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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Rise of Nations Heaven » Forums » RoN Strategy for Beginners » BUILDING SEQUENCE FOR RON - Chinese
Wazza McG
posted 12-06-03 02:34 PM EDT (US)         

I've been working on a building sequence for the Chinese to battle off most situations - no plan is perfect as each tactic can be overcome. I would be interested to see if the good players can pick major holes in it or to see if a new player may find it helpful. Pick it to pieces if need be! My goal was to get to Versailles, but still have a decent economy going and a competitive army. You should be in a fairly decent position by then. This is my 1st post so any tips you can give would be great.

1 Create Civilians, Fill up Wood camp, Build 2 more Farms and send Scout roaming around perimeter using "shift" to flag way-points.(Closest corners first)

2 Research Science 1 - Yellow

3 Build a 2nd Woodcutter's Camp if needed to make a total of (6), Maximum commerce limit +70
4 Research Civic - Blue

5 Build 2nd City (Near Mountains or Forests) + Create 3 more Citizen from the 1st City to go build the 2nd City (make into Farmers or Wood Cutters)
6 Research Commerce - 8 Lumberjacks, 8 Farmers, commerce limit of +100.
7 Build 3 more Farms 2nd City (8), and create 2 more Lumberjacks (8) - you may have to build a 2nd/3rd Woodcutters camp. Try to do this in the same City.
8 Research 2nd Science once a "Wealth Ruin" has been found, otherwise you will have to wait until a market is made.

9 Build one Market, create one caravan create merchant/s to available worthy resource (preferably with one or two with a food resource).
10 Build one Temples and Upgrade Taxation at the temple, send the Temple builder to build 2 more unmanned farms in the 2nd City.
11 Research 2nd Commerce - 10/11 Lumberjacks, 10 Farmers, commerce limit of +150. Trim civllians to other duties if Food and Timber exceed commerce limit.

12 Research 1st Military - you may have to research this now to obtain maximum commerce limits or just near it.
13 Man the 2 Farms Create 2/3 Lumberjacks or a couple of fisherman / Merchants if possible (not both). Watch your body count of 25 and your commerce limits.
14 Research 3rd Science.

15 Build one more Market and Temple in the other City.

17 Build one or two Mines with 10 people in it if possible and Build One Universities in the 1st City with 7 Scholars.

18 Research 1st Military - Do this now if you have not done it earlier.
19 Build a Barrack and a Tower. Also, build a Stable and create 5 Light Horsemen.
20 Create 5 Slingers and 5 Archers.
21 Build two Granaries (2), one Timber Mill (1), one Smelter - Build the Timber Mill in the City with the most Lumber-Jacks, Build the Smelter in the City where the mine is.

22 Research 2nd Military - sell / buy to get Build one fort and create one general. Research Militia and Allegiance at the Tower

25 Research 3rd Commerce - (limit of +200). Research Agriculture at the Granary, Carpentry at the Timber Mill, Forage at Smelter (Increase outputs by 50%)

24 The Granary will already have Medicine researched (leave Agriculture for now), Research Literacy at the University, Research Construction at the Timber Mill.
23 RESEARCH MEDIEVAL AGE - Create 2 spies - Save Game!
26 Build 2nd University with 3 Scholars (10) and 2nd Lumber Mill or Smelter if nescessary. If you miss Colossus, fill both Universities.
27 Research Civic and Upgrade Religion at the Temple.
28 Build 3rd City near a Mountain and Create 2 more caravans at the Market.
29 Build World Wonder - COLOSSUS, fill up scholars at each University!!!
30 Build Universities in 3rd City and 4 Scholar (12 in total), a 3rd Market and a 3rd Temple.
31 Build a Siege Factory - Create 2 Scouts, 1 General, 2 Supply Wagons and 5 Trebuchets (Upgrade All)
32 Research 4th Commerce - (limit of +200). Research at the Granary, at the Timber Mill, at Smelter (Increase outputs by 50%)

33 Research 4th Science

34 Research 3rd Military - Create 2 more Spies.

35 Rsearch 3rd Civic.


38 Build World Wonder - VERSAILLES


Wazza McG

posted 12-06-03 09:21 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
When I play Chinese I like to go Sci 1 then 5 vills (2on food, 2 on wood and one forward to build the second city) then civ 1 and build it.
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