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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:Classical Times??
posted 12-04-03 11:07 AM EDT (US)         
in the old AoK days it was interesting on the topic of ageing and how fast it could be done with a secure econamy so i want to ask the question again, whats the quickest time to reach classical with good econamy building and hopefully we can set a benchmark , and get thinking on new strats cause early aging lead to aot of strats in aok. i am thinking of certain civs reaching certain times that would be interesting.
posted 12-04-03 12:49 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
This is precisely where RoN is vastly superior to AoK. Providing you follow a clear strategy efficiently it makes very little difference what time you age. Depending on what I am doing I can age anywhere between 1:40 and 8 minutes, choosing completely different strategy paths. Sometimes a rush, sometimes a raid, sometimes a boat boom, sometimes a city boom to 150.

Of course this also depends on what the other guy is doing too but you can deduce this from the map type and your scouting.

posted 12-04-03 05:04 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
As War said, A good thing about Ron is that this actually doesn't matter a whole lot.

You could argue that Classical with 1 market and 1 sci,com,civ is quickest and solid. But a whole lot of other viable and strong options exist that can be preferable if you are not attacked (or if you want to attack).

The basics for a fast classical are pretty obvious. Spend all your resources ASAP until you have 100 wood/food collection. I guess the one variable is whether/when/how many villies to use scouting for ruins.

While there is quite a bit to do economy-wise, there is essentially an optimal process that doesn't involve micro, and dropping off resources, so you just have to click fast enough to implement it. Not as insanely fast as possible.

posted 12-04-03 05:05 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
I agree with war here.

However I believe there are still significant events that can have times attached to them. Before or in AOK, etc aging was the most important event.

In RoN I think we need to get a little more specific.

So, instead of when you hit classical, we time how long it takes you to get the standard 2 HA's produced (and possibly if a common map was agreed upon to your opponents first lumber pit).

Time how long it takes you to get the standard 4HI to your opponents capital.

After these events however, everything is in such a state of flux the significance of any event is in debate.

If you determine before the start of the game what you want to accomplish, be it boom/rush/heavy raiding you can find significant events.

My .02

Have fun out there,


Fogel Xanadu
posted 12-05-03 00:33 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
My personal best time for two ha's is 5:11 I think, but I only tried like twice.
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