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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:Spain- one of my favorite civs!!!
Sea Biscuit
posted 11-10-03 05:57 PM EDT (US)         
OK guys, I thought Id throw this out there for some of the newer players.

Spain is one of the (I think) least played but most powerful civs..

Their exploration and 2 scouts makes a HUGE diffference in gameplay..

They are most effective in games with more than 4 players... or better in games with large maps.

Whenever I play spain, my primary goal is to hit science 2 ASAP. by doing this, you get a 100 bonus everytime you pick up a relic. (as compared to 75 with every other civ).

do this asap so as to maximize your take from ruins. this is essential...

If I play spain, I am able to research the first 2 science right from the start... before i even touch civics or commerce.. this is easy... run yourscoutslooking for ruins... you will get 2-4 inthe first minute or so and youll probably get abonus of 150-200 in food and wood...
after you research the first science,the only real holdback is thatyou need 120 wealth to get science 2. ruins probably will not provide it.. so make a temple. this will put you over 120 on wealth.. so thenjust gather 120 food. youll probably getit fromruins and then you easily can goscience 2.

the advantages are obvious.. you get reduced research and the scouts pick up 100 each take...
civics 1 will cost you only 96 as oppposed to 108 food. and it is 48/48 for the commerce 1....

2 scouts my last game gathered over 1000-1300 in resources in ancient and classical.. thisamountofbonus makes it veryt easey to hit classical fast.. then you can set up a university and if you doit fastenough you canmake it to scieence 3 fast....... this will give you about 135 in resources...if anything is left.

i will often set a 3rdscoutouton largermaps.. thebounty is well worth the price of a 3rdscout.. (50/50). if hegets just one ruin,he pays himself off.

the last reason to go spain is obvious....
you have all the rare resources shown.. I shouldnt haveto tell you, but you are responsible for pointing out the best onesto your teammates..they wont see them.
as well, think of how nice it is to find theexact rare resources you need without waiting forthem to be found.
getting diamonds early is a big play. also, if you use rare resources to supplement your gathering for resources, then bison cotton sugar etc are wellworth setting up a merchant on early... you can easily get by with spain without needing to make a 2nd wood gathering spot (70 food). this way you are 70 food closer to getting to classical.. (180-200 food).... (use cotton which gives you 20 wood ,then add either sugar, salt,citrus, etc for 10 more.) need to make that 2nd woodcutter untilyou are in a better place.

The last advantages are are icing on the cake....
a free heavy ship from each dock is aplus. itwontmake you an uber water civ,but it adds an edge to your play... in water maps it is an awesome way to scout for fishing sites and saves you both resources on making a heavy ship as well, you dont have to waste a fishing boat 40 wood on scouting for fishing locations.

and the tercio/scutari line is nice with its slight attack (ithink) advantage.

spain gives you an EDGE you just dont get with other civs... only YOU HAVE TO WORK TO EXPLOIT IT... it is well worth playing and is now one of my favorite civs...

I thought Id add this to the strategy forum.. I dont think ive ever seen a posting about spain on here so maybe this is an originalwrite up.


posted 11-10-03 09:53 PM EDT (US)     1 / 8       
Yeah, I used to think that Spain stunk, like the Greeks, then I played them. The HI line rocks, and the bonuses early game make for a very strong boom.

I plan to live forever or die trying
posted 11-11-03 01:04 AM EDT (US)     2 / 8       
Agree with you a hundred percent. Spain is my favorite civ. The scout bonus is nice if you want to set up a strong classical rush or if you want to just boom to gunpowder where the tercio kills all horses without having to move close to the Light infantry. The heavy ship is great for attacking an enemy's ships early. He probably hasn't even researched mil 1 so you can kill his boats without danger. Just a very strong civ but you do have to micro some more than usual.
posted 11-11-03 08:32 AM EDT (US)     3 / 8       
The best thing I like about Spanish is their immediate knowledge of the geographical layout of the map. This allows for a much quicker placement of cities, especially in the early parts of the games, when you're scouting out the enemies and the scouts can be left to concentrate on getting info and ruins.
A quicker and more accurate placement allows for better strategic positioning of cities for those resources and superior ground and merchants can be sent out to get the rares most beneficial to the player.

Not a big bonus for most players, but its the best bonus, right after the extra ruins collection ability.

posted 11-11-03 03:25 PM EDT (US)     4 / 8       
So you have an early edge? so what? Its usefull but so is the nubian one. But it cant compare with bantu pop limit, korean civilians, mayan buildings, german granaries and french supply can it? They are nice bonuces but r the uu any good?
Fogel Xanadu
posted 11-11-03 05:31 PM EDT (US)     5 / 8       
Are their UU any good? They get the only ranged Heavy Inf in gunpowder. The key with spanish, imo, is getting to gunpowder with a large army, way ahead of your opponents. This is easy to do with early access to rares and the scout/ruin bonus. Its also easy to raid with spanish, you already have a resource advantage, and chances are you have your opponent(s) well scouted.

One thing I've tried doing with some moderate success with spanish is doing a very delayed classical. The theory behind this is, you can get any resource from ruins except knowledge. This is probably only applicable on big and big huge maps though.

Sea Biscuit
posted 11-11-03 07:50 PM EDT (US)     6 / 8       
theres no point playing spain in a 1v1 unless its a big battlefield
posted 11-12-03 10:25 AM EDT (US)     7 / 8       
Ummm, Spain can pull off a pretty devastating early attack with their ruin bonuses.
posted 11-12-03 11:10 AM EDT (US)     8 / 8       
Sea Biscuit: Have you even used Spain? They're insanely strong, especially in 1vs1.
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