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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Rise of Nations Heaven » Forums » RoN Strategy for Beginners » Tip of the Week 12/1/2003 - 12/5/2003
Topic Subject:Tip of the Week 12/1/2003 - 12/5/2003
posted 12-03-03 02:22 PM EDT (US)         
Dedicated to WhiskeyPete, for he was the one to come up with this idea.

The biggest flaw I see from all players, from beginner to expert, is that they never seem to trade at the market. I'll see players have over 1,000 Food accumulating, and they're not spending it, when they can sell it to buy another resource, or make scholars with that wealth! So, the tip for this week is...


In order to trade, you need Commerce 2 researched at the Library, and a market. You'll realize at the beginning of the game in Ancient Age, you need Food the most, and rarely any Wealth. If the price for food ever goes down as low as 50, think about buying to help speed up your start.

When you're in Classical Age, a good thing to do is start going heavy on metal (hehe, heavy metal). Metal itself doesn't do anything for you unless you plan on attacking or going defensive. What people don't know is that if you aren't going to do neither, the best time to sell metal is at the beginning of the game when you can sell it for as high as 90. You won't see the prices that high later in the game, and there's nothing more important in a boom than getting scholars early in Classical Age.

That's the tip for this week, and experts can further add-on to this tip.

P.S. The Nubians are a great nation to practice with this tip. They may not be the fastest or the strongest nation, but their ability to trade at the market makes them the most adaptable. If anyone wants to get better at this game, be sure to TRADE AT THE MARKET!

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I've seen some nice strategies involving very early food buying to speed early development. Nubians and Romans can buy food to get a very fast classical. It may hurt you in the long run; you'll have less wealth for scholars or whatever, but if can get raiders into his territory very fast it may not matter.
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