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Topic Subject:Proper use of General with Forced march
posted 11-12-03 12:53 PM EDT (US)         
I seem to have a problem that when using forced march, unless the general is with an army of all cavalry he outpaces the other units and thus doesn't help them out with the forced march ability after a short amount of time has passed.

So, I'm trying to determine the most efficient way to allow this ability to work. Normally I have a control group for my main army, one for siege with supply on guard of the siege and possibly another control group of cavalry for flanking.

To make this ability work I was thinking:

A. Setup another control group with just the general(s) and have my main army control group not contain the general. I set the general(s) on guard for a unit within the main army and just move the main army. Hopefully this will force the general(s) to not speed ahead.

B. Use the forced march ability, goto main control group, click ctrl + mouse on general(s) and give move command (moving the main army minus the generals ). Goto main control group again click shift + mouse on general(s) and give guard command to a unit.

What does everyone else do?

posted 11-12-03 10:21 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I don't play -- I just blog. ;-p
posted 11-12-03 11:19 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Setting march then getting the generals to follow is how I do it.

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