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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:Tip of the Day 12 - 9 - - - How to use Spies
posted 12-09-03 05:02 PM EDT (US)         
From my own multi player experience I think that very few people know how to use their spies, or they just don't use them. Spies can be one of the most useful units in the game, especially for gathering information.
Aside from being invisible and unattackable (for the most part, more on this later) when scouting spies can plant informers in enemy buildings giving you the line of sight of that building as well as information about the enemy. Here's a list of useful buildings to plant informers in and what information they give you:
Cities - long line of sight, total number of civilians they have, also you know what units are garrisoned in it.
Military Buildings - how many of each type of unit that is made in that building they have and what upgrades they have, this applies to barracks, stables, docks, siege factories, airbases, missile silos and forts. This is the most useful since you can see the strengthes and weaknesses of their military and building your own army/navy/airforce accordingly.
Library - the latest library research them have done
Market - the market currently doesn't let you see how much of each resource the enemy has, but hopefully they will change that for the expansion pack.

Allies can also see from through informers you plant.

Whenever you plant an informer the enemy is notified of it by hearing a sound, a marker on the minimap, and a text message. Also the building with the informer will be flashing your color. They can remove the informer using a scout/commando or another spy. Most good players will quickly remove your informers so here's a few some what sneaky tactics to use:
- have several spies plant 4 or more informers in a short time. Most players can't remember all of the buildings that were hit and have to spend some time moving their scout or spy from one building to the next to remove them.
- plant informers in watch towers/air defenses. no one expects this and they have long line fo sight. Also since the building is so small its hard to notice it flashing.
- plant informers in small buildings that are partially or totally concealed behind other buildings. This will make it more likely that they cannot see the building is flashing and know there is an informer there.
- wonders, i don't remember for sure, but i think that wonders do not flash when informers are there

Your spies will be invisble as long they are not near enemy watch towers, air defenses (buildings not units), scouts, or helicopters. Also your spy becomes visible for a short time after completing bribery or counter intelligence (killing a spy), except for the Russians.

Bribery. Bribing units is an excellent thing to do...when it works. Most players know that having a scout in their army will reveal spies and kill them before their bribery works. Here's a few ideas that can aid in getting bribery to work:
- kill the enemy scout. Often people only have one in their army, sometimes you can snipe it during battle and then its open season for your spies.
- attempt multiple briberies during an intense battle. The enemy units will be busy attacking your units and won't automatically target your spies even if they can see them. The scouts can still kill them but sometimes people are so busy they can't use the scout's skill in time.
- bribe raiders, this can be a good defense against raiding later in the game since raiding parties don't often have scouts with them.

Good use of spies is probably the biggest sign that you are up against a strong player. Also, if they don't bother or know how to counter your spies you know they aren't going to be much of a threat.

Hopefully this helps some people.

posted 12-09-03 08:35 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
How do you put an informer in a watch tower/air defence if you need to keep away from them?

Another thing most people don't know about spies is that they can bribe (convert) a resigned/dropped allies buildings, get the capital.

Spies can also bribe enemy buildings!!! But only if they are in your territory, very handy for border pushers and also for quick assimilating turks to lift those stranded barracks

Spies can counter spies too.

Spies are also great in defence to lift a siege on you capital if you are sneal attacked, turning a couple of units there buys you a lot of time, especially if you knick his cannons!

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