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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject:Rohag's Strategy Article Links
posted 12-19-04 03:42 PM EDT (US)         
ATTN: This is a copy of a document that I have created for my personal website. This sticky will be updated when ever I personally update the document itself.

To gain information joining or recieving Rohag's Newsletter, please go here:

RoN Strategy Articles from Rohag’s News
Compiled by History Guy

May 22, 04
***Updating Expert Tips for T&P***

El_Capitan is soliciting T&P strategy tips in ten

Gigi has opened a parallel thread at RoN Universe for

May 21, 04
***RoN: Tactical to Survival***

History Guy has finally launched his RoN/RoN:T&P site!
Various tutorials and projects are planned.
Home Page -
Forums/Imperium Historia -
mIRC Tutorial -

May 19 – 20, 04
***The Math of Knowledge***

Overlooked: KBS_Gladiator authored a thorough
mathematical analysis of efficient knowledge gathering
in RoN. "If you are trying to increase knowledge,
building another university when you have unused slots
is always wasteful." The full article with plenty of
formulae and charts -

May 16, 04
***To Nuke or Not to Nuke***

Many familiar names weigh in on the value and optimal
use of RoN's Modern and Information Age nuclear
***Persistence & Teamwork Against the Odds***

PowersofPain and a friend took on tough/tougher
computer opponents and managed to fight their way back
from near-certain defeat. "This recording proves that
one should never give up and shows some incredible
team work and persistence in an exciting and hard
fought game."

May 15, 04
***Expert Micromanagement***

Some of the community's expert players reveal their
unit-control techniques.
Parallel thread at RoN Planet -

***Concise Strategy/Gameplay Resource***

RoN Universe's Cowboy has launched an effort to
compile a concise strategy/gameplay resource page.
Submissions are welcome. "Our staff will aim to find
and sort through a large amount of material and
display it all in this post, in a way that allows
people to find specific things or just to browse
through. We will date items as best as I can so that
you can see how old or new things are at a glance."

May 13, 04
***El_Capitan's Lakota Counter-Rush***

El_Capitan has put together a download of seven
recorded T&P games illustrating his methods of
countering the rush when playing as the Lakota.
He offers more strategy details in his post at
Out4Blood's RoN Strategy Blogspot, 12 May 04 entry.

May 12, 04
***ReadyMan's Lakota Tips***

ReadyMan: "The Lakota slow start makes them
susceptible to rushes...however, you can survive the
rush and speed your way to classical with just a few

***Scouting Crown to the Iroquois***

Jazzman_1 tested the scouting prowess of T&P's Spain -
the scouting king of original RoN - against that of
the Iroquois, and the New World nation proved the
consistent winner.,4059,0,20

Thanks to One_Dead_Angel for the RoN Heaven pointers!

***Napoleon's Invasion of Britain***

VIP visitor marcoval has some specific advice for
taking out Great Britain when playing the Napoleon
Campaign in Thrones & Patriots.,3947,0,10#2

May 09, 04
***Egyptian Fast Hanging Gardens Mil Boom***

A humiliating defeat at the hands of PCA_Frogman (see
above) motivated El_Capitan to work out a special T&P
Egyptian strategy.
May 04 entry) or

***El_Capitan's Balance Evaluation***

Though still in the process of getting a feel for all
the nations in Thrones & Patriots, El_Capitan offers
well-founded impressions of their relative balance.
"Nations are only overpowered because of a certain
strategy they are capable of. Get rid of their
strategy, and they may not be overpowered." May 04 entry)

May 07, 04
***TGE on the Nations***

RoN Heaven's TheGoodEvil ran a test series of games
with players of roughly equal skill and has posted his
initial, tentative impressions of all RoN:T&P's
nations' balance.,4012,0,20#12

May 06, 04
***Lakota-Spanish Tower Rush***

El_Capitan teams up with TheGoodEvil to try out a
variation of MaX_Dreadlock's Lakota Tower Rush
Discussion -
Recorded game -

***Playing Napoleon***

Industry insider marcoval offers tips on taking on the
Napoleon CtW campaign.,3932,,10#1

May 04, 04
***Aggressive Iroquois Strategy***

Thaomir presents his first T&P strategy, one based on
aggressive early scouting by the Iroquois. He links
to two sample recorded games.

***Roman Despot Rush***

El_Capitan details a very specific kind of rush
strategy using the Romans.

May 03, 04
***Simple Unit Counter Chart***

El_Capitan has compiled a simplified text-chart of the
unit-v-unit counter relationships in RoNT&P, in
"behalf of people out there getting started on
Multiplayer." May 04 entry)

May 02, 04
***El_Capitan Assesses the New Nations***

Expert player and community strategist El_Capitan has
posted his initial but well-considered assessments of
the new nations in Thrones & Patriots. May 04 entry)

Additionally, you can download El_Capitan's recent two
"Funky" recorded games featuring some of the new

April 28, 04
***Patriots' & Governments' Balance***

Bridger sets the stage for a serious discussion of the
impact of government choices in Thrones & Patriots.,3911,0,20

April 25, 04
***National Updates at RoN Alliance***

Recently published information has allowed RoN
Alliance to update all its pages on the new nations to
appear in Thrones & Patriots.

***Age Limits & Tech Requirements***

Sea Biscuit encounters and War discusses the
oft-overlooked nuance of RoN gameplay whereby
age-limited games may stretch tech requirements.,3968,0,10

April 23, 04
***RoN Tactics***

Welcome to Legion's 'RoN Tactics,' arriving just in
time for the Thrones & Patriots expansion!

April 18, 04
***Napoleon Relocated***

Anticipating the imminent closure of RoN Empire,
Rohag's preview of the Napoleon Campaign in 'Rise of
Nations: Thrones & Patriots' has relocated to RoNTP

Note: Both this and the Cold War preview use UTF-8
encoded text. Cold War preview -

April 12 – 13, 04
***War on Defence***

War, recent winner of the "Best Technical Support
Helper" RoN Oscar, offers very concise and basic
advice regarding the early-game defense of cities
against Heavy Infantry attacks.,3916,,10#3

War is a member of the Infidels Clan, who maintain the
most exhaustive library of RoN strategy resources in
the community -
Infidels Home Page -

April 6-7, 04
***Infidels' RoN Strategy Catalogue***

To their already superb strategy section the Infidels
Clan has added a Strategy Catalogue, "The most
extensive listing of Rise of Nations strategies to be
found anywhere."
Infidels Strategy Section -
Infidels Home -

March 31, 04
***Basics Part II: City Planning***

El_Capitan's second installment of RoN strategy basics
addresses city planning.
(30 Mar 04 blog entry)

March 29 – 30, 04
***Basics Part I: Scouting***

El_Capitan begins a multi-part review of strategy
basics; first installment - scouting. Mar 04 blog entry)

***Scorched Earth Strategy***

Though addressed previously in different fashions,
BloodBath breathes fresh air into a "scorched earth"
strategy discussion.,3830,0,20

March 28, 04
***Mongol Mid-game Strategy***

RomanGladius, an Age of Kings Death Match Champion,
reports repeated success with a mid-game as opposed to
early-game strategy using the Mongols. He details the
approach at RoN Heaven.,3838,0,20

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