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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:Tips for playing koreans
Sea Biscuit
posted 11-10-03 08:10 PM EDT (US)         

you get a free cit bonus.. we know this.

what most people dont know.. (i think) is that the free cits drive up your price for citizens.. (progressive pricing).

this tip is worth a little extra food.

when you start building a new city, cue up your other cities to build citizens...

by doing this, you claim the lower price for building cits.
thus then ones you get bonus will be higher priced cits...

just my 0.02$ for playing korea.

while talking about korea, here are a few more tips.

Sieging cities, while nice, takes away 5 free citizens that you would have gained if you had built that next city yourself.
some ideas here are let the other guy take his city back , then build another city, then take the city back from him..
this is really a subjective case. for obvious reasons you may not wish to lose that city you just gained. as well you lose the timer for assymilation. but you can also boom more with more cits and another city ( which you may not have been able to build if you had that sieged city)

another possible (but risky)rategy for playing korea is to let them siege one or 2 of your cities without much resistance... then you are set back 1-2 cities and will be able to build another city... if you do this, then you can build 1-2 more cities, gain land elsewhere and you will get another free 5-10 citizens from building the city...then just take back what was yours and you are ahead both cits and land....
sound simple???

let me know what you all think of this strategy...

posted 11-10-03 08:43 PM EDT (US)     1 / 14       
Sounds like a good plan to get free citizens.

I think the value you are placing on those free citizens is a little high. If I was to take a town from you and then saw a counter attack that looked like it would succeed I would start razing your buildings along with looking to kill any stalled citizens and or scholars.

So, I'm thinking that overall if you are able to give up a city with zero citizens and scholars being lost, then it might be helpfull. I don't think that situation will occur that often. Hardly ever do I take a city without chewing up some citizens and scholars.

I think the best benefit to Korea is to get that second city early early for a jump start from the citizens. After that time free citizens aren't as valuable as you should have half-way decent food production.

Also gain as much territory as you can, the free taxation upgrades will get you some major cash. So add a temple to every city and get those gems if you see them.

Have fun out there

Sea Biscuit
posted 11-10-03 09:38 PM EDT (US)     2 / 14       
yes korea is a civ that you MUST build new cities ASAP .. that is one of the only real big bonuses they get. i do not think that their UU's really do much for korea.

other civs like egypt (and anytime you can fish for food) can wait to build that 2nd city. take your time and save the cost of the civics 1 upgrade.

honestly, i almost never play koreans... i never choose this civ... i remember when this game came out, lots of people did. it was one of the top 3 civs..
but aside from the civie bonus it is not that great... and what does this amount to ??? like 5* 42 food???? thats about a 210 food bonus with each new city....

bantu is almost as strong if not stronger. you save almost this much in making cities... later bant cities dont come near the price of a korean or other civ city...

so i hear korea is toned down in the patch. less free research at the temple...

I have a question about this civ. maybe someone can answer.

one of the details of the korean bonus is that the civs dont suffer when repairing cities that are under siege.

does this mean that they dont get killed by cannon blasts when the city is hit??? i dont play them much so i dont know. let me know

posted 11-11-03 09:03 AM EDT (US)     3 / 14       


i dont play them much so i dont know. let me know

ROFL! You should probably play them some before posting anymore "tips."
posted 11-11-03 11:10 AM EDT (US)     4 / 14       
Out_4_Blood, don't post crap like that, he is just trying to help the community by posting some strategy tips. He points out himself that he doesn't play Koreans much, so therefore his tips might not be very good, but if you disagree with him, feel free to discuss.

To Sea Biscuit: Although i don't agree with all of your ideas, i think it's a good initiative, and it could start an interesting discussion about Koreans if people would stop posting useless replies like that.

Sea Biscuit
posted 11-11-03 11:29 AM EDT (US)     5 / 14       
um.. yeah... what i meant is that i am not 100 % sure if cueing up your civs at a tc is effective for korea. but in theory it should work...

i am still a little confused about how korea's civ prices are calculated... i watched a game yesterday and wsnt sure if the free cits increased the price of new citizens.. ill have to watch closely next time. but if they increase the cost of cits, then it would make sense that reserving the price on cits (cueing up a tc) would ultimately save on food. make sense?

posted 11-11-03 01:18 PM EDT (US)     6 / 14       
Hey Out4Blood: What does ROFL stand for? And, I don't play them that much either. I just play random, and IF I land on them, well, good for me, and if I don't, who cares?

I plan to live forever or die trying
posted 11-11-03 01:26 PM EDT (US)     7 / 14       
ROFL=Rolls on Floor Laughing

The problem I always have with Koreans is that I end up with 5 free citizens and no resources to do anything with them, so they sit around idle for a while. Guess if I planned ahead better that wouldn't happen, though.

I'm just a n00b who thinks big...
Fogel Xanadu
posted 11-11-03 05:03 PM EDT (US)     8 / 14       
Problem with one of your plans. If you let someone capture one of your cities, and you build another, you DO NOT get 5 more villies. It only applies for building NEW cities, not replacing lost ones. Same thing applies to any nation that gets free units from military buildings. You can't build a rax, get free units, then raze it and build it again for free units.

Also, there's more to korea then just the free villies, lets not forget that. Firstly, you get free religion research (they lose free taxation come patch 3, so I'm not mentioning that) This makes them a great border pusher, as they start with an existing temple, and thier borders expand big time whenever you research a civic that opens up a religion research. This also saves you more resources ontop of the free villies of course. 140 res for rel 1, 270 for rel 2, etc. I'll stop here without getting into detail on cheaper towers and their repair bonus, which totally owns.

posted 11-12-03 10:32 AM EDT (US)     9 / 14       


Out_4_Blood, don't post crap like that, he is just trying to help the community by posting some strategy tips. He points out himself that he doesn't play Koreans much, so therefore his tips might not be very good...

I think my post was probably more helpful to the "community" than his post.

"Tips" are generally considered as "here's something that has worked for me, give it a try" or "here's my well-thought out analysis, see how this works for you."

If you're just guessing what works for a civ that you don't play much at all then you should be posing questions, such as "What do you guys think of this?" Don't go posting tips. You don't see ME posting the authoritative how-to-play-Aztec guide, cuz I don't play Aztec. If I do, I'll be sure to let me peopel know what I learned.

There are a lot of people who might read that and think because it's a "tip" that it might be a good idea, and they might try it in a game and discouraged when they get their head handed to them.

Sea Biscuit
posted 11-12-03 12:36 PM EDT (US)     10 / 14       
O4B- Do you have a psychiatrist??? you need one!

I play random and play korea as often as I get them. I dont like them as much as other players but Ive played maybe 500 games of ron, so chances are that Ive played korea several dozen times..

you seem to have deep personality issues.. I think my post here is helpful and althought there are some items I am not 100 % sure about, that is what I am leaving for people like you to fill in.

I am not sure what you are trying to contribute to this discussion.

posted 11-12-03 01:20 PM EDT (US)     11 / 14       


I am not sure what you are trying to contribute to this discussion.

I think I've summed up my position pretty well. But if you need additional clarification, here it is:

I take strategy pretty seriously. Whether it be for games, economics, negotiations, or plain old office politics. I enjoy game theory and the search for the Nash equilibrium. I believe that it is important for strategy development for strategies to be published so that others can improve them or refute them. Publishing strategies, tips, and techniques helps the community as a whole improve and increases the talent available for pushing the strategic envelope. Another role for helping the community is commentary on strategies so that newer players can get a sense for whether a strategy is worth pursuing or not. To cultivate a garden, you have to pull some weeds. That's all I'm doing. Pulling weeds.

If you have serious strategy to contribute, fine. Post it up and let it stand on its own merits. But if it is not serious, you can expect some negative responses, particularly when it pretends to be serious. I read almost all strategy-related posts on all related websites. I link to the good ones, ignore the obvious trash (My expansion pack wish list!), and refute the not-so obvious trash. Yours is the latter case. You purport to having insight on Koreans, yet claim you don't play them much. Based on your comments alone, I'm gonna call bullsh1t. If only to help newer readers who might not know that the "latest tip" is rather controversial and apparently untested.

If you want more positive replies, then take an example from HalfLotus on how to post your strategies and tips. It's one thing to post garbage strategy as a joke, and quite another to post it in the guise of serious "tips."

Now you can come back with more name calling and insults (no, I don't need a psychiatrist), or you can come back with some serious analysis or some recorded games of you performing these "tips" against good players.

Other than that, I stand by what I said. Don't assume that I think everything you post is bad. I've linked to you in the past. I just think this was a Bad Post, and I said so. Just so you know, I don't presume to know everything. Which is why I often ask questions of my own.

[This message has been edited by Out_4_Blood (edited 11-12-2003 @ 01:31 PM).]

posted 11-14-03 07:09 PM EDT (US)     12 / 14       
omfg the koreans are soo overpowered the hwarangs can jump up into the air and kill units tehre sooo cheep and + they got the firecart...noone has any chance vs them lol...
also the enslavement thing is cool...
posted 11-16-03 03:57 AM EDT (US)     13 / 14       
You are talking about Empires!?!?!

Ko nema para nemože ni da kara -Peko
Šumar is back!

[This message has been edited by blue_thunder (edited 11-16-2003 @ 03:58 AM).]

posted 11-16-03 11:46 PM EDT (US)     14 / 14       
@Sea Biscuit

I play koreans quite often, and yes the citizens still do get killed my cannon blasts hitting the city.

But anyway.. I find the koreans free citizens ability much more worthwhile at the very beginning of the game. The first thing I do is send my scout out, make three citizens, and research Civ1. The first two make farms, the third makes a new city. You can then fill your lumbercamp with citizens (hopefully its a good 6 or 7 men), research Econ1, just in time for your second city to finish building. With your new citizens, you can build a couple farms, and make a market. If necessary (and not always) you may have to build another lumbercamp to increase your production to 100. If you've done it right, you should end up being able to research both mil1 and sci1 right now, and have 100/100 production for food and wood.
I havn't ever actually timed this, but i've got this down to a very bare minimum of time.

I'm not exactly a hardcore player like many of you may be, but no-one I've played yet has had a better score then me at this point.

I've tryed it and it also makes for a good midevil rush if you play it right. I've gotten more then a few people offguard by a good sized force in midevil.

The ability is also good for getting your econ up to the next level. I usually get my Civ level first, then my econ level right after. This way my 5 new villagers can begin by making farms, markets, woodcutters, etc. Right in time for the next econ level.

I usually don't even notice the price of the villys. Isn't it only a matter of like 8 or 10 food per citizen anyway? I don't see why you would bother to queue up citizens to save only about 40 food at the most.

And for the sieging of cities thing, it's usually just much easier to build the city -before- you take over another one. So you really end up with the same effect, having one more city then your suposed to, am I not correct? Since of course you only get the 5 citizens for building new cities.

Well.. theres my 0.05$

Feel free to pick away at whatever you may want, these are just things that I've observed.

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