troops retreating followed by the cavalry charge , you do not do that in RON .

First of all , you must make sure as you do in flanking , draw fire. Breaking the line has several advantages.

No1) Enemy troops are more spaced out and cannot fire upon you in full effect

No2) Enemy troops have been slightly cut off from their other divisions and cannot focus on any divisions except on the already there cav or troops in their range

No3) Your units have the upper hand in taking out what is affecting your troops the most IE counter units

No4) Your cav have entered the ranks of the enemy units ( btw try placing some light cav and knights among muskeeters in the map editor and try it out , they will deciminate those little buggers VERY FAST , TOO FAST . 1 hit - gone )

Thats about breaking the line. If you guys got anyfink add in here ;D

posted 06-16-03 08:40 AM EDT (US)     4 / 7       
Great tactics benzoid. Good write up too

~*S c a r f a c E*~
Heinz Guderian
posted 06-16-03 08:55 AM EDT (US)     5 / 7       
The only problem with bombarding is that entrenched units take 66% less damage from artillery.
posted 06-17-03 12:34 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7       
Great Post!! Now you know a RTS game is good when people are actually discussing military tactics involving flanking and other strategies.

I found this little pargh on the web about Napoleon and what he did.

In battle Napoleon would mass artillery against specific points in an enemy line, would make the enemy maneuvre to counter flanking, and would strike with a decisive blow at the most opportune time in a battle. In strategy he would forego position and go after secondary objectives that would leave an enemy at a disadvantage, in this way the emporer could decide when and where the battles would take place.

The Fool
posted 06-18-03 10:11 AM EDT (US)     7 / 7       

"In battle Napoleon would mass artillery against specific points in an enemy line, would make the enemy maneuvre to counter flanking, and would strike with a decisive blow at the most opportune time in a battle. In strategy he would forego position and go after secondary objectives that would leave an enemy at a disadvantage, in this way the emporer could decide when and where the battles would take place."

Also remember that napoleon got his *** flanked by the russians and that's how he lost his empire. Ironic eh?

A couple more things to keep in mind.
1. You can only flank in certain situations ie: big open field, naval battles, big open spaces. You can't, for instance, be very successful with a flank on the himalaya map. you have to have room to break off your shockers and circle them around the opponent easily.

2. Sometimes you can set up an ambush flank. Start your flankers outside of the main battle and ambush them (with the general). Bring in your main force and engage. Then bring in the flankers. This only works once you have a larger army.

3. Watch out for the other guys flanking your own ***. It's quite funny when you go to flank and your flankers run into the other guy's flankers. While the flankers may negate each other, I usually get beaten back becaue i never flank with too many guys.

4. The key to a good flank is to keep your main army in a tight formation and to make sure that your opponent isn't in a tight formation. If the opponent is in the refuse (i think that's what it's called... the anti-flanking one) formation, you can't really flank becasue it usually takes too ong to get the whole way around him.

5. Don't flank in cities. This relates to #1.

6. I don't flank too often becasue there really aren't very many good situations where flanking is advisable. It's not an everytime deal, especially if someone is playing defensively. Flanking works well against the guy who likes to drop off his troops in your city and then get back to his economy. If you're paying attention and can keep your guys in formation, flanking is usually ineffective.

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