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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:Kamikaze Style
posted 12-10-03 02:45 PM EDT (US)         
I've recently been playing a very aggressive style, and it seems to be working well, if not great. Of course, it doesn't work on Maya, doesn't need to work on Russia, and on most other nations, you just have to play a different way if you want to win, but...

The Kamikaze style is all about attack. Ancient Age rush with 5 HI and 3 LI. Basically Research Sci1 and Mil1, then build the 5 HI and 3 LI. Try to take the Capital if you can, but if you see a BX up, just raid with them, using slingers as defense against Foot Archers. Sometimes in defending their Capital, their 2nd City is vulnerable. After taking their 2nd City, if you think you can hold it, hold their 2nd City... but most of the time, I just end up deleting everything and the City before they come and take it back (you'll want to scout out their army). Most of the time the opponent scouts out my oncoming rush, but that's okay. I know he'll need to waste resources on defense, and that's my goal. Up to this point, it's just like the BLUT tourney-final I played vs. TuF_Richter.

Go up to Classical after building your 2nd city and Com1 (sometimes you can just go up to Classical and get your 2nd City and Com1 later). The reason for this is because your HI and LI are vulnerable to Cavalry and Foot Archer combos, so you'll need some Cavalry of your own to support them. Upgrade your HI and LI if you still have them. Then, go heavy on mines, and research Mil2. Build 2 LC to help your HI and LI, then start using HA's and HC's to raid.

Depending on how you econ, you can progress this all-consuming kamikaze attack by building siege, or by this time, you can boom while still raiding with your units. Up to this point, it's a mix between the usual raiding and a variation of the 150 French attack (it's a 100 any civ attack).

This takes many players (even good players) by surprise, and you can spot out good player's micro-abilities by how they handle to this kamikaze. I found out that a few good players actually had bad micro-abilities, but they made good decisions which kept them alive when most players were utterly devastated by this constant attack.

I might never use this in a tourney (unless I'm confident of my abilities, and not of my opponent's), but it's fun as hell.

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posted 12-10-03 05:16 PM EDT (US)     1 / 9       
I think this strategy works best with Germans? (They have a better line up in the heavy infantry part...)
posted 12-11-03 02:09 AM EDT (US)     2 / 9       
Kamikaze, hence Japanese. But it'd work fine for germans I guess

AU clan website:!
posted 12-12-03 05:26 PM EDT (US)     3 / 9       
Thanks for posting a good strat!
posted 12-12-03 10:36 PM EDT (US)     4 / 9       
Yeah, I may have to use it...........

It might even work with the Romans. And maybe even the Spanish.

Now the big question is............... How do you counter it?

I plan to live forever or die trying

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posted 12-12-03 10:45 PM EDT (US)     5 / 9       
To counter it, you need to scout and see it coming, build two Foot Archers and maybe 1 Slinger, and micro the rush to death. Some Nations you won't have to be fully prepared, but other nations, this is how you'll counter.
posted 12-13-03 01:58 AM EDT (US)     6 / 9       
Tried this rush with Spanish recently on an opponent using turks on Amazon. It failed but I did manage a victory (due to his surprising lack of ability to outboom me) b4 industrial.

I think the reason the rush failed was because I failed to spot his capital (but his capital had a temple up already when I got there), and I spotted his citizen building the barracks a little too late. Even though I sacked the 2nd city, I couldn't hold on to it (didn't manage assimilation but he didn't have anything built yet so it was pointless) as he was constantly pumping out archers and some LI and made things really difficult for my HI. I had 5 HI with 3 LI and I constantly sent reinforcements to the battle but once I saw that it was hopeless, I pulled back to lick my wounds.

At that time, I was way behind economically but thanx to 2 scouts with bonus ruins gathering ability, I did manage to get that vital 2nd city up and outboom him to GP and launch constant attacks till Industrial (Enlgihtenment for him) when he resigned.

Moral is: the rush can still pretty viable even when it may appear failed. One reason I think is due to the SCI1 research done right at the start, as this gives the option of continuing to build econ when rushing/raiding.

Good Strat by El Cap

posted 12-13-03 01:14 PM EDT (US)     7 / 9       
Japanese are good for the rush because of their infantry bonuses and the incresed building damage.

Besides, a divine wind protects them, KAMIKAZE!!!

posted 12-16-03 05:35 PM EDT (US)     8 / 9       
Great strat El_Capitan. Though I think you could counter it with a lot of towers,forts, and a cavalry diviosion (cav would blow up seige while forts blew the others away. Well,that's my insight. Have fun with the KAMIKAZE!!!!
posted 12-17-03 02:36 AM EDT (US)     9 / 9       
yes a lot of towers and forts.....that would work BUT. u lack the resouces to buy such things and u never know what dir. they will come from... u going to surround your base?? i suggest towers just around your cities themselves, not the limits. that way they will have a harder time capturing it. hard to counter.
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